My First Time

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My defloration happened shortly after I had just turned 18. I had had many opportunities to have penetrative sex before but for some reason I had never gone ‘all the way’ as my parents generation might have said. I don’t think it was because of my catholic upbringing. I am sure my mother’s feminist determination to show her daughters what a clitoris was and it’s function and my father’s leftover hippy values of doing things like that safely and without guilt had affected me. Nevertheless whilst I had become quite deft at giving fabulous hand jobs and reasonable head for my age I had never quite allowed my sexual exploits to progress beyond mutual masturbation to penetration.

Most guys I dated either exploded in their pants or were happy with what I could do with my hands and mouth. I knew it had to happen one day and after a succession of waiting for someone I really loved to take me that next step I finally came to the point where I had decided that I would simply wait for the man who made me genuinely so horny that I wanted him to be inside me. Strangely enough that rarely happened with guys I dated who were my own age. As nice as some of them were their inexperience with giving me pleasure had led me to hang out with a lot of older guys.

Since I was very young my sister and I had pretty well always passed as twins. She is 18 months older and 20. This particular night, we had both been invited to the twenty first-birthday party of a girlfriend, Stephanie, and so that we could party on we arranged to sleep over. I knew there were going to be lots of cute older guys at the party so I spent a lot of time choosing clothes and putting on makeup so I looked older. I remember choosing an incredibly tarty outfit that evening. I wore a very, very short purple mini dress that hugged my body very nicely and emphasised my trim little figure. It had shoes string straps and was cut low enough to show the little cleavage that I could show in my low cut purple satin and lace pushup bra beneath the short hemline. I wore matching hi -cut purple bikini panties. All purple, right down to my hi-heels.

My Sister Felicity was dressed to kill too in a hot pink mini skirt and white camisole top. She and her boyfriend had been doing it and going steady for some time. It was Felicity’s BF that gave us a lift to the party and we arrived when the place was in full swing, lots of noise, music dancing and groups chatting and drinking. After we’d given the gift to Stephanie and chatted for a while I was introduced to this a group of university students (mostly guys) casino siteleri and I flirted and chatted to them trying not to sound like a school girl just being mysterious and witty without actually bullshitting outright- I don’t like dishonesty.

One guy ended up talking to me pretty well exclusively though the others were all keen to impress me. I think the skimpy dress had something to do with that. They certainly scanned me every time I moved. The guy who gave me the most attention was quite tall for me. At 6 foot quite the biggest guy I had ever dated. He had beautiful hazel eyes and short stylish haircut. He was athletic but lean and muscular. He was intelligent and what attracted me to him a lot was his wit and humour. Strangely he was like a young version of my Dad. He would have been around 26 or so which to me was definitely an older man. He asked me to dance and I accepted and he moved nicely. I like that in a guy can’t stand gawky dancers, anyway we danced quite a bit and I was quite suggestive with my movements too I might add.

He got me several drinks in fact they kept coming. I think he was priming me for what was to come but at the time I didn’t think about it much, just enjoyed the conversations. He was a very gentle and cute looking guy and I was enjoying being with him. As the night progressed I got a little merry, well quite drunk actually, and we danced drank and chatted a lot.

As it got later the mood changed there was a lot of pairing off and snogging and the music got slower and more in the background. We danced to a slow song and a few couples were half dancing half humping each other in the semi darkness of the room. I too began to feel horny and pressed myself against him as we danced. His arms around me, our bodies close together, the heat and scent of each other filled our senses I started to feel extremely excited. We danced pressed together for a while I could tell he was horny too, or at least feel him against me. The idea that just by holding me he was getting an erection made me feel extremely sexy and added to my already horny state of mind. I looked up and kissed him and then we just couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We petted standing up kissing and caressing he squeezed my bottom caressed it and I pressed against his hardening cock, breathing heavily and French kissing him.

Our overt fondling was becoming too obvious for a public place so we moved to a more seclude spot in the house and continued heavy petting for some time. I let him touch my boobs and play with the nipples and felt myself slot oyna growing very, very wet. My nipples were fully erect after he fondled and pinched them. I could feel he was hyper excited because he was shivering like men do just before they cum. In his passion he slid his hand under my dress. I stopped him from touching me and he cooled down a little. I craved a bit more privacy than a lounge chair with half a dozen other petting couples groaning and panting around us in surround sound.

