Naked Happiness

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Due to our jobs neither of us can take the risk of doing anything other than strictly conforming to social norms near our hometown, where coworkers and clients might recognize us and pass judgement. Both of us find that hypocritical considering observed questionable behavior by those same “others”. Consequently we travel extensively during vacations. While traveling we attempt to balance professional busyness and social limitations with pure uninhibited enjoyment. During one leg of our west coast trip last summer we had stopped by one of the nude beaches that met our online search criteria; mainly adult, near water, and not overly restrictive.

Finding a nice half-shaded spot adjacent to the shoreline, we immediately got rid of our clothes. J headed toward the packed sand along the shoreline to do her yoga exercises, while I set up a sun-shelter and arranged our gear. It was still early so not many people were around, – except for one guy dressed in a leather cock ring contraption and intent on watching J flow through her postures. He was a little creepy, but what the hell, people need to do what they need to do. After completing her routine, J joined me in the shelter to check out our surroundings, relax, and chat.

J is a slender, fit Asian woman, extremely comfortable in her own skin and whom I love dearly and trust implicitly. She is adventurous and willing to try almost anything that sounds interesting to her. Once she commits to trying something she does so purposely and gives it her all. We often push our limits during adult adventures and those experiences we do enjoy become the springboard to new adventures, often with interesting twists.

Nude beaches, clubs, and other venues where clothing is optional are on our list of go-to destinations. On our first trip together to a nudist retreat J was initially apprehensive, but after thinking it over, she stripped naked and fully immersed herself in the experience. She loved it and shares my enjoyment of searching the internet for special places in which to enjoy the pleasures of nudity and whatever else might happen in such places.

J is remarkable; highly energetic, with a beautiful flawless face always offering a genuine smile, long dark hair and a trim athletic body covering her petite frame. At 5′-1″, with small but shapely breasts and a closely shaved pubic area, she rarely fails to attract attention on our nude adventures, but she normally doesn’t seem to notice. I, on the other hand, love seeing strangers ogling her. She is passionate about her yoga practice and that commitment shows. Her ass is firm and pleasingly round, yet all physical attributes are just decoration for an incredibly intelligent, curious and often adventurous mind. Whatever she chooses to engage in is something she has thought about and to which she is willing to give her all.

While we were getting comfortable, I mentioned that she had attracted an admirer while doing her yoga posture.

“I did notice someone nearby but was not really paying much attention since I was into my yoga flow. Umm, what was he doing?” she replied.

After I explained that he was masturbating while watching her. She asked, “Should I be pleased or concerned?”

He seemed to be harmless and I told her that he was just doing whatever it took for him to be happy. That led to a long discussion of happiness and also earned our friend the nickname “happy lurker”.

During the conversation, J teasingly asked how I would feel if someone displayed overt sexual interest and perhaps made some suggestive remarks to her while she was doing her yoga.

“Hmm, that depends, if it was arousing and you wanted to take it further. I am sure I would enjoy sitting back and watching the show.”

“Well, for your information, I would not even consider taking it “further” unless the guy looked nice, and you were there to encourage me.”

We have been in places where we have seen others having sex, and have had open sex ourselves knowing that others were watching. Such things do, without a doubt, excite me. Certainly we have also shared favorite fantasies of me watching her fuck, suck, be shared in all kinds of ways or whatever with someone else, usually a stranger. Sometimes my role is to just watch, other times I join in to share her. It is obvious that such fantasies also appeal to J because of the way our lovemaking intensity increases as I describe what might happen if she were to be shared. A regular part of our foreplay involves me making up “what-if” stories, and most of them take place on nude beaches.

“So, if someone wanted to touch me intimately, or have me touch them, or stuff their cock into me, would that be OK? How far would you really be comfortable for me to really go?” she asked teasingly.

