My Sister-In-Law’s New Flooring

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It was Friday night, and Pierre was calling it a night pretty early on; he wanted to get a good night sleep as he knew he had quite a day’s work the next day. He had promised his sister-in-law, Maria, that he would help her fix up her place. She wanted to sell her condo, but felt that she had to beautify some aspects of it first – her damn cat had done quite a number on the walls and carpet. Pierre had volunteered to put in laminate flooring to replace the shredded carpet, patch up the holes and scratches in the wall, and give it all a fresh coat of paint.

When he first offered his help, three weeks ago, it was under the understanding that his wife, Joanne, and her sister would help him. As luck would have it, his wife told him a week before the big weekend that she was going to stay at the apartment, near the university three towns away from her sister’s to study for her Law Bar Exam. To make matters worst, his sister-in-law bailed out at the last minute because of a hot date with her real estate agent, a tall, strong, and somewhat attractive black fellow. Always up for a challenge, and a man of his word, Pierre had promised Maria that he would still come over and work while she was out.

He woke up bright and early on Saturday morning, at around 9 o’clock, with a rather prominent hard on. He turned around to kiss his wife, but she had already gotten out of bed and had her nose buried in her books. Pierre attempted to strike up a little fun by slightly rubbing himself on his wife’s lower back as he hugged her.

“Damn it honey! Can’t you see I’m studying! I’m not kidding, I need to know this stuff within the next two weeks.”

“Good morning to you too…” Was all Pierre wanted to reply, but he knew better, and kept his mouth shut. He grabbed some breakfast; read the front section of the morning paper, then the comics, and finally the entertainment section. He was amused by the amount of space that was dedicated to Britney Spears break-up with Justin.

“Ahhhh… What a woman that Britney! What I would love to do to her…”

And with that last thought, Pierre went into the bathroom to take his shower. His went through his morning ritual – brushed his teeth, shaved (though he usually didn’t on weekends, but he couldn’t let Maria see him unshaved), and headed for the shower. As he was showering, Pierre thought of the Britney article again. The newspaper article showcased her in her skimpiest outfit yet – little skin tight black “booty shorts” displaying a spendid camel toe, and a crop top three sizes too small letting the bottom of her breasts show… The sheer thought of it was enough to get the blood going back down to his pelvic area once again.

Being alone, Pierre grabbed the hair conditioner, rubbed it into his right hand, closed his eyes, grabbed his swollen penis, and started to stroke like a mad man. The morning shower was his only “personal” time; he had tried once to play with himself in front of his wife, but she actually got mad and quite turned off by the whole thing. Pierre was on a mission; he hadn’t had sex in 4 weeks, as his wife was too busy studying. He was willing to put up with it all because he knew that it would all be worth it in the end. Overall, she was great. She was smart and intelligent, very good looking, extremely sexy, and normally quite horny. Physically, she stood 5’4″, weighted slightly less than 130 lbs, had nice mid back length black hair, brown eyes, luscious lips, nice firm breasts, a small waist and very curvy hips. He knew that this was just a phase, and the money that would eventually come out of this dry spell would make it all better soon.

Images of Britney, slowly dancing away, providing him with his own personal strip show, taking it all off for him flowed through his mind. In his fantasy, she would then start by licking and sucking on his ears, while pinching his nipples. After some lengthy teasing, she would then guide her soft tongue slowly down to his lower abdomen, to finally rigorously suck him off. All the while, slowly shaking her perfect tight little ass while deeply fingering herself with her index and middle finger. The whole fantasy just sent Pierre over the edge. He pumped out buckets of hot cum all over the bath tiles.

Somewhat satisfied, he stepped out of the shower, dried himself off, got dressed, picked up his tools, walked over to Joanne, and kissed her.

“Bye honey!”

“Bye love. I’ll be back for dinner. Have fun studying.”

“I’ll try. You sure you can’t come with me to help a bit?”

“I told you already. I can’t”

And with that, Pierre walked out the door. He packed up his beat up little Civic, and drove off to Maria’s.

Maria did live three towns away. The drive itself was one of about 1-½ hours. Pierre eventually got there at around 12:30pm. Pierre grabbed his tools out of the car, rang the buzzer, walked in, headed up in the elevator, and knocked on the door. When Maria opened the door, Pierre was surprised to see that she had just woken up. She was still wearing her tight little shorts, clearly too small for her as şişli rus escort her ass cheeks were falling out of the bottom, and a light cotton T-shirt.

