My Daughter Found Me Pt. 02

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I did not use an editor, and I know there are mistakes but I hope you will overlook those and just enjoy the story.


I stood and watched Lisa Jo until she had a powerful climax, pushing her ass off the chair and maintaining three points of contact with the chair; the back of her legs and her head. This is not the first time I had noticed Lisa Jo’s body, but the first time I had seen her completely naked since she was just a toddler. She is five foot six and I know from doing laundry she has C-cup breast which seems huge over her slender waist. She has brunette hair that falls between her shoulder blades. And now I know that her pussy is shaved smooth.

When she came down from her climax she looked up and smiled at me. “Come sit back down Daddy.” and I did.

“Daddy, I really enjoyed that and I don’t want to have to blackmail you into continuing. I do believe however, this can be fun for both of us if you let it.”

“Baby girl, it was fun, but it is wrong.”

“Daddy, we are not having sex, we are just going to help each other. You trust me don’t you?”

“Of course I do.”

“Good. From now on you will let me take care of satisfying you like you are used to, and you can help me get satisfied as well.”

“Okay I guess. How will this work?”

“Well first of all we are going to change how we dress in the house. As a matter of fact, we won’t dress in the house unless someone is over. We will put something we can slip on and off by the door in case someone rings the bell. I have always wanted to be a nudist and run around here naked already when you are not here. Now I won’t have to hide it. After that anytime either of us gets the urge the other will help get over it.”

“This still feels wrong I think, but maybe after a while it will feel better.”

“That’s the attitude to have. Now how about we get something to eat then we can play some more. I feel like going for steak, let’s hit Bryan’s.” We got dressed and went and ate, neither of us talked about what had happened over the last couple of hours. She talked about how she and several of her high school friends were on the university’s Pom Squad and would be working out together learning routines and moves. They would also be able to hang out at the pool along with new friends she was getting to know. I could hear the excitement in her voice as she talked about this new endeavor. We finished eating and then went to walk around the mall. Of course she came away with a couple new outfits.

Once home Lisa Jo told me; “Get undressed Daddy and meet me in the den again.” I went to my room and undressed before heading to the den.

“Wait Daddy.”

I stopped and looked at Lisa Jo coming out of her room and she was naked as I was.

“Daddy, go into the bathroom and get in the bath. We need to shave you down there.”


“I want you as smooth as I am Daddy.”

We went into the bathroom where we willed the tub with hot water and I soaked for a few minutes before Lisa Jo had me sit on the edge and applied shaving cream around my crotch then shaved me beşiktaş escort smooth. Next she had me turn around and lean over touching the wall. She added more cream to my ass and shaved it entirely smooth as well, paying particular attention to around my asshole. I then dried off and we headed to the den.

“I get to go first Daddy.” Lisa Jo said as she placed a large towel on the floor. “Come on Daddy, use your fingers to get me wet then use you, I mean our dildo on my pussy.”

Hesitantly I got down at her feet and looked at the junction between her legs. After I stared at her body for a few I looked up and saw her smiling at me.

“Daddy, I know it has been a long time since you have been with a woman. We are not having sex, we are just helping one another. Touch me Daddy. Run your hands over my legs to get comfortable.”

I did as she suggested. The more I touched her legs the more comfortable I felt. Soon I was running my fingers over the outside of her pussy lips and she started rotating her hips shortly. Slowly I inserted one finger then two and fingered her until she came on my fingers. Then I took the dildo and inserted into her pussy and brought her to another climax which was so strong she was on three points, both feet and her head tilted back, and she squirted her juice all over me and the bed.

“I have never squirted like that Daddy!” she exclaimed after she caught her breath. “I have one more hole I want that thing in. Get the lube and fuck my ass with it Daddy. I want to feel what you do.”

I got the lube and fingered her ass with one, two and then three fingers. Soon she was writhing on my fingers. I took them out and lubed up the fake cock, my fake cock, and used it on Lisa Jo. I slid it in slowly, pumping it in and out, going just a bit deeper each time. When I had inserted it all inside her ass Lisa Jo asked me to hold off for a minute.

“Damn Daddy, this really fills me up. It feels good! I see why you like this Daddy. Okay I am ready, let me have it. Fuck me hard and long Daddy.” I grabbed the lube and as it came out, I poured a more on the dildo so it would move easily into and out of her ass. “Oh fuck yeah.” she said when I slammed it home before slowly pulling it out and repeated this over and over until she came again.This time as she came something came over me and before I knew what I was doing I had my mouth on her clit and sucked it hard into my mouth. She again went up on three points and squirted all over me.

Once she collapsed, I pulled away and looked at her as she lay quivering. ‘What have I done?’ I thought to myself. ‘Oh Go, she is my own daughter and I just sucked her pussy.’ I stood quickly and started for the door.

“No Daddy. Don’t you dare walk out of this room.”

I stopped and stood a moment, taking a deep breath and releasing it, I turned back to Lisa Jo.

“Why did you do that Daddy?”

“I don’t know baby, something just came over me.”

“Did you like the way I tasted Daddy. You know I am not mad!”

I lowered my head, eyes to the ground. beşiktaş eve gelen escort I nodded my head yes.

