My Mother’s Second Job Ch. 01

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The alarm rang sharply in my ear. I was thankful it rang when it did, for it brought me out of a very disturbing dream. The dream started as most of mine do, but took a turn to the strange.

In my dream I started out slowly running my hard cock in and out of one of the female assistants that I work with at the computer repair store. My balls were beginning to tighten, a sure sign I was going to cum. One moment I’m looking into the face of the new chubby gal who works the counter and the next I’m gazing into the eyes of my very own mother. The next moment I’m ramming my cock into some man’s ass. What started out as a dream of sex, became a nightmare.

I laid on my back and waited for the sleep to leave my eyes, acutely aware of my still hard cock. I reached down and slowly began stroking my cock as I tried to picture the new chubby gal, Joan lying under me. With one hand stroking my cock. I reached with my free hand and took the lotion from the nightstand. I squirted a helping onto my cock and hand as I continued to stroke it. As I laid the bottle on the bed sheets I made a mental note to stop at the Rx store and buy more.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warm feeling the lotion and my hand were giving my cock. Once more I felt my balls begin to tighten. I could feel the cum building and stroked my cock with quick short strokes. Seconds before I came I again had a quick vision of my mothers face. I pushed the image out of my mind as the first load of cum shot from the tip of my cock and landed high on my chest. As the wad of cum hit, the phone rang.

Startled by the phone, I released my grip on my cock and grabbed it with a very slippery hand. Realizing what I’d done I quickly changed hands. As I brought it up to my ear I saw the name on the caller ID.

“Hello Mom.” I grunted as the second and third shots of cum landed on my chest.

“Yes I’m awake.” I replied as I milked the last of the cum from the tip of my cock.

“No. I’m OK; I just finish doing some exercise.” As I brought my breathing back under control.

My mother was telling me her laptop computer had started acting funny and she needed me to look at it for her.

“Mom, did you buy a virus program yet?” I asked, but knew the answer before I finished the question.

“Mom I told you it would get infected. Take it to work with you and I’ll stop by this morning on my way to work.” I said as I rubbed my lotion covered hand on the sheets.

“Bye Mom.” I replied as she began to ask me if I’d asked any of the female workers out for a date and hit the off button on the phone.

After taking my shower I drove to the small antique shop my Mother worked at part time. For some unknown reason the dreamy vision of my mother once again enter my head as I walked into the shop. As I opened the door my mother met me and I felt my face flush and turn red. I couldn’t look my mother in the eye.

“Are you alright?” she asked as she handed me her laptop.

“No. I’m having male menopause.” I shot back.

“You’re only twenty five years old!” she said as I took the laptop out of her hand.

“It’s a joke Mom. I have to get to work.” I quickly said and spun around heading back out the door of the shop.

“Can you please fix it soon? I’m losing money from my internet sales.” Mom stated.

“I’ll try.” I replied as I closed the door behind me and made a beeline for my car.

As I walked to my car I passed my mom’s new BMW. Business was good for her and Grandma I thought to myself and sat down in my 1992 Ford mustang. Since mom and grandma had gone into business as partners, they both had bought new cars. Turning the ignition key I waiting several seconds for the engine to fire. Do that many people buy antiques I wondered and pulled into the flow of traffic?

The twenty pangaltı escort minute drive to work was uneventful. Walking into the computer store I first ran into Joan. Joan had only started working for us a week before. That brought the number of employees to seven, counting Bob, the owner.

By noon I had completed all the service requests. As I worked on the computers I reflected on my pathetic existence.

Here I was at the ripe age of twenty five. No girlfriend and never been laid. The closest I’d come to pussy was when I was born. I did get to feel Claire’s tit when I attended the graduation party seven years ago. What was wrong with me I thought, as I placed my pen, pencil and handy screwdriver in my pocket protector. Taking off my glasses and sitting them down I knew the answer. I was a geek! Plain and simple. If I ever was to get a date or get laid I’d have to make some changes in my life.

Several of the employees were headed out to lunch and asked if I was going.

“No. I’ve got to take a look at my mother’s computer.” I replied to their question.

One thing was for sure. I was good at what I do. In less than twenty minutes I had located and removed thirty virus and Trojans from my mom’s computer. I even loaded in a new virus program for her. Now all I had to do was to check and make sure all her programs worked properly. The first one I checked was the DVD program. The program opened and I looked for a video disk on my work counter. I couldn’t find one and feeling lazy I checked on my mom’s computer hard drive.

