My Brother, My Lover Ch. 10

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“Amber Wilkinson?” Mrs. Adams echoed.

“Yes. I spoke with you today over the phone, remember? You asked me to relay the message to Callie about her father leaving the car at work after lunch.”

Mrs. Adams laughed softly. “Oh yes of course. I?m sorry. What can I do for you today.”

Amber looked in the house. It seemed like such a nice place to live. It had a small touch of country. It was nothing compared to her parent’s huge house with white walls and expensive art. This house had a warm feeling to it.

“May I come in? I need to talk to you about Callie.” Amber asked nervously.

“About Callie? Yes, sure.” Mrs. Adams stepped aside letting the girl walk in.

Amber gazed around the house and saw tons of pictures of Callie and Nathan in gorgeous picture frames. They must be a tight family Amber thought. She continued walking and sat on one of the soft couches in the living room.

Mrs. Adams followed her. She hoped this girl wasn’t here to deliver any bad news about her daughter.

“Would you like anything to drink?” Gloria asked Amber.

Amber nodded. “N-no thank you. Listen Mrs. Adams, I got something to tell you but I think you should brace yourself.”

Gloria felt her heart race. “Is Callie in trouble?”

Amber was about to speak when Gloria’s phone rang. “Oh wait honey, I gotta get this.”

Amber watched the woman run to the phone. She saw a huge picture book on the coffee table. Feeling curious, she started looking through the pictures. Most of the pictures were of the family of course. They were of vacations, birthday parties, graduations, or just pictures taken for fun. Amber almost felt her eyes tear up again. She knew Callie had a loving family and that she didn’t. Amber’s parents were hardly ever home when she was growing up. Her house always felt empty and cold. She didn’t have any siblings of her own, so it was very lonesome at times.

“You like that picture? It was Callie’s first communion.” Gloria said suddenly.

Amber looked up startled. She hadn’t realized Mrs. Adams was back. She was staring at the picture of Callie as a child in a white dress holding a candle at a church. “Oh yeah. I guess I was just trying to figure out if that was Callie.”

Mrs. Adams smiled. “Yes my little girl. We are so proud of her. Well of her and my son of course. I feel so lucky to have children like them.”

Amber almost cringed. She just remembered her terrible day. She’d quite her job and wouldn’t be able to see the man she loved because of Callie Adams.Stop being weak Amber, and tell this woman what her “innocent” daughter has been doing with her “wonderful” son.

“Mrs. Adams,” Amber said putting the picture book down, “You’re daughter is doing something very bad.”

Gloria frowned. “Bad? What do you mean? Like drugs?”

Amber sighed. “No. She’s committing incest.”

Gloria felt as if she’d been knocked out. “W-what?”

Amber shrugged. “Yeah. Incest. She’s your son’s lover.”

Gloria got up angry. “Listen young lady, I don?t know why you’re here telling me this, but I think you better leave now!”

Amber shot her eyes of fury. “I’m telling you the truth! Please believe me!”

Gloria began to walk to the door to let this strange rude girl out immediately. “Please leave right now!”

Amber got up slowly still trying to defend herself. “I swear to you! I saw them with my own eyes kissing!”

“Leave!” Gloria yelled out opening the door.

Amber was getting frustrated and felt her face turn red. Why didn’t anyone believe her? Did everyone think Callie was that innocent? Fuck that bitch! Callie was an incestuous slut and she wanted to make sure everyone knew it!

Just then they both heard a car pull up. Gloria saw her daughter walking towards the door staring suspiciously at the car that was parked. Little did she know it was Amber’s car.

“Mom? Hey do you have company?” Callie asked at the door.

Gloria didn’t respond and Amber stood behind her.

“Amber? What are you doing here?” Callie looking confused.

“I’m here to tell your mother that you’re sick. You and you’re brother are lovers aren’t you? I saw you both kissing in your office the other day!”

Callie felt her face turn white as a ghost. Her mother looked down. “Amber get the hell out of my mother’s house! “

“Oh sure I’m leaving. I’m just glad she knows. Go on Callie, try to deny it. Let me watch you lie to your own mother who trusts you. Lie to her like you have been lying to everyone else!”

“Get out!” Callie screamed feeling tears running down her face.

Amber was leaving with a huge smile on her face. She’d finally done it! She was ruining Callie’s perfect little life. Now Callie would know what it feels like to be hurting.

Callie stood there until she heard the door close. Gloria slowly walked away into the living room.

“Mom? Mom are you OK?”

Gloria sat on the sofa silently. “Yes Callie. I think so.”

