My Sister Made Me Ch. 05

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Author’s note: This chapter marks the start of other POV’s. As always, these are denoted at the start of the section. For now, the POV characters are Alex, Sam, and now their brother Dane. Depending on how the story progresses, this number may increase or decrease as needed.

For those new to my writing, check out my profile to get in contact with me, and to be updated when something happens with my writing! Enjoy!

One last note, there are also a few minor time jumps. I wouldn’t call them flashbacks or anything, it’s just due to the changing POVs. Time changes are noted at the start of the new POV section.



It had been two months since Hannah moved in and Alex had grown used to the ebullient girl’s presence and boisterous nature. The large-breasted girl had given up trying to be modest and more often than not, went to bed topless if not completely nude. Alex would routinely wake up with her perky breasts in her face, something she didn’t necessarily mind.

Hannah was a heavy sleeper, as was Alex and the two tended not to wake each other up. Danny, on the other hand, was constantly coming in to the room to see his girlfriend or fetch her to his room. More than once, he’d caught Alex in the midst of changing. She’d stopped caring a while ago, having grown used to it. Ever since she’d had those incredibly weird yet stimulating encounters with Dane in the bathroom, she’d grown less angry and irritable at her brothers.

It seemed that Dane had been weirded out or had been worried that someone would catch them, and hadn’t tried to visit her while she showered anymore though, and she found that she was actually a little disappointed. The last time she’d flirted so heavily with him, she’d been very turned on for a few days, and she’d actually been looking forwards to the next encounter.

That encounter had also had resulted in her being super-horny the next day and telling her Physics teacher about her giving blowjobs at work. He’d come in that evening and paid for one, and she’d sucked him off until he filled her mouth.

Unfortunately when closing time came, Mr. Kazinsky had confronted them about what they were doing, having caught them on camera twice now. He didn’t mention the times that Alex and Toni had gone down on each other, but she supposed he didn’t want to ruin the chances of seeing something like that again. Toni had calmed the situation down and they had come to an arrangement, of sorts. He’d get a blowjob or get to have sex with Alex once a week or so, and they’d get to keep running their little enterprise.

Alex didn’t really mind all that much. She was young and experimental, and really, really loved sucking cock. She wouldn’t have picked Mr. Kazinsky, and definitely didn’t enjoy it when he came on her face, which he always wanted to do. She didn’t get the appeal. Even when she asked Toni if it looked hot, she had shrugged. It must be a guy thing, she supposed.

True to what Toni had predicted, their business had started slow. Mr. Roberts had come in a few times, but that eventually slowed. It wasn’t cheap, she knew and he also ran the risk of getting caught having sex with a student, and that never went well for the teacher.

There were a few regulars that started to take advantage of the service, though. There was Don, Mr. Stevens who brought Mr. Evans one time, and of course Mr. Ericson. He was a steadfast, weekly customer that Alex really enjoyed taking care of. She’d become an integral part of his weekly happiness and it was something she took seriously.

It didn’t hurt that he also had the biggest dick of any of her customers, and while it wasn’t a monster, it looked to be above average. Occasionally, he’d pay the extra $200 dollars and spend a while fucking Alex. Those were her favorite times. Sucking dick always turned her on, and while she enjoyed it, it didn’t really help to bring her off. She’d have to go home and play with herself in the shower, or hope that no one else was home so she and Toni could have some alone time. He liked to be humiliated, like most of the men. She didn’t get much out of telling them they were dirty and old, but they definitely did. They’d grunt and groan at her while she sucked their cocks and Toni told them what scum they were for taking advantage of a young, naive woman. It made her laugh to think about it and she figured it was harmless. She didn’t mind in the least.

Mr. Roberts eventually stopped coming and she had to ask him why. He explained that it was because it was too dangerous and that his wife was starting to suspect something. Alex definitely didn’t want to be a homewrecker, so she kept her flirting to a minimum around him. He did his best as well. His after-class hugs were mostly platonic, save for the occasional ass grab or breast tickle.

Class was going well too. There were only two days of class left, and they weren’t really days that counted. Graduation was on Saturday and then she’d have the whole summer to goof off with her friends and family before starting elmadağ escort at the local state university with her sisters and brothers.

