Mrs. Wentworth and Stephen

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This is the eighth part of the Mrs. Wentworth series. It comes right after Mrs. Wentworth Enjoys Act Three and Mrs. Wentworth Enjoys The Nightcap. I think it’s more enjoyable if you have enjoyed the slow development of the series. If you don’t like slow though, you won’t like this. I am very grateful to everyone who has commented publicly or sent feedback. I always reply to feedback and appreciate it even if critical. Advice has been very helpful to me so thank you for it.


I was laying there in the morning, high above the city, daylight streaming in and reminding me it had not all been a dream. Just a week ago, I was annoyed that my mom thought it necessary to have me, an adult in every way, stay with her friend and my former teacher (a long time ago) Mrs. Wentworth. But the boring old lady wasn’t as old as I remembered and wasn’t boring. I was enjoying myself and growing very fond of her. We had practice dates where she was “Lana” and taught me things. We had sexual encounters, not all the way or anything, but just the day before I had eaten her on my knees at the opera. And in the hotel she gave me the best blowjob I ever had. I hadn’t actually had many and my real life sexual experience was not a lot but it was great.

We shared a bed together, all night, in a hotel which is so much stronger than you can imagine. In just a week I had reached a point where I couldn’t imagine not being around her and wanting to help her and take care of things she needed.

I lay there thinking of all that. Wearing only silk pajama shorts she had bought. My top pajama got lost in the night. Suddenly, I heard Mrs. Wentworth return from the bathroom. I had gotten used to her being almost a different person in the morning. At night, especially when we had a learning date, she was Lana and was wilder and sexier. But the morning Mrs. Wentworth seemed to ignore or not remember even what happened.

This morning, in a hotel, she had just come from out of the bathroom and I heard her say, “Stephen, darling, the date isn’t over yet.”

I looked up and saw her standing there, leaning against the wall near the foot of the bed. She had changed again but not into her regular clothes. It turned out that Kitty from the night before had actually given her a corset to try. It wasn’t a full, regular one that laces up in the back, not that I could tell then. But it was amazingly sexy. It was red and black and was satin. There were panties that matched it, all of them shiny.

Something about it sort of pushed up her breasts and they were almost spilling out. They were covered but pushed up and the fleshy tops of her breasts were beautiful. The look on her face was very sort of naughty and sexy combined.

I’m sure I looked shocked but she just said, “Lana’s not ready to go to breakfast.” I loved when she called herself Lana. It was always good.

She took a step and stood at the edge of the bed. Then she pulled and untucked the sheet and fell down to her knees. I looked down and saw her grinning still before her head disappeared under the sheet. Quickly I felt her tongue on my foot. I didn’t dare move. She licked my feet and sucked on my toes.

I know that isn’t actually a sex act but I was amazed at how incredibly exciting it was. I couldn’t see her, just a lump under the sheet but I felt her licking and kissing her way up my leg. It was like a dream come true. The only other time she had given me a blowjob, she acted the next morning like it didn’t happen but today I thought I might get another one.

I felt her tongue on my thighs, her hands pushing the leg of the shorts a tiny but higher. She wasn’t licking my erection yet but her face and hair were crushing and stroking it. I felt her hair and face on my belly, her tongue licking my navel like she was French kissing it. Then the sheet was pushed back and I saw her looking at me. She was very happy but also looked a little intense like a hungry animal. It was very sexy.

She looked straight into my eyes and licked with her tongue all the way up my chest, along my neck and then started kissing me. I was kissing back and then feeling her body, my hands running all over her corset and gripping her butt too.

She broke the kiss and squirmed, removing her panties, moving them up and dragging them across my face before she kissed me again. Then she sat up sitting over me and started undoing her corset. It has these hooks in the front that took a second or two and made the whole thing slower and exciting.

She pulled it open and off with her back arched and her breasts spilled out. Then she leaned down and fed me a nipple, holding the breast antalya escort to my face and pulling my head up from the back to feed it to me. I loved teasing it and chewing on it vigorously. I really liked that it made her groan and squirm.

