My Eighteenth Birthday Ch. 1

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My name is Laurie and I am thirty-five years old. Thanks to my father’s generosity, I am a successful businesswoman. I am happily married and have two beautiful children. From time to time, I visit my handsome father in New York and we catch up on our fucking. Yes, I said fucking. Daddy is the best fucker I have ever known. Please notice that I did not say lover. We do not make love, we fuck like rutting animals. If you would like to know how it began, please read on.

I will never forget my eighteenth birthday. My father spared no expense in throwing me the biggest birthday bash in town. All of my friends were there. After I blew out the birthday candles, Daddy handed me the keys to the brand new sports car that he had promised me if I remained a virgin. The prior day, he had taken me to my gynecologist, who confirmed that my hymen was intact. He also examined my anus and told my father that, in his opinion, that door had never been opened. Daddy had to take my word for it that I had never used my mouth or hand on a man. It was the truth. I was innocent in every respect.

I was shamelessly proud of my new car and took all of my friends out for joy rides. But the car was not the only gift from my sweet Daddy. After returning from a joy ride, he handed me a letter that had just been delivered. It was from his alma mater, one of the most prestigious universities in the country. He had pulled strings and greased palms to get me accepted. A simple peck on the cheek seemed like poor thanks for all he had done for me. The time flew by and soon I was at the door thanking and saying goodbye to my dear friends. A short time later, I took my first step toward womanhood.

When I began to blossom, my father begged me to remain a virgin. He explained that having a child or contracting a disease could destroy my life. The real reason was that he wanted me for himself. He called me into his study and said, “It’s time I taught you the facts of life.” He patted the couch beside him. As I sat next to him, I knew that this wouldn’t be the usual parent-daughter talk. I sensed that it would be much more than that.

He picked up a remote control and pressed a button. A shocking image appeared on the big screen. My father was stretched out naked on a bed and my beautiful mother was kneeling beside him with her hand wrapped around his enormous cock. Father had divorced my mother three years earlier after she became a hopeless alcoholic and drug addict. I didn’t have a problem with it. She never abused me, however she did ignore me, probably out of jealousy. I hardly knew her.

My jaw dropped and my eyes widened when I saw what they were doing. “Do you know what that is kağıthane escort called?” Daddy asked. I shook my head. “It’s called a hand job. I love hand jobs because they make me cum better than anything else. Now watch closely.” At first, her hand slid slowly up and down his thick shaft. He said something to her and she picked up speed. “Watch carefully now. Here it comes.” The camera zoomed in closer to catch every detail.

Daddy bellowed as his cock erupted. The stuff coming out of it shot two feet into the air. “That stuff is called semen but most people call it cum,” Daddy explained. “I’m ejaculating but most call it cumming.” I could hardly believe my eyes and neither could my laughing mother. By the time Daddy went limp, his manly torso was covered with what he had referred to as cum. He sat up, looked into the camera, and said with a wink, “That was a ball-buster.”

A new scene started featuring the same act but a different man who kept a pillow over his face to hide his identity. I didn’t learn until later that he was my uncle, my mother’s brother. She giggled as she jerked her brother’s cock until it shot off a load almost as big as Daddy’s.

“What did you think of that?” Daddy asked. While I had been watching, something happened in my pussy. I felt a tingle and a wetness. I was becoming sexually aroused. I was very impressed by my father’s magnificent body and huge cock. He was a very handsome man. I had seen him in swim trunks so I knew about his superb body, but I had never imagined such a large cock between his legs.

A new scene started with my mother on her knees in front of Daddy. She jerked his cock until it spewed onto her big tits. “I think it’s time to get started,” Daddy said. He picked up another remote and the record light on the video camera directed at the couch turned red. “Take my pants off now,” he said.

My heart pounded in my temples as I fumbled with Daddy’s belt buckle and zipper. As I pulled his pants down, his huge cock, unrestrained by underwear, sprang up like a striking cobra and thumped my arm. I took his pants completely off and then, at his direction, unbuttoned and removed his shirt. “It’s your turn to get naked now,” he said.

I stood in front of him and slowly removed every article of clothing. Daddy licked his lips and stroked his cock as he watched. “Very nice,” he said as my perfect round breasts were bared. I was blushing furiously as I lowered my panties. “Beautiful. You have a natural bush. Don’t ever spoil it by shaving or trimming it. Toss me your panties.”

As Daddy carefully examined my panties, a big smile crossed his face. “Yes, there is definitely kartal escort dew here in the crotch.” I was shocked when he took the crotch in his mouth and sucked. He came toward me and turned me to face the camera. Standing beside me so as not to block the view, he fondled my breasts before running his hand down to my bush. As he applied pressure to my clit with the heel of his hand, a shudder ran up my body. The sensation was like nothing I had experienced before! While he masturbated me, I watched him shoot off again on the screen.

