My Swiss Miss

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My sister had children before me and from time to time I would visit them on their school holidays to spend some time with my niece and nephew. One summer they had arranged to rent a giant chalet in the Swiss Alps and offered to put me up for the week. Of course I jumped at the chance for some clear mountain air, good food, and good company. After a short and uneventful plane and train ride I arrived at the designated station for my pick-up. My sister had told me that their nanny, Mila, would pick me up. She was described as 18 and white blonde with blue eyes. Fortunately, the station was very small and she and I quickly saw each other and with a small wave she came over to help with my luggage. She was stunning: medium height, clear skin, long white blond hair over the shoulder, piecing blue eyes, and a slim athletic build with small breasts. It was lust at first site for me! But given the age difference, I was still a confirmed bachelor at 30, I didn’t think it likely or appropriate to make any moves on my sister’s nanny. Besides which, what a cliché really?

Mila told me of the fun she was having with the children, how much she loved hanging around with the family and teaching them the ins and outs of the local culture, food and other things to do. Unlike most Swiss Germans she was extremely outgoing and friendly. I warmed to her immediately. She seemed to know an awful lot about me but I chalked that up to a talkative sister who over-shared a lot. Besides it wasn’t as if I wasn’t fairly successful and not bad looking. A short drive later and we found ourselves at the chalet. My sister, her husband, and the two children were out hiking so for now I had the place pretty much to myself. Mila directed me to my room in the basement floor and left me in peace to shower, unpack and get myself situated.

It wasn’t before long that I heard the chirping of children and knew that everyone was back. There were many hugs and squeals when I came up the stairs. My niece and nephew took me on a tour of the chalet, showing me all the little souvenirs they had bought on the trip, and going on and on about how great Mila was. That night we sat down to a cheese fondue prepared local style by Mila complete with garlic and kirsch. What a treat. Of course I managed to lose a piece of bread in the pot and the children started chanting: “Uncle’s got to kiss Mila, Uncles got to kiss Mila.” I had no idea what this was about but it turns out there was a silly tradition that if you lost your bread you had to kiss the closest eligible member of the opposite sex – in this case that left only Mila. To assuage the children Mila got up and came around to my side of the table and gave a short peck on my lips. While the kiss was perfunctory I sensed something more in her willingness to get up and come around the table. Was I just imagining things?

The following days we spent traipsing around the nearby valleys visiting farms, taking boat tours of lakes, fishing in the river, visiting historic towns etc. etc. Mila was a godsend taking the little pesky ones away to leave us adults in peace for a few hours each day. It was a blessing simply to read a book on a deck chair and look out to the view from time to time. Finally, the kids decided they just had to go to an outdoor water park an hour away. By that point I wanted a day off and coincidentally it was Mila’s well deserved day of rest too. So, she offered to be my guide on a fairly strenuous hiking trip on a back route that in the old days was used by farmers to quickly reach their mountain pastures. I jumped at the chance to get away for a while and was imagining a fun time watching the firm bottom of Mila climbing the mountains! What I didn’t know was the Mila had developed a huge crush on me, and was thinking that it wouldn’t be a bad thing at all to get into a relationship with a handsome, wealthy and kind foreigner.

We drove the car to the trailhead and parked along casino oyna the side of the road. Mila had a sizable pack on her back filled with food, drinks and rain jackets for us both. At the start the path was a wide track and we could walk two abreast. Mila told me the story of her life to date: farmer’s daughter, educated at the village school, got good grades, considering going to college, but also going into the family business. As always she spoke with a twinkle in her eye and warmth in her voice. The path we were taking led up to the highest pastures that her family owned and their mountain chalet. She had many wonderful childhood memories of the place and still helped out when she wasn’t being a nanny. Since it was late in the season the cows had already headed down to the mid-mountain pastures and the chalet was closed for the year. As we climbed the wide path turned into a trail and then into a steep narrow path marked with the white and red flashes of a “bergweg” or mountain path. Finally, a little out of breath I saw our destination up ahead – a beautiful chalet with two staircases up to the second floor with a commanding view of the surrounding mountains. It was like something out of “The Sound of Music”. Mila had barely broken a sweat. We took a drink from the fountain nearby, climbed the staircase and sat down on a rough hewn bench. Mila took out our lunch and laid out the spread on a simple cloth. The food tasted better than usual – probably because I’d earned it climbing the mountain. The cold beer laid me out and before I knew it I’d fallen fast asleep. When I came too, I noticed a chill in the air and an increase in humidity. Mila told me a storm was approaching and we should go inside rather than try and race down the hill to outrun it. She poked around and found the spare key and let us in.

