Ms. Marca Ch. 26

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Big Tits

God I didn’t know you would fall in love with my ass hole!

I can not believe the response I have received from the chapter on anus sex. (Ms. Marca Ch. 20) Many of you have asked that I expound on the subject in more detail as in “HOW DOES IT FEEL!” First let me say that Mother Nature did not make your anus to have something go into it, it was put where it is to have waste come out. That is my opinion and our gay friends may not agree with me, but we all have an opinion, just like we all have an ASS HOLE! I have had a few ass holes in my ass hole, So I feel like I know something about the two types of ass holes.

Some guys are just not built to have sex in your ass! Ladies you know who they are and I need not tell you why, but for you gentlemen who may not have gotten the word, will let me say it this way so you will understand. “THAT IS NOT THE CHOCOLATE BRICK ROAD!” I hate it when the guy gets his cock head just in my ass and while we wait for my ass to expand and adjust to his size, the son-of-a-bitch starts singing “I’M OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ!” Most of you ass holes do not look like a girl from Kansas and that fucken Wizard is not up my ass. Iv had a few dates who could pass for the Scarecrow and one or two of the guys Iv had up my ass I swore they were the Tin man, GODDAMN BOY THAT MOTHER WANT BEND! Oh yes the rest of you clip your fucken fingernails, you feel like that Lion when your paws grab my fucken ass and you dig in when you try to hold on.

Oh yes, just one more important thing. I’ll be the one that will say who, when, and I do know how and what goes up my ass, so don’t get any ideas that it may be fun to try, I’ve tried and I’ll say who is going to have fun up my ass! When I feel like I can trust the guy to experience this pleasure with me, I let him know that I’m calling the shots. This is not a fucken Kodak moment; you got to plan and know what to do to help the lady enjoy this moment in time. Most of you ass holes get the same feeling by using your right hand while in the shower. I once took a shower with a guy and I dropped the soap bent over to pick it up and you know what happen! Let me put it to you this way, ” I farted bubbles all day”. Come to think of it, my place smelled like an Irish spring day for a while.

The point I’m trying to get across to you boys of wonder, “IT IS A FUCKEN WONDER YOU GET ANY ASS AT ALL!” This is more than just shooting off your load, make it good for her and you will have a hole that you can come back to.

Be gentle, go-slow talk with her tell her how nice her ass looks tell her how this makes you feel. Tell her how bursa escort the aroma of the air that she is passing out her ass it so wonderful. God damn it you dumb fuck LIE!

When she farts, she will believe me I know you can’t stop it. Tell her that you love it and that it turns you on. Be your luck she will try and force a fart just for you and end up shiting on your cock and than you will know what they mean when they say. “I WAS SHIT ON!”

To prevent this from happening she needs to be empty before trying ass fucken. Get in the bathroom and get that bag of water up your ass and clean yourself out. I once gave myself a coffee enema and later that evening I butt fucked with a guy from Costa Rica, he told me the odor of my ass made him home sick for his coffee plantation, I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was Gold Bean from Nicaragua. Next time I’ll put a little sugar and cream in the mix. The best kind of enema is just salt water that does clean it out good.

Gentlemen always talk with the lady tell her why you want to do it with her, make her feel special and all the time your doing this smooth talking rub her ass and feel her hole but don’t go sticking a finger in. Let her get excited and when you feel her hump back on your finger kiss her deep and slip just the first joint of your middle finger into her ass. If she is turned on by what you’ve been doing to her ass, the hole will be wet and you will know that you two are on the road to ass fucken. No IT IS NOT THAT CHOCOIATE BRICK ROAD!”

Eat her pussy while you continue to finger her ass, but don’t try and go deep with your finger let her be the one to hump your finger, she will if your eating at the Y like you should she will hump your tongue and finger at the same time. Damn I’m making myself wet! I’ll take a break for a while, be back later. DAMN!


I want the guy to use a condom when we butt fuck for several reasons.

1) It is cleaner and if, and we always do pussy fuck later I don’t have to worry about getting him clean before we do it. 2) It is easier to lubricate his cock with a condom on it and some of them come with the lube on them, even better. 3) I like to suck cock later and I don’t want shit any where near my mouth, you never know I might make you French kiss me and you just ate your on shit. 4) The way the world is today, hell it just good safe sex.

