My Emily Series Ch. 01

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These are tales from my youth written at an advanced age for fear lest they be lost forever. They are not the kind of stories that one passes down to his children, so I am presenting them in case anyone might be interested.

My name is Charles Jordan, or “Chucky” as my friends used to call me when we were growing up. Now that I’m older, I am known as Chuck except to my oldest friends. I became best friends with Johnny Coleman when he moved into our small town during the sixth grade. We went to the local high school together, were heavily into sports together and double-dated (depending on who could get the family car). I played the field, but in our junior year, Johnny fell for a pretty girl named Emily Hansen and they went steady from then on. As I remember, we were into heavy petting and never went “all the way” on our dates. What Johnny and Emily did on their own, he never told me.

After graduation from high school, I went away to college and Johnny stayed in the local area, getting a job at the local grain elevator. He married Emily, settled down, and I didn’t see much of him on my infrequent visits home. I heard that he joined the service and moved away. Soon after that, I heard that he had gotten killed overseas somewhere and that was that.

About one year later, on one of my visits home from college, I heard that Emily had moved back into town and was living in a small apartment. I found her listed in the phone book under “Coleman, E” and gave her a ring. I pretty much invited myself over to get re-acquainted and to find out what happened to Johnny.

I arrived at her place about three in the afternoon carrying a bottle of Chardonnay as a small offering for intruding on her. We moved to the living area and sat on the sofa and talked about old times and this and that. She told me a little about her life with Johnny, what had happened to him, and how she had decided to move back into town to be near her relatives.

I noticed that time was moving on, so I asked Emily if she would like to go out somewhere for dinner. We decided where to go and she went to her room to change her clothes. She came back looking extra nice with her long blonde hair and blue eyes and dressed in a dress that buttoned down the front. We had picked out a place that was on the other side of our small town, not too fancy, but with tablecloths and a little bit of atmosphere. We talked again about this and that over dinner and I could feel that we were becoming accustomed to one another, the reserve over not having seen each other in so long a time giving way to a feeling of “old friends”.

After returning to Emily’s apartment after dinner I was invited in to share the bottle of Chardonnay. We settled down in the living room on the same sofa and continued talking as we had before. Emily excused herself and went to her room to freshen up. When she returned, I asked about the bathroom and went there to relieve myself. When I returned to the living room, Emily came up to me and put her hands on either side of my head and gave me a long, passionate kiss on my lips.

Not being one to pass up an invitation, I returned the kiss with equal passion, going so far as to gently nibble at her lips as an invitation to kiss deeper. She responded by opening up and letting my tongue taste her own. As if we were dancing, I gracefully guided her back to the sofa where we collapsed together in each other’s arms.

We continued on with the passionate kissing for a few more minutes when Emily quietly whispered in my ear, “Kiss my breasts, Chucky, it’s been so long”.

I reached up and unbuttoned a few of the buttons on her dress, causing it to fall open and reveal two gorgeous, perfect-sized white breasts, unhindered by a confining brassiere, and with their nipples already erect. I slipped the top of her dress back over her shoulders and gazed anew at a pair of the loveliest breasts I had ever seen. I gingerly touched her left breast and, after kissing her again, lowered my head to take the nipple into my mouth. I started to softly suck on the tender erect pebble and caress the warm surface with my tongue, urged on by her gentle whisperings of “it’s been so long” and “that feels so good”.

As I sucked, licked, and kissed first one breast and then the other, I began to undo more of the buttons on her dress while sliding my hand down over her stomach, finally coming to the patch of her pubic hair, again unencumbered by any panties. illegal bahis I finished unbuttoning the dress and moved my hand down to gently cover her mound. Emily opened her legs to give me better access to her treasure as I softly caressed it up and down. I tenderly inserted a finger into her pussy and she met my probing with a thrust of her pelvis.

I slowly moved my hand up and down on her now moistened mound, letting my finger slide in and out of her pussy, urged on by her soft moans of pleasure. Continuing to minister lovingly to her tits, I began to toy with the area of her clit, rubbing around in a circular motion and eliciting an increase in the tempo of the passionate moans I had been hearing. Suddenly, Emily clamped her legs shut around my hand and arched her back against my hand. Her moans changed to a soft grunting of “ungh — ungh — ungh”. I felt an increase of moisture flood my hand and I kept up what I was doing because it was apparent that she was enjoying a much-needed orgasm.

After the tension had subsided, I removed my hand from between her legs and gave her breasts a few more tender kisses. Emily got up from the sofa, shedding her dress to the carpet and knelt down beside me. Without a word, she began to unbutton my pants and tugged them and my boxers into a pile at my feet. She took hold of my erection, which was so hard by now that a cat couldn’t scratch it, and lovingly placed a kiss on the tip. Still holding my dick, she started to take it into her mouth, gently sucking on it as she worked her head up and down. Her tongue was also active in between each movement of her head. With her other hand, Emily was gently squeezing and stroking my balls.

