My Wife’s Hot Cousin Ch. 08

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“Hey Stud, kind of makes you feel like a bit of a slut, to have a sloppy hole like that doesn’t it?”

Well, he was definitely right about that, but the only thing I could think of to say was pretty stupid, “Fuck you!”

He smirked and said, “You did, and I fucked you right back…now I’m going to rinse all this jizz off of me, join me when your hole stops sputtering my ball juice!”

Thankfully the juices and noises stopped and my ass stopped leaking and sputtering his cum. I got up and joined Aaron in the shower and moved in behind him. The site of his gorgeous form standing there washed away all of my guilt and feelings about this being strange. I put my hands on his shoulders and without turning around he said, “This is all pretty overwhelming Bro, I’m not sure how to process all of this, but I love every second of it!”

“Me too Stud, this has been a real eye-opener, and it kind of scares me, but I don’t want to stop. We have two or three more days to enjoy each other like this and I want to take advantage of every second of it, but I also feel kind of weird.”

I was running my hands over his muscular form, enjoying the feel of his broad shoulders, wide lats and tight waist. Aaron turned to face me, he looked a bit hangdog, if we hadn’t been in the shower I would have known for certain, but I thought maybe he had tears streaking his face. He looked at me and for the first time I saw a look of fear and uncertainty and then for the very first time, he addressed me by my name, not Stud, Bro or Buddy and he said, “Kyle, I think I’m falling in love with you!” He watched my face for a second for a reaction and then dropped his head.

For a second, you could have stabbed me with a knife and not shocked me any harder!

At that second all of my fears were realized! We had crossed over from animalistic actions to sexual gratification, to male bonding, to something much more, something deeper and very scary!

I had to take a deep breath and was almost shaking when I said, “Aaron, I think I’m falling in love with you too!”

His head came back up, his eyes were again searching my face, to make certain I wasn’t fucking with him, then an amazing smile came over his face and he was more gorgeous than I’d ever seen him, “Really, it’s not just me?”

“Aaron, it’s scaring the hell out of me, but who knows this is all new to us, it could just be lust, a crush or something like that, neither of us, is well…gay, we don’t know what this is, but it would certainly complicate the hell out of things, so it scares the living shit out of me!”

“Me too bud! But I’ve thought about this a little bit, we have two or three more days, for the time being, let’s just let it happen, don’t really think about that or the future, I don’t want to waste the little time we have, I just want to enjoy it, then we’ll sort it out later, what do you think?”

Again, finding the words would be difficult so I just took his face in my hands and kissed him passionately for my bağcılar escort answer. In under five minutes we were back on the bed having only washed off part of the evidence of our last sexual encounters. We were making out like teenagers, but this time it was different. This time it wasn’t taking advantage of a situation. It was like going for what we needed, we were making love. We were pleasing each other with mouths, tongues fingers and cocks.

Aaron rolled me to my belly with a couple of pillows under me, and slowly and seductively started licking and kissing all over my butt, and into my crack. When he went after my well-fucked hole with his tongue, I was in sheer heaven. He came up and kissed me depositing some of his load in my mouth and we savored it. I couldn’t believe how things that would have previously disgusted me where uber hot and amazing. Soon I was giving him the same treatment, and we shared some of my load.

Aaron always had ideas on how to make things even better, so we ended up in a side by side sixty-nine slathering each other’s cocks, balls and cracks, then every once in a while, meeting in a kiss to share the treats and treasures we found on and in each other.

After a while I moved Aaron onto his back and he smiled at me as I got into position and raised his legs and let them down my shoulders. I pressed my cock to his opening and slid into him as I lowered my face to his to kiss him.

After a few strokes I went deep and he moaned and then grunted as I found that spot we had both found deep inside of each other. At that moment I was glad that we are both so well hung that we can reach that spot.

This time I didn’t bang against it, I teased and nudged it. Now that I knew what it felt like to have that spot hit, I wondered if I could do it from pure pleasure instead of having the guy receiving it have to struggle through getting used to it.

From the sounds he was making I figured I was right. This was hot and passionate. Now that I knew what it feels like to get fucked, I think I was better at fucking. Aaron was getting into this big time, I would tease that spot and back off, then tease it more and back off, we did that for a long time until he was urging me deeper and harder. I worked him up until he had a look of pure bliss and almost abandon on his face and I backed off.

Slowly I wound back up again, teasing and banging that spot. Every time I though he was getting close to cumming, I’d back off again. Finally when he was panting I let my cock slip out of his hole, dropped his legs, crawled on top and slipped my ass down onto his thick hard cock.

Again it felt amazing. I was inspired and shoved my hips back and down. I put my hands behind my head and rode him like a whore. We were both moaning and smiled at each other. Aaron realized I was hitting ‘my’ spot and grabbed my hips and raised up, to give me deeper access to his cock.

When I started grunting he knew I bahçelievler escort was hitting it and just let me do my thing. My cock was slapping my abs as I rode and it was feeling amazing, but I didn’t want to shoot, and I wanted to give Aaron more deep hole pleasure, so after a few more minutes I raised up and let his cock slip out of me, grabbed his legs and dove into his hole again.

