My Secret Desire Ch. 03

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“Archie…Linda.” She said on the phone. “Where are you?”

“Penn Station.” I replied.

Linda laughed. “Oh, up to your old tricks eh? Any luck?”

“Not since you baby; it’s a desert out here! I’m sure glad I have you to come home to and quench this insatiable thirst.” I said.

“You’d better get over here tonight then, I have my own insatiable thirst for that rhetoric you teased me with at lunch the other day. You whetted my own thirst for the weird and unexplained.” She said.

I rang the buzzer at Linda’s apartment at 7:00 PM. She buzzed me in and was waiting at her door as I got off the elevator. She was wearing a knee length; blue satin robe, blue satin slippers, (not mules) and my favorite coffee colored reinforced toe panty hose!

“Refreshment for my lovely hostess.” I said as I handed her a bottle of wine.

“Thank you.” She said. “But you didn’t need to do that to get a hug and a kiss,” as we embraced and kissed.

“And this is just for being so gorgeous.” I said, as I handed her a package with my other hand.

“Thank you again.” She said with a brilliant smile. “What is it?”

“Why do all women ask what’s in a package when the opening of it will serve as, both, a surprise and an answer to the question?” I said, teasingly.

“Well…it wouldn’t be polite if I just grabbed it and opened it without asking.” She said as she tore the wrapping off. “Seth Speaks.” She read aloud from the cover. “What is it?”

“I shall enlighten you subsequently.” I said.

“OK, but I have something to show you first, and a story to relate. I had a very exciting day today.” She said. “Would you get a folding chair out of the closet for me, and bring it in the kitchen?”

I did so, and opened the chair and sat in it.

Linda hoisted herself up on the counter in front of me and asked, “Do you like my new slippers I got today, aren’t they cute?”

“They are beautiful.” I responded.

“Now listen.” She said as she held out her foot next to my ear, and continually popped her slipper on and off, making that tantalizing sound that only a satin slipper could make popping on and off a nylon-covered foot! “Turn you on?”

“Fantastic.” I said. “I’ll have to make a recording of that to go to sleep with at night.”

She let her slippers dangle from her toes as she proceeded to tell me about her ataşehir escort day. Then she let both slippers drop off and put a foot on each of my thighs as I sat in the chair. I started massaging her feet.

“I think I was driving this shoe clerk insane today, trying on all kinds of slippers. I’m sure he was loving taking my slippers on and off, I know I was!” She said. “I couldn’t wait for you to get here tonight to do this to me. That feels so good!”

“We can take this to another level.” I said as I scooted closer, and opened her robe. She slipped the robe off her shoulders leaving herself naked except for her crotch-less pantyhose. “Scoot over to the edge of the counter.” I said, and she did. “Oh that’s perfect.” As all her goods were at face level.

She was swinging her feet gently in the air. I reached down with both hands, and started rubbing the bottoms of her feet, (which I know she loves) as I moved in with fixed tongue for mouth to lips combat! I licked her labia up and down on either side, inside and out. I tickled her vagina with my tongue, and slowly wagged my way up to, and around her clitoris, which I motor-boated with my tongue until she tensed and stiffened. She supported her weight on the edge of the counter with her hands, and just shook all over.

“Oh, oh oh oh oh oh ahhhhhhhh oo ooo oo ooo nggggngggnggg.” When she settled down, she sat back on the counter, and put her feet up on my shoulders to give me better access to her goodies. “Drink my darling.” She said. “I know you crave my love juices.”

Which I did; I placed my mouth over her vagina and sucked for all I was worth. Then I tongue fucked her V place and gave her another orgasm!

She was so sensitive all over, I knew she was primed for more orgasms. I stood up and started sucking on her tits, and didn’t she come again!

“Ohhhhh godddddd… ahhhhhhhhhh…I feel like a tinderbox,” She said in between breaths. “Ready to explode whenever you touch me. Help me down.” She said.

I helped her off the counter; she turned around and leaned over the counter.

“Please fuck me.” She said.

“Say pretty please,” I joked.

“Pretty please.” She pleaded.

I dropped my pants and underwear in one smooth motion, and slipped my stiff cock into her waiting, warm, wet womanhood. I started avcılar escort slowly pumping in and out of her.

