Mutual Massage Leads to Anal Play

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It started last Saturday night when I offered to give my wife a backrub if she would do the same for me. It was her “time of the month”, which usually precluded us from having full intercourse, but a little playing around could always be fun! My wife is still in great shape at 35 and works hard to keep it that way. She is 5’4″, 120 with brown hair and eyes and keeps her pussy and ass smoothly shaved except for a small landing strip above her juicy cunt. She has 36 C breasts that sag a little from two kids, but are still beautiful!

I gave her a massage first and had her lay down n front of the fireplace on a blanket while I warmed the lotion and undressed her. I gave her the usual full body massage, while of course concentrating on her breasts before moving down to her ass. I always spend extra time on her ass, since assplay both for her and me is a fetish of mine. Although she is not crazy about it, she let me play with and rim her asshole while I was rubbing a vibrator over her clit, which was all really turning her on (as well as me). Just when I started to slide my finger and I hoped the vibrator in her ass, she decided she wanted me to stop and it was her turn to reciprocate.

Well, before I could lay down for my massage, and as I was kneeling in front of her as she rolled over and she graciously reached for my already rock hard cock and began to play with it. I am 6′, 215 with brown hair and blue eyes and my cock is about 7.5″ long when hard although not very thick. I keep my cock, balls and ass shaved all the time except for a small patch directly above my cock. I had precum pooling at the head and she leaned in licking the precum and taking my cockhead into her hot mouth. She then proceeded to give me a slow, sensuous blowjob for about five minutes while konyaaltı escort playing with my balls and rubbing her fingers over my ass.

Although this felt great, and risking offending her during a nice blowjob, I hesitantly asked her if she was still going to give me a massage. This was for two reasons; one, I did really want to receive a nice massage and two, I really was hoping that if I was laying on my stomach, she would use the lotion to continue to play with my ass—something that she knew I loved. Well, my wife was as gracious as ever and my hopes came true as she agreed to postpone the blowjob so she could give me a massage. I laid in front of the fire on my stomach, adjusting my still hard cock so that it was pointing backwards towards my feet and coincidentally facing her and accessible to her hands. As I hoped, she gave me a nice neck and back massage, before pumping out more lotion and applying it to my ass cheeks and balls.

She continued to rub my ass cheeks and balls and added lotion to my asscrack and cockshaft, giving me the full massage I was hoping for. She slowly and gently inserted a finger into my ass while continuing to rub my cock up and down as I moaned with pleasure! Then much to my disappointment, I felt her hands leave my body for a minute. Luckily my disappointment only lasted a minute, as I heard her pump out more lotion and spread it over my very horny asshole and balls. I then felt her reach for something, heard the low hum of her turning the vibrator on and then felt her rubbing the tip of the vib over my ass. I had only brought down the thinner 6.5″ vib, but was still excited at the prospect of my wife fucking my ass with it!! As she continued to stroke my cock and rub the vib over my asshole, I slightly lifted my ass kültür escort up as I felt her gently easing the vib into my anal cavity. She started by slowly pushing just an inch or two into me as she stroked and I moaned my approval. I reached down and grasped her hand as we stroked my cock together while she continued to fuck me with the tip of the vibrating pink dildo. My moans grew louder as her action grew faster and she also became increasingly turned on. We continued like this for about 10-15 minutes and she was concentrating more and more on fucking my ass and not stroking my cock. This was something different for us, as she usually played with me ass only while she was blowing or fucking me and her fucking my ass wasn’t usually a stand alone activity. This alone was exciting me and my cock stayed incredibly hard while she plunged the vibrator in and out of my now open and welcoming slippery asshole.

As great as this felt, I lifted up and flipped over on my back which unfortunately caused the vib to slide out of my ass. I guess my wife thought that is what I wanted, because she let it go and began to stroke my cock, which was standing straight up like the Eiffel Tower! She did this for about a minute before I asked her to put more lotion on me and “play with my ass some more”. As she reached for the lotion and the vib, I took over stroking my cock as she went back to work. I pulled her close and kissed her passionately as she added some lotion to my cock for me. I continued to jerk off with one hand and reached down with my other to spread my ass for her to give her added and deeper access to my now stretched and begging asshole. I kissed her deeply as we moaned together and I told her how good it felt with her fucking me. She was also becoming increasingly markantalya escort turned on and was pushing the vibrator into my ass as far as it would go; only leaving the end out so she had something to hold on to. This caused me to get harder than ever and stroke faster although I had to repeatedly slow myself down so I wouldn’t come yet.

My mind was in turmoil, as I struggled with the desire to come, which was being overruled by the desire to be fucked longer, harder and deeper. After about 10 more minutes of this, I gave over to my desire to come as my wife looked into my eyes as I stroked my cock and she plunged the plastic cock into the depths of my anal cavity pressing the vibrating tip against my prostrate. This was just too much for me as I groaned loudly and came four huge squirts of cum over my stomach, chest and hand. This is where two interesting and new occurrences in our sex life developed. My wife left the vibrator on and deep in my ass, when usually she removes it as soon as I cum. Also, on a couple of occasions in the past, she had licked off my precum and kissed me or put some on the tip of her finger, but she never liked to taste my cum and never suggested I did either, but this night, she scooped up some of my cum on her finger and while still pushing the vib in and out, put her cum covered finger into my mouth. She became incredibly turned on when I parted my lips to accept this offering and repeated the process with two fingers full of cum before she leaned in to share my mouthful of cum with me. This was a new and hot change in our lovemaking and we stayed like that in each others arms, with the vib still in my ass for awhile before she slowly removed the vib, rubbed her finger over my freshly fucked, puckered and still partially open asshole while we kissed again. This was only a few nights ago, and we are both still turned on thinking about it…especially me. Since this experience and writing about is such a turn on for us, I hope to continue to share some of our stories with you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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