Principal Jeffries had never collected on the “Project” that Alex had offered, and Alex had eventually stopped prodding him about it. He only gave a noncommittal answer and she supposed that it had been too much of a risk for him. Still, she’d enjoyed the one time that she’d been able to get him off.

Her sister had gotten away with some crazy stunts at school though, a few weeks after the two of them had fucked her friends. Alex guessed that she was feeling naughty and had cornered Kenny in the hallway. Toni had been telling her later that she’d told him to meet her in five minutes outside the janitor’s closet and to keep it quiet. She told her that she’d sucked his cock and let him cum in her mouth before returning to class. It had happened on more than one occasion, she learned, and Toni had even done the same for Bear and Eric, much to the latter’s delight.

She guessed the juxtaposition of the situation was what excited Toni. She was the most popular girl in school, and there she was on her knees in the janitor’s closet with the nerdiest guys filling her mouth with cum. Sure, it was exciting to Alex, but it didn’t really seem like the type of thing that Toni would enjoy.

Alex was idly snoozing that morning, not having to go to school. She’d finished all her finals and basically had two free days. Toni and Sam were both in the same situation, and she figured her brothers were still asleep. She could also feel Hannah’s warm presence on the other side of her bed as well.

She stretched, feeling the muscles in her body pull and push, relishing the feeling of the cool room and warm blankets and sheets. Hannah turned over, her arm going across Alex’s waist. She smirked.

It was actually a relatively common occurrence with her. The brunette seemed overly affectionate, even when she was sleeping. Alex had grown used to her waking up in strange positions, her hands in odd places.

She turned away from Hannah who simply scooted closer and ran her arms up and across Alex’s chest. Alex sighed and turned over, poking Hannah in the sides. The brunette surprised her though by leaning forwards, one hand going to her neck and pulling her into a kiss. Alex, wide-eyed, pulled back and looked down as Hannah opened her eyes.

“Oh!” she said. “Oh, Alex, I’m sorry.”

Alex snickered but figured no harm had been done. “It was a little bit of a surprise, but that’s okay.”

“I was having a really good dream and thought you were someone else,” she explained.

“No, it’s fine,” Alex assured her.

Smiling, Hannah closed her eyes again and wriggled around in bed a second, getting comfortable.

“No class today?” she asked.

Alex sighed and shook her head. “Finally done,” she said, smiling. Feeling affectionate, she reached out and pulled Hannah closer, knowing that she’d be more than okay with snuggling.

“Ooh, snuggle time?” Hannah asked.

Alex smiled and nodded.

“Yay!” she said, smiling. “Big spoon or little spoon?” she asked.

“Mm, little spoon,” Alex said. “At least until Danny comes in and kicks me out.”

Hannah smiled and pulled her close as Alex turned away from her. Sighing contentedly as she was pulled close and wrapped up in Hannah’s arms, Alex closed her eyes and tried to relax.

“Let’s just stay like this all day,” Alex said, pushing back into her. She liked the way Hannah’s large breasts were mashed up against her back.

“I’m game,” Hannah said. “Danny might come and want in though.”

“We can just make a Hannah sandwich then,” Alex said.

“Sounds kinky,” she replied, giggling.

Alex snickered. “Depends on which way I’m laying,” she quipped, “and how excited Danny is to see you,” she added a second later.

Hannah laughed and snuggled closer. “My boobs make things uncomfortable?” she asked.

Alex shook her head. “No, they feel nice,” she said. “Nice and soft.”

Hannah smiled quietly and shook her head. “I think everyone likes a nice set of boobs,” she said a few quiet moments later.

Alex nodded and the two lay quietly for a few minutes, idly caressing each other. Eventually Alex and Hannah turned over, Alex taking the big spoon position. “Few people are as gifted as you are, I think. Have you gotten used to people gawking at you?”

Hannah shrugged as Alex’s arms ran up and over her breasts, her hands resting comfortably around her shoulders.

“Yes and no. I mean, I always notice, of course,” she said. “It’s nice sometimes, and sometimes I want to be noticed. But sometimes, ugh,” she said. “Yeah, it can get old.”

“Is that what drew my brother to you?” she asked.

Hannah nodded. “I’m sure it was,” she said giggling.

The door opened then and shut back again. Alex glanced back in the dim light but then heard the indelicate pounding of her brother’s footsteps on the wood floor.

“Morning Danny,” esenyurt escort she said, turning over and preparing to get out. Hannah turned back over and pulled her back in though.

