My Mentor’s Wife

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When I went to college one of my professors took me under his wing. Roy must have saw something about me he liked. After I graduated he helped me get my first teaching job. I was now working towards my Master’s thesis and hopefully a Doctorate afterwards. Roy also had me over to his house on occasion. We would have a drink and discuss anything that came to mind. I got a text message from Roy telling to drop over to his house that evening.

I drove over to Roy’s house and his wife Lisa invited me in.

“Roy got delayed at school, he told me to have you wait,” Lisa said.

Lisa ushered me into their den. I always loved this room. The walls were lined with books and the chairs were the burgundy red leather kind. Lisa poured me a drink and told me to have a seat. She sat down next to me.

“Can I tell you something, Tom?”

“Sure, anything,” I said.

“I have always been attracted to you.”

I nearly choked on my drink. I had no idea how I should respond to that. Lisa got up and walked over to me and knelt down. She reached out and started to pull the zipper on my pants down. I was totally in shock. What if Roy were to walk in just then. I just sat there and Lisa pulled my cock free.

“I just knew you had a big one,” she told me.

Lisa didn’t waste a second. She wrapped her lips trabzon escort around my dick and started to bob up and down me. I hadn’t been with anyone in awhile. This felt so damn good. I just tilted my head back and closed my eyes. I was in a daze when I heard a voice.

“Don’t let me interrupt you both.”

It was Roy. I know my face got red and I didn’t know what to say. Lisa didn’t stop what she was doing and Roy took a chair opposite us. He was watching the proceedings and I saw him start to rub the outside of his pants. I couldn’t believe what was going on. Lisa had gotten me hard, that was for sure. She finally stopped and stood up. Lisa stripped out of her clothes. For a woman in her sixties she looked damn fine.

Her breasts were large and firm and I could see her pussy lips peeking out from her pubic patch. There was just enough room to squeeze onto the chair where I sat. Lisa mounted me and then she reached back and positioned my cock at her opening. She eased down onto my rod and we started to fuck. I just had to look over and see Roy’s reaction. He had his dick out now and was stroking himself. There was no way I could bring myself to stop all this.

I began pushing up into Lisa’s damp hole. She pushed down onto my prick and we got into a fucking motion. For an older trabzon escort bayan woman Lisa had tight pussy muscles. She was squeezing my dick as hard as she could and I gave her everything she wanted. It sure was a bizarre situation I found myself in. I thought as long as Roy was okay with things I would continue fucking his wife. I reached up and found each of Lisa’s big tits. I began to milk each one with my hands. That really got Lisa worked up.

Oh God Tom, fuck me hard!” She told me.

You could hear skin hitting skin as Lisa dropped down onto my lap.She had her arms wrapped around my neck and she was holding on tightly as I pumped into her hungry pussy. I know I lost track of time there in the den. I was starting to feel the pinch like I was getting close. There was no way I was going to pull out. I must have grunted and I unloaded inside Lisa’s body. Her body stiffened and she held me tight as we seem to orgasm together. I know I flooded her passage with hot wads of my cream.

It must have been the situation. I stayed hard for the longest time. Lisa gripped me and milked all of my juices. We did finally calm down and Lisa stayed on top of me until minutes later I went soft. I slipped out of Lisa and she stood up. I looked to see my seed drip out of her hole and onto the escort trabzon floor. There were tissues close by. Lisa grabbed a few of these and wiped herself down and cleaned up the floor. She finally walked out of the room and went to find the bathroom.

There I sat with my limp dick and my mentor sitting across from me. I hadn’t noticed but Roy must have shot his load as he watched his wife and me fucking each other.

“That was so hot,” he told me.

I actually got embarrassed having Roy discussing the fuck session with Lisa and myself. I reached over for the tissues and I cleaned the spunk from my cock. By the time Lisa got back Roy and I had composed ourselves. There was no discussion and drinks after that. I said I had to go. Lisa walked me to the front door. She handed me a piece of paper.

“Call me,” she said.

She kissed me on the lips and off I went. I got home and I replayed the whole evening in my mind. I knew I had to fuck Lisa again. The next time we wouldn’t be watched by my old professor. The next day I called the number on the paper. Lisa answered. She said she wanted to get together again as soon as possible. I told her I couldn’t have Roy watching us again. She said the next time she would make sure Roy was long gone. If I could somehow break away during the daytime, we would have no interruptions.

I said I could get away in a couple of days time and we set a date. Lisa was the type of woman I had always dreamed about. She was smart, good looking and boy, could she fuck. Hopefully I will have more to report on when I see Lisa next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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