When I get on all 4’s and look back at the guy, I’ll give him instructions on what to do and how I want it done. SLOW AND EASY! The key to a good butt fuck is slow and easy. Play with my ass and rub my hole with your bursa escort bayan fingers, the tips of your fingers make circles around my hole run it up and down the crack and talk to me while your doing this. Make me feel like I’m the only ass in the world. LIE YOU COCKSUCKER, LIE! When I hump back at your finger ask me do I want it, make me beg for that finger “please slip it in my hole finger fuck me!”

Always finger fuck her hole before you even think of getting your cock near her/my ass hole!

I will have a small orgasms just by his finger fucken, knowing that the big bang will be coming when he gets the baby maker up and ready to do battle. Just think your cock could be going where no man has ever been. If your fucken me, you done miss that trip my pussy and ass walls have more men’s name written on them than some of the tombs of Egypt.

When I start telling a guy I want his cock in me I will reach back between my legs and feel that tool and hope it is like a piece of blue steel. Most of the time I will put the condom on and watch as you apply the KY/jell and I tell you “slip some on me baby put some up me make me slick!” When I turn and look back and smile just let me do it, it will be good for both of us. I lowered my shoulders so my knees will be pressing against my breasts and my ass is sticking up in the air. I feel the swollen cock head pressing against my ass hole and waves of eroticism shot throughout my body. His hands spread my cheeks wider apart and I feel like my ass hole is gaping open. I take several quick deep breaths, trying to relax my tensed muscles as I feel the cock head.

Just hold your cock at the opening and let me move back on it let me push back and slip the head into me. You have got to hold still as if I were trying to back up into a wall and slip the tool into me. When the head pop’s in most of the time I let out with a cry and it does hurt, God Damn it hurt, bring tears to my eyes, every fucken time. When he gives his cock a sharp thrust and my ass hole widened around it stretching my ass hole. I make him hold steady for a few moments, giving me a chance to adjust to this new sensation.

Don’t move, talk to me tell me how good it feels how tight my ass is and how excited you are, anything that will help me get my mind off the pain. When I have felt the pain subside I will move and most of the time I will pull out a little and it will seem like your going to fall out, but I will than push back to keep you in. I sure as hell don’t want to start over. I let you get back to easing more of your cock inside my tight, hot hole. When I move back to take you in I’ll escort bursa move back more than before and your in about 2″ and it is only a matter of time till I can relax even more and start the rocking and rolling of my ass. After the initial shock, a glorious, overwhelming sensation of deep arousal will take control of every inch of my body. Every nerve ending in my body will get flush like it is on fire. My pussy will be creaming uncontrollably and my ass hole is tingling as if your cock is electric.

The over all sensation at this point is the feeling of a/my impending bowel movements. I realize that this is my problem and I have to work through. But no matter how many enemas I take how empty I feel, I still want to have a bowel movement. This happens to me every time I get a cock up my ass. Than it kicks in and I raise my head up and look forward and began to move my ass and I start telling the world how it feels. I’m a screamer and your better get a sock if you don’t want the neighbors to know how much I like my ass to be fucked. I get nasty talking when I fuck, as if you didn’t know you cock sucking ass fucken cum dripping, worthless shit head.

If you want to see me get real wild, just slap my ass a few times and baby your in for a ride and you better have a long cock that will stay in and grab hold of my hips honey, you may fall off. God help you if you fall off this ass, it will be the last butt fucken you will ever get from me.

The feeling of a cock in my ass is different than your pussy. I’m just not as sensitive in my ass. My pussy can be stimulated better than my ass hole, but the feel of that thick meat up my ass must work on my pussy because I will have an orgasm in both holes. I know you may say I don’t but let me tell you it sure as hell feel like I got both holes going off at the same time. That is the reason I chew Double Mint gun while I butt fuck.

Let me say that we have nothing in our ass that can make you have an orgasm. I think, for me, it is the fact that I’m having sex and the feel that the cock is making my ass and my pussy that gives me one hell of a climax. I have had fluid flow out of my ass when I did climax. The fact that I want it to happen, makes it good for me. If the female feels this is nasty and not right it will feel more like rape than sex. I can have sex doing anything with my body I can flirt with a guy and get a wet pussy and think about it long enough I’ve found myself going off. I want to sustain the feeling and thoroughly enjoy it. Knowing that your drilled my ass with a fervor, pounding my butt with a rhythmic precision. I feel your cock deep inside me, feeling a cock in your ass to me is like it is an entirely new place every time and loving the feeling, squealing and shrieking in completely uninhibited fulfillment. It is always like a fantasy coming true. I loved it!

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