My Weekend Off

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My eyes slowly open from a peaceful sleep, squinting a little as they adjust to the brightness of the late morning sun beaming through the bedroom windows. I lazily stretch out in bed, and smiling, I reach over expecting to kiss you “Good morning,” but I find that you’re not there – you’re already awake and out of bed. It seems that you’ve been up for a while because your side of the bed is cold. I guess you figured you’d let me sleep in since I’d had such a tiring week at work. I slip out of bed and tiptoe downstairs to see what you’re doing.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs, I peek around the corner, and I see you spread out on the couch in your boxers, watching TV. I stand there and watch you for a minute, admiring every inch of you – your dark, wavy hair, your soft brown eyes, that sexy bronze skin tone, those well defined arms, that muscular chest and washboard stomach, those nicely shaped legs…

I snap out of my daze and decide not to disturb you, so I turn around and tiptoe back upstairs. I close the door behind me and slip back into bed, stretching out across the bed with you on my mind. I roll over into the pillows…I can smell your cologne on them. The scent of your cologne on the pillows brings back memories of the night before – the way you touched and teased me, the way you kissed my body, the way you made love to me – I can’t stand it any longer. I close my eyes and my mind is filled with the erotic images of last night’s episode, which makes my body react. Running my fingertips along my breasts, I find that my nipples are hard…and further exploration down my stomach, along my inner thighs, and between my legs tells me what I already knew – my pussy is wet. I decide to linger down there for a while, since now I’ve started something I can’t stop. The pleasure I feel is intense as I play with my clit and finger fuck myself, imagining my hands are yours as I please myself. Since I have a vivid imagination, it doesn’t take too long – all of a sudden, my thighs tighten around my hands, my back arches up off the bed, and I moan audibly as I cum all over myself. trabzon escort After my muscles finally unlock, I lay there with a smile of satisfaction on my face…when I hear a creak. I sit up to see what it was, and I notice that the door is open slightly. I continue to sit there alert and silent, wondering if I didn’t close the door all the way, or maybe, something else…

Seconds later, you walk in, unable to hide the mischievous smile on your face.

“So – you’re finally awake. How did you sleep?”

Right then, I know what you’ve been up to.

“You were watching me, weren’t you?” I ask, in a playfully scolding tone. You smile.

“Guilty. I must say, I couldn’t have done it better myself.”

You then go on to explain that you heard a sound on the staircase, and when you went to see what it was you saw me tiptoe back upstairs. Then you followed me upstairs and cracked the door a little to see what I was doing, and you got stuck in that “voyeur’s game” again.

“I couldn’t help it. You seemed to be having so much fun, I didn’t want to interrupt you…but you know a part of me gets jealous when you have fun without me,” you teased.

I look down at your boxers and smile; the obvious and unmistakable bulge is struggling to free itself from its confines, so to speak. Now wearing a devious smile, I slide out of bed, walk over to you and strip you of your boxers. I then kneel down in front of you and you caress my face expectantly, but my next move isn’t entirely what you expect. I wrap my fingers around your rock hard cock and tickle the head with my lips and tongue. I deep throat you slowly, allowing you to savor the feeling of the hot wetness of my mouth as my tongue caresses every inch of it. I wait until I know you’re deep into it, then I stop sucking, circling my tongue around the swollen head on the way out. I look up at you and I can see in your eyes that you don’t want me to stop, but instead I kiss my way back up your body to face you. You looked at me as if I’d somehow cheated you.

“Oh – so you wanna be a tease, huh? Well, trabzon escort bayan sweetheart, I’ve got a tease for you,” you say, with a hint of playful revenge and lust in your voice.

“Oh really?” I say, smiling.

You respond by kissing me deeply. You then slide your hand down my body to play with my pussy. You spread my thighs slightly and slide your finger between my pussy lips. You feel the slickness of it and know I’m excited as you massage my clit and finger fuck me. You feel my warm breath on your neck and I moan softly while you tease me. To take your seductive revenge even further, you lay me down on the bed and start kissing, licking, and sucking me all over. You concentrate on that sensitive spot near my throat, knowing it drives me crazy, but when you start licking and kissing my inner thighs, I’m nearly going insane with lust. I can’t keep my hands off you…so you have no choice but to tie me down with the sheets so you can finish the job.

After tying my hands down, you proceed to “torture” me, starting by kissing me, you begin at my lips and work your way down…to the ticklish spot near my throat…to the curve at the bottom of my neck…to my nipples (which you lingered on for a while)…to the spot between my breasts…to my navel…trailing all the way down my thighs – I think you like seeing me squirm. Your tongue ventures deeper between my legs, and you gently nibble on my thighs. You tease me further by sucking on my pussy lips, making me moan with pleasure, and finally your tongue ends up in my pussy. By now, I’m begging you to untie me, but no, not just yet. You spread my thighs wider and bury your face in my pussy, licking and sucking my clit, listening to my moaning get louder until you know I’m almost ready to cum. You stop to untie me, and crawl between my legs, rubbing the swollen head of your cock, now dripping with pre-cum, up and down my hot, slick pussy. You slide just the head in and out of my pussy to torment me one last time before you give me what I want.

“Fuck me…please…now – fuck me now!” I beg.

You escort trabzon give me a devilish look. You know you have me right where you want me.

“You want me to fuck you?” you ask, still rubbing the head of your cock on my clit and my pussy hole.


“You want me to slide this cock deep into your pussy, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I say as I push my hips upward, trying to take in more of your cock.

“You want me to fuck you till you scream?” you demanded to know.

You didn’t even wait long enough for me to answer – with your hands on the back of my knees you lift up my legs, spread my thighs wide, and shove the entire length of your cock into me, making sure to grind against my clit.


Your feeling of my hot, wet pussy squeezing your cock, and my feeling of your hard, throbbing cock massaging the entire inside of my pussy makes us both crazy with lust. You start out fucking me slow, pushing in deeper with each stroke. As you get more excited, you fuck me faster and harder. My pussy makes sucking noises as you slam into me, your balls slapping against my ass. The deeper you push into me and the harder I push my hips up against you, the louder we both moan.

“Oh yes, baby – fuck me…fuck me! Oooohh yes…ohhhh – make me cum! Make me cum all over you!”

You then stop holding my legs and throw them up on your shoulders instead, leaning forward to make my pussy tighter. You fuck me faster and harder than before, and the steady slapping sound of skin on skin turns me on even more. I feel the orgasm building up and I moan louder, tightening my pussy around your cock, digging my fingernails into your arms, which seems to excite you. You grind on my clit harder as you slam into me, and suddenly I’m screaming your name at the top of my lungs as I erupt all over you. My pussy squeezes your cock hard as I cum, which pushes you over the edge. You thrust yourself into me one last time and explode deep inside me, flooding my pussy. Our combined cum runs down my ass as you continue to push into me until your cock softens.

You take my legs off your shoulders and lay on top of me, exhausted, but very much satisfied. We both lay still, breathing heavily, drenched in sweat and sticky with cum. I close my eyes and relax with a satisfied smile on my face, just wondering if the neighbors called the police.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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