My First Daddy

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I had just gotten to my freshman year of college, and was only a few months over 18. I was finally free of my parents control, living in a dorm with a car of my own. I could go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and I knew what I wanted to do. Ever since the first time I had realized I was gay, I knew I wanted to be with older men. Their large, hairy bodies, and the dominance that their presence exuded. I was lured to it like a magnet, but I had always been too scared to actually do it. But now, I was feeling confident and ready to live out my fantasy. Like any young college gay, I got online and immediately set my search to “daddy”. Several handsome men popped up, but there was one that peaked my interest. It was late, roughly three in the morning.

A handsome, 49 year old bear of a man had been messaging me, telling me about his interest in younger men. I told him that I also had an interest in men who were of a significant age difference, and with that he sent me pictures. Beautiful pictures of his massive cock, dripping with precum and showing off his large hairy balls. I felt my hole quivering, just thinking about having it inside me. However, I was still very scared. He was a nice man, so I asked him if we could just do oral if I came to meet up with him, and he agreed. So, I got my things together and drove off to his house.

Once I pulled in the driveway, I could see him standing in the window. He took up most of the window, his broad chest taking up most of the space. I sat in the car for a minute, took a deep breath, and walked up to the door. He opened it with a big smile and a warm hello, and invited me in to his house. Naturally I began to look around, but before I antalya escort could process what I was seeing, his hands were slipping down my pants and gripping me firmly. He began licking my ear and told me he wanted me naked. I submitted to his will, saying “yes daddy,” and I followed him to his bedroom. Once inside, he closed the door and looked me up and down. He then continued to feel me all over, and I could not help but get hard. He laughed at my teenage hormones, saying it was perfectly normal to be so aroused. I looked down to see him rubbing his bulge through his jeans, and watched it continue to grow.

He began kissing me, but I did not like it, so I quickly dropped to my knees and began to push my face against his now solid bulge. The man reached down to pull my shirt off, all while continuing to caress my head and look me in the eyes. “Get on the bed,” he told me, and I immediately obeyed. He began to unbuckle his pants, and when he dropped them my mouth could not help but to gape open. It was so much bigger than in the pictures, which were already impressive enough. He stopped me to pull down my pants, revealing my cock, already hard as a rock. Now, both fully naked, he pushed his monstrous cock towards my face, and without even thinking, I took it all into my mouth. He praised my skills at deep-throating, before asking me to lay on my stomach. I told him I did not want to have sex, and he obliged me, simply asking to see my hole. I spread my legs so that my ass cheeks were enough apart for him to see, but he pulled them apart even further, completely exposing my hole to him. He began to rub it, and spit on it.

At this point I could already taste the cum that kepez escort was beginning to leak out of his bulging cock, and it turned me on even more. My hole was almost burning from the intense sensation of his fingers rubbing against it, so much so that my inhibitions began to slip away. Hearing his gruff voice calling me his boy, saying how beautiful my hole was and how warm my mouth was made me want him inside me. I stopped sucking and looked at him, and he seemed to know what I was thinking. “You want daddy inside you, don’t you boy?” I told him yes, but also told him I was afraid. He told me not to worry, and that he was completely disease free. He then began to reach into his nightstand drawer, pulling out condoms and lube. When he went to put on the condom, something came over me that made me reach out to stop him. A primal, burning instinct told me that this man was meant to breed me. “Are you sure, boy?” he asked. I told him that I trusted him, and he laughed. “Ok boy, but be ready. Daddy hasn’t blown in a few days. Do you think you can handle all of my load in your hole?” I nodded at him, and turned around so that my hole was once again exposed to him.

This time, instead of just running his fingers across it, he slipped one in, making me gasp. I had had sex before, but the thought of taking his massive cock inside me made it feel as if I was a virgin again. For a few minutes, he fingered my hole, helping me to relax into the fact I would soon be taking him inside me. Now he was lubing me up, making it slick for his entry. By now, my head was in a pillow with my ass completely in the air, slowly grinding against his cock. Almost in a fog, I said “fuck manavgat escort me daddy,” and with that he began to slide it inside me. Now, I could not even gasp. The sensation of my insides opening up to take him was so much more intense than I had ever felt from sex before. The mix of pain, pleasure, and pure raw instinct pushed me to keep going. It took a few minutes, but soon all 9 inches of thick, raw meat were in my hole, and I wanted to be fucked. Bred. Taken. Used.

He began to thrust in and out, and soon the gasps of pleasure began to find their way out of my mouth. He seemed to thrust harder with every moan I let out, and the pleasure was overwhelming. He pulled his cock out for the first time after about twenty minutes, and grabbed me to flip me on my back. Without a moments hesitation he slammed his entire cock back in my hole, causing me to scream out. He did not care, he was already too deep into his animal instinct to breed. I wrapped my arms around him and felt his sweat dripping on me as he pounded away at my hole. He grunted like a pig, and bit my ear like a dog. There was no resistance from my hole anymore, as I had given in completely to him. It went by in a blur, but once I heard the words I had been waiting for, every snapped back to reality. “I’m going to breed you, boy,” he groaned in my face.

“Breed me daddy,” I begged, “please give me your load.” And with his last powerful thrusts, he gasped, and I could feel his cock pulsing inside me. I almost couldn’t believe what just happened. Here he was, a grown man roughly 30 years older than me, shooting his load inside my hole.

It felt so warm, and every inch of my being was tingling with pleasure. He pulled out after a minute of just breathing deeply, and I could feel his warm seed trickling out of my hole. Ever since, no sex has felt the same as when that monstrous bear of a daddy dumped his load inside me, and now, no matter what, I will always be a boy for daddies load.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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