My boss and her Hungarian husband

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I met his wife before. Then I met him. I was working in a makeup shop, working at the end of the year, sick of it but needing the money. At the height of my 19 years old, a brunette with the color of sin, full of malicious ideas in her head, tired of boys without guts. I was always the hot type, you know, Brazilian curvaceous woman? Really hot, big tits and ass, and never, never really, I hid my naughtiness. Maybe that’s why my boss brought it up.

The woman in question, Edna, a tall blonde, all elegant, beautiful, aged 32 or over. The woman couldn’t see me talking about her Hungarian husband. The guy was about 45 years old, with a body to put any boys to shame, he was blond, but not those white guys, he was tanned.

Was I being alone for the owner to come to talk to me about him, how he liked our culture and stuff. I took the conversation, wanting to know what she wanted. It was almost at Christmas and she invited me to a barbecue at her house. I agreed, first that I don’t deny a party, second that I wanted to see up close the Hungarian hunk that she kept talking about. I went with a small blue shorts that only just covered my private parts, a white T-shirt and bikini very minimal on the body.

The woman lived in a wonderful house, I got there and only I had arrived, that’s when, of course, I suspected that something sexual might be trying to happen. But it was when I saw her husband that I got all wet. What she said did not live up to the lust that was that man personally, he wore a white sleeveless shirt open on his chest, a short navy blue shorts, his blond hair thrown back, he had a single earring, a ring slightly larger than he is usually used. He had the face of a real man, without a beard, he smiled giving me a breathtaking look.

“That’s the Julia that I talk to you about so much,” she said, laughing as I took the opportunity to smell on his neck. Expensive perfume and a very light sweat.

The guy’s body was a porn movie thing you know those bodies that don’t look real, so meticulously spotted that I got lost there, just looking at that body.

“Pleasure, Attila,” he said in a thick, very pleasant voice.

“When others will arrive because I think I arrived very early.”

“There are no more guests,” he said, laughing enthusiastically, pouring me a beer.

“Is it just us, is it a problem?”

“Not at all,” I said, looking him in the eye, knowing exactly what kind of thoughts he was having.

“Let’s take a sun then,” said Edna, look at that delightful sun.

I took off my shorts right there, I wanted him to see that I was armed too and that if he was hot, I was hotter. She praised my body, I realized that more to show her husband than to praise me, but I wanted him to have that Hungarian drool on my body, I could, he knew.

“You are making my husband uncomfortable with that ass,” she said when we lay down on the chair.

I looked at her with the biggest dirty face and said: “Your husband doesn’t seem to be that type.”

“What kind do you think he is.”


“Oh yes? Why that.”

“Be real with me, Edna, do you want a threesome?”

She laughed. “No, I want to watch you giving it to my man,” she blurted out. “Do you want?”

“Riding that top-notch horse with your approval?” I laughed “Of course!”

“So come on, he’s looking at you.”

I stood up, just in a bikini, he looked at me with an indecent face, all naughty, I asked for another beer, he served me, I poked the beer’s bottom and took it there.

“Do you know what it’s called when we drink it here in Brazil?”

“How, brunette?”

“Take it in the ass,” I said dirty, letting his hands rest on my thighs.

“And do you like to take it in the ass?” he asked.

“Yes, I like it it is my preference.” I ran my hand over his strong arms very slowly, “and my specialty.”

“Hot, that’s what you are,” he said softly, whispering in my ear with that thickly accented voice “My God, when my wife showed you to me, I went crazy.”

“What’s your deal?” I asked.

“She likes to watch, she loves to watch, she likes me to lie on our bed, she loves everything, in the smallest details, she doesn’t like hard sex, but she loves to watch …”

“And is your sex rough?” I said provoking.

“You’ll tell me later,” he said.

Our mouths met, I put my tongue in his mouth, already pulling his shirt because I wanted to see that whole body. He sat me on a stool, he came in the middle of my legs, kissing my mouth with desire, a deliciously wet kiss at the right point. Pulling my hair with manly strength, I moaned into his mouth. He opened his eyes.

“I need to see something,” he said, laughing.

He tore my bikini hard, my breasts there in his face, the bikini marks very sharp, he took it with his very strong hands, squeezing them gently, stuck a nipple in his mouth, I stood there, looking, pulling his blond hair to me, his tongue circled my nipple, and he looked at me with a naughty face, my pussy was all wet, I felt the bikini anadolu yakası escort stick to it.

