My Bill

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Let me begin by saying that for the most part my husband of thirty-three years and I live a very comfortable, yet uneventful life. Bud is a decent guy and a wonderful provider. He is a terrific father and grandfather to our three grown daughters and eight grandchildren. However, when it comes to our sex life he is pitiful. My oldest daughter Barbara has been married to her husband Bill for nine years and they have three young children. Barbara often complains to me during our frequent phone calls. She is so tired after tending to three small children all day long, that she just can’t satisfy her “very horny” husband. “Mom”, she says, “Bill wants to have sex every night!. I’m always so tired and quite frankly he is so well endowed that I can hardly walk the next day! I don’t want to have sex every night.” I stared at the phone and thought to myself, “Be careful what you wish for honey.”

Bill and Barbara live across state and we see them every few months. Bill travels for business and stays with us when he is in town. Every month he will have a couple of days of appointments nearby. Bud insists that he stay with us and they usually wind up playing a round of golf if the weather permits.

During his last visit Bud was away on a four-day golf trip so Bill invited me to dinner. Bud and I rarely go out innovia escort so I welcomed the opportunity to wear something nice and get out of the house. He asked me to pick a place and make dinner reservations. I chose a new French restaurant my girlfriends had been talking about and made reservations for 7:30.

At fifty-two I keep myself in good shape through diet and exercise. I still manage to turn a few heads and enjoy doing so. I took a long luxurious bath and shaved my legs. I selected a sexy black lace bra and panty set. I started to pull on pantyhose but changed my mind and hooked on a garter belt and pulled on sheer black hose. I put on a little more makeup than usual and a dab extra perfume. I have a black skirt-suit that accentuates my curves, the jacket sets of my breasts quite nicely and the skirt is short and tight. Usually I wear a sheer blouse with this outfit, but not tonight. I stepped into my ankle strap pumps and finished accessorizing with my finest pearl drop earrings and necklace.

When I walked down the steps I was quite pleased at Bill’s reaction. “Wow!” he exclaimed, “Mimi you look terrific!” “Thanks for noticing hon.” I replied. We set off for the restaurant and arrived a little after seven. After checking in we made our way to the bar and had istanbul escort a couple of cocktails before we were called to our table. Bill ordered a bottle of wine with dinner. Combined with the drinks before dinner and some brandy with our coffee I was quite loopy by the time we were back in the car. Dinner had been wonderful and we enjoyed great food and conversation. “Bill really is a terrific guy.” I thought to myself.

I was feeling very frisky when I slid into my seat and let the top of my jacket come open somewhat exposing a good deal of my ample cleavage. I parted my legs a bit and my skirt rode up showing off the tops of my stockings. I smiled inside as I spied Bill catching peaks at me as he drove home. As each street light passed overhead he would steal a glance at my breasts and legs. All too soon we were home, I thanked Bill for a lovely evening. He kissed me on the cheek and assured me, “Mimi, the pleasure was all mine, goodnight.”

He went directly up to the guest room and I went to the kitchen to check for messages. Bud had called while we were out and I started to listen to the message but turned off the machine and started up the stairs.

As I walked past the guest room I could see that the light was on because the door was slightly ajar. I tapped kadıköy escort lightly on the door to say goodnight and the door opened slightly. There on the bed was Bill with his hand wrapped around the biggest cock I could have ever imagined. “Oh shit!”, he yelled, and jumped up to close the door. “I’m very sorry Mimi, he said, please forgive me.” “Don’t think twice about it honey”, I said through the door. Then with all the nerve I could muster I opened the door and stepped inside the room.

“Bill, you have a magnificent cock, may I watch you maturbate?” I pleaded. I could feel my nipples straining against the fabric of my bra. I took off my jacket and began fondling my breasts for him. My juices were flowing and soon the crotch of my panties were quite damp. I stepped out of my skirt and slip and let them fall to the floor. His eyes were glued to me as I fondled my breasts with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other. “Ohhh Mimi, I’m going to cum”, he moaned. “Not just yet!, I commanded and knelt before him, taking his huge cock in my hand I began to lick the head and pump the thick meaty shaft. I opened my mouth wide to take him but as I did so he came in huge gooey spurts all over my face and hair. “Ohmigod Bill, do you always cum so much?” “Pretty much yes, Mimi” he smiled.

Before I knew it I was laying on the bed begging him to be careful. I had never believed a cock could be so big. “Don’t worry Mimi. I’ll take it as slow and easy as you want me too” What I wanted was to have that monster cock deep inside me and I got what I wanted over and over again for the next three days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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