My Daddy

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Ok, this is a very short story I wrote for some shit publisher that does not know how to pay. So, you guys get to enjoy it, well, I hope you will. There will be no part two of any kind, sorry.

Acknowledgement: Editing and creative input by GirlWatchin.


Julie lay in her bed, curled in a ball. As tears rolled from her eyes, she listened to her Mom and Dad fighting.

“I wish they’d stop,” she whispered, knowing what the argument was about. Over the last year or so, her Mom had lost all interest in sex, leaving Julie’s poor Dad in agony.

“Poor Daddy,” Julie sobbed, thinking of her handsome father. She wished that she was his wife. She’d keep him happy, she thought to herself. He’d never want for anything again.

“I love you so much, Daddy,” Julie whispered, before sliding her small hand between her legs, while thinking of him coming to her to satisfy all of his desires.

The next morning Julie woke up feeling like her young insides were on fire with excitement. She knew why. She’d spent the entire night dreaming of her father loving her.

“Oh shit!” she moaned giving her pussy a gentle rub, wishing it was him doing it. “I want you so much!” she whimpered. She crawled from her bed and went to shower, visions of him running through her mind.

He sat at the kitchen table having his morning coffee. Suddenly, two loving arms wrapped around his chest.

“Good morning baby,” he smiled, reaching up to hug the love of his life. “How’s my girl today?” he asked pulling her around to sit on his lap.

Oh my Lord, he thought, looking over her very, very thin nightshirt. Through the nearly sheer fabric, he could also see her equally small panties. As he watched her body, he could feel his cock filling with blood.

Julie was around five foot six inches tall, with short blonde hair. Her hair was cut to her shoulders and she had the prettiest blue eyes he’d ever seen. What he loved the most about her was her full C cup breasts capped by large, dark brown nipples, easily visible through the nightshirt. Her nipples always stood proud, no matter what she wore. He loved watching her.

“I’m fine, but how are you?” Julie asked in her caring voice. She loved him so much and it nearly killed her thinking of him being alone.

“I’m fine, Sweetie,” he smiled as he wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close to him.

“I heard you and Mom again last night,” she added, caressing the side of his face. She wished she could give him the love he so dearly deserved. “Why do you put up with her?”

“Sweetie, she’s my wife.”

“But Daddy, she treats you so awful. You’re so handsome. Any girl in her right mind would kill for a guy like you,” she said in a lustful voice, knowing that she’d be the first woman in line to be with him.

He just smiled, holding her in his arms, wishing she wasn’t his daughter. “You think so?” he teased, pulling her onto his lap. He wondered why she was breathing so hard. As he watched her face, the look in her eyes made his cock begin to grow.

“I know so. All my friends want to do you,” she smiled, feeling his cock growing under her small 34 inch ass. “I think if they ever got the chance…they’d rape you!” Julie said as her heart pounded, hoping he’d see that she was one of them.

He laughed at her. “You girls’ are crazy! I’m an old man. You need to find some young stud to do you, not a 48 year old man,” he replied. Again he noticed something in her pretty eyes. Something he hadn’t seen in years. His sexy, little girl was horny. Horny for him. He wasn’t sure of what to do about it.

“Hell with that! Guys my age don’t know how to do anything!” Julie laughed thinking of the last guy she went out with. They were making out for just a few minutes. When she reached to hold his cock, he came in his pants.

“Personally I’d like a ‘man’ that could love me all day without stopping,” she whispered, thinking of all the nights that she’d heard Daddy screwing Mom for over two long and glorious hours before he ever came. That’s what she needed. Daddy screwing her like that would be a dream come true.

‘Damn girl!’ he smiled to himself, envisioning screwing her that long. He wondered if his heart would hold up or if he’d die in orgasmic ecstasy, blowing a load of sperm deep into her hot little pussy. “I’ve always thought that you behaved yourself,” he said, knowing his vision would never come true. Julie was a sweet girl, he thought, undoubtedly, still a virgin.

“I can play around without going all the way,” she said, giving him an innocent little girl smile. She saw his face light up. ‘Daddy likes me being his little virgin,’ she thought. She could feel his cock grew more against her tight little ass. Julie knew this could turn out to be the best day of her young life. “I’m still Daddy’s little girl!” Julie said with her most seductive and innocent voice, enjoying his long hard cock flexing under her ass.

He ran his fingers through Julie’s soft hair. He could just image being her first man. But he was afraid. bağdat caddesi escort Afraid she wasn’t talking about him at all.