“I want to know if the girl likes to lower the level,” he said, “Look, I’m not Brazilian, but I learned with many women an extensive language for sex.”

“You want to know if I like being called a slut,” I said.

He pulled my hair tight, straightening us, looking me straight in the eye, with a serious face.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I want to know.

“If you fuck me right, you can call me a whore, a slut, a whore, nothing different than I am.”

“I think my wife brought the right chick this time. Open your legs, bitch!”

I obeyed, delirious with his bossy way. He stuck his hand inside my bikini, he felt the wetness, I couldn’t help it, he came licking my face, sucking my ear, kissing and licking.

“You are completely soaked, aren’t you?” he said quietly.

“I thought you knew when a woman was wet,” I said dirty, teasing because I wanted more of that aggression.

He removed his fingers, stuck it in his mouth, looking at me with longing.

“I know, whore,” he said softly. “But I like it when they say it.”

“You like that I talk then, I’ve been dripping since the time I saw you, that my pussy is pulsing here.”

He kissed me savagely, tearing off my bikini. Sticking his hand in my hot little pussy, his fingers entering me and he smoothing my clit at the same time, a fire washed over me, I licked Attila’s muscular arm, looking him in the eye, letting him stick himself in the middle of me. He went in and out with his fingers there, driving me crazy, let me burn for sheer evil.

He put me on all fours on the stool, held me trying to balance me, he moaned something about the size of my ass, there, in that position I saw Edna watching me, I groaned tasty biting the lips, showing that naughty girl that her man touch was driving me crazy. He opened my fat ass, my ass there, waiting for him. The Hungarian guy put his face in the middle of it, he was so wild, so deliciously erotic, I felt his tongue go straight to the hole, and his huge hands spreading my ass, I wiggled in that mouth, driving him crazy.

“I idolize that smell,” he said, “the smell of ass, my God, what is that smell? I get hungry, and you bitch, have THE ASS! Holy shit, what a delight!”

“Suck more, suck,” I groaned.

“Are you begging, slut?”

He stuck his face in there, and I thought I would never take it out, sticking his tongue in my ass, slapping those huge hands on my buttocks, I moaned without brakes, feeling my pussy getting even wetter. Shivering in that fucking white guy, the guy was a master in the art of sucking ass, that was a fan of ass, giving kisses soaked in my folds, leaving me with an immense desire to sit in his face. He rubbed his face, bit, licked, kissed, idolizing my ass.

“That’s an ass, damn it,” he yelled at the woman. “That’s an ass!”

He pulled me by the hair, I fit in his body, and when I smelled my ass on his face, I felt so absurdly dirty, I kissed his mouth with desire, shaking my ass to make him go crazy.

“I want dick,” I asked, like a vulgar bitch, he laughed and put me down.

He tore off his shirt, his body was delicious, there was no denying it. When he opened the shorts, he jumped out of there the most delicious dick I had ever seen. It was a dick, no, it’s not the right word, it was a thick cock, it was a little pink, it was so hard, but so hard, that I could see the veins and their connections, that dick pulsed, I knelt in front of him, that smooth scrotum like the rest of his body there, was big with heavy balls. I caught the balls first with my hands, looked him in the eye, I was so crazy about him.

“I didn’t know you were going to fill me with dick today,” I said right next to his cock, watching the caged beast’s pulse.

He looked at me desperately, wanting to feel the warmth of my mouth, the softness of my lips and the moisture inside them. I licked the head, to keep him on, he looked at me attentively, smiled and hit one.

“Suck it with your mouth,” he said, almost pleading.

“Calm down,” I said, using my tongue well and letting it out on that dick.

I played with him, kissing and licking quickly, leaving him frustrated, desperate, full of desire, I watched his hands holding the counter, then out of nowhere, without warning, I swallowed him in my mouth. Seeing that Hungarian guy moan as he moaned, letting his head fall back, dropping all over, while my mouth eagerly explored the texture of that impressively beautiful cock. I looked him in the eye, letting him watch my face while his cock was stuck in my mouth, causing a huge lump in my cheek, I smiled dirty, letting the spit run.

“Nice,” he groaned. “I like it like that, let my dick well drool,” he commanded.

With Attila’s cock pulsing in my mouth, I explored with my tongue on his crown that drooled the pre-cum, I looked into Edna’s eyes, his wife, looked at me with hunger, gebze escort with approval, opening her legs, showing her wet pussy, I kept looking at her, sinking that cock in my mouth, drooling on her husband’s cock, talking to my eyes, let her see the pleasure I was feeling in putting that man in my mouth, how much my mouth drooled in that cock, looked her in the eye, while her husband moaned over me because of my mouth.

