Mum’s Valentine Dilemma

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I don’t normally ask for my readers to vote but this is my first entry into a Literotica competition so to use the old adage; ‘vote early and vote often’!

The final chapter of AGWR will be completed by the end of February


Chapter 1

The intruder stepped in through the unlocked back door and quietly closed it behind him taking in the familiar but unlit utility room. He could hear the noise of the gathering (he was loath to describe it as a party) going on in the living room and prayed that no one would come out and notice him. He had been surprised by the number of cars on the drive and adjacent road and realised that the topic was more popular than he thought among ladies of a certain age. The sound of voices wafted through the door from the open plan kitchen and living area with the occasional embarrassed giggle thrown in. The voice of the evening’s facilitator was a constant factor in the noise.

“Ok, ladies. I’m going to move away from the toys but if you want to see any of them again at the end please ask. I think that Emma was very keen on the Rabbit (the giggles ramped up at this point) and Siobhan wanted a Mandingo (more giggles). One thing’s for sure, if you see her walking funny, you’ll know that her new toy has had a workout (ribald laughter).

“So, the next part of the evening is devoted to lingerie that will appeal to your partner in the bedroom whatever their physical and mental state. Gemma, as our host, has agreed to model them for us and I’m envious as hell that no one would argue against her doing it professionally. They will almost certainly look good on her but remember sexy and beauty are states of mind so even if you don’t all have Gemma’s assets you can still feel and look good in just about anything.”

The intruder moved quietly to get closer to the part-opened door so he could see out into the living area but was mindful to stay far enough back to be out of sight although he felt sure that all eyes would be on the beautiful Gemma … the reason why he was here.

The lady in question, a tall, slim blonde, made her way behind a folding screen decorated with Chinese writing and pictures where an assortment of skimpy and revealing clothes were laid out for her to try on. She picked up a few scraps of material and looked apprehensive before calling out to the facilitator, Natasha.

“Err, Tash, you wanted the ‘Sultry’ teddy first. Am I right?”

“Yes, please Gem. Don’t forget I want you to tell the ladies your feelings and fantasies when you are wearing it.”

The intruder’s gaze was keenly focussed on Gemma as she started to take off the short, black cocktail dress she was wearing. Her body was tanned, toned and fit as a result of her part-time, weekend job as a tennis coach but she had curves in all the right places. The watching man felt blood rush to his cock as she reached behind her to unclasp the lacy bra encasing her small boobs and shrugged it down her arms. He realised that he had been holding his breath and released it with a silent gasp at the sight of her perfect, teardrop ‘B’ cup breasts showing just a hint of gravity’s effect. He breathed heavily at the sight that had fixated him since he was old enough to appreciate the female form.

‘Fuck! They are gorgeous.’

Gemma continued to undress and slipped the matching lace knickers down her long legs and bent over to pick them up presenting the watcher with a full view of her slim but definitely female hips and bum. His cock was now a rod of iron and he idly stroked it through his trousers as he looked longingly at another sight that had been the source of many a masturbation fantasy as he grew up.

To the watching voyeur, the process of putting on the garment was almost as sexy as the disrobing as Gemma pulled on a deep crimson, lacy teddy but he was frustrated as she kept her back to him.

Gemma adjusted the gusset as it appeared to chafe and the man mentally volunteered to lubricate the area with his tongue when the opportunity arose. He grinned lasciviously at the prospect. Gemma called out to the facilitator.

“Ok, Tash here I come.”

She stepped around the screen and there were oohs and ahs from the 10 or so women seated around the living area as the beautiful host did her best to emulate a runway model.

“As I said, Gem, you need to tell the girls how you feel.”

Gemma looked slightly embarrassed as she looked at Natasha and the other women.

“To tell you the truth … I feel a bit slutty … I’m not sure I would wear something like this until I knew the guy really well.”

Natasha looked at the audience.

“Well those of you in relationships don’t have the same problem as Gemma. You can all channel your inner slut for your partners and I’m sure they will enjoy it just as much as you will in the end (knowing laughter). Maybe you should start dating again, Gem. It has been 8 years since Arsehole left you.”

Gemma looked annoyed at Natasha.

