My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 11

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Ok so I told my mom about Anna and me kissing. She wasn’t at all shocked and she told me she had hoped we would. My mom told me Anna still knew nothing of us, but she was ready for her to know and she wanted to know if I wanted to make love to the two of them. I told her I couldn’t cheat on Denise, but if Denise wanted to switch partners for the weekend or something, as I knew Denise wanted my mom then maybe.

My mom and I made love that night. We both fantasized about having sex with the other one’s partner and our sex was amazing. The next couple of days were about the same. Anna would come over in the evenings and my mom and I would sleep together at night.

Finally Friday rolled around. I started getting really nervous. I wasn’t sure if I could go through with it. When Denise arrived they hugged and my mom kept her arm around her as they talked for a while. I wasn’t jealous this time, but so stressed. Anna came over that night and she was unaware that my mom and I had made any plans and of course Denise knew nothing either. The four of us spent time talking and then we played cards, and then as we cleaned up from supper my mom and Denise ended up in the kitchen together. Anna and I snuck around into the front room and I kissed her up against the wall as I could hear my mom and Denise talking in the other room. Anna is a great kisser and I was soon very horny.

Her hands were all over my breasts and I kept grabbing her ass. I had on a low cut shirt and she pressed my breasts up and told me she wanted me. I licked the top of one of my breasts and that made her cuss. It was so cute. Then my mom and Denise stopped talking so we backed off from one another not sure if they would soon be in our room. But they didn’t come. We both stood there just looking at one another and I pulled my own breast up to my mouth again and licked it once more. She bit her lip and touched her own breasts.

Then as time passed, I started wondering what was going on in the kitchen. So I winked at her and started walking that way. When I peeked in, my mom had Denise up against the counter. They were close enough that their breasts were touching and they looked as either they had just finished kissing or they were about ready to. I heard my mom say, “You could come to my room later tonight.” I hid back around the corner hoping they hadn’t seen me. They hadn’t, but Denise talked so quietly that I never heard her response. I was freaking out. Holy shit this was actually going to happen, but it sounded like my mom was going to have Denise come to her room with Anna. I wasn’t sure where I came in to her plan.

My mom and Denise talked briefly and then I heard them coming and ran into the front room. Anna wasn’t there. She had disappeared. Denise and my mom came in and I was sitting on the back of the couch. Denise sat next to me and my mom asked where Anna was. As if Anna heard her the toilet flushed and my mom said, “Oh.”

When Anna came out she looked nervous and that made me feel uncomfortable. It seemed to make everyone act different and I started thinking if we were all making a big mistake. We watched a movie that night and then Anna kissed my mom and started telling us goodbye. I was like, what the hell? Anna said she had to meet with her sister for something that next morning, but that she would see us in the afternoon. So I wished my mom had told me that little bit of info in her plan, because she seemed to know all about it and now she was still making plans to sleep with Denise. I wasn’t thrilled with her, but it didn’t change anything really.

I still wanted Denise to make the first move so that I knew it would be ok for me to be with Anna and hopefully for doing a three-some or maybe even a foursome. I was ready for them to see me have sex with my mom. In fact I really wanted them to watch us bad. Just the thought of that turned me on so bad.

Denise acted strange when my mom told us both goodnight, and my mom winked at me, but I wasn’t sure what it meant. Denise and I made love in bed and then I had planned on pretending to fall asleep and to wait and see what she did, but I really did fall asleep. I woke up a couple hours later and Denise was not in bed. I thought my heart would stop. It took me a while to realize she wasn’t there. It was like I didn’t want to believe it. Then I reached out across the bed to feel the sheets. It was like it wasn’t real until I could feel that she wasn’t there. In my head I was thinking, maybe she just went to the bathroom, but after several long minutes I was pacing in my room wondering what I should do. I decided to go out in the hall. I stood there with my heart in my throat and just listening. When I drew closer to my mom’s door I heard them.

Holy shit, my mom and Denise were having sex. I could hear Denise grunting and I knew my mom was doing her with a strap-on. I felt dizzy and had such a mix of emotions. I felt both sick and relieved and I know that sounds stupid, but I can’t explain it any other way. Part of me wanted to rush in there and join them and another part wanted me to rush in bağdat caddesi escort there and tell them to stop. I didn’t know what to feel.