I swallowed him whole, staring at him now, I stood there for a while, with the dick across my throat, letting him watch while I choked on that dick. He tugged at my hair, sinking my face further into the middle of his muscular legs, making me choke on everything, I spit, dirtying my face, I smiled at him, showing the mess I had done. He ran spit in my face, ruffling my hair and spat in my mouth.

“Suck more,” he ordered.

I punched again, thrusting his dick down my throat, very deep, deeper than it had ever been, with glassy eyes, facing his violence, he held tightly, now covering my nose, I love cruel men, he laughed when I let go that shower of saliva with threads that connected that hard cock to my mouth. He laughed so shamelessly, with so much pleasure, that I opened my mouth, calling him for another blow of his dick.

“Do you want more, slut?” he asked.

“Trust deep, do you think you’re dealing with a virginal girl?”

He pulled my hair tightly, sinking that dick deeper, drowning me with drool and fucking, pinching my nose, and this time I struggled, red, sweaty, disheveled, he made no attempt to let go, squeezing my head, with a face of violence, and when he let go, I spit at him, he hit me in the face, taking that accumulated saliva, leading to my pussy, he quickly punched three fingers there, making me scream, I was shaking now, he kneeled, with me in hands, and getting four fingers on me. I almost came, and then he stopped. He stood up, that bossy man, half sweaty, that golden body all spotted, tasty, gave a naughty smile and told me to take his wife to the room.

“Come on, she will give you lingerie, wait for me in bed, and you,” he said looking at the woman “On the floor, cross-legged, understand?”

I went with Edna, she was so excited that we ended up kissing like crazy, she stuck her hand in my ass, pulling me to her. She gave me a luxurious, black, wonderful lingerie, I lay on the bed like a queen watching her sit on the floor to watch. He arrived fast, still naked, still hard. She took a belt from him, showed it was leather, I went crazy, wanting that. He chuckled at me.

“Do you like being punished?” He asked sitting on the bed.

“Ah,” I moaned slyly, asking him.

“Sit your ass over here, come and lie on my lap,” he said.

I lay down, he smoothed my ass, squeezing, I tugged hot on that bed, showing off my big butt wanting to take it. He hit the first time, I stuck my fingers in the sheets, he didn’t let me get used to it, he slapped again, and again, I was shaking from head to toe, he pulled my face, punching four fingers in my mouth.

“When it hurts, let me know,” he said.

And it hit again, very hard, in a certain rhythm, marking my buttocks with that leather, hitting me, turning me red. I shiver, moaning, asking. He accelerated, hitting more, hitting more.

“It hurts,” I shouted.

Then he knocked, without stopping even for me to breathe, I let him, I let him because I always liked that, I wouldn’t deny it, hit me I said with my eyes, and with his hand almost all stuck in my mouth. When it stopped, my pussy was so drenched that for me I had pissed myself. He smoothed my ass gently, removing his hand from my mouth, kissing my shoulder.

“Look, how are you wet, all soaked, are you shaking, whore?”

I looked dumbfounded at him, Attila laid me on the bed, pulled the black lace panty aside, my pussy was completely wet, he pressed his big lips together, watching how excited I was, my vulnerable clit too sensitive.

“Now you’re ready to learn how a man sucks a cunt,” he said softly, placing his face between my legs.

I was shaking, from head to toe, I was shaking with uncontrollable lust, the son of a bitch even showed me his tongue before he stuck it in the middle of my pussy, it was a big, pointed and very pink tongue. I screamed when he came in with her, joining his wetness with mine. His eyes looked at me, while his mouth got to know my pussy. He sucked with everything, kissing my pussy as he kissed my mouth, his wife was all drunk with the scene, he stuck that mouth in such a sensual, so vulgar way, making me even more daring, sticking that hot tongue inside me, I moaned trying to pull my breasts out of the bra, and he played with his tongue, sucking my clit, I tried to instinctively close my legs but he grabbed me very hard.

“No, young lady,” he said softly. “I haven’t even started …”

I had never seen a man work so hard on a pussy, that mouth sucked, licked, kissed, bit, spit, his fingers went in and out without me seeing, I couldn’t even kartal escort look at Edna anymore, he was handed over to the Hungarian, he didn’t take my eyes off mine, eating my pussy with a demonic taste, sucking my ass too, making me wetter, I pulled his blond hair, putting that manly face in my pussy, asking for more and wanting more, he gave more, he punched his tongue like a god, his lust screaming every inch of my body, I analyzed the beads of sweat that dripped down his face as he sucked my cunt like no man on earth would have done better.

