My Summer Job

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School was out. I’d gotten a letter from the Coach at College. He cautioned me to work out daily in order to stay in shape for the opening of football practice.

I had one summer job. The truth was, the only muscles I used for that were my tongue and cock. I knew I would need to do some manual labor. I would have a hard time finding a job for just a few months. All the local employers were looking for full time employees. Plus, I did not want this to interfere with my other pastimes. What could I do?

I mentioned this problem to Kitty; my Mom and I were on a first name basis. She suggested I see her Aunt Em. Aunt Em and her husband owned the local greenhouse and always needed laborers. Right then Kitty called Aunt Em and asked if she could use a strong worker.

When she told Aunt Em it was me, her response was an immediate Yes.

Bright and early the next morning, I was up and ready to go. Kitty had reminded me how warm it got under the glass. I went out wearing a tank top, jock, shorts, and sneakers. As I hit the door, Kitty yelled that she would see me at lunch.

I got there at 7:30 and was assigned to bed preperation in the green houses. That meant I used a spade to turn the dirt over for later application of manure and fertilizers. It was warm; at one point, Aunt Em came back to check on me. She told me to shed the shirt if I got too warm; and to use the shower at Noon if I needed to cool down.

The time passed; and I noticed the 2 other workers both left at lunch time. I learned then they only worked half days on Saturday.

It was taksim grup yapan escort hot; I headed back to the rear where the shower was located. I looked around and did not see anyone. I stripped quickly and jumped in the shower. The water was refreshing; and as it hit my pecs and back, the muscle strain began to ease.

I must have spent 15 minutes in the shower. When I stepped out, there was Aunt Em holding a towel. “You’ll need this” she said as she clearly was eyeing me up. “There’s no need for you to work quite so hard if we can come to an understanding.”

“But Coach wants me to be in shape for the fall,” I responded.

“That’s okay; work out at the gym and stop by here for an hour or so each evening. You can work out; get in shape; and do a great service for me.”

I finished toweling off; and just stood there. I thought I knew where this was going. I left the next move up to her. I’d been around enough older women; one more would not bother me.

When she saw I was in no hurry to get dressed, she smiled. She was early 60s; about 5’5″ and a bit on the heavy side; I’d been with others like that.

She came closer. She leaned forward and kissed me. Her hand dropped to my cock. I stood still; and waited to see how far she would go.

Her other hand went behind my head as she kissed me with more intensity; her other hand all this time was still stroking my cock gently.

“I need you” she said. “I need to feel a man’s cock in me.”

With that, I put my arms around her; and began taksim masöz escort kissing her in return. My tongue was twirling around hers as she made soft murmering sounds.

I undid the back of her dress; and pulled it forward. She dropped my cock and pulled slightly backwards so it could fall to the ground. Underneath she had on a black bra, garters and stockings, and black panties.

I resumed kissing her as I unsnapped the back of her bra. Her hand had returned to my cock; and was lightly stroking it. She dropped it again as I pulled the bra from her and let it fall to the ground. I pulled her back to me; and allowed her to feel my chest againt those flabby titties. I had to admit, she had big floppers with engorged nipples that must have been an inch long.

I pulled my mouth from hers and began sucking on those nipples; they were amazing. I had never seen any that large before. She threw her head back and groaned. “Oh yes, Oh Yes.” She kept repeating that.

As I sucked her nipples, I had her hold both titties up. That freed my hands to begin working her panties down. She was a plump one with big hips. It took both hands to work them down. When they got to her knees, I knelt down and helped her step out of them.

I knew from experience a woman her age had probably never had her pussy eaten. Still on my knees, I stared at it. She’d not used a razor in years.

I stood and took her hand as I led her to the sofa. If anyone walked in now, they would see an oldie in garter belt and stockings. I almost giggled taksim otele gelen escort at the thought of her employees walking in.

I had her lie down on the sofe. I put one leg up on the back of the sofa as I knelt between her legs. The other I flipped up on my back as I spread her pussy lips. She did not make a sound as my face moved forward toward her clit. It was a big one. My tongue began darting on her clit; and I took her saggy pussy lips in my mouth and began to suck them. She was hitting orgasms pretty good from the gittgo.

I could see she was ready; I lifted my head and asked if she could use some cock. “Oh yes,” she squealed. “Please fuck me.”

What was I to do? I positioned myself between her legs and slid my cock right in. She was sopping wet; and like many older pussies, it was not that tight. That was no problem for me.

I lifted both of her legs and placed her ankles on my shoulders as I began pounding her pussy hard. My balls were slapping her ass. I had not fucked that day; I knew I would have a good load for her.

I guess I pumped her for 20 minutes or so when I felt my balls begin to tighten. “I hope you’re ready; I’m about to pop my nuts off.”

I grabbed her by the ass as I began shooting my load. It was a heavy one.

I relaxed and put her legs down. She was about to get up when I shook my head no.

I got up and walked up to her head. I put my cock at her mouth and told her she had clean up duty. Her mouth opened wide as she took my entire cock in. Wrapping her lips around it, she slowly pulled off the shaft as she swallowed all the residue.

I patted her on the head and told her “Good Girl.”

I turned to hit the shower again when I saw Kitty standing there with a smile. “Thomas fucks good doesn’t he Auntie,” she asked?

“We’ll talk about future service while he showers.”

“Here Thomas; I brought you a change of clothes.”

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