Mrs. Cole Ch. 06

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This chapter picks up a storyline that was last posted some 5 months ago. Here is a very brief summary of the events so far:

Mike and his high school teacher, Gail, began an affair at the end of Mike’s senior year. They have now spent several weekends together with Gail “tutoring” her pupil. Now it is the summer just before Mike is set to leave for college. They have just returned from a weekend visit to the campus where Gail asked Mike if he was ready to take things “to the next level”.


Gail had wanted to arrange her next meeting with Mike quickly, but she needed time to make all the preparations. In fact, she had actually started getting ready for this weekend many months before. Almost as soon as she and Mike had started fucking she began making the plans and laying the groundwork for this night.

She knew that she wanted to keep fucking Mike but she also knew that she couldn’t continue keeping her relationship with him a secret from her husband. Ultimately the best way she could figure to continue with Mike was if he was no longer a secret from Roger. It was the question of how to share her secret that initially had puzzled her.

After thinking for a few weeks she decided that telling Roger would not be appropriate. The best way to share her secret with Roger would be to share Mike with Roger. Once she decided what to do it took her many more weeks to convince Roger.

She started by talking dirty whenever they fucked. She talked about group sex scenarios and started with talking about the third person being a woman. She eloquently described for Roger what the other woman would do and how Gail and the other woman would please each other. Roger responded eagerly to her dirty talk, and she eventually began talking about the same sort of scenarios except the third person was now a man. At first Roger was cool on the idea but Gail made the act of her fucking two men simultaneously sound so lewd and nasty that he eventually began to also get into that fantasy.

Once he had warmed to this idea Gail began raising the subject outside of when they were fucking. He didn’t think she was serious at first but she assured him that doing two men simultaneously had always been a fantasy of hers. She told him that she really wanted to try and make it come true.

Roger balked at the idea initially on the grounds that he didn’t know how it would make him feel to actually see her fucking another guy. She explained that the other guy would mean nothing more to her than a new sex toy. Like with one of her vibrators or dildos she would fuck the new guy wildly during sex but then easily set him aside and return to her wonderful life with Roger. It took some time but he gradually conceded that point and said he would be OK with it in theory.

He then protested because he said he couldn’t imagine how they would “recruit” the extra man. He wasn’t into trolling the bars for any old guy they could pick up. Gail assured him that she didn’t want that either and then told him that she had given the idea some thought and had come up with perfect candidate. “What’s his name?” Roger asked skeptically.

“Mike,” Gail replied.

At first Roger said no way at the idea of involving someone so young who also had just been one of Gail’s students. Gail told him some of the true details of her relationship with Mike to set the stage. She told Roger that she knew Mike had a big crush on her. She said that she had seen him staring at her tits and ass on many occasions. She never said anything to Mike because she found it flattering to be the object of his inappropriate stares.

She assured Roger that Mike would be a perfect third. He was young and would be eager to try just about anything. Plus, he would be leaving for college very soon and would be going to a school that not many of his classmates would attend. This meant that there was almost no chance of his telling someone that would lead back to their own circle of friends.

After he went to school she and Roger wouldn’t see him unless they wanted to arrange something, so there wouldn’t be any awkward accidental encounters. Lastly, she reasoned that his crush on her would make him an easy target. When Gail finished her argument she paused and feared that she had been a little too thorough. She had been creating this argument in her mind for weeks now but didn’t want it to seem that way.

Roger didn’t say anything so Gail continued. She proposed to invite Mike over and begin to seduce him. With his being young and invariably horny he would surely fall prey to her advances. Once she had him so horny and wound up that he couldn’t see straight she would introduce Roger and then live out her fantasy of fucking two men at once.

“Isn’t Mike that kid you went to the test with a few weeks ago?” Roger asked. Gail was afraid Roger had figured out that something was already going on between her and Mike. She tried to compose herself before she replied.

“Yes,” Gail antalya escort answered, “that makes it all the better. Mike and I have had the chance to interact socially outside of the teacher/student relationship. We started to build a sort of friendship from hanging out that weekend that will help remove any remaining awkwardness from him having just been one of my students.”