Callie knew her mother was lying. She’d actually believed what Amber was saying. “Mom that girl is crazy. beşiktaş türbanlı escort She’s hated me since I started working at the college.”

Gloria looked up at her daughter. “Tell me it isn’t true Callie. Tell me what that deranged girl said isn’t true!”

Callie felt more tears come out. She wasn’t going to do it anymore. She had to face up to her mother. The truth was going to be told tonight. Not the way she planned but now it was out there and she wasn’t going to lie to her mother.

“Yes, Mom it’s true. It’s all true.”

Gloria felt her heart sink. Her own two children, whom she loved and cared about were involved with each other! It was impossible! These things only happened to broken families, not loving families like her own! This had to be untrue.

“Oh Callie! There are so many young men out there for you! Why your own brother? Why?”

Callie knelt down holding her mother’s hands. “Because I love him Mom. We fell in love with each other. It just happened neither one of us intended for it to happen. I’m sorry.”

Gloria was shedding her tears now. She cried softly. Callie felt her heart breaking as her mother cried. “Mom I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!”

Gloria closed her eyes feeling her tears roll down her face. “Callie this is hurting me so much. You don?t understand how much this hurts me right now.”

Callie’s saddened face searched her mother’s eyes. “Mom, I-I don’t know what else to say. I mean I’ve wanted to tell you, but-“

“But you couldn’t. You had to wait until some stranger came into my house and told me this. Callie you have to stop this relationship with Nathan.”

Callie looked away. “Mom I can’t do that. I love him. He loves me.”

Gloria knew it was useless to stop her daughter. She was hurting so much. She suddenly felt her heart race with anger and confusion. Her breath was becoming short. She started to pant falling back on the sofa.

“Mom? Mom!” Callie yelled out as her mother was breathing hard and cringing in pain.

“Mom! I’m calling 911.”

Gloria held her daughter’s hand. “No. No. Call Amy. P-please call Amy.”

“But Mom you need an ambulance, or doctor.”

“No call Amy. H-her n-number is in my phone b-book”

Callie hesitated at first and eventually ended up calling Amy. Since Amy was almost like a daughter to Mrs. Adams, Callie knew Amy would rush over to make sure she was OK. She managed to successfully reach Amy on her cell phone.

“Amy! Please can you hurry and come to my house! My mother is ill and she’s requesting to see you!”

Amy felt her heart race as she drove home from work. “Callie she needs an ambulance. What is wrong with her? Is she breathing OK?”

Callie was in tears. “Yes, well sort of. She’s breathing hard.”

“Did something happen today?”

Callie didn’t want to answer that. “Yes, she received some bad news. Please Amy just hurry.”

“Ok I’ll be there. It sounds like she’s having a panic attack. Just try to keep her calm.”

Callie hung up and rushed back to her mother. Gloria laid on the couch breathing a lot better now. Her eyes were closing as if she was about to go to sleep. Callie brushed her mother’s golden hair back. “Mom please be OK. I’m so sorry.”

It was almost twenty minutes later when Amy arrived. Gloria was still awake but her eyes were dazed.

“Thank you for coming over Amy.” Callie went to hug her friend. Her brother’s ex-girlfriend.

“No problem. How is she now?”

“Better I suppose. She’s just quiet and looking up.”

“Yeah she’s calming down obviously.”

Amy walked closer and sat next to Gloria’s side. Gloria moved holding Amy’s hand. “Mrs. Adams how are you feeling now?”

Gloria groaned quietly. “Oh I’m better I suppose.”

“You just need to rest Mrs. Adams. You had a panic attack. Just rest for now.”

“Thank you for coming Amy. Thank you.”

Amy looked up at Callie. Callie looked so nervous and her eyes were swollen. They were red from crying so much. Amy sat quietly until Gloria fell asleep.

“It’s all my fault Amy,” Callie cried.

Amy hugged Callie trying to comfort her. “No Callie. It’s not your fault. She must have had this attack due to so many things going around. What was the bad news she received?”

Callie shrugged. “I’m not sure.” She didn’t want to tell Amy everything. It was a private family matter for the moment.

“Well I’m gonna go home for now but if you need me again let me know. For now just let your Mom rest. Make sure she avoids any stress.”

Callie nodded and walked Amy out. She didn’t know what to do next. Obviously she’d have to tell Nathan that they could no longer be lovers. They’d have to get back to being brother and sister even as hard as that would be. For their mother’s sake.

Nathan paced the living room wondering why Callie was taking so long. He was worried and felt something must be wrong. He heard his phone ring and almost jumped as he rushed to answer it.

“Nathan!” Callie whispered.