Maybe she liked one of her teachers or someone he didn’t even know. “That’s nice to know,” he smiled, pulling her to him, hugging her tight. He couldn’t control his cock. It went wild under Julie’s ass. But she didn’t move or say anything about it.

‘I wonder if she likes it,’ he thought as he held her. He couldn’t resist thinking of being in her sexy, little body, even if she was his daughter.

“Let me skip school today? We can go up to the lake and hang out on the boat. I have a new bikini I’ve been dying to show you,” Julie said, in her soft voice that got her anything she wanted from him. “Please!” she begged in one of those ‘little girl’ voices that could melt her Daddy like butter, while she looked deep into his eyes. Her look was one that could drive any guy wild, and her Daddy was only a guy. Julie knew how to use her looks so very well.

He knew he’d let her have her way. They’d be headed up to the lake as soon as he shaved and took a shower.

“What if your Mom finds out?” he asked. Deep down, he was to the point of not caring what she thought. It was like he was living with his sister and he was fed up with it.

“Who cares?” Julie laughed, hoping so much that this would be the day that she’d take over being his lover. She wanted to feel his long, hard cock up her pussy so bad she hurt. “She’s not your wife anymore. She hasn’t fucked you in so long. A real wife would give you all the love and sex you wanted or needed,” she purred in his ear, enjoying his stiffness under her tiny butt. “I’d be a good wife to you and love you all the time,” she moaned, hoping her words of love wouldn’t screw up their day alone.

He couldn’t believe what Julie said. He knew she really loved him, but how could she love him like that, he wondered.

“Someday you’re going to make someone a good wife. I just hope the man you get is a good one,” he replied, wishing that just maybe, he’d find someone just like her.

Julie felt her heart sink just a little, but she wasn’t about to give up! Not this easily! ‘Don’t you get it,’ she thought to herself, ‘I want you, you silly man!’ She hugged him so tight she knew that he could feel every curve of her tender young body. Julie knew before this day was over, he’d be all hers.

“He’ll be just like you,” Julie whispered in her Daddy’s ear, wishing she had the nerve to slide to the floor, pull his hard cock from his pants and suck him until he passed out. ‘Later,’ she finally decided. ‘There was always later.’


She looked in the mirror one last time, making sure the tiny bikini was right and her hair was brushed perfectly. “Here goes!” Julie said. A massive rush of heat flooded her pussy and she walked out on deck.

“Holy shit!” he gasped when he saw his daughter. His eyes scanned her body lustfully, admiring the tiny, tiny bikini and wondering what kept it on her. Her large breasts and nipples were so excited under the small pieces of cloth that they protruded visibly.

To Julie, her erect nipples were harder than she’d ever felt them.

As he looked down, a small, but very visible wet spot was quickly forming between her wonderfully shapely cheerleaders legs.

“Be glad I’m your Dad or you’d be in big trouble!” he laughed, wondering what it would be like making love to someone as sexy as Julie.

She carefully sat down beside him and smiled. “Don’t let that stand in your way,” she said. She watched his dark eyes wander appreciatively over every singly inch of her young, excited body.

“Like what you see?” she asked, feeling the wet spot between her legs growing bigger. She thought passionately of her Daddy pulling her down onto his bed and fucking her brains out.

“Oh yes! Maybe I like it a little too much,” he replied, opening two beers, giving her one as he guzzled the other.

Julie watched her poor Daddy, knowing that teasing him like this wasn’t a very nice thing to do. She felt so bad. But she felt far worse that he hadn’t been fucked by his wife in so long. Now, here she was driving him crazy. Sure she wanted him. But he was a good man and Julie wasn’t sure if he’d even think of fucking her.

She set the beer down. “I’m sorry Daddy. Do you want me to change into something else?” she asked reaching hold his hand. She couldn’t help noticing that his cock was hard as a rock again.

He didn’t know what to say. He loved seeing her like this. But his cock was going crazy. He didn’t want her to think he was a pervert.

“I love seeing you in your little bikini, Sweetie, but I don’t want you to think I’m a pervert,” he replied motioning to his swollen cock.

“Oh Daddy, I’d never think that. It makes me tingle all over knowing I could make you so excited,” Julie said, feeling her face flush. She knew her bikini bottom had to be totally soaked by now.

She watched him shifting his shorts, trying to get his bahçelievler escort hard cock in a more comfortable position, but he couldn’t.