“And I have spent those years şirinevler türbanlı escort bringing up my lovely son, Josh, who could have gone off the rails with an absent father but hasn’t. In fact, I think those 8 years have been well spent as he has turned into a bright, intelligent, courteous and loving young man, if I say so myself.”

“Well, I think his education is lacking. Send him round to me and I’ll sort him out (very loud smutty laughter).”

Gemma looked shocked and turned to the woman who had called out.

“Thank you, Emma. He does not need that sort of education. I’m sure he’s very popular with the girls at college.”

“He doesn’t seem to date much so maybe a bit of help from an older woman wouldn’t come amiss (more laughter).”

Gemma’s face showed her annoyance.

“Can we get on. Josh will be back soon and I’d rather not have him see me dressed like a tart.”

“Ooh, first a slut, now a tart. I think that’s exactly how he should see his mum (hysterical laughter).”

Gemma’s face went bright red and she turned back towards the screen. Natasha hushed the audience.

“Ok, ladies if we have to hurry it up then I suggest we go for the sport wear and then the bride ensemble. You ok with that Gemma?”

She nodded and went back behind the screen and the watching voyeur groaned silently with delight as she shimmied out of the lacy teddy. What followed almost caused him to come in his underpants as she stepped into the tightest pair of yoga pants that he had ever seen and left no room for anything beneath. It was amazing how little material there was as most of the garment consisted of holes criss-crossed with straps but the simple act of her smoothing the material over her sexy arse-cheeks was a perv’s delight. This was followed by the equally riveting act of her adjusting her breasts to show a lot of cleavage in the matching, form-fitting sports bra which again was more air than material.

She checked herself in the mirror and smiled, knowing that she looked good for her 35 years. She stepped out from behind the screen and there were some low catcalls from the other women; none of whom would ever look that good in such attire.

Natasha prompted her as she strutted her stuff, turning to show her tight body in the even tighter clothes.

“Ok, Gem, how does this make you feel?”

Gemma got more into the mood and smiled naughtily as she made up her story.

“I’m at the gym, doing a workout and there’s a fit young guy, about 22 (loud catcalls) and I deliberately chose a cross trainer in front of him so he can see my bum in these gorgeous pants (catcalls and wolf-whistles). I want him to follow me into the changing room when I’ve finished or maybe he follows me home … “

Emma interrupted.

“You definitely need to get laid (lewd laughter)!”

Gemma looked at her crossly but eventually nodded deprecatingly.

“You may be right.”

Natasha got into her sales pitch.

“Ok, ladies, we might not look as good as Gemma but this outfit comes in various sizes and will make pretty much anyone’s arse look good. Ok, time is tight … almost as tight as the yoga pants (innuendo laden giggles) so we need to crack on. The bridal ensemble is next …”

As she is doing the catwalk promenade Gemma looked up at the wall clock and looked flustered.

“Ok but I’m putting the kimono on as well in case Josh does come home in the middle of it. That getup is indecent!”

The sniggers in the room were waved down by Natasha.

“Bring it out but show everyone the full outfit please.”

The watching man could see Gemma grumbling to her self as she unpeeled the yoga pants and sports bra and reached for several pieces of almost transparent white fabric and proceeded to put them on but standing side-on to him. First, a white garter belt encasing her trim waist and then a sheer camisole top with a plunging neckline which displayed those parts of her beautiful breasts that were not already visible through the semi-transparent material. She sat down on a low stool and turned towards the waiting watcher as she reached for the white stockings and he caught his first sight of her pussy.

He could hardly breathe.


As bare as when she was born.

Once again, he almost came just from the sight of it.

Somehow Gemma’s actions in smoothing the stockings up her thighs and the act of clipping them to the garter belt seemed to focus even more in on her sexy vulva and the man desperately wanted to free his aching cock and stroke it at the erotic sight. Caution overrode his desire to beat off at the source of his fantasies over the years and he resisted the temptation although he continued to stroke himself through his clothes. If she thought Josh was due home soon then he did not have much time left but wanted to hear what Gemma said in terms of her thoughts about the bridal outfit.

The last act of dressing was Gemma şirinevler ucuz escort pulling a miniscule thong up her long legs and into place over the top of the garter’s straps. She adjusted it over her hips and the voyeur realised that there was no gusset … just two pieces of strapping either side of her puffy labia … it was split crotch … he could hold it no longer and with a muffled groan he came in his underpants.

