My Prostate , Me Ch. 02

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This is basically a continuation of my last story, so you may want to read that familiarize yourself.

I left Trixie in a daze, mechanically taking the train home. I was still freaking out over what had happened. I mean, come on, I had my ass fingered, and had a huge orgasm.

Was I gay? On top of that, I promised Trixie I’d be back. Did I dare? Once could be experimentation, but twice must make you gay, right?

I was still living at home at the time. I was in my early 20’s and in Brooklyn this is pretty common. I worked a lot of hours, and hung with friends when I wasn’t so it wasn’t a big deal for me.

I ate a light dinner, and locked myself I my room to think. Fact one: I liked girls. Fact two: Men did not turn me on. Fact three: I had my ass fingered, and loved it. Conclusion: I wasn’t gay – just kinky. I still had a hard time sleeping, though.

So the next day, I went to work. Not as bad, but still a pretty terrible day.

I at least had time for lunch with a coworker in a different department. I loved lunch with Bill.

He was a few years older than me, and married with a baby, but he was a great listener. We sat down to some really crappy burgers, and he asked what was up. I basically gave him a generic nothing. He didn’t buy it.

I wasn’t going to tell Bill that I might be gay. Or Bi. Or even kinky. I told him I had seen a girl the previous night, and it got freaky. He asked “So, what’s the problem?” I told him it went past my comfort level. His words of wisdom were simple. “If you enjoyed yourself, and nobody got hurt, enjoy it”

I decided at that point he was right. I wasn’t hurting anyone, and kurtköy escort I had a good cum, and damn it, I was going to see Trixie again. After lunch, I made an appointment with the establishment to reserve her time for that night.

I got off work, and grabbed a taxi. I met up with Trixie, who told me how glad she was I came back. I realize I never described Trixie. She was about 5’7, platinum blonde, 38DD (I asked) with a patch of black pubes, and a gorgeous dimpled ass.

She asked if I wanted a repeat. I told her that I believed I did. She smiled and said “I’m really glad you’re so into this. You’ve made this whole trip worthwhile, and today is going to be even better! “

She asked if I’d like to start with a 69. I told her in a quiet voice that I’d never done that before. She sat on the bed, and started pointing out parts of her anatomy. Now, I knew where everything was. I had taken anatomy, and seen my fair share of porn.

But there was one thing my porn had left me wanting. A shaved pussy. I hesitantly told Trixie that I’d love to eat her, but asked if I could shave her. She smiled at me, opened her bag, and pulled out a disposable razor. She explained that she went bald all the time in the summer, and had grown in this patch for the trip to New York. She was going back to Florida the next day, and was planning on shaving!

We went into the shower, and I lathered her up. I slowly shaved her gorgeous pussy, taking my time. When she was bare it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I wanted to lick her right there, but she was afraid she’d fall.

We dried off, and went back to the bed.

I lay malatya escort down, and she got on top. We 69’d for about 10 minutes, and I learned that pussy is basically one delicious beast! She told me I was a natural. She then said “I brought a surprise, in case you did come back like you said” I asked “What?” and she said “I brought little Dickie!” and whipped out a small vibrator with a rubber sleeve that made it look like a dick. It was maybe ¾ of an inch wide and 4 inches long.

She explained that since I had such a great time with her finger, she thought I might want an upgrade. I was hesitant. I mean, if a finger made me feel gay, what was a dildo going to do? She saw my fearful expression, and said “Baby, let’s just start with the finger, and you ask for it if you want it” I calmed down right away.

She had me get on all fours, and put on a rubber glove. She greased up my asshole, and slowly began to massage my balloon knot. Her finger slipped in relatively quickly, and I was in heaven. After a few minutes, I began thrusting back, and she asked “Ready for 2 fingers?” I moaned “Yes, baby” The second finger glided in.

It felt like nothing else in the world – I just felt like nothing could ever feel better.

She kept fingering me for another five minutes, while slowly stroking my cock.

At this point my world basically narrowed to the incredible pleasure I was feeling. I made a snap decision to enjoy it to the max, and told Trixie I was ready for little Dickie, if she went slow, and promised to stop if it hurt.

She grinned and pulled out her fingers, and slid in the toy she had already prepped, knowing I’d want it.

It kayseri escort hurt a bit at first, but not much. The feeling of that toy on my prostate was electrifying, especially when she turned the vibrator on. I felt so good that the pleasure was all I could concentrate on. It felt like nothing else in this world, and I decided then and there that I had to get a vibrator and do this again…and often!

After about 2 or 3 minutes, she broke me out of my reverie and asked if I was going to cum soon. I told her that if she played with my cock, I’d probably blow pretty quickly.

She then suggested she get on top of me so she could suck me, and I could eat her pussy some more, since I had made the effort to shave it. I quickly agreed.

She put a condom on me, and she climbed on, and I began to eat at the Y. She started to finger my ass again, and said she was going to put Dickie in. After she did, I experienced a bit of a sting, and asked her to go slow.

We continued on like this for a few minutes and she took my cock in her mouth and began to suck. Before I could even warn her, I came like a freight train. I even passed out again.

When I came to, I looked over at Trixie. She was covered with sweat, and grinning wildly, as well as giggling a bit. I rose up on one elbow, and asked what was so funny.

She held up a dildo that had a lubed condom on it, and it was NOT little Dickie. It was about an inch and a quarter wide, and 6 inched long. “What the fuck!” I said.

She grinned even wider, and said “When I got on top of you, I told you I was going to put Dickie in. You just assumed it was little Dickie” I had to laugh. She was right, and it was a huge orgasm. No way could I be mad at that.

Folks – this is based on a true story, and there are more parts coming, but I need to know you’re appreciating this! Votes & Feedback please!

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