“What happened to the Hannah sandwich?” she asked playfully.

Alex snickered. “Okay,” she answered. “But if you two start fucking, I’m leaving.”

Hannah laughed as Danny climbed in behind her. The brunette pulled Alex close again and nuzzled her neck contentedly. “Besides, we were all comfortable before he came in,” Hannah said.

Alex smiled but didn’t respond, letting Hannah pull her close. A jumble of legs beneath the covers, the three scooted close together in the middle of the bed.

“Just don’t fart,” Danny said. Alex felt him start to tickle Hannah right behind her and snickered as the brunette started to writhe and wriggle.

“Knock it off Danny,” Alex said. “We’re trying to snuggle. She’s my roommate.”

He grew still and the three of them fell into a warm, comfortable sleep.

A short while later, Alex awoke to a pair of hands on her breasts, gently massaging and then gently pinching her nipples. She looked down and saw the hairy, masculine hands of her brother.

“Dude,” she said. “Hands off my girls.”

He leaned up and look over Hannah’s shoulder and saw that he had reached around his girlfriend and had been groping his little sister.

“Ah, sorry,” he said.

She rolled her eyes when he didn’t move his hands right away. Hannah nudged him in the ribs and he pulled them off.

“Stop playing with her boobs, you’ve got enough of mine to go around,” Hannah said. He snickered and Alex felt him move his hands between her and Hannah.

After a few minutes of quiet snuggling and affection, she began to feel a rhythmic swaying to her mattress and sighed. “If you guys are fucking with me in here, I swear to God…”

Hannah and Danny both laughed as Alex slipped out of bed.

“Boo,” Hannah said as she reached for her. Alex shook her head and briefly admired Hannah’s nude torso before she caught herself and turned away.

“I’m not sure what you guys were doing, but I’m not sticking around to find out,” she said.

They didn’t say anything else and Alex stepped quietly out of the room. She tiptoed down the hall across the hall, stopping to glance over at Dane’s door since it was open, which was unusual.

Quietly padding over, she peered in and saw him relaxing easily on the bed, watching TV. He looked up and smiled. Stepping in, she shut the door behind her and went to sit halfway on his bed.

“What’s up?” he asked, not really looking at her.

“I just wanted to say that I was sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to make things weird between us.”

He looked at her curiously for a moment. “The shower thing?”

She smiled.

“I wouldn’t say it was weird, I just took your warning to heart,” he said.

She scrunched up her face, not understanding. “Warning?”

He nodded. “I’m your brother. It’s not like we would actually do those things, you know? I know you were basically telling me to knock it off or you’d keep making things… difficult for me.”

She smirked. “I’m sure you understand what it’s like to think of nothing but sex, being a guy.”

He raised an eyebrow and shrugged. “Yeah, like you said, I’m a guy.”

She looked at him pointedly then. “I might be a guy trapped in a girl’s body then, because that’s pretty much all I think about now.”

He chuckled. “I’m thinking that’s normal.” He looked back at the TV then and pretended to watch for a few seconds before glancing back.

She smirked and stood, then turned and headed for the door. “All I’m saying is that maybe during our shower encounters, not all of me was being mean. Maybe an eentsy weentsy little part of me wanted you to be there.”

His eyes widened in surprise.

“I mean, what’s a horny eighteen year old girl to do when she gets attacked by a cock as gorgeous as yours?” she said playfully, standing and walking away from the bed.

“What are you doing? Brother!” she thought again and again. Something kept pushing her though, and she stretched, raising her arms above her head and drawing her shirt up, exposing her naked buttocks.

He didn’t respond, being too busy with gawking at her.

She smiled. “Let me put it this way. I’m not gonna lock the bathroom door, and I promise not to yell at you if you come in to pee. If you feel the need to hang around and watch, or just can’t wait to use the shower, then I understand. Deal?”

He nodded. “Deal,” he said dumbly.

“In fact,” she said, turning. “I’m pretty sure everyone is still asleep right now. I think I might just go hop in and get cleaned up. Just make sure to lock the door behind you.”

Smiling, he began to slide out of bed to follow her.

Quickly leaving his room, she padded to the bathroom and entered, leaving the door open. Not wasting any time trying to be sneaky, he simply followed her in and shut the door etiler anal yapan escort behind him.