I could feel tension building in my scrotum, the sensation of her hot and willing mouth working on me was getting to me in a big way. I felt a fantastic sensation rising within me, and before I could say anything I was cumming as I had never cum before. My cock throbbed as I came and came, and I was overcome by the incredible pleasure.

Emily did her best to swallow all that I had to offer, but she was not entirely successful as I could feel my cum and her saliva working its way down over my balls. As my prick began to deflate, Emily got up and went to her room, scooping up her dress as she went. I removed my pants, shoes and socks, and shirt as I waited to see what was to follow on this night of nights.

In a few moments she returned with a warm washcloth and a towel and began to clean off the last traces of our recent actions, all the while kissing by stomach, my dick, and my balls. After that was accomplished, Emily rejoined me on the sofa, kissing me again and resting her head on my chest, toying with my nipples. I heard her softly ask, “Chucky, will you kiss my pussy? It’s been such a long time.”

I sat up on the sofa and gave her another passionate kiss. I slid my body off the sofa and onto the floor in front of her, pulling at her knees to spread them. Her pussy was beautiful, and she parted her legs very willingly for me. I could tell she was ready to go again because she was visibly very wet between her folds and her clit was already sticking out from its sheath.

I licked my way over one of her smooth, wet thighs very slowly and then I went up and over her mound and down the other thigh. I did it again, deliberately avoiding her slit. Emily pushed her pussy forward as if she was anxious for me to get to the center of her need.

I then licked gently along the outside of her pussy, sliding my wet tongue up and down her mound before opening her pussy lips and licking deeply into her very wet entrance. I was rewarded with a soft moaning as I lapped at the wonderful sweet tasting juices and inserted my tongue into her hole, licking the smooth walls. Next I ran my tongue up to the top of her pussy and slowly licked her clit, Emily put her hands upon my head and pressed it downward while she moved her hips upward to cause a greater contact between her swollen clit and my wet tongue.

“Oh Chucky!” she softly cried out, “That feels incredible — don’t stop!”

I continued licking her clit with my tongue. Her clit was now prominently exposed, so I sucked it into my mouth and began attacking it by running my tongue around and around the sensitive nub. Emily’s legs began to thrash wildly, and as I looked up, I could see her head and her blonde hair flipping from side to side as I sucked on her tender love bud. I went back to illegal bahis siteleri licking between the folds of her pussy with my tongue, trying to insert it as deeply as I could into her warm, moist opening.

“Oh Chucky — Chucky — Chucky,” she began to groan. After a few moments of giving her pleasure in this manner, I went back to sucking on her soft protruding nub and bathing it with my tongue.

“Oh Chucky, I’m going to cum . Ohhhhhh yes! Oh yes! Suck me!” she cried out.

I could tell she was close so I continued sucking eagerly on her clit. Emily cried out softly again and began to move her pelvic area up and down against my face. Her legs closed around my head as I continued to attack her clit. She shook and cried out once again, and gave way to a powerful orgasm. By this time my face was drenched in her juices as her legs and hands slowly released their hold on my head.

Getting up slowly, I wiped my face with the towel that was lying on the floor and gently wiped off her thighs and pussy. Then I climbed back upon the sofa, lying next to her as she continued to come down from her excitement. I kissed her deeply once more as I played lovingly with one of her breasts.

Emily reached down and stroked my prick which, once again, was standing tall and proud after my performance between her legs. “We need to take care of you.” she said and quickly straddled my reclining body, positioning her ready and waiting opening above my erect prick. I shivered as she took hold of my cock and slowly eased down onto me, sucking her breath in as my dick made its way between the lips of her pussy. We both groaned in satisfaction as her pussy descended lower, engulfing my pulsing cock.

She slowly began to move up and down on me, her body finding a tempo of its own. “That’s it Emily,” I whispered, pushing up into her, “Oh. It feels so good.”

I leaned up kissing her on the neck and breasts; my hands guiding her hips as she began pushing down on me. I watched my prick sliding deeper and deeper into her hole with each thrust and I lay there in ecstasy as she continued to move up and down. The sight of her beautiful breasts jiggling with her movement and her gorgeous blonde hair sweeping back and forth quickly brought me to the point of no return. I jammed my prick deep inside her and began to cum hard, filling her with loads of cum, shooting into her tight pleasure vault as if there were to be no tomorrow. I felt her pussy spasm and grip me tighter than ever and I began to wonder if I wouldn’t lose my mind from the pleasure of it all. I felt what I supposed was my cum oozing out of her and felt cum and her juices sliding down over my balls.

Emily raised herself from the sofa and left the room, returning with a fresh warm cloth and a dry towel and began once more to clean up my groin area from the effects of all our love-making.

“Come with me.” she said and took my hand, leading me back to the bedroom where we fell in a tangle onto the bed.

