My Cute Little Sister Ch. 2

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Continued from My Cute Little Sister… (true story)

“Um, sure, I guess”, I said, gladly and walked towards her, anticipating the waves of electricity her soft touch would generate in my cock and throughout my body, but she looked like she regretted what she had just uttered.

“Bro, but wait wait wait…don’t you think it’s wrong, I mean what if mom and dad found out and saw you like this, o my god they would kill us! And plus, I think we are even now anyway. You saw me that day and today you showed yourself to me”.

She was renegging. But I was not about to let her. My cock throbbing, I held her hand with mine and gently massaged it. She did not seem to resist.

“She wants it,” I thought to myself. And said in a low tone:

“Nisha look, no one is here, plus you know it is harmless anyway. Neither one of us has done this before and it is only touching, it’s not like you know.. “, traditional Indian taboos would not even allow me to complete the sentence. I looked into her eyes which were still focused on one thing, my cock. She had probably scanned every millimeter of it with her eyes a thousand times in this ten minute encounter.

Thinking I had to take the first step, as I had been doing so far, I took her hand and gently placed it on my cock, and let her hand go. She touched ataşehir escort the tip of it, and got a little closer to look at the pre-cum she had on her fingers now.

“The tip is so soft”, she giggled. I was relieved to see her smile.

“Yes it is, Nisha”, I said, “You can go ahead and feel it, I do it too.”

It was almost like her life depended on my green signal. She grabbed my cock with her little hand and explored every part, all 6 inches of it. From the tip to the base, she touched, felt and squeezed it. Needless to say, this touching had made my already throbbing cock almost ready to spit out its load. And so I came, one of my most powerful orgasms so far. The cum spurted out and went straight through her fingers and all over her t-shirt and pants.

“O my god, what happened,” she giggled and moved away.

“I came, what else”, I panted as cum continued to ooze out of my cock.

“Wow”, her eyes looked like they were little light bulbs.

“We gotta clean this first and then your end of the bargain”, I smiled.

I helped her wipe my cum off of her clothes and she said she would change and come back. I followed her into her bedroom and said:

“Hey you can change right here, with me inside, I can touch your breasts avcılar escort and we are even”.

By this time, I think she had let her guard completely down. What is an inexperienced 18-yr old girl supposed to do after all? She started taking her clothes off. Pretty soon, she was naked, her soft and succulent breasts out in the open and the glorious pussy glistening with moisture, with just a hint of pubic hair sticking out from her mound.
This was the most heavenly body I had ever seen. I walked towards her,

“Nisha wow you are beautiful”, I murmured as I touched her nipples, and slowly ran my fingers around her firm breasts.

“Aaaaah!”, she sighed, as I continued to explore her breasts with my hands, being very gentle.

“Do you like it, Nisha?”

“Yes bro, don’t stop”, she sighed and walked towards her bed where she collapsed on her back.

I moved towards her, and resumed my gentle exploration of her breasts again. Slowly, my fingers came down to her stomach and towards her pussy. She didn’t seem to mind, totally forgetting that she had agreed to let me touch her breasts only and not her pussy.

I bent over and sucked her belly button. Slowly, I moved my fingers over her pubic hair and then further south. I teased her with my soft avrupa yakası escort touch, gently caressing the top of her cunt with my middle finger, licking her pre-cum off my fingers and letting my left hand take care of her breasts.

“ooooohh bhayya (bro in hindi), don’t stop!!!!”, she cried out. She was squirming by now and her breathing had noticeably increased. “AAAH!!”

“I won’t, Nisha, you have your fun!!!”

Saying that, I moved my mouth over her soft pussy and placed my lips over her pussy lips, sucking and licking it violently.

“AAAHH!!! BHAYYA!!!” , she screamed and with one big push, she squirmed and came, and then lay still after shaking for about 30 seconds.

“O my god, bhayya, what happened, this has never happened to me, I promise bhayya, is everything ok?? ” , she looked at my eyes, worried and still laying naked on her bed.

I laughed, “Everything is ok Nisha, you just came, just like I did, it is normal, that’s what the fun is all about”.

“Man o man, this was the best thing that ever happened to me bhayya”, she gasped and smiled.

“But don’t forget, we are still not even, I licked your.. your… pussy with my mouth, I went down on you and you didn’t”, I said slyly.

She smiled: “Bro, do you always have to leave something for me to make up in the future?”

I laughed, “Hey I was just trying to make you feel good, Nisha”, saying that I lied on top of her, skin to skin for about two hours. Then she got up and dressed. I thought to myself, man if it continues, I am the luckiest bastard on the planet.

Stay tuned….

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