I told her I could handle pretty much anything, but would certainly want to be there while the sex was going on. The thought of watching my wife putting on a wild sex show with someone else was arousing. I noticed that it excited maslak escort her as well. I watched her nipples tightened as she slipped her hand between her legs. I reached over to cup her tits, then lowered my mouth to her breasts. Replacing her hand with mine, I stroked her swollen and already wet pussy as she extended her legs and spread them enough for me to feel her more deeply. She reached over to my crotch to lightly tug and stroke my thickening cock, then pushing me back so she could comfortably take my cock into her mouth while folded over her knees with her forearms braced on my legs. As she did, I whispered to her that if someone “nice looking” were to come along now I would gladly let him join in the fun and that her “posture” would be in perfect position for a rear entry. That caused her to take my cock deeper into her mouth, so deep that I could feel her throat constrict around the head. Suddenly however I became aware that we were out in the open, someone could pass by at any moment, and I wasn’t sure what the rules were at this particular beach. I didn’t want to be kicked out this early in the game.

“I love what you are doing, but what if someone else sees us?”

Pausing, she replied, “It wouldn’t be the first time we did this in public, so it wouldn’t bother me. Just let me know if it is a nice looking guy who might be interested in a “rear entry”. That is, unless you have already changed your mind.” With a sly grin she then resumed her oral ministrations.

Despite the flood of fantasies that almost overcame me at that last remark, I managed to avoid filling her mouth with a load of cum, although it took all my will power to do so. After teasing me unrelentingly she slowed down and put her head on my chest to rest and take enjoy the naturist ambience.

After resting we decided to explore a little further along the river. As we started out, we passed another couple who were about our age and in pretty good shape, but we just nodded at each other and went on. I winked at J after they were out of earshot and asked whether she might be interested in giving him a try.

Laughing, she replied “Let me think about it. He is certainly in good shape, his cock is interesting, but judging by his companion’s chest size I am sure that he is more into larger tits than what I have.” Despite her words, I could tell from the look on her face that something more was going on in her mind.

My response that, “I am sure that a chance to check out your assets would be more than enough to make anyone lose interest in her tits.” put a smile on her face and a gleam in her eye.

After we returned to our shelter the same couple passed by coming from the other direction, but this time they made eye contact, and stopped to chat. All four of us engaged in some some thinly veiled staring during the exchange of pleasantries and I swear that I could smell lust. Rick and Ash, moved on but said that they hoped to see us later.

Ash was short, tanned all-over, and closely shaven, although that was about all I could see of that region since she remained standing. She had large tits and a flatter butt than J, was a little younger, but was still put together rather nicely. Rick was average height, in good shape with a full head of hair, and carrying a slightly elevated, thick cock. Again, I asked J if she would like to take Rick for a little spin. “Maybe, he looks “qualified”, but I am sure he has his hands full with Ash’s umm, assets.” she replied, and then asked me if I would be interested in trying out Ash.

I told her I was more into slim Asian women who can show me some really awesome moves, yoga moves that is. J decided to reward my correct answer by doing some more beach yoga. She bent forward slowly folding into a downward dog, and I watched as another couple who had been playing in the water nearby edged closer, obviously to get a better look. They were a few years younger than us and also very fit.

The woman, Char, called out to J “How long have you been practicing yoga? Your form is excellent!” That remark led to a dialogue in which the ladies discussed yoga intricacies, then began demonstrating various movements for each other as well as for their partners and anyone else who happened to walk by.

Char’s partner, Ron, who had joined me in the shelter, said “Watching them do those postures makes me pretty horny. If they keep that up they are going to attract lots of other attention.”

That mirrored my feelings precisely, but I was aroused by the idea. “Yeah,” I said “but J likes yoga, likes being nude and doesn’t mind attracting attention. It just seems to be her nature and I love her for that.”

Ron was slightly taken aback by my remark, but he offered that “Char is more reserved, but is getting used to the nude scene. We have been here a few times and I have noticed that she is becoming comfortable being seen naked, but more than anything she love to see others nude especially when mecidiyeköy escort bayan they are doing sexy stuff.”