Then she reached behind her and grabbed onto my cock. She pulled away from my face a little and repositioned herself. I felt her guiding me, then I felt her hair and my cock against her body. She pushed down and I pushed up and She made a satisfied “mmmmmmm” sound while she looked into my eyes.

It seemed so perfect and natural but my head almost exploded because I realized I was in her, this was it. I don’t know anything about the face I made but she kept looking into my eyes and smiling and slowly gyrating.

I was pumping up slowly until she whispered “faster, dear.” I started pumping faster and harder and felt myself about to explode. I was about to warn her when she bent down and whispered right into my ear, “go ahead. Let go. Yesssssssssss.”

I came and came. It was amazing. Then we just lay there for a long time. Her warm body on top of me. I could feel her chest and her breasts heaving on top of mine. Her head was beside me and her lips behind my ear. I think we almost went to sleep.

After a long time, she lifted herself off me, used part of the sheet to clean up a little and then slipped her panties back on. “Why don’t you clean up sweetie? I think Lana’s lover boy needs a shower.”

I went and she followed me in. While I got in the shower, she got a washcloth wet and wiped up then went out.

I finished and shaved and then went out to get dressed. The bed was straightened up with a set of clothes laid out for me. I didn’t have an undershirt but she stopped me, rubbed my chest and said “no undershirt.” I got dressed in nice blue khakis, a dressy shirt and boxers.

She was fully dressed and we were all packed. She looked nice too in a yellow blouse and a skirt and heels. I didn’t know what we’d do today and I didn’t care anymore.

Someone met us in the lobby and took our bag. We went to the restaurant. Then they showed us to a table where Kitty and George happened to be sitting. I looked at Mrs. Wentworth and she shrugged.

George had a lot more energy. He greeted me like we were old friends, although grandson was more likely. He kissed Mrs. Wentworth’s hand in a very old fashioned way and then stared down her blouse in a not old fashioned way.

Kitty was charming like the night before. I wasn’t think about how sexy she was this morning maybe because I had just had sex! I kept thinking about that. I kissed her hand like George had done but she pulled it away and pulled me in for a big hug and bit my ear. George smiled at that. She also came over and grabbed Mrs. Wentworth almost as affectionately. I couldn’t hear Mrs. Wentworth but I hear Kitty answer her, “I’m glad. Did you wear it?” Then, “No wonder you were late to breakfast.” I then saw her squeeze Mrs. Wentworth’s butt before they both sat.

We had a great time with them again which was amazing because they were so much older and you wouldn’t think we had anything in common. I was actually enough younger to be George’s grandson but we had a great breakfast. On a day like that, I’d have had a great breakfast with anyone but it was still really comfortable.

I got up and went to the bathroom and Kitty walked with me because she had to check out or tell the desk something. She walked arm in arm with me which was nice and old fashioned in a way. She showed me where it was and said “see you soon.”

I was finished in the bathroom and looking in the mirror while washing my hands wondering about how much things had been changing. Then I saw Kitty in the mirror and almost jumped. “Kitty, this is the men’s room.”

I guess I wasn’t shocked when she said, “I know” and walked up behind me and put her arms around me. She was talking to me and saying “Stephen, I’m not as old as you think and I like you.”

I wasn’t surprised by what she said exactly. I mean I could feel it starting last night at the opera and feel her eyes on me and things. Although, to be honest, part of me thought she was actually putting a move on Mrs. Wentworth. What did surprise me was her hands around me which were also squeezing my bulge. I looked at her but through the mirror and felt her unzip my pants and watched her reach in and touch it. It was even arousing to hear her say “Mmmmm, Kitty likes.”

I was turned on. I had found Kitty attractive from when we met and age really didn’t matter at all to me. But I thought of Mrs. Wentworth immediately. I couldn’t do this. I lara escort knew I couldn’t and I told Kitty. “Kitty, I can’t. I think you’re great but Lana is, well right outside and I could never. I mean I’m really in love with her and I can’t.