“What a delicious pussy,” he said. ” Come here my love, come watch it closely, that pussy deserves it, come!”

She came, he put her lying on my thigh, looking into her eyes, he sucked, I burned, he looked into the woman’s eyes, looking like he was eating a feast, punching his tongue in my pussy, sucking my clit. He kissed her mouth, sucking her mouth, pulling her by the hair, kissing her mouth, then my cunt, laughing good.

“She’s hot, isn’t she?” he spoke like a devil trying “Want to try more? Would you like?”

She nodded, he laughed bringing her close, the two of them together, the couple, husband and wife, the two mouths joined there, in my pussy, I pulled her hair, showing my wet pussy, the naughty girl stuck her tongue out with the same hunger as her husband, the two of them looking at me, while I couldn’t help rolling in the lush mouths below me. I tugged on both of them, using them as slaves, feeling their tongue intermingle and stick together in me.

“Suck this slut, punch your tongue, that’s my love, that, stick your tongue, look at her hunger,” he said looking at me, putting the woman’s face in my pussy “Look at that little dog, I want to see the tongue, show me,” he said that laughing so nice, spitting in her mouth, making her suck my cunt more.

He came kissing my body, sucking my breasts, kissing my mouth, he lay down beside me, pulled my breasts out, squeezing tightly, whispering in my ear while his wife stuck her tongue deep in me.

“I like to see my wife sucking cunt, I love to see it, look how committed she is, you like it, my love.” I realized that the love was for me “Show her who’s boss, who is the woman here, rub that pussy in her face, mark your territory bitch, mark!”

He pressed the woman’s face in the middle of my legs while I shake my hips, rubbing my pussy in her face. “My God, I was born to see that pussy in my wife’s mouth. What delights my love, look at this, you look delicious like this, all drunk, you know?”

He kissed me lovingly, brushing the hair off my face, watching me get sucked.

“Now, pay attention, look at me,” he said losing his soft tone, pulling my hair, sticking his mouth to my ear, talking low, but dry and hard. “Show the slut you are, but this bitch in her place, fuck her like you want me to fuck you.”

He dropped me, standing up, that man is a monument, so powerful, so golden, so hard and muscular, looking at me. I pulled Edna by the hair, brought her to me, kissing that mouth with violence, wrapped her blond hair in my hands, stared at her.

I spat in her face, passive and obedient, she opened her mouth, waiting for more, asking for more. I punched four fingers in that mouth, I started to fuck that mouth, hard, pushing it hard, making her choke, as soon as she spits, red, looking at me with wide eyes, I went to her pussy, I thrust my hand in her, it was damp.

I attached her clit, and I started punching her willingly, that woman screamed, asked me to stop, I rubbed her clit, leaving her shaking, her body sweaty, I punched at a demonic rhythm, she had spasms, she wiggled, she whimpered, and he stood there, deliciously big and golden, watching that scene, I let her lose her breath, and then I didn’t stop anymore, until she shivered, screaming, coming in my hand, like a cascade, she trembled, the nipples from her small breasts were hard, I rubbed the liquid over her face, smeared her with it, kissed her mouth, sucked her tongue, she trembled, exhausted.

I turned her hard, sticking my tongue in that ass, she moaned loudly, I strummed her clit and sank my tongue in her ass, she was lost in the disconnected moans, full of burning desire, screaming, and climbing the walls. I pulled her by the hair, kissing her mouth.

“Suck my tongue, suck your taste from my mouth, the taste of your ass, slut!” I said looking into Attila’s eyes. “Isn’t it nice?” I spit on her. Laughing, mischievous.

I felt the first pull hard on my hair, I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck, panting, they almost gave me chills, I wanted that, how I wanted that. First, it came in the shape of a spit, right in my mouth, in slow, delicious, accurate motion, quenching my thirst for his body, he then stuck his tongue in my ear so he could whisper with his shark-sharpened teeth.

“If I knew you were going to be weak like that, I would eat my wife anyway,” he said and slapped his big had in my face, making me even more stunned.

I grabbed him by the hair, sought his mouth, covered her with a kiss, a kiss that I would never have again, involving him, pulling me, divided between the whore and the princess, begging his love, begging him to eat me, begging so that he would fuck me so hard that I would never forget how I felt when I didn’t feel that member throbbing inside my pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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