My Bi-Guy

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I am a 26 year old single woman. I want to tell you a story about a learning experience I recently had. I have had several sexual relationships, although none of them were completely satisfying.

My most recent relationship is with a guy who is very nice, very considerate. He also has a cock that I personally measured at 8 ½ inches.

We get along great, and sex is great too. Pretty plain vanilla though, nothing kinky at all.

I guess that is what disappoints me. He likes me to suck him off, but other than that it is just missionary vaginal sex. It is the best I have ever had, with the head of his long cock bumping up against my cervix. But I still crave more adventurous things.

OK, I will come clean. I desperately want to be fucked in my ass. I have dreamed about it and fantasized about it since I was a teenager. None of my guys seemed interested, or maybe they were just too embarrassed to bring it up. I never could think of a way to get any of them to try it.

I just brought it up with Dan, my current guy, one night.

“Dan, let me ask you something. Have you ever had anal sex?”

He avoided eye contact, and said, “Do you mean cornhole someone?”

I struggled not to laugh at the slang expression.

“Well, yes, if that’s what you call it.”

It took a long time for him to answer.

“Well, in college there was a guy who was clearly gay.”

I waited for him to go on.

“I woke up in the middle of the night feeling turned on, and I realized that he was on my bed, sucking my cock.”

I couldn’t help but giggle at that.

“What did you do?”

“I didn’t know what to do, so I let him finish. I hadn’t had sex in a long time, and with no privacy I couldn’t even jack off.”

I waited again for him to continue.

Blushing with embarrassment, he whispered, “He really knew how to do it. He made me cum in his mouth. He swallowed the whole load. I don’t know how he was able to gag it all down.”

This was starting to turn me on.

“And to use your word, did you ‘cornhole’ him?”

“No! I never had anything more to do with him. I was disgusted.”

We changed the subject for the rest of the evening.

A couple of nights later we were in bed early, and it seemed like a good opportunity to have sex.

I nonchalantly said, “We should try something different.”

He grinned and turned onto his back, with his fence-pole cock sticking up and swaying back and forth.

Clearly he wanted a blowjob. I was OK with that, but my god, is that the limit of his imagination?

I started to suck him off. I can’t get much more than the head in my mouth, and maybe a little more of the tip. I have learned how to stroke the rest of it the way guys jack off.

Things were going well, but I thought damn it! We have done this so many times. Why doesn’t he want to try my asshole?

You might think I am a fool for wanting to do my first anal with a monster cock.

Full disclosure; for several years I have been using toys, you know, vibrators, dildos, butt-plugs. I said that I have fantasized maltepe escort about anal, remember?

My asshole is not stretched out bigger than my vagina, like the porn-star women. It is still virgin, but I think I can take Dan’s meat-pole as long as he is gentle.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth.

“Please don’t cum in my mouth. I really do not like the taste.”

That was not entirely true. The taste is unpleasant, but I do like to swallow it, because I know what it is. His living sperm.

Dan the dim-wit didn’t say a word. I guess it is up to me.

“I am just trying to get it hard enough to go up my ass.”

He was dumbstruck.

Do I have to tie him to a chair and sit in his lap, taking his cock up my asshole?

I reluctantly went back to sucking his cock.

I thought about the slang word he used for anal sex. I know that some people are aroused by words that have a dirty, nasty feel.

This time when I pulled his cock out of my mouth I tried that.

“Do you want to finish this way, or do you want to cornhole me?”

That hit him like an electric shock.

It worked.

He whispered “OK”.

I didn’t waste time, I didn’t want to give him the chance to change his mind. I laid face-down on the bed beside him because I knew that was probably what he expected. We can experiment with more exotic positions later.

He fumbled a little but got up and hovered over me, with his stiff hard-on bobbing up and down.

The anticipation was killing me. I wanted him to shove that big thing all the way up my ass. I was finally going to get fucked up the ass and it was exciting.

I reached back and spread my butt-cheeks open to give him clear access to my asshole. I put my middle finger in my vagina to get it slippery, and finger-fucked my asshole.

I think seeing me do it turned him on even more. He moved closer and lined it up.

“Just put it in me, slowly.”

I felt the smooth head touch my asshole and I quivered with excitement.

“Push,” I said.

I felt the pressure build as he did so, and then the head popped in past the tight ring of muscle at the entrance.

I flinched but it was not really painful, just surprising. I thought the tight ring might snap, but it didn’t, it just stretched and accepted his cock.

The feeling was similar to one of my dildos, except that a dildo is cold and rigid and impersonal. His flesh and blood cock was different. As big as it was, it was welcome inside of me. Every cell in my body wanted it in me, deeper and deeper.

He held still, probably afraid that he hurt me.

“Just push it in slowly. It doesn’t hurt.”

Like I said, he is very considerate. He did as I said and pushed it in, just a fraction of an inch at a time.

When it was about half-way in I asked him to stop for a while.

“Just let me get used to it. Then you can keep going.”

He held still for a few minutes.

He was breathing like a race-horse. I didn’t want to keep him waiting.

“See if you can get it all the way in. If my eyes cross or escort maltepe I can’t breathe I will let you know.”

I thought a little humor was in order.