I am sure that both ladies were aware that their yoga postures were attracting attention. Ron and I were certainly aware of the increasing number of people setting up nearby. Standing side-by-side with their backsides facing us the ladies flowed from warrior to downward facing dog to child pose. Ron and I, among others, were treated to full views where little was left to the imagination. Both J and Char presented great views through their spread buttcheeks, and both seemed to be a bit moist in their nether regions. Still flowing, they gently supported each other to do some shoulderstand moves where, once vertical, they would scissor their legs fully open from both front to back and then side to side. J and Char obviously knew that their actions were teasing the hell out of us, while Ron and I had to work hard to maintain any composure.

The happy lurker had returned and seemed delighted to be able to teach his leather-bound dick more about the finer points of yoga. Other people also passed by, some stopping to watch full front and center, while others did so more stealthily. The girls gave the appearance of being oblivious to the growing number of onlookers, but more than once I saw Char or J peeking and smiling at their audience. Once they had finished, the four of us squeezed into our shelter to chat, but it was obvious that both Ron and I had been aroused by the yoga as our erections were difficult to hide.

Char was the first to call us out on our erections. “It seems that the two of you were not observing our practice with pure minds.”

Ron quickly responded that it was doubtful that anyone who saw them had anything close to”pure minds”.

After a few more good one liners, J suggested, “Maybe we should all cool off in the water before we have to send you perverts to the happy lurker corner or look for somewhere more private to take care of those pressing matters.”

Easing into the cool water did ease our male afflictions, but speaking for myself I could not let go of the vision of those two lovelies, bent over with their backsides teasing me insufferably. There is something about viewing a woman from the rear, especially when she is open and bent over, that can turn the mind of any man with a heartbeat into jelly. I knew that J was enjoying the effect she and Char were having on us because it showed in the moisture glistening around her vaginal folds. When J is aroused, her lubrication system kicks into higher gears, and this afternoon it was red-lining.

Once in the water J didn’t help me out much as she repeatedly brushed against my cock with her ass or stroked it. At one point she turned around, wrapping her arms around my neck as she locked her legs around my waist and let the waves move her up and down, up and down against my re-invigorated member.

Char was not to be outdone, and I could see her stroking Ron’s cock under the water as he buried his hands between her legs or fondled her ass. Eventually, we decided to dry off and relax in the shelter, but shortly after sitting down, Char received a phone call which required them to head back home. They said that they would try to return and hoped to find us still there. Char hugged me close, Ron hugged J even closer, and with a sigh they were off. I know Char had a close encounter with my erect cock and was sure J had a similar experience with Ron’s. By the time they left it was mid-afternoon and neither of us wanted to spend too much more time in the sun so we decided to pack up and perhaps come back later.

Just as I was taking down the shelter Rick and Ash came by. Ash said “We saw you with that other sexy couple and didn’t want to disturb whatever was happening. Both of us were getting jealous and thought we might have missed our opportunity to get to know you better.”

Laughing, I said “J and the other yogini, were just demonstrating a few pointers on proper yoga-form to the world.”

With a gleam in his eye, Rick said “Yeah, we noticed quite a few “pointers” in the area while those demonstrations were going on. Did you see the guy standing nearby stroking his dick? If he kept that up much longer both of the yoginis might have received a sticky shower.”

We all laughed as J explained that the happy lurker was probably just excited to see such great yoga form. Ash asked why we were packing up and I told them that we were going to head back to our B&B.

Ash was adamant “No, you can’t do that. I want to hear more about yoga and get to know you guys better, so please come with us. There is a section of the beach just a bit further down where people go to get to know each other better. There is more shade and you can relax there.”

That piqued J’s curiosity so she asked about the special area. We knew from other experiences that some nude beaches have preferred sections merter escort for people who enjoy open sex, but had never been to one in the US. Ash warned us that if we went back to the B&B we might be losing out on some great experiences. When she also mentioned that she had seen people doing some great “yoga poses” in that area, J was sold.