I stood out side my mom’s door forever, just listening. Finally they got quiet and I crept back to my room. It was still an hour before Denise came back to my bed. I just laid there as she got in bed, and suddenly I realized that I was ok with what had just happened. I was thinking, I wonder what she’s feeling right now. Will she tell me in the morning? Was it as good for her as it always is for me? Will I tell her about my mom and me? I slept a little, but not much.

The next morning I was the first person up, though I probably got less sleep than both of them. Although who knows maybe they were up thinking about it as well. My mom came down about a half an hour after I did and when I saw her I immediately kissed her good morning. It was a very passionate kiss and then I asked her how last night was? I was going to wait to see if she’d tell me, but I just found myself asking her.

She came back with “Does Denise know you know?” I said I didn’t think so, and my mom just smiled and then hugged me. She told me everything they did and I just kept picturing the two of them and I was getting really turned on. I could tell my mom had really enjoyed herself, and I told mom I was happy that she had finally made it with her, though I still wasn’t completely sure.

I asked my mom if she told Denise about us and she said no. She told me that she would leave that up to me. I was certain the night before that I would tell Denise, but I was uncertain just then.

It’s funny. My mom has always had sex with Anna and I never thought of her cheating on me. But for so long I thought that if my mom and Denise had sex that they would be cheating on me. I have no idea why. I was thrilled for the both of them and yet it hit me right then that I really didn’t have any feelings for Anna. Sure I was attracted to her. She’s hot, she’s in great shape, and she has big boobs, plus she’s just a sweetheart. But I didn’t have feelings for her and I suddenly didn’t want to have sex with her. I told my mom and she understood, and she asked me if I was ok with her seducing Denise. I told her I was and that I was actually relieved that they had finally done it.

I had been with her and Sydney and Denise had only ever been with me. If Denise was going to have sex with someone else I was glad that she picked my mom. In fact I had this strange fantasy that the three of us would all move in together and all live happily ever after. I know that sounds so lame.

My mom was making breakfast and I was watching TV when Denise came down and sat on the couch next to me. I reached over and held her hand and she never said a word. We both sat quiet for the longest time and then I whispered that I loved her and a tear rolled down her cheek. I asked her what was wrong and she buried her head in my chest and as she cried she told me she had sex with my mom. I just held her and she sat there and explained it all to me like she felt like she was out of control and confused and sorry. I told her it was fine and she couldn’t believe it. I think she expected me to just go berserk.

I told her that I was happy and that it was what we had fantasized about. She said she was feeling very confused and that she wanted to be honest with me. I was glad she was, but then she tells me she thinks she’s falling for my mom. I so did not expect that. She swore up and down that she loved me, but that she was having feelings for my mom now and that she couldn’t understand how she could feel that way about someone else and that I didn’t deserve what was happening and that she wished she didn’t feel that way.

I was blown away. I didn’t know how to take it. Sure who wouldn’t love my mom, I was thinking, but is Denise just confused? I asked her that, considering maybe she was just feeling that way because my mom was only the second person she had ever been with, and yet then I wondered was her love for me even real?

Denise said she had wanted to be with my mom ever since the first time they met, and I had known that, but she told me then that she had started thinking about my mom as more than just my mom for quite a while. I really wasn’t sure what she was saying, but my mom yelled for us to come for breakfast and Denise said she wasn’t hungry and told me to tell my mom and ran upstairs.

I told my mom everything and she wanted to go up and talk to Denise, but I said I wasn’t sure she should yet, though I’ll tell you what, my mind was racing so much that I couldn’t have made any decisions right then. My mom asked me if I was going to tell her about us, and I said I still wasn’t sure. Then she asked if she wanted both of us to go up there together and talk to her. I told her I’d do whatever she thought was best. So we went upstairs.