He gently pushed it in a half-inch, waited a moment and did it again. With every push, I exhaled with a grunt. I didn’t mean to, it was just a reflex. I felt like his cock was pushing my internal organs out of the way to make room for it. I had a moment of fear that I might be going to the emergency room with internal injuries.

I finally felt his hairy ball-sack press up against me and I knew I had all of it.

I can’t put into words how I felt. I was more aroused than I have ever been. It was the most intimate, erotic, and exciting penetration I have ever known.

I could feel the head of his cock all the way up in my stomach. I thought about the tiny hole in the tip where his cum shoots out. I wanted that to happen, but not yet.

“Just work it in and out a little. Not all of it. Just pull a couple of inches out and push it back in. Keep doing it until you cum, like you did with your college Bromance guy.”

The thought of pumping my asshole full of cum must have touched a nerve. He went to work like a man on a mission. Sliding his cock in and out, his balls slapping against me, fucking me like a porn star. I never knew he was so skilled.

I had no idea how it could all go in me without running into an obstruction, but I was in my own world of ecstasy. It was amazing how easily my asshole adapted to accommodate him. He could fuck me for an hour if he wanted to.

Of course that was not going to happen. His pace quickened slightly, and his breathing changed. I knew he was about to deliver his load.

“Make sure it is all the way in when you cum.”

Once again my words were like gasoline on a fire.

He slammed up against me, pressing my butt-cheeks flat. He grunted and groaned like he was in pain.

I felt his cock twitch and throb as his cum pumped through, and it squirted and spurted into my belly. He has always produced a large amount of cum, but nothing like this. It shot so forcefully into me that it went way up beyond the maximum penetration of his cock.

I never expected this to happen, but the sensation caused me to have an intense, flailing and squealing orgasm. The only time I have ever had an orgasm that strong was when some guy was eating my pussy.

He collapsed on top of me and I didn’t even mind how heavy he was.

We stayed like that for several minutes.

Then he started to pull out of me, and I had to tell him to go slow.

“Take it easy! Don’t turn me inside out.”

He took about as much time withdrawing as he did shoving it in. Finally the head popped out of the tight opening. A gusher of cum followed it out.

Damn it, there is going to be a big wet spot on the bed. I wish that I had known to clamp my asshole shut. I was sorry to lose any of his precious cum. After I jacked my first guy off in his car many years ago and watched it shoot up in the air I have had a craving for cum.

I laid there in a daydream daze imagining maltepe escort bayan the millions of his sperm swimming around in my belly. It was a beautiful image. I imagined them swimming deeper and deeper up into me on their suicide mission.

A calm and relaxed feeling came over me. I have never been so satisfied by sex. I had been fucked into a state of grace.

I snuggled up to him and kissed him. We are not exactly in love, but I feel a strong affection for him. OK, maybe it’s his beautiful long cock.

“How did you like that?”

He answered, “It was amazing.”

“I think so too.”

I said, “Weren’t you surprised that I could take it all?”

“No. I knew it would go in.”

“Huh?” I said, puzzled.

He went silent for several minutes.

“What do you mean?”

He struggled to speak, and finally answered.

“I need to tell you the truth. That gay guy in college? He asked me to cornhole him, and I did. Every night and every chance we got, we did it. For the rest of that school year. He couldn’t get enough of me. I am surprised he could sit down.”

“When we didn’t have enough privacy to feel safe, he would suck me off and make me cum in his mouth. I was surprised he didn’t gain weight from all of my cum he swallowed.”

“It was a good thing because it prevented me from knocking up some girl. And it sure beat jacking off. It helped me get through that year of college. I didn’t have to deal with the demands and drama of dating.”

“Whenever I began to feel a little horny, he was right there. I think I might have exploded if I didn’t empty my nuts in him every day.”

I paused to absorb that.

“Was it like what you just did to me?”

“Well, he was not nearly as pretty as you. But he did take it up the ass like a girl.”

How can he say that if he never thought that a ‘girl’ like me would want it up their ass?

“His butt was kind of hairy until I asked him to shave it. And his balls being right next to his asshole was a turn-off. Our balls would touch when my cock went all the way in. It was much nicer seeing your wet, open cunt there.”

The visual image that gave me was borderline disgusting, but also erotic. God, I am a whore.

However, I was glad to learn that he thought my butt was pretty.

“Why didn’t you ever ask me to do it?”

“I don’t know. I guess I never thought you would want it that way. I thought it was just a gay thing.”

“But you said he took it up the ass like a girl. So you know that some girls take it in the ass too.”

“Yes, sure. But I had no idea that you would want it that way.”

There were a few minutes of awkward silence.

“Well, just pretend that I am a gay guy and cornhole me every day. Two or three times a day if you want to. I will cut my hair real short and stop shaving my legs if that will help.”

He smiled and shook his head yes.

Our relationship was permanently changed for the better.

I wondered where his gay college friend was now. I kept visualized Dan emptying his balls up the guy’s ass every day.

I wished there was some way we could contact him, and invite him to visit us. I know I am a perverted slut but I would like to watch Dan shove his big cock up the guy’s asshole.

Don’t judge me. You probably would too after reading this.

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