As he recovered, he heard Gemma call out.

“Sorry Tash. I can’t wear those knickers in public. They are definitely for the bedroom. I’ll wear the normal G-string knickers instead.”

Natasha giggled.

“Ok, sweetie. I wouldn’t do it either.”

Once she changed the flimsy undergarment, which still left her firm buttocks completely bare, Gemma stepped into a pair of fuck-me shoes with 4-inch heels. She stood and looked at herself in the small mirror turning this way and that as she admired herself. Finally, she strutted out from behind the screen. There were murmurs of appreciation from the gathering and this had a positive effect on Gemma who seemed to transform into a wanton slut and exaggerated the sway of her hips.

“How does this getup make you feel then Gem?”

“Oh, this is more like it. I feel like I want to parade for a mystery lover … not my husband, this is too sexy for that bastard … the one who followed me home from the gym , someone I’ve never met … he breaks into the house … and ties me up … blindfolds me … he’ll want to take me roughly … perhaps spank me … this getup is for something illicit … taboo … not the first night of a honeymoon … that shouldn’t be slutty … this just says fuck me anyway you want!”

Emma could not resist.

“Who are you and what have you done Gemma Straight-Lace!”

Gemma blushed and her face fell.

“Yeah, I know. Shame I haven’t got a mystery lover.”

The voyeur realised he needed to be gone. She was expecting Josh home and people would possibly come out into the utility room as the party broke up. He eased open the back door and slipped out into the night.

“So, Gem, you’d let some mystery lover break in and fuck you huh? Isn’t that a bit rapey? Not #MeToo at all.”

Gemma looked thoughtful.

“No, you are right, but I’d get my revenge. I’d meet him by accident somewhere … in a lift … or the supermarket queue and recognise him by his smell or his voice and track him down and … and subdue him … put a cock ring on him so he stays hard … tease him mercilessly … suck him … fuck him … but not let him come … while having lots of orgasms myself.”

She stopped and realised she had been babbling.

“Umm … sorry … I do think I need to get laid!”

The gust of sympathetic laughter made her blush again and she was about to speak when the doorbell rang.

Chapter 2

Gemma scrabbled to get hold of the kimono which she had left behind the screen so Emma went to the door and opened it. A tall, well built, handsome young man in his early 20s stood on the threshold.

“Ooh, look, the stripper has arrived. I’d put a tip in his pouch any day.”

The young man flushed but came back quickly.

“Hi, Mrs. B., shouldn’t that be me putting a tip in your pouch.”

The blush on the normally garrulous woman was a thing of beauty and the other members of the group were laughing raucously. Gemma looked up at the sound and saw her son at the front door and rushed over to greet him.

“Josh, darling, how lovely. Don’t mind these silly old women …”

They hugged and three things happened simultaneously, mostly caused by the fact that the fuck-me heels caused Gemma to be almost the same height as her son. Firstly, the kisses they aimed at each other’s cheeks somehow resulted in their mouths colliding and they froze in surprise before moving their faces apart in shock. Secondly, Josh’s hands, that would normally have rested on his mother’s lower back were planted firmly on her taut buttocks with only the thin layer of the kimono separating him from her flesh. Thirdly, and most interestingly from both their perspectives, Josh’s package was tight against Gemma’s pussy, and she could feel every inch of it.

‘That’s her bum I can feel. God, that feels good.’

‘He has got his hands on my bum. God that feels good. Jesus is that his cock? It’s huge!’

‘Shit I’m getting a semi …’

Flustered, Josh stepped back and looked down at her with increasing surprise. She saw the look on her son’s face as his eyes travelled over her, widening further the more he looked. She looked down to see the kimono gaping open.

‘Thank Christ I wasn’t wearing the split crotch panties.’

“Looking good, Mum. I’ll come home more often if you dress like that.”

His blush as he realised what he had said was matched by Gemma’s as the gust of raucous laughter broke around them. She hurriedly gathered the robe together and tied the sash.

“There şişli escort you go, Gemma, there’s your mystery gym rat … he’s followed you home … “

Mother and son were beet red by now and she took hold of Josh’s hand and dragged him away from the group of women, calling over her shoulder as she went.