Denise was lying on my bed curled up with my pillow on her stomach. My mom sat down on the bed and started rubbing her back before she spoke. When she did Denise bahçelievler escort sat up and must have been surprised that it was her, but was even more surprised to see me standing there too. I don’t remember everything my mom said, but she talked so sweetly to Denise and told her that she really liked her and that last night had meant more to her than just sex, and that she was happy she could share a love with her daughter and all sorts of things. As she did she put her arm around me and held me to her. Then she leaned down and kissed Denise. Holy shit, I got so wet when I watched them kiss. When they got done my mom looked at me, and I leaned down and kissed Denise too.

Denise smiled and the three of us all had a serious talk for a long time. After a while I admitted to Denise that Anna was interested in me and that we had kissed. My mom told her she was ok with it, but that I had told her that I didn’t want to go through with it. I’m glad my mom said it, because Denise seemed to believe her right away.

I’ll tell you this was probably one of the most stressful times of my life. Denise handled everything well, maybe better than I was, and she admitted to us that she was very confused about her feelings for my mom. When she did my mom kissed her again and Denise smiled like she did the first time her and I kissed. I was ok with it because I was happy Denise was happy.

When Anna called later my mom asked if she should tell her I was sick or something, but I told her that I thought it best just to get it out of the way. Anna came over right after lunch and after about an hour I finally was alone with her. She tried to kiss me and I stopped her and told her I couldn’t go through with it, and even though Denise was hot for my mom she was never going to actually do anything with her. Anna seemed both relieved and disappointed. She made me promise never to tell my mom about any of this and I assured her I wouldn’t, though obviously my mom would be having two affairs behind Anna’s back now.

Anna stayed the whole rest of the day and the four of us went out for supper and had a great time. Anna spent the night with my mom. We all hoped she wouldn’t, but my mom couldn’t think of a reason she shouldn’t. When Denise and I made love that night we talked about my mom a lot, mostly her telling me what they did and how good it was, but then Denise brought up how I said I’d do anything to make her happy and she wondered if I was serious about doing a three-some. I told her I would do anything to make her happy, and we fantasized about a three-some though I never mentioned doing anything to my mother.

The next day my mom told Anna she had bills to pay and Anna left fairly early. When she did my mom came in and sat down on the couch with Denise and me. We were watching TV and my mom sat right next to Denise, and I mean right next to her. After a while she put her hand on Denise’s leg and then suddenly my mom was making out with my girlfriend right in front of me. I was completely turned on and so horny. I was ready for this to happen. I really wanted this to happen, and yet I was sort of just in a fog. It was like I couldn’t move. My mom was touching Denise’s breasts and I was just frozen watching the two of them together. Then I just suddenly reached out and touched Denise’s other breast and that’s when she broke from my mom and started kissing me.

Holy shit it was hot. I was sharing Denise with my mom. I was about to make love with the two women I loved the most in the world. My mom took Denise’s shirt off from behind her and we broke lip-lock just long enough for her shirt to come off, but then I was right back at it as soon as her lips emerged. Then Denise leaned back and my mom and I smiled at each other. I pulled her bra down and we both started sucking Denise’s nipples. Denise was just looking down at the two of us and she looked so messed up. Her nipples got so hard.

Then my mom took off her own shirt and bra. Holy shit it was hard for me not to attack her chest. I love my mom’s tits. As I looked at their breasts side my side I could tell my mom’s were just a bit larger. My mom started kissing Denise again and her breasts were right against Denise’s, and I was still sucking the other one. They were kissing so passionately. Just like I kissed them, and I wondered just how much my mom and Denise liked one another. It didn’t make me jealous though. I was way too horny. I started to take Denise’s shorts off, and my mom ended up helping me. Then I started taking off my clothes and my mom suggested we go upstairs. We did.

We were all naked soon enough and my mom pushed Denise back on the bed and spread her legs and started eating her pussy right in front of me. At first I just started kissing Denise, but then I ended up sitting on her face. I kept sucking my own nipples as I watched my mom lick Denise’s clit. Denise was being pleased so much it was hard for her to concentrate on my pussy, but I didn’t care. I was enjoying watching my mom too much to care.