“Mmm, Daddy, since we’re so far out, there’s no one else around. Why don’t you just take them off?” she said with a lustful smile. “No one else is going to see you,” she added, hoping he would. Julie had seen him naked a few times, and with a small hard-on. But never this hard, and she wanted to see it all. “I’ve seen you naked around the house,” Julie quickly added, hoping she might convince him to take them off. “Don’t worry. You won’t embarrass me.”

He looked at her for a moment. He couldn’t believe she was asking him to take his shorts off. But she was right on two things: He’d be more comfortable and she had seen him a few times. But never as hard as a damn rock.

“I’m sure you know this can’t leave the boat,” he said, looking deep into her pretty eyes. He could swear he saw her eyes smiling back at him.

“I know, silly! I wouldn’t tell anyone anyway. Something as cool as this would always be just between us anyhow,” Julie said feeling like she’d just been set on fire. Her Daddy, the man she was crazy about and was dying to be his lover, was going to be naked, and all hers.

“I’m starting to wonder about you!” he laughed, then pulled off his shorts. As they hit the deck, he was completely naked, with a raging hard-on for his daughter.

“Is this better?” he asked giving her a wink, seeing her pretty eyes staring at his hard cock pole.

Julie fanned her face and was in heaven. They were out in the middle of the lake. She knew that both of them were as horny as they could be, and he was naked.

“Heck yes it is!” Julie smiled, showing all of her perfect white teeth. “But you should put some lotion on him. We don’t want him getting all burned.” Her voice was soft, and she was trying to keep her eyes off his massive hard on. But her struggle to avoid looking at it was impossible. She couldn’t seem to tear her eyes from his hard shaft. It was standing straight up, and looked so hard as the hot blood pumping through it. Julie wanted more.

He just smiled at her, wondering if he dared asking her to put the sun block on his hard cock. But he knew that he couldn’t do that. If he did, he’d cum all over her.

He squirted lotion in his hand, then reached for his cock and slowly stroked up and down the hard shaft.

Her pretty eyes never moved or blinked once as she followed his hands sliding up and down that iron shaft of man meat. She could swear that she could almost feel the throbbing veins under the velvet skin of his shaft.

He watched her gaze, and again wished that he’d asked her to do it for him. He could imagine the feel of her soft little hands gliding slowly, sensuously up and down his hard shaft, swirling over the super sensitive head of his cock. He almost groaned. He had to stop. A few more strokes and he’d be blasting cum all over the deck.

Julie couldn’t resist watching him stroking his stiff cock, wishing it was her hand wrapped around him. But, of course, if it were her, she’d stroke a lot slower and with more love than he did.

“Do you like watching me?” he asked, looking at her face, then allowing his gaze to drop to her excited breasts.

“Yes, I do,” she admitted.

Then, he had an idea. “You should take that off,” he said, motioning to her bikini top, “so you can get some sun, too.”

Before he could even finish the words, Julie had pulled her top up and off over her head, and was sitting with a big smile.

“Nice!” he said appreciatively, looking at his daughters’ very large, excited nipples.

“Thank you, Daddy,’ she purred.

“You should put some sun block on those,” he said. “You don’t want to get sunburned either.”

She smiled knowingly at him. “Would you like to put the sun block on for me?” she asked, as she sat down on a sun lounge. She knew that he couldn’t resist her. She would not be the one rubbing lotion on her breasts, he would.

She handed him the bottle, slowly laid back for him. “Do me, Daddy!” Julie whispered, looking at him with love in her eyes. She hoped that he’d finally give in and take her and end their agony.

Daddy knelt by her sun lounge. He let his gaze wander up and down her body, before finally returning to her succulent breasts. He squeezed the oily lotion into the palm of his hand. The summery smell of the coconut butter wafted between them. He rubbed his palms together, and then boldly cupped his palms over her breasts.

His hands spread the slippery oil over each breast, and he could feel her hard nipples scraping against his palms. He slowly teased each nipple, and then pinched them to high tension.

Julie could feel the electric sensation of his hands gliding over her breasts. Her areola’s crinkled so hard that they virtually disappeared into the hard erect nipples. Then she felt him pinch her nipples, and a surge of lust flashed directly from her nipples to her clit.

“Oh, bahçeşehir escort God!” she moaned with lust. “Please, Daddy! Please! I want you to love me,” she said.

Tears of need and frustration rolled down her face. “Please!” Julie begged. She reached to hold his hard cock, gently rubbing him, hoping he’d want her.