“Morning Pierre”

“Morning Sis. Did you just wake up?”

“Yes… Oh, I’m so tired!” as she stretched, letting her perky breasts poke through her shirt. “I had the craziest night yesterday with the girls. We went to this strip club and had a blast. Did you know that some white guys are as big as black men?”

“Really… There’s something I always wanted to know…” Replied Pierre jokingly.

“I’m sorry. I forget that guys don’t like being compared.”

Pierre’s sister-in-law was no less stunning than his wife, except that she might have exuberated even more sex appeal than Joanne might. She was slightly shorter, at about 5’2″ with a lighter build (weighted no more than 115 lbs), shoulder length brown hair, dark brown eyes, sultry lips, a firm toned body, tanned honey colored skin, a tight and firm butt, and a beautiful pair of breasts that were recently upgraded from a 34B to a 36 DD. Maria was older too, by 6 years, which made her 2 years older than Pierre. Pierre had had a thing for her for a while now, ever since he saw her streak out of the shower at Joanne’s parents’ house, with nothing else but a small towel to cover her front, leaving her beautiful round shaped ass in plain view for him to see. Unfortunately for him, she had always preferred black men. She was convinced they made better lovers because of their mythical bigger penises. Pierre, being your typical white French guy, figured that it was just her stereotypical Asian mind at work.

“Okay Pierre. I moved all the stuff out of the way yesterday before I went out. So you can get started whenever you want. Everything you need should be here. I’ll just go take a shower while you start, and then I’ll head out for the day. I doubt I’ll be back before you leave… I plan on getting’ me some lovin’ tonight! I don’t think I’ll be back anytime before 6am!”

Maria headed for the bathroom, while Pierre started ripping out the carpet. As the work was progressing, Pierre turned the hallway corner, and noticed that Maria had left the door open. He figured she had probably done that out of habit, usually being home alone. Because of the mist on the shower door, Pierre figured that Maria hadn’t noticed him staring at her, but he could see all that he needed to! A bulge instantly developed in his shorts as she was soaping herself up. First her arms and legs, her neck, and then her beautiful breasts. She took extra care massaging them, as her doctor had advised her to do for the first few weeks, to prevent scaring or sagging. She would first circle around the nipples. She would then proceed to get a firm hold of them both, and squeeze them as he wished he could. Following some heavy “tit massaging”, Maria grabbed her two little diamond sized nipples and pinched them eagerly; Pierre noticed that all the while her breathing was getting heavier. She then moved both her hands down to her stomach, and finally to her lower abdomen. Pierre couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His own sister-in-law, feeling herself up, with one leg firmly planted on the bottom of the tub, while the other one was resting on the faucet, letting her front side face him. She was frantically rubbing (actually more like “caressing”) her clitoris with her right hand while three of her left hand fingers were plunged deep into her pussy. He could clearly make panting and moaning sounds over the noise of the shower. Pierre desperately wanted to run to her in there, but knew better. He decided that it would just be best to wait until she left to take care of his bulging dilemma. Pierre then walked away from the bathroom door just in time, as she turned off the water, and stepped out of the shower. She dried herself off, wrapped a towel around herself, and walked back to her room, while throwing a little smirk back at Pierre as she did so. She then closed the door behind her, now aware that Pierre was in the apartment, or so he had guessed.

“So Pierre. How’s it being around my sister these days?”

“Ha! It’s just grrrrreat! It’s always good to know that you’re last on someone else’s list of priorities. Not only that, but everything is my fault too these days!”

“That must suck! How ’bout, you know, you two?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know. The love life?”

“Shit! I can’t talk about that with you, you’ll soon be my older sister!”

“No, seriously. I’ve been under a dry spell lately; one I’m hoping to break tonight, if you know what I mean! Really, I like to hear about other people’s sex lives. I find it kind of exiting, in a “voyeurish” kind of way, and it reminds me that things will eventually get better!”

“You know, I’m really not comfortable talking about this, but if you must know, it’s been dry for me too. Your sister’s just too damn busy with her studying. The only action I’ve been getting these days can be witnessed through the scars on my hand, obtained while I was showering, ‘coze şişli türbanlı escort I can’t even do that around her either!”