“That was so intense Daddy. I am glad you did it. You have made me cum so hard today. Harder than I ever have before. Look at me Daddy.” I looked up at her, her legs still gaped open, the dildo laying on the bed between her legs. “I love you Daddy, and I love what you have done to, and for me. Daddy, we are exploring and coming up with so many new norms. This is just a new norm to add to it. Now why don’t you go wash this off while I continue to recoup some and then I will use it on you.”

I did as she asked and returned to the den. Lisa Jo was up on her knees next to the towel. I noticed it was a clean and dry one she had put down for me. ‘What the hell.” I thought so I just laid down on the towel and pulled my legs up. I wanted this as much as she did. I wanted to feel someone fuck me, not me having to do all the work. This would work great. Lisa Jo moved between my legs and rubbed my cock and balls for a moment or two then took the lube in her hand and let it pour down just below my balls and run to my asshole. Slowly one finger, then two and finally three fingers just like I had used on her. Then she moved up a bit and placed my legs over her shoulders, then taking the dildo she slowly worked it into my ass. “Play with your cock.” she told me. I took it in my hand and started stroking it.

“Oh God this is so hot. Fucking my daddy as he masturbates. I could almost cum just from doing this.” she said as she continued to fuck my ass. Soon I started to use her shoulders and my legs to pull myself up and down as she fucked me. I was getting close.

“I am going to cum baby, shove that thing in deep baby just like I did to you NOW!”

Just as she slammed the dildo home in my ass she grabbed the hand I was beating off with and held it at the base of my cock and moved her mouth to the tip and took my cum in her mouth. She swallowed it all!

“Oh God, I think I have died and gone to heaven. But why?”

“You helped me finish Daddy. I could help you.”

We lay next to each other and then decided it was time to get up, clean the room, get ourselves cleaned up and start thinking about supper. During my shower there were lots of things other than supper on my mind.

This was the routine every day for the next two weeks when I came home from work and Lisa Jo came in from classes. We would have these sessions with us fucking each other with the dildo and then at the very end, we would cover each others sex organ I would swallow here girl cum when she squirted and she would swallow my cum from the end of my cock. Then on Friday after I had made Lisa Jo cum she told me; “I have a surprise for you today my dear daddy. We are going to do this a little different.”

“Okay…I guess.”

“You will love it Daddy, trust your little girl.”

“You know I do baby.”

“Good. Go clean off the dildo, then come back in here and get on the towel on your hands and knees. We are going to try a different beşiktaş grup yapan escort position.”

It has become our normal habit to use two towels in the den for our play time. It was always with us on our backs so we could use our mouth when the other finished. Then the one who was driving the dildo would clean it. Usually it was my fucking Lisa Jo with it first then her fucking me with it. ‘Was she going to lay under me so I could eat her and she could suck and swallow me while she fucked me with the toy? That would be different,’ I thought as I cleaned it off.

I went back into the room and Lisa Jo was not there. I went ahead and got into position and only had to wait a few seconds. “Don’t turn around Daddy and don’t peak. Just trust me okay?”

“Okay baby.”

I closed my eyes and held my head straight out. Lisa Jo moved behind me and started rubbing my ass while telling me how much pleasure she got when I fucked her or she fucked me with the dildo but it was time to change things up just a bit. She lubed me up and then slowly started inserting the cock. When it was about half way in she asked; “Are you ready for all of it Daddy.”

“Oh God yes, fuck me hard Baby, it feels good this way!”

With that Lisa Jo slammed the fake cock into me but it was different. This time it was different! Lisa Jo’s hips were against mine! “What the fuck?”

“I bought a strap-on and harness Daddy. From now on I am going to fuck you good and hard like you need fucked Daddy.” As she spoke these two sentences it did not escape me that she had pulled almost all the way out and then slammed back in as she said “Daddy” each time. This was her dominating me! I loved it!!

“Oh fuck me baby. Fuck my ass! Own my ass baby.”

As I said this Lisa Jo started fucking me hard and slapping my ass with each time she shoved the cock in my ass.

“Daddy I own your ass, it belongs to me. Mine to fuck, mine to abuse. MINE, MINE MINE!!”

We both came as she screamed mine the last time. Then we collapsed on the floor, her on top of me. She kissed my neck, and nibbled on my ear.

“Daddy, I love you and I want you to be happy. I know this makes you happy but I know you want more. I am going to give you everything you want but you have to trust me. Tell me you trust me and will do what I say, when and where I say. Tell me Daddy or it all goes away, and I think that would be worse for you than the video going out. Tell me Daddy.”

“I trust you baby and will do what you say, when and where you say. I am yours baby!”

“Good. Now get cleaned up and help me clean up in here please. The whole pom squad will be here in about three hours to spend the weekend. We are going to lounge by the pool and you are going to be our host slash butler for the weekend getting us anything we need.”

“Your not going to embarrass me in front of your friends are you? Please don’t do that.”

“No Daddy. My friends are just coming over like they did in high school…just to hang out, except this time you will be fixing us food and drinks and taking care of us.”

With that she pulled out of me and stood up, I rolled over on my back and looked up at her. She looked sexy as hell with her big tits, her shaved pussy and the strap-on hanging out. How was this weekend going to be? No fucking each other and fifteen hot as hell co-eds in swim suits, most likely bikinis. I would be in hell!


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