Nameless 03: Morgan

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She knew it was going to happen. Soon. She could feel it growing inside her chest, swelling her 44-EE breasts to even greater stature. It gnawed at her thighs, teasing her higher and higher. She cast a glance at her assortment of dildos and vibrators. Useless; nothing but flesh would satisfy the Hunger.

* * * *

It was another night in New Orleans. Only colder. Autumn was knocking loudly at the doors of the Big Sleazy. Morgan wrapped his coat a bit tighter around his slender frame as he strolled down Decatur Street. The air was not as foul smelling as it normally was, which was not saying much. The familiar stenches of mule shit, human vomit and stale beer still clung to life… but it moved much more slowly, filling nostrils over a much greater timespan. Time enough to forget.

Which was all Morgan wanted. Forget he ever wanted to come to New Orleans. Forget Nina. Forget having his love torn from him. Forget everything. Work. Happiness.

But his mind was Awake. Empath. For him, there was never such a thing as forgetting. His mind remembered every emotion… real or false… it ever experienced. His nights were nothing short of torment and sadness. Yet he still rose each morning. Still went to work. Still remembered. Yet even as he accepted this he knew how to gain a Moment of Peace. If only…

He watched the plump woman for more than two minutes. Something about seemed… desperate. She was Hunting. He knew the look well. Uncontrolled lust. But there was something else. Something infinitely more primal. It was her lush lips that gave her away. The slight tremble was not from the cold; her thin dress… stylishly cut for a big woman… was proof of that. No; she was on edge. Morgan glanced around, looking for cops or anyone with that odd look in their eye… like they were waiting for something to go down. No one. Then he extended his senses.

Confusion. Something was not right. Where were they? Anticipation. Eagerness. Longing. The Hunger.

Smiling slowly, Morgan walked over to her.

* * * *

She caught sight of movement. A male. Tall. Thin. No… slender. But there was something in his eyes. Something… familiar. The Hunger was making her sloppy. He could be a cop.

He smiled… and she knew. He wanted her. He knew the Hunger. Maybe it held sway over him as well. Smiling, she extended one hand. And surrendered.

* * * *

Morgan was pleased she had a car. He sat silently, letting the soothing music… trance… caress his mind. The woman was definitely pendik escort horny. Totally in the thrall of the Hunger. He placed her age at around fifty… based solely on the last flicker in her eyes before the Hunger took her completely. An automatic, Morgan was not surprised when she slid one hand over his left leg. Her destination was clear… and he shifted to give her access. He pondered her choice of music as she unzipped his cargo pants with practiced ease. He raised an eyebrow just a hair, his mind slowly adding together pieces of this and that. Hints and guesses… borne out by simple observation.

He returned the favor, sliding his hand across the dress… real silk by the feel. Again with ease she shifted, lifting the thin dress up her round thighs. Her hand, having found his surprisingly hard member, began slowly moving just over the tip. He smiled as he caressed her thigh. All too soon, however, they had arrived.

He looked around. Twice. He was no more than five blocks from his own small apartment!! More… her house was on the corner that served as a bus stop. He nodded, feeling the Beast stir from its slumber finally. Almost immediately it scented her arousal… and in the next instant was in firm control over Morgan as he exited the car.

* * * *

She did not turn on the hallway lights. She knew where everything was. She had done this countless times before. Always now. Always with pleasure. Always for a fee. Not tonight. And this one was… different. He had a Soul. A bright, shining thing that refused to let the virus of the streets eat it away slowly. She locked the door, flinging her keys onto the nightstand she knew was over there. The sound as they slid to a halt… clinking against the glass ashtray… was just something else in her ordinary day. Just… there. This was something different. He was something different.

And he took her.

* * * *

The deep growl rumbled through his chest with more power than he’d known possible. And still it was not at its peak. Still it rose, filling his arms and legs with power and energy. His eyes saw her form. More round than he was used to, but certainly not disgusting. The silk dress flowed easily over her body, teasing the growing Hunger within her. She knew something was different. Not that Morgan cared. All that mattered was forgetting. Forgetting everything… and dumping it into her.

By scent he marked her. One step. Another. He lashed out, sinking his teeth into the folds of kartal escort her neck. His hands gripped her breasts, squeezing the flesh just hard enough to warn her. Once he started… he would not stop. She would get pleasure… but the chase would be long. Hard. And she surrendered completely, her hands flying to his waist.

