My First Three Sum

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I was a senior in high school when I had my first three way. At age 18 I had limited sexual experience having had sex with just one girlfriend and received oral sex one other.

In high school I had a real cool job working in a radio station. I worked weekends part time as a Disc Jockey which made me a star or sorts at school.

Alex was one of the guys at work that I got along with the best. He was very funny and would help me learn about radio. He even got me into some clubs with his wife, Monica, because he knew the owners even with me being underage. Alex and Monica also owned a mobile DJ business. It was a great setup with lots of wild lights and giant speakers. He was booked most every weekend at everything from birthday parties and weddings to school dances. It was not long before I was working with him and Monica.

After one dance Alex and I were loading the equipment in the truck and he said something that was a real surprise to an 18 year old guy. He said that his wife liked me and wanted to have sex with me. Monica was a very sexy lady and being a teenage guy I had jacked off more than a few times thinking about her. Long blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin and a big bright smile. She was 5’1 with very small breast and a lovely round ass. While Alex was 34 Monica was 24 and the two had been married for just 2 years. It was kind of an odd couple as Alex was short and very skinny. Monica was a knockout to me with her curves and bright red lips and white skin and blond hair. She was the kind of woman that had all the guys trying to get another look.

Alex explained they had an open marriage and would have sex with other people and couples. So far they had a woman join them a few times and decided to find a man to join pendik sarışın escort them. He said Monica decided she wanted me and now wanted to know if I was interested. I told him Monica was very hot and if it was ok with him I would love to join them.

With the truck loaded Alex and I got in the front seat with Monica sitting in the middle. While driving Alex told Monica that he talked with me and was up for joining them. My cock became rock hard when Monica looked at me with a smile and started rubbing the inside of my leg. Looking me in the eyes she told me how glad she was that I was going to be her boyfriend. Then we started kissing and making out. She softly bit my lips and nibbled my neck and ears. Softly her hands explored my chest as she as she circled from my neck and ear to my lips and around again. It was amazing that here I was making out with Monica while sitting next to Alex.

Pulling into the driveway the three of us went out of the truck and into the house and right to the bedroom. All of us undressed in a flash and Alex and I were standing on each side of the bed looking down at a naked Monica. She was such a vision with her lovely face and small breast topped with tiny nipples. Monica told Alex to go down on her and for me to bring my dick to her mouth. Her legs spread as Alex started lick her pussy. I could hear her wetness as his mouth started working. Kneeling down by her head she grabbed my cock with her little hand and slowly licked the length of my shaft. OOHH I moaned as she started sucking my cock head into her mouth. The two girls that had giving me head had no idea of what to do. Monica was licking and sucking and seemed to know just where to lick and suck to give the pendik şişman escort most pleasure.

Looking at Alex he had his face pressed against her pussy and his arms were under her legs up to her chest. Each hand was playing with a breast rubbing and pinching a nipple. It was so hot that I was having to try not to cum. Then Monica sent me over the edge. Looking up at me she started jacking me off and told me to cum in her mouth. What a dream it was to have a lovely woman tell me to cum in her mouth. She did not need to ask twice as I shot my load in her mouth. Her soft lips sucked my cock in her mouth as I shot what felt like my biggest load ever. Choking she pulled my cock from her mouth and said dam that was a lot of cum. Her comment made me feel like a man. Being 18 and only having had sex with one girl I was still kind of unsure of myself sexually.

Looking up at me from between her legs Alex told me to suck on her tits. I leaned over and grabbed a breast in each hand and started sucking one nipple and then the other. Switching back and forth all the while wondering if I was doing a good job. Monica started to shake and moan and I looked down at Alex as his head moved up and down at a quickly. AAAAAHHHHH, Monica cried out real loud as she shook a little. Alex pulled his mouth from her pussy and his lips and chin were covered with her sticky white cum. Moving her legs back and apart I watched as his hard cock pushed into her pussy. Oh yes you are going to love her pussy he said as he started fucking her. His dick looked like it was as long as mine but half as thick. I am just over six inches but very thick around. I stood by the bed and watched them still in shock at my good fortune.

Monica pendik sınırsız eskort bayanlar looked at me and said that just as soon as I was hard again she wanted me in her. That comment made my dick start to grow again. You have been using your dildo wishing it were his cock haven’t you, Alex said while continuing his humping. Yes I have, Monica said. With that my dick was back up and almost fully hard. Oh look oh look she said pointing at me. Alex looked at my cock growing hard again and said get on up here and give her pussy a good hard fucking. His words were such a turn on. To have my friend Alex tell me to fuck his wife hard was something that I could not even dream.

Getting between her legs I slowly pressed my cock in her. This was only the second pussy my cock had entered and it felt like heaven. Alex moved up on the bed next to Monica so his cock was next to he head. I started pumping just half my length in her wanting to enjoy every second I was in her. Jesus Christ don’t tease me just fuck me hard, she said. Startled I pressed her legs back and started driving balls deep in her as fast as I could. Monica started making a high pitch moaning and groaning sound as Alex encouraged me. Oh yea fuck that pussy hard, give it to her good. It was a dream come true to go from jacking off while thinking of Monica and now I was fucking her for real. Alex was jacking off while watching me giving his wife all I had. It did not take long for me to shoot my load again. UUUGGGAAA I groaned as I pressed all the way in Monica. Her legs locked around me holding me in her. My hands rubbed her legs and Alex shot his load on her face and breast. Monica giggled and looked me in the eye and said I was an ever better fuck than she had dreamed. At that point I felt like a porn star stud.

Alex and Monica gave me a very good sexual education in the next several months. As I walked down the halls of my high school I had a teacher comment that I seemed to have increased confidence about myself and was much more mature. If she only knew what had caused my boost in self esteem.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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