She and Roger talked for several days and he eventually agreed to try Gail’s plan. Gail could feel her pussy grow immediately wet and she started to make the final plans.

Several weeks had passed since Gail and Mike had gone on the trip to the university and she knew that he would surely be leaving in the next few days for college. She assured Roger that if either he or Mike got the least bit uncomfortable that they could say so and the whole thing would stop. On Friday evening she made the call to Mike.

His college preparations had kept Mike busy but he still longed for Gail to call so he could have one more time with her. It was now his last weekend before he would have to leave for college and he had just about given up hope of seeing Gail when she called him around dinnertime on Friday night.

“Sorry I haven’t called sooner,” she explained after they exchanged hellos. “Things have been pretty busy. I’m hoping you might be free later to come over.”

Mike quickly agreed and they set a time for him to arrive. He still remembered vividly Gail talking about their lessons becoming more advanced and taking things to the next level. He had jerked off many times wondering what that might mean and he was dying to find out. He was disappointed when she told him not to pack an overnight bag as he had hoped this would turn into another full weekend with her, but he still happily looked forward to seeing her in a few hours.

Gail also anxiously awaited Mike’s arrival. She had specifically told Mike not to pack an overnight bag to keep with the plan she outlined for Roger. She told Roger she would invite Mike over and then start to seduce him, so she knew that it wouldn’t work if Mike arrived with an overnight bag expecting to stay the night.

Gail’s plan didn’t involve sharing with Roger all that she and Mike had already done together, but rather she wanted to create a sort of new beginning in her relationship with Mike. She hoped that if Roger was involved and knew of Mike that she would be able to continue to see him without having to sneak around behind Roger’s back.

She knew that she was potentially taking a big risk by doing this, but she couldn’t continue keeping her affair with Mike a secret. She knew this would be an all or nothing gamble that could blow up in her face. However, it could work out as she hoped and she would be able to have her cake and eat it too.

She had carefully choreographed this whole night and had gone over it again and again in her mind. Roger would wait in the master bathroom until Gail came to get him. Gail would “seduce” Mike in the living room and then bring him into the master bedroom. When she was sure that he was horny enough to go for just about anything she would bring out Roger. She was worried that something would go wrong or that Mike or Roger would not react as she hoped.

Roger waited in the master bedroom even before Mike arrived as Gail had told him she wanted a bit of time alone to prepare for her seduction of Mike. In fact, Gail wanted some time alone to steady her nerves and make herself a drink.

A short while before Mike was due to arrive she changed into something more comfortable that she knew would get Mike in the mood. Roger watched her change and suggested the outfit might be a little over the top for greeting Mike. Gail laughed and said that she had been around 18 and 19 year old boys long enough to know what would have an effect on them.

She returned to the living room and waited nervously until Mike arrived. Since he had now graduated Gail didn’t think they needed to be quite as secretive about his coming and going. Beside that she no longer needed to keep his presence a secret from Roger so she had told Mike to just park in front and use the front door. He rang the doorbell right on time. She called out that he should come in and he stepped inside and locked the door behind him. He went to the living room where he found Gail sitting on the couch wrapped in a robe. She offered him something to drink and they sat on the couch and talked briefly. He was distracted throughout their conversation wondering what she wore beneath the robe.

He also thought he noticed something about her that seemed a little different tonight. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it and it was almost as if something about the way she carried herself was different. Before she had always been so confident and calm but something about her tonight almost seemed nervous. He figured that perhaps she was just as horny as he was and didn’t think about it much more.

They talked for a short while longer before she fethiye escort leaned close to him and they began to kiss. Their lips and tongues softly explored each other’s mouths and Mike couldn’t wait for whatever was going to come next. Gail stood up and turned to face him as she untied the knot in her robe. She dropped the robe to the floor and revealed a black silk camisole.