He yanked the dress off, not even noticing that she wore nothing beneath it. He didn’t care as he slid down her body, gnawing at her flesh with wild, reckless abandon. Somehow she’d managed to remove his pants… at least enough to allow him to send them flying into the darkness. Down he moved… until his hands, wrapped around her more than ample rear, began to seek her nether entrance.

She spread her ass cheeks open, giving him everything. The Beast Howled in triumph!!! Here was a true predator… it knew when it was prey. Prey to the Hunger driving her to such a reckless act. Prey to the Beast Made Flesh. He slid two fingers… one from each hand… deep into her rear hole as he violently inhaled her clit. The howl of ecstasy as her orgasm shredded her to less than nothing was the sweetest of musics. Yet only the beginning. Only the beginning.

* * * *

It came without warning, destroying her mind as it sundered her soul. Her hands gripped his shoulders… firm and powerful. The flesh rippled and vibrated. Everything became Nothing. And still the Hunger persisted. More.

She felt herself fall. The plush carpet felt proper on her knees. So did the thick member just beneath her nose. The smell… raw animal musk… excited her. Blinded her. Her mouth began to water. Her hands itched. Suddenly, it was inside her mouth. One powerful thrust and she was filled with him. And she relished the Moment. Used and using. She sucked hard, swallowing her own spittle as he fucked her ruthlessly. She was beyond caring… until she felt his foot tickle her clit. Wild thoughts filled her mind and she sucked even harder.

He yanked himself free, grabbing her by one hanging breast. No… just the nipple. He pulled until the pain crashed into the pleasure, becoming mindless bliss throughout her entire essence. She rose. He kept pulling… yanking and twisting as he navigated through her house. With one final yank she fell onto the back of the sofa… and waited.

Not for long.

* * * *

Morgan rammed his cock between her ass cheeks. He didn’t care where he ended up; she was nothing more than a garbage dump. Filth. Through the canyon maltepe escort of flesh he plowed… hitting the taint with great force. A Moment… his cock flexed, little caring which entrance it violated. Then… down. And into something unexpected. Tight. Near virgin tight!! The Beast howled as she screamed her pleasure at being taken. Wet… and tight. Pleasure soared through Morgan’s frame as he lost himself in her center. Then… the ripple of power. His face shifted in the dark. The snarl. And her silent compliance. He fucked her. No love. Not even the ghost of caring. He fucked her savagely, snarling and growling as he violated her. Somewhere… it heard her cry out. Pain/pleasure. Joy. The Howl of Triumph. And the plaintive whine for more. Take her fully. He could scent her submission in the air… even thicker than their combined musk.

A Moment. Out too far. Realization. The cruel sneer as he thrusts forward. The Howls as he tore into her asshole. Yet he never broke stride. No… he increased his assault, adding to her torment with vicious slaps on her rear and evil bites around her neck and back. And still she howled for more. Morgan thrust into her three more times… then yanked himself free, spinning her around again.

She feed his cock into her gaping maw. He fucked her face, burning her shadowed features into his mind. Flash. He remembered. Flash. Another. Flash. They came with a frightening pace. He gripped her head, fucking her with wild, powerful thrusts. And still she obeyed. They always obeyed. Her because she needed to. Could do nothing but obey. The others… because they Understood. And he came.

* * * *

Silence. Morgan got dressed as silently as possible. More from habit than not wanting to disturb her. She was awake. Watching him. Sadness could not be hidden by the darkness. She rose, gathering her dress with more of that practiced ease. He wondered if she were blind.No. He flicked on the lights. And she gasped.

He looked at her. Not just the naked form that trembled in the soft glow of the lights. Not the warm brown eyes that were bright with fear… and shame. He looked… and Saw. Morgan smiled warmly… then let it slide into the thrall of the Beast.

* * * *

He understood. He liked what he saw. The hunger was a part of him as well. She was not alone. Hope filled her heart. But she quickly shoved it down. She did not know him. Knew nothing. Her asshole tingled. The Hunger threatened to claim her again. But the light…

* * * *

Morgan let his eyes fall on the clock. 22:36. Slowly, his gazed slid over her form. She let the dress fall slowly, pooling at her feet. He smiled… and took two steps forward. Their faces flashed… but he didn’t mind. They were memories. Cherished burdens.

As would she become.


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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