My First Master

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Hello everyone!

Just like my previous story, this is a real one and hence, I will change certain details like name and age but the events that occur are true. You will have to take my word for that.

When I moved to a big metropolitan at 19 years, I was stunned by the opportunities around me. Sure, the city I was living in was large and much like any other textbook metropolitan but the world of online dating increased in a largely exponential way. Instead of 50 or so profiles, there were thousands of men, of all shape and sizes looking to fuck a hungry bottom and a growing boy that I was, I had my fair share of fun.

During one such encounter, the top guy, while pounding my ass, told me how much he would love me as his personal slave. I had no idea what he meant so that night when I got back to my apartment, I looked it up. For most people, it would seem off-putting. For me, it was like a big chunk of a puzzle had suddenly fallen into place. I had always been submissive, letting the top guy have his way, focusing on his needs over mine, over-eager to please and a love for pain. But, to have a label to the term was something that suddenly felt immensely meaningful.

So, I redid my online dating profile to reflect as an available slave looking for a master. The messages started coming but they were all regular guys who loved my profile picture of a guy’s man boobs on display and none screamed master-material to me. That was until, I came across Ashraf. His profile asked for an experienced or an inexperienced slave who was willing to learn with few limits. He looked hot in his display picture and something about the way he wrote made him seem like an ideal master.

I sent him a ping and our conversation ensued. Upfront, I told him about my lack of experience as he told me all of his likes and expectations. He was more than willing to train but he needed some proof that I could follow instructions. So, on his orders, I bought a pair of pink panties, wore them and sent him a pic of me wearing it. For the next few days, he gave me various tasks such as putting on 5 cloth pins on my nipples, cloth pins on my balls, antalya escort buying a bra and wearing it etc.

Needless to say, I passed his requirements with flying colors and we made plans of meeting up.

On a Friday night, I went to his place. As instructed, as soon as he opened the door and I walked in, I took off my clothes (except my bra and panties) and dropped to my knees. He put a dog collar around my neck and tugged it to take me inside his room. I cannot emphasize the pre-cum that leaked from my cock. One would assume that I had started cumming by just looking at the leak.

Once inside his bedroom, he asked me to lay down on the bed facing down. He fastened my hands and legs to the bed posts using rope and went outside. I was a bit freaked out because I was in a stranger’s house, almost naked and tied helplessly. He soon came back with a whole bunch of things wrapped in a black sheet. I couldn’t see what it contained but I felt his weight on me, as he brought his mouth near my ear and whispered, “You ready, boy?”

“Yes sir, I am.”

“The safe word is red. If you can’t handle the pain, use that word and I’ll stop. Do not use until and unless the pain is excruciating and unmanageable. Is that clear?”



A searing pain shot through my butt cheek as he landed a sharp blow from a belt on it.

“Yes what bitch?”

“Yes sssir”

“Good bitch”

Slowly, the whacks started coming. At first they were light and breezy like a lull before a storm. Soon the intensity of the hits increased and the pain amped up to an eleven. I couldn’t fathom how I was handling the pain and why, even though my ass was on fire, was I harder than I had ever been. His onslaught kept going until I cried out, “Red sir, Red.”

He took off the ropes that were restraining me and asked me to stay still. He pulled my panties down and rubbed some cold lotion on my ass. It was a cold sensation that eased the heat that my ass was experiencing and gave me some relief. He did show me my panties, damaged in various places due to the whiplash. I was slightly mortified and immensely lara escort proud of my capability to take pain.

My master slid next to me in the bed and kissed me. “No one has ever taken a beating like that, not even the experienced ones. And you are just a novice,” he said between kisses. My pride swelled like my cock and I asked him if I could ease some of the pain with a smoke. He smiled and said sure and joined me for a cigarette. We made some small talk about what his experience as a master had been and why I wanted to become a slave.

On finishing the smoke, he told me to follow him to the loo. He made me kneel and told me to keep my mouth open while he took his cock out and pointed it at my mouth. I knew the moment he did that what was going to happen as a blast of golden piss hit the back of my throat. Unable to control myself, I lunged forward to pull his dick into my mouth, just to get all of that piss inside. This was my first time trying piss play in any form and the sensuality of having a tops fluid inside me turned me on and made my inner submissive drive, dial up to an eleven.

Once he emptied his bladder he instructed me to wash my mouth and come to his room. I did my business and on walking out, saw my master sprawled on the bed with his cock upright. For those curious, he was about 7 inches with a 3 inch thickness and a purple colored head. I crawled to him and slowly took his cock in my mouth. I started with licking his cock head and slit first, slobbering it up with my spit and licked his entire member. After doing it for a while, I started sucking on the cock head, just focusing on the tip and getting a feel for it. It was musky and tasted like it hadn’t been washed, my favorite. Slowly, I started working my way down, taking more of him inside my mouth. The intital gag response gave way for euphoria as my nose touched his pubic hair and his cock head touched my throat. I increased my pace, enough to make him worked up but not so much that it would illicit orgasm. I kept changing my pace, sometimes slow, sometimes fast and didn’t let his cock slide out once. That did side escort the trick as he started moaning and grabbed my head and started mouth fucking, arching his hips to push more of him inside me. The ability to do that to a man, to provide such pleasure at my discomfort is what drives me as a slave and that made me go at full speed. Soon, I was rewarded with the fruits of my labour as his tasty sperm flooded my mouth, some of it dribbling down my chin but mostly inside. His breath softened, his grip loosened as he fell on the bed, breathing deep while I licked him clean. My eyes were watery, my breath was shallow and my throat hurt. But I was happier than ever.

After about an hour’s break during which time he edged me for a bit and fingered my ass with a cucumber, he told me to get in a doggy position as he applied a lot of lube inside my asshole, or as he likes to call it, my pussy. He put on a condom, lubed up his member and started sliding in slowly. The initial burn gave way to intense pleasure as I started enjoying the assault on my ass. He kept spanking my ass, squeezing my tits and slapping and groping my cock as he furiously pounded me. After a while, he told me to ride him as he laid down and played with my nipples and enjoyed his cock getting serviced. I was moaning like a cheap street hooker and kept playing with my own cock until I was ready to ejaculate. But he told me to stop as he had other plans.

He flipped me on the bed and moved me to a missionary position. He pushed my ass up to an extent that my cock was pointed towards my chest. As he started pounding me, he told me to cum. His words were the aphrodisiac I needed as I blasted a huge load, landing on my face, my nose and my tits. He scooped it up and pushed it inside my mouth as I tasted myself. Tasty but his was better, I told him. He gave me a wicked smile as he scrunched his face. He withdrew from my ass, took off the condom and came near my face. He started jacking off and ejaculated all over my face and mouth. For a guy who had just come an hour back, he had an impressive load as I tasted his cum and rubbed it over my face and tits. He collapsed on the bed smiling and we both had a good laugh.

He did become my first master and I stayed his slave for 4yearsuntil I moved away to a different city. Even now, if I go to his city, I make it a point to meet him. After all, you never forget your first 😉

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