“Great!” I said out loud to myself as I found numerous videos saved to the hard drive.

I picked one titled “The Toy.”

I always liked the movie and hit play. I was expecting to see Richard Pryor and what came up made my eyes bulge out!

The video open with a shot of my mother’s room. The scene panned to my mother lying on her bed naked! Worse yet. She had this huge dildo between her legs and was moaning loudly as she fucked herself.

My mind was telling me to turn the video off. My cock was telling me something different. I continued to watch as my very own mother ran a fake cock into her pussy while she played with her nipples. Than came another shock.

“That looks like fun. Mind if I join you?” Came a voice from behind the camera.

I knew that voice. As it registered with me I watched as my Grandmother entered the scene. Grandma was naked also and carrying a dildo. She walked up to the bed and laid down next to my mother. She turned on the vibrator, shaped like a cock and slowly sank it into her pussy. I sat in a daze and all I could think of was how hairy grandma’s pussy was. I turned my attention back to mom and noted she had shaved her pussy.

Both women were now smiling at the camera and moaning loudly. I watched in horror at first as my Grandmother pulled the vibrator from her pussy and placed it to my mother’s mouth.

“Would you like a taste of your mom’s pussy?” grandmother asked my mother.

“Yes! Let me taste your pussy juice, you old slut.” my mother replied.

I don’t know how, but I did hear the back door of the business open and was able to stop the video before my boss came walking in.

“You don’t look to good Tim.” He stated.

“I’m not feeling well.” I replied.

“I see your work is all done. Go home and get some rest.” he said with concern in his voice.

“Thanks Bob. I will.” I answered back.

Before I left the shop I telephoned my mother.

“Hi mom. I’m going to need your computer for at least another day. It’s still not working right.” I told her.

She complained she was losing money all the while it was down. I told her I’d fix it as fast as possible and hung up the phone.

Starting up my car I realized pendik escort two things had happened today.

One. I had lied twice to my mother.

Two. I was beginning to have lustful thoughts, not only about my mother but also my grandmother.

As I pulled into traffic I kept glancing at my mother’s laptop which was lying on the floor. One side of me was saying I should just drop it off and be done with my curiosity. The other side was more forceful. Lust had taken hold of me. During the twenty minute drive to my apartment I kept going over the scenes in the video. By the time I pulled into the complex I had a raging hard on. I grabbed my mother’s laptop and carried it in front of me so no one would notice the bulge in my pants. As I was unlocking the door I was keenly aware of how bad I was shaking. Mrs. Anderson, a friend of my grandmother and my neighbor walked by just as I finally got the door unlocked.

“Hello Tim. Isn’t it such a nice day?” She said in an elderly voice.

“Ump. Hello Mrs. Anderson.” I said, as I quickly opened my door and charged into my apartment. I slammed the door shut and locked the deadbolt. I placed the laptop on the dining table and went through my apartment and closed all my curtains. Once the task was completed I sat down on the sofa and stared at my mother’s laptop.

“What should I do?” I said out loud to myself.

So many thoughts ran through my mind. What was happening to me? I thought. Maybe I needed to see a shrink or better yet a priest. I than began thinking of my mother and grandmother.

Mom was 55 years old. Over the years she’d put on at least 20 pounds, most of that on her ass. My grandmother was at least 75 and skinny as a nail. Both women had rather large racks on them. But time and gravity had caused them to hang low on both women. Earlier when watching the video I had noticed my mother had large pussy lips and there was no doubt that the large nub I saw at the top of my grandmother’s hairy pussy was her clit, at least I think it is called that. I lost track of time but not the bulge in my pants. I stood up and gave myself totally to my lust. Walking over to the table I picked up the laptop and carried it into my spare bedroom, which I used as my computer room.

I open and turned on my mother’s laptop. In a few short minutes I was again watching the video titled “The Toy.”

The minute I started the video I dropped my pants and shorts to the floor. My seven inch cock tingled as I touched the head and ran my fingers down the shaft. I watched in awe as my mother sucked on the vibrator that was coated with the pussy juice of my grandmother. As mom was licking the vibrator grandmother held, she pulled the large dildo from her pussy and moved it up to my grandmother’s mouth.