“Faster.” She breathed.

I pumped faster, and faster. “Oh god Linda, that feels soooo good. I don’t think I can last much longer.” I said.

“Neither can I ahhhhhhhhh nnnggggggggg, mmmmmph” She screamed as she came again.

“Ahhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, ngmph,” I vocalized at the same time as we came together.

I slipped my arms around her, and we panted together until our breathing returned to normal.

Linda turned around, put her arms around my neck, and said, “I’m so lucky I found you lover.”

And we just stood there necking, with our bodies pressed together. Then we broke our kiss, and just hugged each other for a long time.

“I’ve got to take a shower.” She said.

“Me too.” I said, “My face has you plastered all over it.”

We showered together, and regained our composure. Linda retrieved a T-shirt, a pair of briefs, and a new sport shirt from her dresser drawer for me to put on. “Where did these come from?” I asked.

“I picked them up today while I was shopping; just in case.” She said.

“Thank you lover, that was thoughtful of you. You rascal you.” I said, as I tickled her ribs.

She squealed and ran to her dresser, where she pulled out another pair of my favorite coffee colored pantyhose to put on.

After we dressed, I sat on the couch waiting for Linda. She came in with two glasses of wine and set them on the coffee table; and curled up beside me with the book I brought her.

“Now what is this Seth thing all about?” She asked.

“Let me ‘splain’.” I said.

“OK Rickie, ‘splain’.” She said.

“We are not alone.” I started out. “That is, as individuals, we’re not alone. According to Seth, we are part of a multidimensional personality. What does that mean? That means, that our spirit, our mind, our intuition… whatever you want to call it, extends into other dimensions. Dips into the ‘spirit’ world, for clarity’s sake.”

“That would explain precognitive dreams or visions. Some people have the ability to catch glimpses of the future. Psychics, Clairvoyants, Channelers… but in reality, we all have that ability. Most of us are to busy to pay attention to the signs; we really don’t give that stuff too avrupa yakası escort much thought.”

“But if one were to take the time to focus their energies in that direction, he would find pathways into parallel worlds. Whole new vistas would open up to the unbridled imagination.”

“Sadly, most of us impose limits or boundaries on our thinking, to conform to the dictates of the social norm. When a young child has an invisible playmate, we accept that as normal behavior because it occurs so frequently. But young children are not preconditioned or taught to believe that ‘if you can’t see it, it ain’t real.’ That’s why spirits enlist children in their attempts to communicate with the physical world.”

“Unfortunately, children are not wise to the ways of the world, and do not recognize the golden opportunity they have before them. What vast amounts of knowledge they could acquire if they could only understand what their spirit playmates were all about.”

“Enter Jane Roberts. Jane and her husband, Robert Butts, were fooling around with an ouija board when a spirit came through, and imparted information that seemed intelligent and rational. The spirit called himself Seth.”

“As Jane and Robert became better acquainted with him, they agreed to let Seth speak or channel through Jane. As Seth spoke, Robert noted with pencil and paper, everything that he said. Reams and reams of bountiful information were delivered through Jane. They began holding public sessions, and the rest is history, duly noted in the many volumes of Seth’s books, and now you know the beginning of the story.”

“Wow.” She said. “It looks like I’m in for quite an adventure.”

“Yes, my dear. It’s going to be quite a ride.” I said.

“Why don’t you sit on the floor and make love to my feet, while I start reading. Would you like that?” She asked.

“I’d love it.” I said.

“Me too.” She said

When we were situated comfortably, I took a foot in my hand, and gently stroked and rubbed it for a while. Then I did the same to the other foot. After a while, I slipped off both of my new shirts and lay on the floor in front of Linda.

She would gently massage my face and chest with her stocking feet. I was in nylon heaven. Then I would take her feet in my hands and kiss and lick the soles of her feet. I would kiss her arches and rub my lips across them over and over. Then I would suck on her toes and eventually I had the whole front part of her foot in my mouth.

As I looked up at her, she burst out laughing, and when she could talk she said. “You look like you’re giving me a blow job.”

I just nodded in agreement, and went on sucking and rubbing…what a night!

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