I was disappointed when he took his hand away. After returning to the couch, he pulled me up against him so he could feel my titties against his side. “Rub it all over my cock, baby,” he said as he handed me a jar of Vaseline. Daddy’s cock felt so good in my hand that I didn’t want to ever let go. “After watching your mother jack me off six times you should know how I like it. Start out slow and pick up speed when I tell you.”

I experimented with various grips and strokes, all of which seemed to come naturally to me. Instinct must have taken over because I had never had a cock in my hand. “That feels incredible, baby. I had forgotten how good a hand job feels.” I took that to mean that he hadn’t had one in a long time. “You mean you haven’t had it since Mother left?” He chuckled at my naivete. “Doing without isn’t fatal. A man can make do with his own hand if he must. I’ll show you sometime.”

I was stunned. He was such a handsome and wealthy man that he could have had his pick of women. “Okay, Baby, a little harder and faster now. Whatever you do, don’t let go until I tell you to. You’ll get cum all over your hand but it won’t hurt you.” I pumped that huge cock so fast that my hand was a blur. “OH, FUCK, YES!” he bellowed and then his cum shot out under such pressure that a gob hit me on the cheek. At the same time, his television image was shooting off. I was thrilled by the power I had over my convulsing father. I literally had the big, powerful man in the palm of my hand. I didn’t stop jerking his cock until he pulled my hand away.

My hand was covered with jism. I held it up and examined it closely. “So this is the stuff that made me, huh, Dad?” He was still trembling, still coming down from his orgasm. “Yes, that’s it. I shot that stuff into your mother and nine months later you came out. Go ahead and taste it. It won’t hurt you.” I wanted to please him so I licked off a gob of the creamy stuff. It really didn’t have much taste at all but I was eager to please him. “Oh, it’s delicious, Daddy. I just love the stuff.” To make my lie more convincing, I licked every drop from my hand. But when küçükçekmece escort I bent down to lick it from his cock, he abruptly stopped me. “No, that isn’t part of my plan. That will come later.”

My education continued as Daddy took his personal porno out of the VCR and put in a professional tape. I was shocked but also excited by the lewd acts that were being performed. I had never imagined that such things were possible. “Okay, Baby, it’s your turn,” Daddy said as he got to his knees and spread my legs. “I hope I haven’t forgotten how to give a girl a handjob. You have a nice big clit. I guess you got that from your mother. Watch the pretty people sucking and fucking as I try to get my little girl off.”

Daddy was rather clumsy at first, but his performance quickly improved. He didn’t want to risk damaging my hymen so all of the stimulation was to the outside. “Have you ever made yourself cum with your hand, honey?” I was a little embarrassed to confess that I had tried but nothing had happened. Daddy was driving me crazy with his fingers, knuckles and the heel of his hand. When he ran his knuckles up and down my slit and across my clitoris, my legs snapped straight out. He grinned with satisfaction when he saw the sex juice trickling from my pussy. “OH, DADDY, YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM! PLEASE DON’T STOP!”

My first honest orgasm was so intense that it was almost painful. The muscles in my belly, groin and thighs tightened until I feared they would snap. Until that moment, I hadn’t known what true physical pleasure is. I must have passed out for a few seconds. When I awoke I discovered to my horror that I had lost control of my bladder and was peeing against my father’s hairy chest. I couldn’t shut off the faucet and my smiling Daddy wouldn’t move out of the way.

“I’m so sorry, Daddy,” I said when the golden shower stopped. I hurried to the bathroom and returned with a towel. As I dried him, he said, “Don’t be sorry, Pumpkin. I enjoyed it very much, and it means I did a good job on you. I wanted your first orgasm to be as strong as possible, and I’m not disappointed.”

“It felt so good, Daddy. I’m so glad now that I stayed a virgin all of these years so you could give me my first orgasm. I will never forget it.”

I jacked Daddy off three more times that night, each time in a different position. Everything was captured on video for many years of voyeuristic enjoyment. Daddy gave me an equal number of hand jobs. I didn’t think it was possible but, as he gained experience, each one was better than the last. The final one made me multi-orgasmic for the first time. While I was cumming for the fourth time in a row, I begged him to fuck me. “FUCK ME, DADDY. PLEASE, PLEASE FUCK ME!”

He took his hand away and wiped the sweat from my forehead. “The fucking will come in a few days, baby. It’s a great temptation to make a woman of you right now, but I want to do it right. We must regain our strength. Be patient.”

To Be Continued…

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