This time I wasn’t as gentle, but still teased that spot, then banged it and then again teased it. The next time I pulled out, instead of letting me get on top of him, he pushed me back, and grabbed my legs and slid his dripping cock inside of me, and started teasing my “cum spot” as I had done him. This told me that not only was Aaron a fast learner he was a great and considerate lover!

Soon he mimic my other action and pulled out and lowered himself down onto my cock searching for the ‘cum spot’ inside of himself. Aaron smiled at me and mirrored what I had done, putting his hands behind his head and riding me hard and fast. Watching the pleasure on his face and his huge cock slapping his belly and splattering precum all over both of us was so fucking hot, I thought I could shoot.

I asked Aaron to slow down that I didn’t want to cum, so he leaned into me and we made out some more. He got off of my cock and pushed me to my side and slid back into me.

Now, this was different, it was slow and sensual. Again I turned to him so that we could make out. I found myself pushing back against him. My hole was open and only feeling pleasure so I started squeezing and massaging his cock. He was moaning and carrying on and told me how great that felt. I told him it felt great to squeeze his big cock. After a while, he said, “let me try that on your cock!”

Aaron slid out of me and turned on his side and I slid right in. After I stroked him for a while I felt him squeezing my cock, it felt amazing. Carrie sometimes did this with her pussy when I was inside of her, but this was totally different, much stronger muscles I guess.

It was very hot, and hard not to cum, so we just kept switching back and forth on each other, we fucked slow, we fucked fast, we fucked hard, we fuck sensual, it was amazing. I guess we had both cum several times over the last twenty-four hours we were holding out pretty well from cumming, but soon Aaron slid his cock out of me and said, “Kyle, I’m going to shoot soon and I want to do it riding your cock again, that okay?”

“Fuckin’ A, buddy, let’s go for it, I can’t hold much longer either!”

I rolled to my back and Aaron stood fully up with a foot planted on either side of my hips and lowered himself down. This time he wasn’t sitting on my cock, he was squatting, and that gave him a lot more control and leverage.

He slid my cock into his sloppy hole and lowered himself all the way down, grunting when it hit his ‘cum spot’! He just went to town bouncing up and down, sometimes slamming his ass bahçeşehir escort against me, sometimes squeezing my cock tight as he rose back up.

He finally found the speed, depth and rhythm that pleased him and I watched his face go from bliss to contorted as his huge cock slapped his belly and his ass slammed my hips. I was on the edge when he hollered and his cum splashed all over us, from my belly to my face and hair, and even over my head.

Now not only the feelings my cock was experiencing, but the visual of this hot, masculine, muscle stud fucking himself on my big cock making him shoot his load, with no hands sent me over the edge and I hollered and shot another load into his welcoming ass.

This time when the orgasms subsided we just collapsed on each other and both drifted off. I felt my cock slip out of Aaron and that woke us both up. When we moved we could feel the sticky mess of Aaron’s huge load between us, and Aaron said, “At one point in my life I wouldn’t have liked that feeling, but now I feel I could get used to it all the time!”

I smiled and we kissed. Aaron said, “But fuck we smell like a couple of goats, for some reason I think it’s kind of hot, but I guess we’re going to have to go out in public sometime, let’s rinse off.”

We bounded to the shower again, and even though this time it was still sensual, we were both pretty spent. Aaron said, “I’m starving, I have no idea how long it’s been since I’ve eaten something besides your cock, ass or our cum!”

“Yeah, I’m starving too, there’s plenty in the frig, let’s go.”

When we stepped into the bedroom both of us noticed the strong scent of mansex hanging in the air like a blanket, but why wouldn’t it, in the last twenty-four hours we had been fucking most of the time. I opened the sliding doors to the patio and we both trotted to the kitchen naked. It was fun pulling fruit, cheese and juices out of the fridge naked. Aaron put together a plate for us and I made coffee.

Aaron looked up from what he was doing and had that face again, “You know Kyle, this is wrong on so many levels.”

“Yeah buddy, I know, but it’s wrong for the other people we’re with, why does it feel so right?”

“I don’t know Bro, but like we agreed, we’re going to let happen what happens for a day or so and then see where we are, how we feel, right?”


We hugged for a second and my phone rang, it was laying right there on the counter. Even before I turned to look who it was, I knew it was Carrie. I hadn’t picked it up yet, and we both heard Aaron’s phone ring from the guest room, “it’s Shelly!”

“Yeah, it’s Carrie.”

“Okay, we’re just both going to be cool, right, nothing to be excited about.”


I answered the phone and heard Aaron in a normal voice say, “Hey babe, how’s it going…”

Then I was involved in my conversation with Carrie. She brought me up to date on what was happening there and asked how it was going with Aaron. I told her it was fine and that he’s the great guy she always said he was. She said she was glad and then asked if I would mind terribly if she stayed with Shelly and Aaron stayed with me for the week.

Wow…my head was reeling. She even mentioned the two of us going on a camping/fishing trip, or something to keep busy and not get on each other’s nerves.

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