The ceilings were quite low, both to retain the heat and because the Swiss of yesteryear didn’t get that tall. Since there was no electricity, Mila lit a paraffin light, started the wood fire, and dug out a pack of cards from a drawer to while away the time. She taught me the local card game and I quickly got the hang of it – beating her in a few hands. Now she told me I was ready to go up against one of her brothers at the bar next week. The room had warmed considerably and I was loving the charming setting and the charming company. Mila seemed a little nervous but I couldn’t pin down why. Meanwhile the storm was beating down hard on the windows from the outside and it looked like we weren’t going to be leaving anytime soon. Mila told me that there was no going back down the mountain in this weather and we would have to stay the night. So I sent a quick text message to my sister to let her know we were safe and sound and up in the chalet for the night. Mila went back into the what appeared to be the master bedroom with a bed that looked like it could just about hold a couple. Tongue in cheek she said we’d have to sleep together in the bed just to stay warm through the night. I was beginning to get the signals that tonight I was going to get lucky.

In the typical no nonsense way of the Swiss, Mila pulled off her shirt and bra and her shorts and underwear and hopped into the bed to snuggle under the sheets. I of course did the same. It wasn’t long before she scooted over and pressed her body against mine. Wordlessly I kissed her and she kissed me. I was lost in her silky blonde hair, her beautiful blue eyes, and the soft skin and firm tone of her body. I told her I didn’t have any protection and she told me not to worry and with that she took hold of my cock and pointed it at her entrance which by this point was a soppy warm mess. I pushed gently in, not know how experienced Mila was, and the going was slow. She tensed up a bit but then I slipped deeper into her depths and any discomfort she’d felt up to that point disappeared. “You know” she told me “you’re my first”. I was floored I had just taken slot oyna her virginity. I told her I was honored and would make she had a good experience. By this point our bodies were warm with heat and I kicked off the sheets and started to purposefully stroke into her body making sure to grind at her clit. Mila just went wild with her first orgasm and it took me along with it as I emptied my sperm deep into her pussy.

We snuggled up some more while I gave her small love kisses on her face and body. She told me how she know immediately when we’d met that we’d become lovers and that it was only because she was shy that we hadn’t done something earlier. I told her I couldn’t think of a more beautiful place or person to have this experience with. We basked in our mutual admiration and post coital bliss. Eventually exhaustion took over and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning I woke to the smell of cheese and potatoes, and coffee – the chalet’s emergency food supply. We ate heartily and opened the window to survey the weather conditions. The thunderheads had cleared and blue sky was all around. It was safe to head back down where everyone was expecting us. I didn’t want to leave. But Mila told me she had a surprise for me and to get ready to leave. A quick brush of the teeth (again with supplies from the emergency stash) and we locked up and headed back down the hill. This time we headed another way into a steep ravine. At one point Mila headed off the trail and told me to follow. A few minutes on and there was a large oddly shaped stone sort of shaped like a set of stairs. “You know what this is?” she asked. Of course I had no idea. “It’s a breeding rock, we have a tradition in our family to take our girlfriends and boyfriend out to this place to have sex. This rock has probably been visited by 10 generations of my family. Do you think you are up to the task of keeping the tradition alive?”

Mila pulled off her shorts over her boots and lay forward with her legs splayed and pussy exposed. How could I resist that challenge? I pulled off my shorts as well and was instantly hard and guided my cock straight into her dripping pussy. The new position seemed to do wonders for Mila, or perhaps it was the location and the tradition. Whatever it was she was soon making an “uh, uh” noise every time I pushed deep up into her. Finally she cried out and her tight pussy grasped my cock milking the cum out of my balls until not even a drop was left. It was glorious elemental love making. Mila pulled up her underwear and shorts trying to make the best of the semen escaping from her pussy lips. I took tried to make myself look presentable. Within a couple of hours we were at the trailhead and driving back to my sister’s rented chalet. Each of us was lost in thought. I didn’t know if Mila’s infatuation was just a teenage crush and was starting to feel a bit guilty of perhaps taking advantage of her.