“Babe? beşiktaş ucuz escort Where are you? Still at Mom and Dad’s?”

She sobbed. “Y-yes.”

Nathan froze for a moment. “What’s wrong sweetheart? Why are you crying? Is everything OK?”

Callie whimpered quietly. “No. Nathan Mom knows about us.”

Nathan’s heart sank. “W-what? How?”

“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you another time. I’m staying here tonight.”

Nathan paused for a moment. “Can I go over?”

“No it’s better if you don’t. Nathan we have to stop seeing one another. Mom’s really hurt and I have no idea how Dad is going to take this.”

Nathan’s heart was wounded. How would he ever be able to stay away from Callie? He loved her and could not picture his life with another woman. She was his one and only. He wasn’t going to give up so easily.

“I don’t think I can stop loving you Callie.”

Callie sobbed more. “Please don?t say things like that. This is hard enough Nathan.”

“Well it’s true. I’m going to do it for Mom’s sake, but don’t think I’m giving up so easily.”

“I have to go.”

“Call me tomorrow and let me know how Mom’s doing. I do want to come by and see her.”

“I’ll call you. For now she needs rest. If she sees you, I’m afraid it might do more damage.”

Nathan felt guilty for his mother’s pain. He couldn’t help it. Couldn’t help the fact that he’d fallen deeply in love with his sister. “Goodnight Callie. I love you.’

Callie closed her eyes listening to her brother’s voice.You don’t know how bad I need you right now Nathan. I need you to comfort me, put your arms around me she thought to herself. “Goodnight. I love you too.” __________________________________________________

Callie watched her mother sleep peacefully. She felt so awful for having hurt her like this. Why did she have to fall in love with her own brother? She kept pondering that question over and over again. Callie sat back and thought of all the times she’d been with a man and none of those times compared to the few times she’d shared with Nathan. She eventually would have to end this wonderful relationship that everyone would see as forbidden.

“Callie?” She heard a male voice speak.

Callie snapped out of her thoughts seeing her father. “D-dad. Hi.” She stammered.

“Is your mother OK? Amy called me at work.” Jim asked looking over at his wife.

“Y-yes she is now. She had a panic attack.”

His eyes widened. “A panic attack? Why? What happened?”

Callie wasn’t ready to worry her father. “I-I’m not sure. Amy was here and she said it’s because of stress.”

Jim looked puzzled. “Stress? Hmm that’s strange, she hasn’t said anything to me.”

“Dad she just needs rest. Look let me fix you something for dinner and I need you to just stay calm. I’m gonna stay here tonight to take care of her.”

Jim admired his daughter for being so brave and strong. She’d always been like that. “I’m going to go shower up then.” Jim walked close to his wife and kissed her softly on her forehead.

Callie sighed. What a day it had been. A terrible day. The truth had come out about her incestuous relationship with her brother. Now she had to figure out a way to tell her father. He was eventually going to find out one way or another.

Callie quickly just cooked some steaks and made some mash potatoes with gravy. She felt her hands shaking while she waited for her father to get his dinner. Jim came downstairs quietly. He looked worried for his wife. He’d once told Callie that he wouldn’t know what to do if she ever left him. He felt he was nothing without his long time partner.

“Mmmm Callie, that smells delicious,” Jims said trying to smile.

“Thanks Dad. I think Mom was going to make you some meatloaf but that takes a while so I just cooked the steaks. I got some rolls in the oven if you wanna wait a bit?”

“Yeah I’ll wait.” Jim poured himself some iced tea.

Callie was speechless. She wanted to tell her father, but she knew the time was not right. She had to stay away from her brother at least for a few days. Once her mother was more at ease and calm. Callie didn’t want to hurt her mother anymore that she felt she’d already done. It was going to be the hardest thing she’d ever do, but she had to get over Nathan. Their love was impossible. She knew one thing and that was she’d never find true love like she had found with Nathan.

“Honey? Are you OK?” Jim asked Callie.

“Huh? Y-yes I’m fine. I’m just worried about Mom. I hope she’ll be OK.”

Jim reached out and grabbed his daughter’s tiny hand. “Yes, she’s a strong woman just like yourself. She’ll be fine.”

Callie only hoped that was true.

“What? Amber quit?” Rebecca asked David as he drove her home.

“Yeah. She started saying some really bad shit about Callie and I just told her how I feel about her. She got pissed off and just quit on the spot.”

Rebecca laughed hysterically. “Oh my god cuz! That is crazy! What was she saying about Callie?”

“Ugh she was beşiktaş üniversiteli escort saying that Callie and Nathan are lovers!”