Actually, both J and I were hooked so we agreed to go along. On the way we pressed Rick and Ash for more details about where we were headed. According to Ash “It’s an adults-only area set back from the shoreline and has a dense high grass buffer to block boaters from disturbing or distracting from the activities. Most of the people who go there are couples although there are some 3-somes, 4-somes and even a few more-somes. Generally, single guys, like your lurker, know that they would stand out too much and don’t bother coming near.”

Once we got to the special area we immediately saw people engaged in no-holds-barred adult activities. Couples, triples, and larger groups were content doing their own things unconcerned as to who was watching them. Rounding a small dune, we watched an attractive young lady on all fours being mounted from the rear by one gentleman while simultaneously sucking on another stiff young cock whose owner was positioned on his knees in front of her. Front and rear were totally engaged in the action so we stopped to join another couple who had a ringside seat and were busily fondling each other while watching the main event. Eventually the double-duty girl was flipped on her back, her legs spread and raised in the air so that everyone had a great view of her pussy being pummeled. One guy stood over her holding her legs up and apart while the other one pumped rapidly, then shot what seemed like an incredible amount of sperm into her pussy from the other side. Then the guys switched places and the other guy flipped her over on her stomach and mounted her. He humped her from behind, but suddenly pulled out, repositioned his cock and forced it up into her ass. She seemed surprised, but really into the action as the guy filled her ass. Watching a woman being exposed to the world like that while being double-filled was an incredible sight for both of us. I heard J utter a few “mmmm’s”. While Ash just kept repeating “OH-MY-GOD!”

Moving on to another area we discovered two couples engaged in some heavy group touching and were curious to see how that situation might develop. Spreading our blankets we sat down to watch, but soon Rick and Ash moved onto our blanket to share our better view. Ash asked J if there were places like this in Asia and J explained that there were some nude beaches primarily in Southeast Asia but not so much in the north where she had come from. Then J volunteered that we found many of the European beaches to be much more “open” than what we had seen so far in the US. On some beaches in Croatia and even in France, open sex was acceptable as long as it was in the adult-only areas.

That begged a question that Ash hesitatingly asked “Have you ever had sex on one of those beaches?”

J responded “What do you think?” then added that she had only done it with me.

Suddenly, Ash blurted out, “Rick has always been curious about what sex would be like with an Asian woman.” We were both surprised and amused.

J said “It’s probably not much different than sex with a Caucasian woman. People think otherwise because they are curious about anyone who look different. Asian men find western women to be exotic so I can understand Rick’s curiosity.” She also commented that most women are pretty much put together in the same way. “Sure there are differences in size, color, texture but no more so than exists among women of the same race or ethnicity. What might be different is how each woman uses what they have.” Then she asked Ash “What kind of sex do you two like to have?”

“Oh, the usual; oral, “regular”, and sometimes we even try anal.” Ash replied.

“Hmm, that description sounds a little too vanilla for something that should be anything but ordinary. I am sure that there is more to it than just the sex acts you mentioned. What about different settings, variations, build-up or other things that make things interesting? The two of you came here to see others naked and to be seen naked yourself. You know about this special place where anything goes. Haven’t you had sex here, together or with others?” J responded after some reflection.

Ash thought about it and then said “Sure we like watching others having sex, but we haven’t done it here or in any other public place. After we watch what is going on we usually head home to finish. On the way back we talk about what we saw, and sometimes Ron plays with me and I play with him. I usually suck his cock for a while, he plays with my pussy. When we get home, we might do 69 and then he fucks me, unless he already unloaded in me or on me. Then we usually fall asleep. What do you do that makes sex so different and more interesting? What about when you see others having sex on some exotic beach or other places? How do you react to that?”

“I guess what we do that might be different from you is that we go with the flow at the moment. We don’t plan, we just respond to the urges that arise inside of us. We are pretty much in tune with each other, so that has always worked for us.” J said.

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