I suggested we go up to the room Felicity and I had been given and he followed me up the stairs. It was unoccupied, fortunately for us, and the door had a lock so we could continue undisturbed. We went in and began kissing again. His hands were all over me under my dress touching my ass, tweaking my nipples and then I let him touch my panties at the front and just about exploded as he masturbated me to an earth shattering orgasm in moments.

Instinctively I reached down for his cock and massaged it thru his pants then unzipped it and slid my hand in. MMMMMMM it was so huge, so thick it made me gasp. Here I was a virgin and I had to have that thing inside my tiny little hole. He took off his pants hurriedly and I caressed his cock it and felt it throb beneath my touch. I’d done this before and guys had just cum and it was all over but this time it just seemed to grow.

I went to plan B, by this time he’d unzipped my dress and it too was on the floor. I knelt before him and began to kiss his cock I’d never done this before but I was sure he’d like it and maybe I’d postpone the deflowering this way. Don’t know why I was frightened looking back but he was larger than the boys Id masturbated in the backseat of cars. I covered his cock with tiny wet kisses from tip to balls and he moaned long and low. I enjoyed the affect I was having.

My kisses got bigger and wetter and slurped all over him kissing, running wet lips over him, nibbling, touching him with my hands and wanking him. He throbbed and moaned more and more. I ran my finger -nails across his balls lightly and touched him with feather like touch, blew warm air across it and then I just gobbled him sucked and took as much of his hugeness in my mouth as possible I was so excited by his moans my own pussy was dribbling wetness. Somewhere in there he exploded and for some reason I just swallowed and felt the hot spurts in my throat. I kept on going like a woman possessed. He was moaning and telling me how hot I was and I just kept going. His cock was still rock hard and I peeled off my bra and watched canlı casino siteleri it throb as I did it and grabbed his cock once more and ran it round each of my nipples making them so hard.

He just moaned and said, ‘ God I want your pussy’.

I forgot about my fears then. He began kissing me again tenderly sweetly, his hand reached down to pull of my panties and I stopped him, so he slid them aside and masturbated me until I was cumming continuously.

Then he kissed his way down my chest suckling me while he touched my clit he inserted fingers in me first one then two then three. He could tell it was going to be a tight fit three felt amazing and he finger fucked me through some more delicious orgasms. He moved his head closer to my panties and began to kiss them. They were soaked and I was so sensitive.

Before long his tongue was lapping at my pussy and I was in ecstasy moaning and thrashing about. In the middle of a huge climax he returned to face me and kiss me I felt his cock touch my tiny tight little hole. I was aching for it. I spread my legs and he began to put it inside me and I squealed


He slid it into me gently. Filling me I shivered and moaned and wriggled so it would continue to go in me. The issue of my hymen breaking made me wince slightly and I was conscious of the blood and the pain just long enough before he pushed into me deeper and I felt the pleasure of his cock inside me consume me. My poor little pussy stretched to take his gentle entry and I was drizzling wetness. He was in so deep I could feel his balls against my ass and he way throbbing, I was pulsing too. Then he took it almost out and I was a dribbling mess begging him to put it back and he obliged pumping me screwing me deep fast strokes and I came wildly then continuously this time a vaginal orgasm my first ever- it was delicious.

He fucked me for ages and I wrapped my legs around him and bucked and kissed and scratched and bit him screaming the house down. He stopped and turned me over and kissed my cheeks then entered from behind. Mmmmmm that was even deeper.

More orgasms. I got on top of him and rode him too! He liked that I was so tight, so wet, and so hot. I could feel he was going to explode and Mmmmmm Mmmmmm I wanted him to so much. Just before he did. He flipped me onto my back and fucked me deep and hard his cock swelled, my pussy contracted in the hugest orgasm and then POW he was squirting in me holding his cock inside me as deep as possible and I felt his hot spurts shooting into me. Mmmmmmmmmmm it was so nice.

We collapsed and rested and slept. I was a lucky girl to have such a nice first time. It made me the fuck addict I am today. After that night all I wanted to do was fuck him but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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