She rolled her eyes and glanced over at him. “I figured you’d try and be a little bit more subtle,” she said, smiling up at him.

He grinned and shrugged. “Well, when I see something I like, I tend to go right for it.”

Reaching back, he locked the door and then turned back towards her.

She smiled and backed up a bit, but he followed her, moving up until they were inches apart.

“Ooo,” she said, “Am I going to have an assistant today?”

He smiled, reaching down and grasping the bottom of her night shirt. Lifting, he pulled it off of her body and tossed it to the floor.

“Do you always sleep without any panties on?” he asked, looking down.

She looked down at her hips and then back up at him and nodded. “I figured that if I told you that you could do what you wanted to me, I better keep my panties off so that you could.”

He swallowed hard and stepped back.

She glanced down and saw his semi-hard cock pushing against the fabric of his boxers.

“Cold or warm shower today?” she asked.

He smirked. “Warm, definitely. Cold will make my cock disappear.”

She frowned playfully. “Oh, we can’t have that, now can we?” Turning, she reached in and turned on the water, reaching up and running her hand in the stream until it got warm, and then stepped in.

“Are you going to be a silent observer this time, or do I get a shower buddy?” she asked, reaching for the soap.

He looked back at the door and then back at her. “Are you sure about this?”

She bit her lip nervously, a little shocked that he would ask her so directly and shatter the air of innocence and playfulness that seemed to hang about the whole situation.

“We’re just fooling around,” she said. “If you can’t have fun with your little sister, then who can you have fun with?”

“When did my baby sister get to be such an incredibly desirable woman?” he asked, shaking his head.

“I sent away for a kit,” she joked. “It got here when I turned 18.”

“Well the manufacturer did an outstanding job on the tits,” he said.

She smirked and bounced a single time, raising up on the balls of her feet and then sliding back down to her heels, sending her breasts swaying sexily.

He smiled and started to pull his boxers off. She stopped him, and ran her fingers in the top of his waistband for a second before she smiled and pulled downwards. “I don’t get to undress you, but you get to undress me?” she asked. “I don’t think so.” His cock bounced free, slowly bobbing upwards as it grew more and more erect.

She smiled and turned, soaping up her body as he stepped in behind her. At first, he contented himself with just watching, and that was just fine with her. The feeling of his eyes roaming over her body was electric. She grew more excited just letting him do that.

“The only problem with sharing a shower is that one person is always left out in the cold,” he said, having grown cold standing alone at the back.

“Oh yeah?” she replied. “I guess you’ll have to get closer.”

He chuckled and did so, his hands moving up to her shoulders and beginning to rub. He reached for her shampoo and poured some into his hand, and then began to lather up her long dark hair.

Turning as he pulled her in one direction to share the warm stream of water, she looked up at him for a moment. “Do you really think I’m sexy?” she asked, dropping the pretense of innocence and playfulness.

He smiled. “Alex, you are the definition of sexy. I wish you weren’t my sister right now so that I could take advantage of the situation.”

She smiled and closed her eyes as he continued to wash her hair.

“I didn’t even know that you’d had sex,” he said.

She nodded. “A few times now,” she admitted.

“I just… never saw you with a guy,” he said.

Shrugging, she turned and looked up at him. “Does that spoil my innocent image for you?” she asked.

He laughed and shook his head.

She turned again, starting to rinse her hair. “I’ll tell you whatever you want to know about all that,” she said. She felt his warm hands on her stomach then, and looked down. He’d gotten some more body wash and was soaping her up. She turned away from him to make it a little less awkward for him.

He shrugged. “I don’t necessarily need details,” he said. “I’m just glad to know that you’re not a virgin.”

She looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t know,” he admitted with a shrug. “It sounded stupid coming out.”

Chuckling, she turned to face him, feeling his cock brush against her thigh.

“Fuck,” she said, glancing down. “You’re really hard.”

He nodded. “I’m probably going to have an erection until I see Sally,” he said.

She laughed quietly and shrugged. “I figured you might just need to take care of things while we were in here.”

There was no response for a few minutes and she turned to look. She laughed when she saw that he’d stepped back and was watching her, slowly stroking himself.

She shook her head and turned back. “Are you sure you don’t need to just put it somewhere where it won’t hurt anyone?” she asked, leaning forwards and presenting her rump to him.

He groaned audibly and shook his head.

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