I had never exactly admitted that to myself and maybe I was a little strong but I knew how strong I felt about Lana, Mrs. Wentworth. And it felt good to say it.

Kitty smiled. She wasn’t mad at all. She said, “that’s so sweet. I knew you two were special. I should have known I’d have to get her to give you to me or at least share you. You leave it to me.” And then she left.

It was a whole weird thing and I took a couple minutes to get back to normal but then I went back and sat at the table. Mrs. Wentworth looked funny at me but no one else did. She stood up to go to the bathroom herself but leaned over before she went saying “remind me to talk to you about George.”

As she was leaving, Kitty got up and joined her. I guess women head to the ladies room together no matter what age they are. I thought it was a younger woman thing.

George told me “I like your woman. She’s feisty. Had a lot of feisty ones before Kitty tamed me.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. I didn’t think Mrs. Wentworth would like being described as “your woman” but people let guys George’s age get away with a lot of stuff. George then proceeded to tell me about a lot of the women who came before Kitty. The ladies were in the bathroom a lot longer than I was so George got to keep going.

After he told me about a woman who’s “tongue was three feet long ,” I decided to cut in.

“George, why did you settle down with Kitty?”

“Well, she was great in bed, no question about that there, friend. But simple: I loved her. Still do. We understand each other.”

I didn’t know what to say. He got real soft spoken and profound and you can’t answer that.

Finally, Kitty and Lana came back. Kitty was smiling at me and Lana looked a little different but she was smiling. She didn’t sit back down and George looked disappointed. But she said, “Honey, I remember you said you wanted to get back by Noon so I guess we probably should go.”

She wanted to leave, obviously, which was okay with me. I said goodbye to George and then hugged Kitty who whispered “can’t wait to see you soon.” I’m pretty sure George squeezed Mrs. Wentworth’s butt as she said goodbye but you can’t blame a dirty old guy for trying. It was nice and we went on our way with promises to get together again soon.

Mrs. Wentworth put her arm around me and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to share you this morning.”

I liked that a lot. It made me feel great. I said, “I like them. They’re very nice and I hope we see them again but I was ready to leave. I’m just as happy with just the two of us but I need to tell you something. Uh, Kitty followed me into the bathroom and she kind of made a move at me. I turned away but I wanted you to know.”

By this time we were walking across the pedestrian walkway back to the opera house and Mrs. Wentworth stopped me and hugged me. “I’m so proud of you! I thought she might try something but wasn’t sure when you were back so soon. I’m glad you said no even though I like her.”

We started walking again. She said, “You know I like them too but they are funny. The whole time you were in the bathroom, George kept putting his hand between my legs and trying to run up them. It was a little creepy but also kind of sweet.” She saw my anger and said “Don’t be jealous sweetie. He’s just an old man who can’t do much anymore and I had it under control.”

I settled down but said, “I guess it’s okay but I don’t like him thinking that way. Or his wife thinking she could go after me the same way.”

We ducked into the opera house with no one around and went back to what Mrs. Wentworth liked to call “our box.” She kept talking on the way there.

“Kitty obviously liked you. I can’t blame her for wanting a piece of what’s mine. I’m surprised more people aren’t trying to scoop you up all the time.”

It made me feel good to hear her talk that way about me. I also didn’t mind that while she said it her hand had moved to my butt and she kept squeezing me.

By now we were inside our box. Mrs. Wentworth said, “I love being here with you. It feels like our special place. Another world where we belong and where so much started.”

Then she turned me and kissed me. Not a soft kiss but a deep kiss. I kissed back. I was feeling it too. We stayed there for three or four minutes locked together, kissing, our tongues exploring manavgat escort each other.