We began kissing again and making small talk about how enjoyable our little romp had been. While we talked, I toyed with her fantastic breasts, cupping them and tweaking the nipples with my lips. As my fingertips lightly glided over the outer folds of her pussy her chatter turned into a soft moan. I lightly teased her nether lips before digging deeper into her pussy and running my fingers against the edge of her opening. She held me to her breast as I slid my finger upwards and traced slow circles around her swollen clit. I changed my position so that we were now lying side by side, facing each other.

Soon Emily was rubbing up against me, attempting to make harder contact between her soft nub and my teasing hand. I plunged two of my fingers deep into her waiting pussy, and I was amazed at how tight she still was as I worked my fingers in and out of her slippery opening.

I then began to rub her swollen clit in slow circles with my fingers and fucking my fingers in and out of her pussy. I gradually picked up the pace. “Ohhhh, Ohhhhhhh, Ohhhhh!!!” Emily began moaning, the sound rising in intensity until, “Ohhhhh don’t stop,” she cried out.

I continued my attack, plunging deeply into her tightness with my fingers and also stroking her prominent clit. She was thrusting her mound against my exploring fingers, clutching my back shoving her firm tits into my chest.

“Ohhhhhh—I’m cumming again!!!” Emily cried out in one excited exclamation.

I canlı bahis siteleri felt her pussy suddenly clamp down on my hand as her body started its journey through orgasm. As her pussy contracted and released, I could feel her juices once more flooding my fingers. All at once all the tension left her body and she collapsed beside me on the bed as I slowly continued to stroke her pussy.

All her movements and gyrations had brought my prick back to its fully erect state. I removed my hand from its position covering her pussy and flopped over on my back.

As I lay there, Emily turned her head upward and whispered in my ear, “Chucky — can you fuck me again? I really want to feel you inside of me once more even though I probably can’t cum again.”

“If you are sure that’s what you want to do,” I responded, “let’s do it from the back this time.”

After we got turned around and were in the spoon position, I grasped my cock and positioned it between her legs, moving it around to search for the entrance to her pussy. Emily ground back against me and I felt myself plop into that wonderful, warm opening once more.

Emily turned back to look at me, her face glowing with the anticipation of sex. I couldn’t help but marvel at her capacity for this most enjoyable pastime.

“Make love to me nice and easy,” she whispered, still looking into my eyes.

Returning her gaze, I pushed my stiff cock slowly between her legs. I was amazed once again at how tightly she fit around my cock, the soft walls of her pussy enfolding me as I thrust myself deeply inside of her tunnel of love.

Emily moaned softly and turned her face away from me. I began to nibble at her ear and neck and, grasping her hip, I began to slowly work my way in and out of her love tunnel.

“Ohhh,” she cried out softly, “you’re so deep inside of me. It feels wonderful.”

I began to administer a gentle love-making to her tight pussy. She ground her ass back at me and began to rock her body into my long, deep thrusts.

“Ohhhh,” she softly encouraged me, “keep doing what you are doing.”

I was looking forward to doing just that because my previous climaxes were keeping me from popping off too soon. I felt a nice long fuck coming on so I moved my hand to her breast and began to gently squeeze it and toy with her hard little nipple.

“Oh Chucky, I’m going to cum . I’m going to cum again!” she warned. “Oh yes!, Oh yes!, IT’S SOOOOO GOOOD!” she cried out as she arched her back, pressing my hand tightly against her breast.

I once again got to sample the feel of her tight pussy milking my cock while her juices flowed.. Her cumming almost pushed me over the edge, but after our earlier bouts of sexual activity I managed to hold back.

I kept on moving slowly and deeply into Emily’s incredibly soft and tight pussy while she calmed down. I continuing to caress her tits and nipples; she turned her head and gazed at me with a look of blissful satisfaction.

“You’re ready to cum, aren’t you?” she asked. I assured her that I was almost there and kept up my slow movements inside of her.

“Then go ahead, fill me up with whatever you’ve got left,” she encouraged. As I said, I was close, and began to thrust harder into her warm and tender orifice. “Ohhh, it feels so good to have you inside of me — I wish we could go on forever”.

I felt the orgasm approaching and began to fuck her in earnest. Her breast shook in my hand as I drove into her and that was all it took — I exploded in a mind blowing orgasm. When I finally stopped cumming, I just lay there on my side, trying to catch my breath. I could feel my cock slowly deflating and easing its way out of her moist entrance.

“I wish we could go on forever,” she repeated once again. But I need a rest. I think it’s time you went home.”

“I guess you’re right,” I answered.

Emily got up and padded off to the bathroom. I also got out of the bed, wiped myself off with the washcloth and towel that she had previously brought in with her, and went back to the living room to put my clothes back on. When I returned to the bedroom, Emily was still naked on the bed, but half asleep. I kissed her gently once again and told her I would let myself out. It went unsaid that we would see each other again.

As I drove home, I reviewed the activities of the evening over and over in my mind. As I reveled in the details of what I had been through, my prick began to harden again. I resolved then and there to come home and visit my parents with much more frequency. As I neared my house, I wondered to myself if Emily might be lying in her bed and thinking of me, gently rubbing her pussy in contentment

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