“Um… Shame… She’s got a guy who wants to do it in front of her and she won’t take him up on the offer. I tell you, if I had one of those…”

And with that, Maria stepped out of her room. She was absolutely stunning. She was wearing a short black sleeveless dress, that went up just above the knees, with a slit on each side that literally went up to her hips. The upper back of the dress was also open, with a knot behind her neck being the only thing keeping the top part up. She had high heel shoes on, the kind that generously accentuated the lovely curves of her calves, thighs, and ass. She grabbed him by the arm and gave him a generous hug.

“Don’t worry. Things’ll get better soon.”

She gave him a quick peck on the cheek, which nevertheless still sent shivers down his spine to his yet again aching cock. She then grabbed her purse and walked towards to door, sensually swaying her hips as she did so, fully aware that Pierre was watching her. She opened the door, turned around just before she stepped out, and threw that same smirk back at Pierre,

“I’ll see you next weekend at the bbq”, and with a very sultry voice added, “I hope you liked that little show in the shower”, and she closed the door behind her.

She knew all along! Pierre couldn’t believe it. She had purposely left the door open for him to see. That did it. Pierre dropped his shorts to his ankles and took off his boots, socks and pants. With nothing but his T-shirt on, he ran to Maria’s room, opened up her drawers, and started looking for some of her underwear. It wasn’t too hard to find, as they were in the first drawer, where he had figured they’d be. He frantically searched around to find the sexiest pair in there, and in doing so, he found a little plastics bag hidden behind a tiny little pink silk thong. He grabbed both. He emptied the content of the bag on her bed, and almost came there and then when he saw it’s content. Out of the bag flew a rather large vibrator, an 8″ realistic black dildo, massage oils, lubricant, and multiple condoms! His sister-in-law was a kinky one! Pierre wrapped the silk thongs around his aching cock and started stroking it lovingly. The delicate material caressing his neglected penis felt like heaven to him – it almost felt like the warm softness of a woman’s well lubricated vagina. With his other hand, he grabbed the black dildo, and brought it to his nose. Wonderful! The smell of her tender pussy was still all over it, and slowly filled his nose with her lovely musky smell. Pierre closed his eyes. His head was spinning from a sensory overload – he had images of his sister-in-law masturbating herself in the shower, the “tight-pussy-mimicking” silk panties wrapped around his cock, and the smell of her sexed up pussy filling his mind. He aggressively pulled on his schlong, and shot out wads of cum all over her bed cover. He was careful not to shoot any of it on the thongs, but a few drops still found their way onto them.

“Oh well. It’s just a few drops, she won’t notice.”

He then proceeded to wipe all of the stuff off the bed, and flushed all of the evidence down the toilet. With the tension now under control, Pierre got dressed, tried to put everything back in its place, and started to work on installing the laminates. The work went by a lot slower than he had hoped. 5pm rolled around and Pierre was just finishing laying down the floor. He still had to do the finishing touches and fix the walls. Tired, he took a short break. Encouraged by his earlier findings, he decided to see what other secrets his sister-in-law was hiding. He went through all of her drawers, under her bed, and through her closet with not luck. Disappointed, he went back to the living room. The news would be on. He looked for the remote on the couch and the table, but couldn’t find it, so he looked in the TV cumber. He found it, as well as large collection of VHS movies.

“Hum… Charlie’s Angels. Shrek. Seven. Sex in the City. HELLO! What’s this? Home tapes?”

Pierre quickly grabbed one, and put it in the VCR. What an opening scene! Maria was putting on a strip show for whoever was behind the camera. Pierre’s cock grew stiff again. It started off with a rear angle, focusing on Maria’s firm butt. While dancing to Madonna’s “Music”, Pierre could see Maria’s hands fidgeting in front of her as she was clearly pulling down her zipper. She then slowly wiggled her way out of her hip hugger blue jeans. The left cheek would flex first, then the right one, the left again, and so on until she gradually bent down to pull her pants down to her ankles… she had those same pink thongs on that Pierre had masturbated with! When she was fully bent over, still holding her jeans around her ankles, her beautiful beaver squeezed itself gloriously between her two legs. It was the most perfect pussy he had ever seen! Completely hairless on each side of the panties. Keeping that position, she slipped her şişli ucuz escort thumbs in the elastic band of the thongs, and quickly slid those down. She kicked them off along with her jeans, slowly spread her legs, and made sure to remain bent over the whole time… Pierre just wanted to jump at the TV to lick that incredible piece of art! It honestly was perfect! As she spread open her legs, her shiny pink inner lips popped out of her honey brown outer ones; it truly was a beautiful shade of pink, almost like a dark candy shade of pink.