Rebecca’s eyes widened. “What? Lovers? That’s so sick!”

David nodded. “Yeah I know. Only someone like Amber would make that shit up.”

Rebecca reclined back on the passenger’s seat. She felt bad for saying that incest was sick; after all she’d had a taste of incest herself. Long ago when she was about 12 or so, she and David had made out in her closet playing house. It had been her first kiss but she’d always looked at it as just an experimental thing. She wondered if it was just an innocent kiss why had she never forgotten it?

“Mom?” Callie called out softly stroking her mother’s hair.

Gloria’s eyes fluttered as she woke up. “Callie?”

“Yes Mom how are you feeling?”

Gloria opened her eyes. She still looked sad and worried. “I’m better I suppose. What time is it?”

Callie looked at her watch. “It’s almost eleven at night. You’ve been asleep for a while.”

Gloria looked away. “Yes I thought I’d wake up and realized what had happened was just a nightmare. I guess it wasn’t.”

Callie’s eyes were starting to fill with tears. Don’t cry, she’ll only worry more.

“I’m sorry Mom. Look I’m going to stop seeing Nathan. I don’t want to hurt you anymore.”

Gloria’s eyes lit up. “Really? Oh Callie that’s the best decision you can make. Honey it’s for the best.”

Then Why do I feel so rotten? Callie asked herself silently.

“Let me take you up to your room. Dad’s already asleep. I’m gonna stay the night here.”

Gloria slowly got up. She felt weak and dizzy. Callie held on to her as they walked upstairs slowly. Callie’s intentions were to mend her mother’s broken heart and she had to do whatever it took to do that. Even if that meant not being with the man she loved.

Nathan woke up the next day feeling somber and lonely. He reached over to hopefully feel Callie’s small warm body next to him but it was useless. She was gone. He’d cried quite a bit last night. He rolled over and could still smell Callie on his sheets. It’d only been one night without her and he was already yearning for her. He never knew he could miss someone so much. Damnit! Why did she have such a hold on him!

Nathan made himself get up. He had no intentions of going to work today. He wanted to just go and visit his parents and Callie. A few minutes later her found himself calling in to work. It was going to be tough, but he was going to go to his parent’s house. If anything to make sure his mother was OK and to talk to her. He needed to explain everything to her. Make her understand that his and Callie’s relationship was real. Something special.

Callie had been awakened by the sound of her parents talking in the hallway. They seemed to be acting as if everything was back to normal. She only wished things were back to the way they were a few days ago. But in a way she was glad her relationship with Nathan had been revealed.

Callie called into work leaving the message through the answering service for the school. She wouldn’t be able to go to work feeling so sad. She missed Nathan immensely. Closing her eyes she could still see his face and feel his touch. Oh god how she missed his touch! Ok Callie stop it! Your mother is ill and you’re not going to hurt her anymore.

Callie heard her father leave to work. He probably didn’t know anything, yet.

“Mom?” Callie asked walking into the kitchen.

Gloria was sitting on the table reading the newspaper as she sipped her morning coffee. She looked up and saw her little girl. She remembered Callie once being so innocent. Now after discovering she had a relationship with her own brother, she had no idea what to think. Either way, she loved her daughter no matter what. Callie and Nathan were her only two children and she wasn’t going to let anyone, especially some stranger change how much she loved them.

“Hi sweetheart. Come on and join me here. I was just catching up on the latest news here. Feel free to get some coffee or do you want me to fix you up something for breakfast?”

Callie was seeing signs of her mother returning to normal once again. “No Mom but thank you. I’ll just read here with you. Did you sleep OK?”

Gloria nodded. “Yes I did. I feel much better today too. How are you feeling?”

Callie hesitated to answer that. “I’m fine.”

Gloria knew her daughter was lying to her. Callie sat in silence mostly feeling her mother’s eyes on her. Gloria wondered how hard all this was on her daughter. She just had to make Callie understand that an incestuous love was a sin and wrong. As much as her daughter was hurting, it was for her own good.

Nathan felt his heart race as he drove to his parents’ house. He was thinking of what to say to his mother. He had to be careful about the things he’d say around her. She was in a vulnerable state right now.

Gloria was starting to wash dishes. “Mom! No go sit down. You need to take it easy right now.”

Gloria smiled sweetly at her daughter. “It’s ok Callie. I’m capable of washing dishes.”

Callie was about to speak when she heard the doorbell. “I’ll get that Mom.”

She scurried over to the door and her heart skipped a beat seeing Nathan standing there. Their eyes locked for a moment. They didn’t need words or actions to show the world their love for one another.

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