He stopped and admired the sight of her covered only in the thin lingerie. She stood him up and they resumed kissing each other softly. His hands rubbed across the smooth silk as he massaged her back and her ass. She rubbed his back and their kiss grew more intense. They continued kissing and rubbing each other’s bodies until Mike had a full erection that was pressing against his pants and into Gail’s leg. Gail ground her hips into him and rubbed herself back and forth across the bulge in his pants. Mike groaned softly at the sensation before Gail took his hand and led him down the hall to the master bedroom.

Roger waited in the master bathroom and was shocked to hear them enter the room so quickly. He had expected that it would take much longer for Gail to seduce Mike and, in fact, a small part of him doubted that she would even go through with it. The bathroom door was pulled closed so he couldn’t see anything, but he tried to listen through the door.

Gail led Mike to the edge of the bed before hurriedly stripping off his clothes. He was soon completely naked and she lay him back on the bed. She climbed over him and they resumed kissing. She rubbed her hands all over his body but only lightly touched his cock as she wasn’t sure how pent up he was and didn’t want to accidentally end things early.

He massaged her body through the camisole and reacted to her touches more and more as he yearned for her to give his hard cock some relief. She started softly kissing and licking him all over his body but again avoided his hard cock. She knew that her teasing was driving him wild and that is exactly where she wanted him, so horny that he would try just about anything.

She let her body rub softly against him as she brought her face up to his. “Are you still ready to take things to the next level?” she softly asked.

He immediately groaned, “Yes.”

“Good,” she said as she smiled widely, “you won’t be sorry.” Mike watched with some confusion as she slipped off the bed and walked into the master bathroom.

Gail greeted Roger with a passionate kiss and asked he if was ready. He nodded his head although he wasn’t entirely sure he was. Gail smiled, caressed his cock softly, and then took his hand before leading him into the bedroom.

After Gail had disappeared from Mike’s sight he began to wonder what kinky game she might be preparing. She soon reappeared and to Mike’s complete shock she led a man into the bedroom. Mike immediately recognized her husband Roger from the video he had seen before and the various pictures around the house.

Gail led Roger by his hand to the edge of the bed where Mike lay looking at them unsure of what was going on. Roger was also naked and had a hard on that pointed at Gail as she stopped and turned around to face him. Gail moved in close to Roger and they started kissing. Mike could see their tongues sliding together and watched as they began to caress each other. Gail still wore the black camisole and Roger slid his hands beneath the soft fabric and started to fondle her ass and back. She rubbed her hands across his chest and then wrapped her arms around him and began rubbing his ass.

Mike watched in horny fascination as the couple continued to make out in front of him. Gail finally parted their kiss and pushed Roger down on the bed so he was lying on his back right next to Mike. Gail climbed onto the bed and knelt with one leg from each man between her legs. Her eyes gleamed with lust as she looked back and forth at the two men.

She softly grasped the camisole and pulled it up over her head exposing her excited body to their hungry eyes. Gail was in heaven now as everything had gone according to her plan. Both men seemed willing to continue and it made her very horny and wet to have two willing, naked men lying before her lustily staring at her naked body.

She reached one hand out to each man and began to fondle both of their hard cocks at the same time. Both men groaned nearly in unison as her soft hands manipulated them and teased their cocks even further. She kept her hand on Mike’s cock and lowered her face toward Roger’s. Mike watched in amazement as she slipped Roger’s cock between her lips and started bobbing her head up and down over him. Mike had felt that several times now but he found it very exciting to watch Gail repeatedly sliding her lips and tongue up and down Roger’s hard shaft. Roger began groaning and Mike thought he was going to cum.

Gail released Roger’s cock and turned toward Mike. She quickly sucked his cock inside her mouth as Mike groaned loudly. Gail sucked kaş escort him excitedly and loved the way his cock tasted different on her tongue than Roger’s.

Roger crawled to his knees and moved around behind Gail. Gail continued sucking Mike as Roger positioned his dick at her pussy and started fucking her from behind. Gail moaned loudly and passionately as Roger started driving himself inside her.