She then turned around, and took her shirt off in two seconds. Pierre now had a clear frontal view of his sister-in-law, and he now wanted her more than ever! She was so incredibly physically perfect. Not an ounce of fat. All toned muscle, but not so much that she could be mistaken for a body builder. Her skin glistening in the sun coming through the window. Her sensual tongue licking her moist pouty lips. Her perfect breasts, even though the video was clearly taken before the surgery. Pierre kept on guiding his gaze down to her waist, and that’s when he noticed that she not only kept the side of her pussy clean shaven, but she had shaped the hair on top of it into a neat little runway, no wider than a pinky finger and no longer than a finger nail.

The scene then cut out, there was some snow on the TV, and another scene came on. She was planted on all four, with a big black dick pumping in and out of her doggie style! Whoever was filming this was quickly zooming in on the part of interest, providing a very explicit genital close-up. Pierre could clearly make out the “dialogue” during all of this fucking, grinding, and moaning.

“Oh fuck yeah! Give it to me Brad! Come on, harder! Oh yeah! That’s it, fuck me hard! Fuck me like the dirty little slut that I am! Oh God yeah!”

“You like that whoa’! You want it like that? Who’s my bitch now! Come on, take it. take it all!”

“Yes, Fuck me! Yesss… OH GOD! YESSSS… FUCK ME HARD!”,

This heavy, furious and very vocal fucking went on for a while. The camera then panned out, focused on Maria’s face as her voice was getting higher and more pitched. With a final long and almost painful moan, her eyes rolled back into her head as she bit down on her lower lip. She stood motionless for a few brief seconds.

“Oh gods yeah baby! You feel so good! You’re so damn tight! O my god YEAH! I’M COMMMMMINNNNNG”,

The man known to me as Brad then pulled out, grabbed Maria by the hair, brought her face closer to his monster cock, and shot out load after load of cum all over her face. One shot in the mouth, one above the eye, one on her cheek, one just below her nose, at which point she grabbed his member and sucked the rest of it out. She then grabbed her index and middle finger, and slowly wiped the cum off her face to stick her fingers deep in her mouth. Pierre looked down at his cock, and noticed that he had come all over himself at that very same moment.

Pierre’s phone then suddenly rang. It was about 5:45pm. He quickly turned off the TV and closed the cumber. It was Joanne wondering if he’d be done soon. Pierre told her that it was taking much longer than he had thought, and that he most likely wouldn’t be done until 11pm. Joanne then said she’d call him right back. His phone rang again 5 minutes later. It was Joanne again. She had spoken to Maria, and she said it was okay for him to crash there for the night. He wouldn’t be bothering anyone, as she wouldn’t be home until morning anyway.

“Honey, I just didn’t want you driving back after a rough day. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I’ll probably just use the extra time to study so I have less to do next weekend. I’ll see you in the morning. Love!”

“Love you to! I’ll see you in the morning.”

Pierre grabbed a quick sandwich, and went back to work. The rest of the job actually went faster than he had thought. He was miraculously done fixing the dry wall, done the finishing touches with the quarter rounds and the baseboards, and done the painting (he only gave it one coat as that’s all it needed). He looked at his watch – 10:00pm. Not too bad. He figured he’d stay the night anyway. He cleaned up the mess, put away his tools, and headed for the shower. Since he hadn’t planned on spending the night, he had no clean clothes to jump back into after his shower. He stripped down to his birthday suit, and threw everything in the wash. He was about to step into the shower when he realized he had no towel. He went to the hallway closet to grab one. He liked the thick fluffy ones. Seeing one at the back of the shelf, he reached for it, pulled it off the shelf, and out with it came a relatively large box. The cover flew off as it hit the ground to reveal an array of props. Handcuffs, a leather gag, a wooden paddle, a whip, and various other restraints. Proof yet again that his sister-in-law was kinkier than he ever could have imagined. Tired, Pierre grabbed the box and put it back on the top shelf. He spotted another much larger one as he reached up. He put the first one back, grabbed the second one, and opened it. She liked role playing to! He discovered various costumes: a schoolgirl uniform (probably hers from her all girl catholic school days), a nurse outfit with all of it props (a stethoscope, a BIG thermometer, a metal speculum), a French maid with its duster, lots of leather and latex, and many more.

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