“Don’t mind them sweetie, they’re jealous because they don’t have a wonderful son like you.”

Josh added to the mutual love-in.

“That’s because I have a wonderful mum.”

Natasha and the other ladies looked fondly at them as they knew how close mother and son had become since the divorce. However, it didn’t stop Emma from making an inappropriate comment.

“Oh, please, get a room you two. Oh no, that’s not allowed … well stop behaving like … like … “

Gemma smiled but gave a V sign to her loudmouthed friend to stop her from saying any more and ushered her son up the stairs.

“Go and get unpacked sweetie and I’ll get rid of this rabble. We can talk later.”

The guests, most of whom knew him since he was a small boy and had sons and daughters of a similar age, called out ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbyes’ as he went up the stairs. He dumped his bag in his bedroom and went into the en-suite shower room and peeled off his dirty clothes, looking down at his semi-hard cock as he did so. He stroked it as his mind flashed back to the sight of his hot mother dressed in the lingerie.

‘Fuck, she’s beautiful.’

30 minutes later after taking care of himself in the shower he pulled on a sweatshirt and trackie bottoms and descended the stairs to find all the visitors gone and the living room rearranged. His mother, having changed into her favoured sleep-wear of shorts and an old T shirt, was relaxing in one of the two-seater sofas. She put down her reading material and stood up to greet her son again. This time the hug was slightly more reserved and the lack of high-heels made for a more conventional coming together.

Which caused a surprising frisson of disappointment to both of them.

Gemma pulled him down onto the sofa and clasped his hand affectionately in both of hers and looked at him with shining eyes.

“Come on darling, sit down and tell me your news. How’s college? Mind you, it has only been 3 weeks since you went back after Christmas. Why have you come back?”

Josh grinned cheekily.

“How could I stay away when you said what you were going to be modelling lingerie? I could have sold tickets to my mates.”

Gemma knew her son was teasing and teased right back.

“Well it is a good thing I told you to stay away until 10.00 as I didn’t want you to have a stroke at the sight. Anyway, why would you, or they, want to see a middle-aged woman in lingerie?”

“You’re not middle-aged like the rest, you’re only 35 and from what I saw …. you looked …umm … pretty hot.”

He blushed and Gemma giggled embarrassedly before kissing his cheek.

“You have to say that as I’m your mum but thank you anyway. Yes, I’m a lot younger than most of them but that’s what a schoolgirl pregnancy does for you.”

Josh looked admiringly at her.

“You did well to cope with that and get your A levels and a degree . Plus you hold down a god job and looked after me when … err … Dad left. I think you’re pretty special … but then, I am biased.”

Gemma felt herself blushing and tears started to prick at her eyes at the praise from her son. Josh could see that she was upset and pulled her into a hug and kissed the top of her head.

“I love you, Mum. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.”

She aimed a weak slap at his chest.

“Stop it, you’ll make my mascara run. But if praise is due you deserve your share for the support you gave me and the fact that you didn’t give me any grief as a teenager and … and … just thank you … no mother could wish for a better son. I love you very much, Joshy!”

Josh reacted as he always had when she called him that but with laughter in his faux-whiny voice.

“Oh Mum … you know I hate that name! “

Gemma giggled and pinched his cheek in a mocking gesture.

“Ooh does Joshy-Woshy not like his Mumsy-Wumsy calling him Joshy. Poor Joshy … no don’t look at me like that … eeeeh.”

A tickling war ensued as it had done ever since Josh had discovered at an early age that his mother was extremely easy to defeat by well-aimed caresses to her sides.

“No … don’t tickle me … please … I’ll be sick … you know … stop … please … “

The brief tickling interlude left them breathing harder as Gemma writhed to try and get away from her son’s hands. She ended up in his lap with her feet on the sofa and Josh’s arms around her. Her hair was dishevelled and he thought she looked adorable.


They were grinning at each other at their childish behaviour and Gemma reached up to kiss his cheek. Somewhere between the start of that action and her lips arriving on his face Josh turned his head and their lips collided again in a brief, gentle peck. Both of them closed their eyes relishing the contact before they broke hurriedly apart. Josh looked embarrassed and Gemma tried to make light of it.

“What’s this? Are you trying to snog your old mum?”

This just increased the level of her son’s discomfort.

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