When we took a break, we didn’t let go but she told me more. “Stephen,” she was whispering and a little bit breathless, “you know that Kitty doesn’t just like men, don’t you? Do you wonder why I was gone so long? She followed me to the bathroom and when I came out of the stall, she grabbed me, maybe like she grabbed you.” As she said that, Mrs. Wentworth squeezed both ass cheeks very hard and pulled me close.

“She’s a beautiful woman and very aggressive. I was surprised. She told me she knew George had had his hands all over me and wanted to apologize that they were George’s hands not hers. While we talked, I was nervous and most nervous of all when she started kissing me. I don’t spend a lot of time kissing other woman and was shocked. Anyone could have walked in. What if you had walked in right then and seen me standing there locking an embrace like this one we are in now and seen me with Kitty kissing me passionately…” Mrs. Wentworth demonstrated by kissing me and thrusting her tongue into me. “…with her hands groping me, exploring my body?” She demonstrated by grabbing my own hands and moving them to her chest and squeezing.

I didn’t speak. I liked this. I massaged her chest and did my part to manipulate her breasts and tease her nipples for the sake of the story. I was actually very excited. For some reason, thinking about Mrs. Wentworth being kissed by another woman was very arousing not annoying.

“Stephen, dear, at the time I didn’t even know she had made any kind of move on you. I didn’t realize that just before she had tried to grope you.” And with that her hand was between us squeezing the very hard bulge in my pants.

Finally, she whispered right into my ear, holding me close, “honey, I didn’t do anything else. I stopped before it went too far. I could only think of earlier this morning when we were making love and feeling you deep inside me. I didn’t want Kitty on her knees with her tongue trying to lick every part of me to orgasm. I was only thinking of how it would be to have you…”and as she said it she grabbed and held a tight squeeze on my throbbing cock, “…to have you inside me.”

Then we broke apart. She said “we better go. I don’t think they will let me take you down to the stage and ride you for my pleasure.”

We went hand in out and back not to the hotel but the garage where we found the car and she had me drive home.

We didn’t talk a lot on the way but it didn’t feel like we had to. Mrs. Wentworth made one call, to her friend Janine. “Yes, sometime, maybe tomorrow. I’m feeling tired and I think a night resting will do us both good. What? Stop that, silly thing. Okay, see you soon.”

She laughed as she hung up. “Janine said to say hello. I thought we’d stay in tonight.”

We were pulling her driveway and I said “Sure thing, Mrs. Wentworth, whatever you think.”

She smiled as I stopped the car. “Stephen, there’s no reason when we’re together you shouldn’t call me Lana.”

She had never told me to call her by her first name before even if it wasn’t her real first name. I was glad and walked around the car to open the door and let her out. She still liked that. “Here we are, Lana, may I take you into the house?”

And with that I escorted her in. It wasn’t that late so we didn’t eat right away. In fact, she had a bunch of things to catch up on so we didn’t do anything together at first. At least until I heard the doorbell ring after it was dark.

I stood up and looked nervous but She came down the stairs laughing and it was just a delivery guy with Chinese food. She paid him and he left and we sat down to dinner. She opened a bottle of wine which was a new thing with Chinese food for me. It was very nice and kind of normal.

I cleaned up the dishes and even though it wasn’t very late, she decided to go to bed. “I’ve had a very busy day and very tiring day so I thought bed is the best place for me.” With that she kissed me and went up.

She made a very good case. I was tired too. So not too much later I went up as well. I went by her room and she wasn’t there. The bathroom, probably. So I went to my room to get ready for bed before saying good night.

There were no blankets or sheets on the bed. It had been stripped bare. Everything was probably being washed.

I wasn’t sure where the other sheets were so I went back to Mrs. Wentworth. She was back and in her bed now.

“Um, Mrs…I mean Lana, I don’t have any sheets. I mean if you tell me…”

But she interrupted. “Don’t worry about that. I think you would be better off sleeping in here tonight. Go ahead and strip to your shorts and get in here with me.” With that she uncovered the satin sheets and patted a spot next to her.

Taking only a second to think, I quickly stripped to a pair of boxer shorts and climbed in.

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