I ended up holding on to bahçeşehir escort Denise’s legs and pulled them back as my mom started fingering Denise at the same time she licked her. Denise was moaning so much and was hardly licking me at all, so I started twisting her nipples and she began to pay more attention to me. When she orgasmed I held her legs with all my strength and my mom really went to town on her clit and finger banged her so hard. Then when she couldn’t take anymore she wiggled her legs down and pushed me off. She sat up and my mom started making out with her.

I thought I’d die when my mom said she tasted me on Denise’s tongue. I just lost it. I grabbed my mom off of Denise by her hair and started kissing her. Denise cussed and I just kissed my mom like I hadn’t seen her in a year. Then as soon as our lips parted I brought my mom over in front of me and pulled her head between my legs. She just attacked my pussy, and at first I was watching her so intently that I didn’t even look at Denise to see her reaction. When I finally did she was rubbing her breasts and staring at my mom. She saw me look at her and she smiled at me and I leaned down and started sucking her nipples and fondling her breasts.

It was so awesome. I climaxed so quickly and I came so much. Then I licked my cum off my mom’s face. Then my mom kissed Denise again and I started sucking my mom’s nipples. Denise said something like she couldn’t believe this was happening. Hell I couldn’t either. I let them kiss for a while, but then I turned my mom around and got between her legs and started eating her pussy. Denise was kissing her and squeezing her breasts, and I could tell my mom was in heaven. When she orgasmed I just licked her pussy and shoved my tongue up it as far as I could. Denise was watching me, they both were and I liked it. It turned me on so bad.

I rubbed my nipple in my mom’s soaked pussy and then licked the cum off my nipple. My mom just jumped on me and started kissing me and licking my face and we nearly forgot about Denise for a while. Then she was beside us and we both started sucking her chest together again.

My mom fucked us both with a strap-on later. When she did Denise, I lay next to her and kissed her and sucked her tits, plus I sucked my mom a little too. Then I bent over and my mom fucked me from behind holding on to my breasts just like I like it. Denise just watched us mostly, but kissed me and my mom a little. Then my mom started just pounding me and I was so noisy. It actually hurt. I was almost scared, but it felt so satisfying.

We curled up afterwards, the three of us and I told them both that I loved them. I lay between them and they both kissed me one after the other and then they kissed each other right over top of me. It was awesome, but a part of me was thinking, now what? What will happen next?

The next day when I woke up they were both still asleep. I rolled over and kissed Denise on the forehead. She woke up and smiled at me. We started whispering and then just got up. My mom was out.

I took her to my room after we peed, and she was just talking a mile a minute. She seemed happy and everything, but also just in shock. She couldn’t believe what I had done with my mom. I just decided to tell her right then and there about everything. She sat there listening and just mesmerized by everything I was telling her. She could hardly believe it. I told her everything, all about the oil rubs and my mom having sex with me down at school. I even told her about Nikki calling me this week. I completely opened up to her.

Denise looked scared and I asked her what she was thinking. She told me she was ok with everything I had done, but that she was completely shocked and wasn’t sure how she felt about me actually having that sort of a relationship with my mom. It was cool when it had just been a three-some, but now she realized it was way more than that. Though Denise again admitted that she was really confused about how she felt about my mom and when I pushed her for more, she told me she thought she was in love with her. Then she kept asking me how someone could love two people and if I expected this to be a three of us and she seemed like she almost wanted that, but was afraid. Then she brought up Anna. And Denise said she wasn’t going to do this anymore if Anna was involved with my mom and that it wasn’t fair to her and that she was jealous, and all this crazy stuff that I had never even thought about.

Neither of us had any answers. My mom woke up later and we all talked again. Then my mom and Denise went into the den to talk alone. It was not a fun time for me, and I didn’t understand why, but I respected their privacy. When they came out they were holding hands and Denise seemed really happy and everything seemed great, but I was a little confused.

The day was actually wonderful. We spent the whole day together, the three of us. I felt so at peace with everything out in the open and the three of us were never so open and relaxed around one another. Before Denise left we all had sex again. I’m going to skip the details this time, but I will say that it was more sensual that time. When Denise left she kissed both of us goodbye and she cried a little which made both of us cry, and then she told both of us that she loved us. She told my mom, “I love you.” Wow, that’s all I can say to that, and my mom said it right back.

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