My Sister Wife Ch. 02 Pt. 02

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Big Tits

It was amazing! I’d never known lust to feel so, so… So fucking incredible.

I was beginning to wonder if she was going to use me like this all night. Don’t get me wrong, I relished in the pleasure of her doing things to my body that no one ever had, and I could probably let her keep me tied up as long as she wanted, but…

“Break time?” She demanded, more than questioned.

First she untied my feet, then she released my hands just long enough to bind them at the wrists.

“Yessie, love.” I started. “When can I touch you?” I asked.

She didn’t reply, or remove my blindfold. She led me to the restroom, where she pushed me to the toilet so that I could relieve myself. Ahh, it felt good to release the pressure that had been building in my bladder for some time. She cleaned me with a warm, damp cloth, and took me back to the other room where she so generously offered me a drink. She held the glass of what smelled like red wine to my lips, and gently tipped it so the slightly chilled liquid could quench my thirst. Just as quickly, she pulled the glass away, and licked the extra fluid from my lips.

Suddenly, she was at it again. Her tongue thrust into my mouth as her hands squeezed and teased my breasts, trailed down my belly şişli escort until they reached my sex, where she pinched my clitoris, and shoved her fingers inside me. I quivered at her touch. She was just so fucking good.

Just as quickly as she finger fucked me, she stopped, grabbed a fist full of my hair and forced me to my knees. She pushed my naked body forward over what felt like a padded table, that was only big enough to rest my torso. Again she tied my hands and legs so that I could not struggle, much. Now I was bent over, doggie style, so she had access to my ass, which she was already between, squeezing, and slapping, and my pussy, which she was teasing by letting her fingers lightly glide over it.

Yessenia was on her knees behind me. She was massaging my ass cheeks. She bit them. Kissed them. Licked them. She would make them wet, and then hit me with her crop. A couple of times it was hard enough to make me cry out. Behind me, she pulled my cheeks apart, exposing my most private spot, and she blew a warm breath over my puckering hole. She spit on it, rubbed it in. Blew it again. By now goose bumps were taking over my flesh. I’d never been ass fucked before, and as worried as I was what it would feel like suadiye escort if she stuck something inside, I loved the way it felt as she played with me.

She smacked my asshole with her riding crop. Then swiftly kiss it as I jerked from the pain. She switched from my ass to the moist cavern between my legs, flicking her tongue, or rubbing her fingers over them, or the crop handle. It was simply exsquisite.

She rubbed my ass with her tits, tease the hole wither nipples. Then she leaned down, and buried her face in my crotch where she chewed on my lips, and pressed her tongue deep inside me. Oh I how I wanted to cum. I could tell she could feel I was on the verge of climax, for she suddenly stopped fucking me with her mouth.

“You better not cum, bitch.”

I sighed, as much from pleasure as disappointment.

She was standing now. I could hear her rustling around, going through something. Unwrapping something. Then I heard her open the door, and close it again behind someone. My heart beat faster from anticipation. It was Michael. I knew from his cologne, but I said nothing, and he remained silent.

I heard him kiss her. She moaned as their tongues dueled in pleasure, he took from her mouth taksim escort the taste of my juice. I heard him undressing. I heard her laugh, her giggle husky and soft, as again, she knelt down to bite and chew on my ass. She spread my cheeks apart and again used her mouth and fingers to tease my asshole.

He was standing in front of me now. I could feel the warmth of him on my face.

Roughly, he grabbed a fist full of my hair, and yanked my head up. I gasped, just as Yessenia slid her tongue into my tight, unexplored hole, and when my lips parted, Michael thrust his already throbbing cock into my mouth.

He continued to fuck my face, as she stopped fucking my ass, licked my pussy, and then thrust a rubber molded cock inside my wet, throbbing snatch.

It was lavishing being forceably fucked from both ends. I delighted in having my husband shove his prick in so deep that it touched the back of my throat, causing my gag reflex to tighten my throat over the head of his rod.

“Keep it up, baby and I’ll cum.” He sighed.

“So cum,” Yessie told him, as she continued sliding her toy in and out of my dripping cauldron. Just as she said it, he did. He pulled out just as he was shooting his creamy, salty milk and came in my mouth and all over my face. Yessenia came around then, to the front, and consumed my lips with hers, sucking his warm cream from my mouth, licking what was spilled from my face and his cock, she removed my blindfold, kissed me, again licked Michael’s dick, which was growing hard again, got up, and left us alone.

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