He knew this was coming and there was no way he could turn Julie away. She was so young, exciting and the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen in his life.

She stroked her hand up and down his slippery shaft, and he groaned.

He carefully lay beside her, caressing her swollen nipples, enjoying her lustful moaning. Her tiny hand continued stroking him with love.

“Oh Daddy! I need you so bad!” Julie cried arching her back, thinking of him ending the horrible burning deep in her young pussy. “Please!” she moaned stroking him, wanting him nice and hard. “Ram this big, hard Daddy cock up my little pussy and make me yours!” Julie whimpered.

He leaned over and lifted her and the lounge cushion, and laid her on the deck. Then he sucked one of her hard nipples into his mouth, his tongue sensuously swirling around the sensitive nub. The electric sensations fired staccato shots of need at her clit each time his tongue scraped across the sensitive surface of her nipple.

Finally, she realized. Finally and it was happening. He slowly untied her bikini bottom. She raised her ass slightly, and he pulled the small pieces of fabric from her body. Then, he moved over her, using his knees to spread her legs. Her body trembled with urgent need.

“I love you,” he whispered giving her a soft kiss on the lips. Then, he reached between their bodies and grasped his hard shaft. He guided himself to the lips of her pussy, rubbing the head of his shaft into her slick crevice, then higher, where he flicked her swollen clit. Finally, he positioned his shaft at the entrance to her sheath, and he eased slowly forward. He remembered that Julie was a virgin. “Oh Julie!” he growled, enjoying the feel of her young body squeezing his cock.

Julie was scared, but she knew her Daddy would never hurt her in any way. She felt his stiff cock at her tiny hole and it was time. Time to go from ‘Daddy’s little girl’ to Daddy’s woman.

“I love you too,” she whispered, took a deep breath. Julie was ready.

He eased into the slippery wetness of his daughters’ super tight little pussy until he felt the resistance of her intact hymen.

“This is it, Baby. Are you sure you want me to do this?” he asked. “If I go any further, you won’t be a virgin any more.”

“Oh, Daddy! Please don’t tease me!” she groaned, pulling her legs as wide open as she possibly could while pushing her hips up into the air to receive his opening thrust.

He studied her face for a moment, and then slammed his hard cock fully into her hot little pussy.

“Daddy!” she squealed, feeling as if her tiny pussy had been torn in two. Her back arched, pain slammed through her body from her torn pussy to her brain and she screamed. “It hurts Daddy! It hurts so bad!” Julie screamed, hoping the horrible pain would ease. She’d heard the first time hurt, but she never imagined it would be like this.

Without moving, he held her as tight as he could, trying to comfort her while enjoying her little pussy squeezing him like a vise. “Relax baby,” he crooned in Julie’s ear as he gently kissed it. “Just relax. The pain will be over in just a minute. And then, just think of all the fun we’re going to have now,” he said in a soft voice. He reached to caress her nipples.

Julie’s body began to slowly calm down.

“That’s my girl,” he smiled, giving her a deep and very loving kiss. He knew that life couldn’t get any better than this. Not many men his age had the pleasure of loving an eighteen-year-old girl, let alone, their own daughter.

Julie closed her pretty eyes, remembering all the times that she had wanted him. She thought about how he’d unwittingly turned her on. Now he was in her. His long, hard cock was deep inside her tiny little pussy, and about to fuck her, making all of her dreams come true.

“Oh Daddy! It feels…so wonderful in me,” Julie whimpered as her pussy continued relaxing. Finally, she just relaxed. She was enjoying her Daddy.

“It’ll get better and better,” he smiled, giving her a soft, passionate kiss on the lips. He had to finish this. His cock was hurting so bad with his need to cum.

“I need you, little girl,” he whispered as his hips slowly started moving back, his gaze locked on her eyes.

She stared back at him, then answered, “I need you too, Daddy,” and began drawing her hips down too.

Finally, the head of his cock barely in the entrance to her hot channel, he began thrusting forward back into her. Her hips rose to meet his plunging shaft half way, his heavy balls slapping against the crack of her ass.

He drew back again, faster, this time, then pushed back into her. She met his thrust easily with her own counter-thrust.

His hard shaft pounded rhythmically back and forth and to his surprise, Julie was moving with him.

“That’s my girl,” he groaned, enjoying the warm, loving glow on her face. He knew this was not going to last very long. He could already feel his balls tightening in preparation for blasting his seed into his daughters’ sweet little pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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