That evening when everyone had gone to bed, I heard a soft knock on my door and went to open it. There stood Mila wearing her flannel pajamas and looking every bit the cute 18 year old. I let her in and she climbed into the bed and patted the space beside her. “You’ve made a sex addict out of me. Come here and satisfy your woman.” she teased. Strangely this set my mind at easy, while young, Mila wasn’t some pampered city girl protected by her parents. No, she was a mature, hardworking farmer’s daughter, who had seen and heard a lot. It wasn’t more than a few minutes before we had mutually satisfied ourselves and cuddled up. Mila wanted to know about my life in London, what I did for work, for fun, who were my friends, what my goals and expectations were in life. I answered as honestly as I could – I wanted to make some money, have strong meaningful relationships, and start a family before too long. That seemed to satisfy her curiosity and we both drifted off to sleep. Fortunately for us, the chalet was a modern building canlı casino siteleri so the basement floor was built of concrete so none of our nocturnal lovemaking could be heard in the upper floors.

With only a few more days of vacation time left, I dreaded leaving but I knew I had to get back to my company and my life however wonderful my experience had been. I asked Mila if she would come and visit me in London in a couple of weeks when my sister had left and her nanny gig was over. I’d happily pay for the tickets. Would her family approve? Did she have to ask permission? No, she could travel freely and do as she pleased.

Our last night together was bittersweet. The sex had become almost mystical as we learned the ins and outs of each other’s bodies. Mila was a fast study and sucked my cock like her life depended on it. For my part I licked her pussy like I was a cat after the last morsels of a tuna fish dinner. We were bonding. She was definitely my woman now. I just had to figure out what to do about it. With a plan to meet three weeks out, I didn’t feel quite so gloomy. My sister had an inkling that something was up and pulled me aside the next morning to quiz me about what was going on. How could I? She was only 18? My nanny, of all things. Etc. Etc. But when I responded sincerely she realized there was more to it than a vacation fling.

Three weeks later I waited expectantly by the arrivals door of Heathrow airport Terminal 5. Mila arrived with a small carrying on and we hugged and kissed and held hands until we got in the car to drive to my flat. She didn’t seem phased by the travel or the new country – this wasn’t the first time she’d been out of Switzerland, quite the contrary she’d been to as many European countries as I’d ever been to despite being almost half my age! When we arrived it was already dark and Mila went straight to the bathroom for a quick shower. What I hadn’t expected was to find her in a sexy negligee that hugged her small curves and accentuated her beautiful body. Within minutes we were tearing off our clothing and fucking like starved bunnies.

The next day was Saturday and a chance for her to meet some of my friends for dinner at a local gastropub. I wasn’t quite sure how things would go, but Mila held her own regaling the group with stories, keeping up with conversations and even ribbing me for robbing the cradle which stole any mean-spirited thunder from any friend who was going to make a joke at my expense. So, a little drunk we staggered home and lay on the bed. She curled over and put her arms around me. I couldn’t help myself and for the first time ever utter the dreaded words that you can never come back from “I love you”. She teared up a little and I asked what was wrong. She told me she had something to say, that she loved me too, but wasn’t sure I would after what she had to tell had been told. This put the fear of god into me. Was she already married? Was she abused as a child? My mind went overtime thinking about what could be the problem.

Looking into my eyes with hers she spilled out her words, how she had heard about me from my sister, and conjured up a dashing foreigner, how she had met me and fallen hard, how she wanted to lose her virginity with me and had planned out the night in the Chalet since she knew the weather was going to turn nasty, and how she had taken me to the breeding rock because she wanted to get pregnant with my child. Then she looked at me intensely and said “I did” For a moment I was dumfounded, here I was thinking that I had been the seducer but in fact Mila had me wrapped around her little finger all along. And that she had wanted to get pregnant and I’d gone right along not questioning about condoms, the pill, or anything. But it wasn’t long before I responded because I knew that whatever happened next I had to reassure this beautiful creature in my arms desperate for my love and approval and pregnant with my child in her womb. “Well I was thinking we’d take a while to get to know each other and get married in a year, but you’ve gone ahead and moved the schedule up on me. Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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