She was wildly excited that Roger had taken the initiative to fuck her. She now had the hard cocks of two men inside her simultaneously and the feeling was beyond what she had ever fantasized. She felt like some sort of slutty pinball as her body bounced back and forth between Roger and Mike while keeping their cocks inside her. Having them fuck her like this made her feel nasty and dirty and she loved it.

Mike could feel Roger’s thrusts as Gail’s mouth bobbed on his cock in unison with Roger shoving his cock deeply inside her. From his position he could easily see Roger holding Gail’s hips and looking down to watch his cock slip in and out of her wet pussy. Seeing Gail holding his cock in her mouth as she bucked and swayed from Roger’s fuck was driving Mike wild.

Gail initially didn’t move her mouth much when Roger started fucking her but she slowly resumed moving her lips and tongue over Mike’s hard shaft. Mike groaned at the feeling of her sucking him and watched as Roger kept fucking her. The scene was more than Mike could take and he groaned as he started cumming inside Gail’s mouth.

She kept her lips around him for the first two jets of cum before she let him slip out of her mouth and started wildly stroking him as he shot the rest of his cum on her face and his stomach. As she jerked him her mouth hung open slightly and Mike saw some of his cum drip out of her mouth and back onto him.

Roger watched intently as Mike came and started fucking Gail even harder as his own excitement grew. He still hadn’t known how he would feel about seeing his wife with another man’s cock inside her, but seeing her head bobbing over Mike’s cock and knowing what she was doing to him really excited Roger. He couldn’t see Gail’s mouth or Mike’s cock sliding in and out of it but he watched the back of Gail’s head move and watched Mike writhe and moan in response. Seeing his wife pleasing the young man so completely as his own cock continued fucking her turned Roger on greatly.

Roger continued pumping into her as Gail moaned, “That feels so fucking good.” Gail lowered her head to Mike’s cock and again took him in her mouth. She swirled his softening cock around with her tongue and savored the feel of having two cocks inside her.

Roger was now moaning often and he clutched Gail’s hips tightly as he drove himself deeply inside her and started cumming. Mike watched Gail’s face change from blissful pleasure to lusty excitement as she felt Roger’s cum flowing inside her.

Roger kept fucking her at a rapid pace as Gail began licking Mike’s cum from his stomach. A few moments later Gail’s expression changed again as she was overtaken by her own orgasm. She looked up at Mike and cried out loudly as Roger pumped in and out of her. He kept fucking her as her orgasm continued and finally slipped his dick out when she leaned forward onto Mike and relaxed her body against his. Mike heard a wet, slurping noise as Roger’s cock slipped out of her drenched pussy.

Mike was surprised at how turned on he was by what just happened. He had fantasized often about three way fucks but hadn’t ever thought about two men fucking a woman. He figured that it would have to mean the two men would be doing each other, but he and Roger had just fucked Gail and neither had even remotely come close to doing anything sexual with the other. In fact, he was turned on to think of Gail being so horny and so wanton that she wanted two cocks in her at the same time. He wondered if she and Roger did this often.

Gail slid up to Mike and softly caressed and rubbed him as he lay on his back. Roger moved behind Gail and started to rub her back and ass as she lay on her side facing Mike. Gail leaned over Mike and they softly kissed. She continued kissing him and rubbing him softly in the warm afterglow of sex.

Gail rolled over so she was facing Roger and Mike watched as she kissed and fondled her husband as she had just done with him. She continued to alternate back and forth between them for a long while kissing and caressing each in turn as the two men rubbed her body.

Gail then suggested they move to the hot tub and relax. Both men eagerly agreed. She led them out to the hot tub and the men stood watching as she got the water running. They climbed in and all relaxed in the warm bubbly water.

Gail struck up a conversation and then formally introduced Mike and Roger. It was a bit strange to Mike to formally be introduced to someone after having already seen them naked and fucking, but he and Roger still exchanged hellos. They kept talking for quite a while as they all enjoyed the warm, relaxing feel of the water on their naked bodies. They chatted pleasantly about many different subjects before the conversation fully lulled for a moment. Gail looked at them both passionately and thanked them for helping to fulfill her fantasy.

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