“You love sucking on a cock soaked with my pussy juice, don’t you, you old slut.” Mom said between breaths and moans.

“Fuck yes! I wish it was Tim’s cock.” Grandmother mumbled as the rubber cock was sliding in and out of her mouth.

“What the Fuck?” I said out loud.

Did I hear grandmother correctly? Did she say my name? It had to be my imagination or someone else she knew. I paused and cued the video back a minute or two and listened again. I had heard correctly, but who were they really talking about. Several times I listened to my grandmother use the name Tim. I found myself wishing I was in the room with them. My hand was now going as fast as a rocket sled, up and down my cock. My orgasm was tremendous and cum shot out of the tip of my cock, two feet into the air. It landed on the keyboard of my mother’s laptop. I continued to pump my cock as I watched and listened to the video.

“Tim. Come over hear and fuck your mother, so this slut can suck the juice off your cock.” Mother rus escort said while looking into the lens of the camera.

I had thought my cock would deflate after shooting such a load. The words I heard made my cock twitch and I watched in disbelief as a male about my age walked up to the bed. With his back to the camera he climbed between my mother’s legs and with a grunt plunged his cock into her pussy. My mother yelled with pleasure as I watched her get fucked.

“Suck on my nipples you old slut!” Mother said while her pussy was being pounded.

Grandmother rolled onto her side and began sucking and biting her daughter’s nipple while placing the vibrator into her hairy pussy. From the angle of the camera I could only see the backside of this unknown male as her fucked my very own mother. I listened to the sounds of fucking and watch as my grandmother fucked herself. The hair around my grandmother’s pussy was glistening and the bed under her was getting soaked with her juices.

“Oh shit! Suck harder on my nipples, you slut. I’m close to cumming!” Mother cried.

Because of the angle I couldn’t see my grandmother sucking her daughter’s nipples. Based on the amount of thrashing and screaming my mother was doing I assumed she was having one hell of an orgasm.

“Oh My God!” Mother yelled and than lay limp under the unknown male.

“Suck his cock, you slut and taste your daughter’s and grandson’s cum.” Mother said while trying to catch her breath.

As the unknown male pulled his cock out of my mother’s drenched pussy it made a squishy sound. He moved off the top of my mother and I watched as her cum began to seep from the lips of her pussy.

Grandmother sat up and prepared to take the males cock into her eager mouth.

“It’s so wet and hard looking.” Grandmother said as she wrapped her old lips around the slippery shaft.

I watch as the unknown male began to fuck my grandmother’s face with as much force as he had used on my mother’s pussy. Only moans and mumbling came from my grandmother as she got the face fucking of her life.

Mother had finally caught her breath from the pussy pounding and was now using four fingers in her soaked pussy. Her free hand was busy massaging the balls of the unknown male.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to cum!” The unknown male said between clenched teeth.

With one final thrust the male grunted loudly and used shorter thrusts. I heard my grandmother gulping and moaning as he emptied his load down her throat.

Mother continued to massage his balls while fucking herself with four fingers. Mother cried out she was going to cum again and I watched as her cum squirted out and around her fingers, running down the crack of her ass.

Grandmother had finally sucked the unknown male dry and released her lip-lock from his cock.

“Oh God! I’m going to cum!” Grandmother hissed.

The unknown male moved quickly and in seconds was lapping at my grandmother’s pussy. She grabbed him by the hair and violently pulled his head into her pussy and screamed.

“This is a big one!” Grandmother screamed.

I could hear the unknown male slurping at my grandmother’s pussy and he began to choke. I could only assume some pussy juice went down the wrong pipe as he pulled his head from between my grandmother’s legs. I watched in awe as my grandmother let loose with five or six large squirts of juice. I thought she was taking a piss. I had never seen a woman do that.

I turned my attention to the unknown male who was now facing the camera.

“Holy Shit!” I said out loud.

Facing the camera was my best friend from high school, John. He was still trying to catch his breath as the camera went black.

I sat there for several minutes trying to decide what action to take. I explored the hard drive of my mother’s computer and found at least three dozen video. Each was about 30 minutes in length. Finally I made up my mind and began hooking my mother’s computer to mine. I was going to make a mirror image and take my time with my new found hobby.

To be continued…

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