Mr. D and the Babysitter Pt. 04

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In ‘Mr D and the Babysitter’ I set the scene for this and other stores to come. I followed up with ‘Mr D and the Babysitter (now live in)’, then ‘Mr D and Rachel looking forward’. This story picks up where the last one left off. I will start with a summary, but why not go back and read the previous stories! The taboo/incest aspect will develop later in the series. Let me know what you think.

All persons in this story involved sexually are aged at least 18 years.


My wife, Debbie, died in a tragic accident when we had only been married for two years. She was finally pregnant with what would have been our first child but her second. When we married she had a beautiful three year old daughter, Sarah, whose father had died when she was about one. So each other was all we had. The teenager, Rachel, from next door began caring for Sarah and spent a lot of time at our house over the next two years. When she graduated from secondary school, just after she turned eighteen, she came to live with us because her parents moved interstate to expand their business. So then all we had was the three of us, which is where the second story took over. That second story was all on our first full day together but ended with Sarah walking in unexpectedly catching’ Rachel and naked together. We managed to cover up that embarrassing moment. The next day we spent at the beach together. After a pool party at home Rachel had an idea for a very sexy game to play with a few select friends. The planning for that was so arousing that, finally, we had sex completely. Now, the planning for that party begins.


Party Day! Rachel and I had organised everything to make sure this would eb a party to remember. Everyone attending would be over 18 so there was plenty of alcohol on hand. And food of course. But the most important preparations were to get the space ready for ‘the game’.

Rachel had devised an interesting party game focussed on ‘massaging’. We were still looking for a good name for it. The rules were:

Everyone present was allocated a number. Best not to have too many people. We had decided that eight would be best, equally divided between guys and girls.

One ‘spinner card’ would have the number of each person and a ‘twister-like’ spinner so that each number had an equal chance of being chosen. I prepared a few sets of these cards covering all the possible numbers between four and ten participants. Just to be ready for whatever we did with this in the future.

The person with number ONE spun first. Whichever number the arrow stopped at on the spinner card showed the person that they would massage. If they spun up their own number then they would have to strip off completely and masturbate in front of the group for the allocated time. We decided that ten minutes was best and I had a kitchen timer ready to use.

The person doing the massage (if they were not going to be touching themselves) then spun a second card. On this card were a series of numbers. 10%. 25%. 50%. 90%. 98% and 100%. That showed how much of a massage would be given. 10% meant just a head massage. 25% was head and shoulders. Both mostly fairly basic though in a cupboard somewhere I had a wire thing called an ‘orgasmatron’ which I bought at the Perth Show and using that on a head could get me going. We had decided that, since the person receiving the massage for 10% or 25% did not need to be naked, just to keep it interesting if that was what was spun then the person giving the massage would be naked. And, in the game, once anyone got naked they stayed that way until the game ended.

50% meant full back and for that the person receiving the massage would get naked, and then stay naked of course. 90% was where it started getting more interesting. That meant a massage of the person front and back EXCEPT anywhere that bathers or bikini would cover. The person receiving the massage, if they were not already naked, would keep their underwear on to help to mark where the massage was supposed to stop. Supposed to, though hands might drift a little, we thought.

98% was a full naked massage everywhere except the triangle of a girls pussy or a guys cock and balls. These were not allowed to be touched. Accidents might happen but any touching there would be very fleeting. 100% was what it said. Massage, touching, full attention everywhere.

As well as preparing the food and drinks we make sure that the space where we would gather would be comfortable. We had couches arranged around the edge of a large space in the lounge room. In the centre, where we usually had a coffee table, I had arranged a low flat padded single bed. Just right to allow the person giving the massage to kneel and for everyone else sitting around to be able to see everything that was happening.

We had decided on another rule though. No actual sex was allowed. However carried away anyone got they would have to keep that until later if that was what they illegal bahis wanted to do. Rather than being a party pooper restriction we realised that it would actually make it more exciting because as the game went on the sexual tension in the room would keep climbing.

This would be the first time we had tried out the game, though, and so we would have to wait and see what would happen. Would people break the rules? Was ten minutes enough? Would it be too exciting or too boring. We deliberately decided that we would not try to limit any ‘side action’ (except for the no sex rule that is). If the people watching started getting a bit friendly then, so long as it didn’t take attention away from those ‘playing the game’ then that was ok. We wouldn’t say anything about that though. Just let it happen if it happens.

Rachel and I were obviously two of the players. Rachel had decided that three of her friends were likely to be up for this, three hotties, Lizzie and Bec and Angela. I have no idea if this was deliberate but they were the three of Rachel’s friends who I put at the top of the hot list, after Rachel of course. Bec and John were sort of an item and so she had insisted that he be invited as well. The girls had decided which other guys to invite so we would find out tonight who would arrive with them.

Sarah, my stepdaughter who Rachel had come to move in to help babysit, had gone to stay at a friend’s house tonight. I had arranged with the mum of one of her school friends for Sarah to go to their place and stay overnight. We had already had a couple of close calls when Sarah had nearly caught me with Rachel and if Sarah appeared in the night and found the lounge room full of naked adults that might be too hard to explain.

We were both so excited that we nearly dashed into the bedroom to fuck, as we had been as often as we could since we first took that step for the first time a week ago. But Rachel and I decided that it was a good thing to keep that edge, even in ourselves. Needless to say that added to us being pumped up when we opened the door finally to welcome our guests.

Bec and John arrived first. Since they were here early it made it easier to start with checking out with them if this was going to be ok. There was a possibility, an absolute certainty really, that they would end up watching the other one being touched intimately by someone else. Would they be ok with that. Bec confirmed “But there is no actual sex? Right?” When we nodded she said, with a hint of concern, “Ok, I suppose that will actually be ok. And everyone stays in the same room so that we can see what actually happens?”

“That is the idea.” I replied. I could see that now we had come to the actual event Bec was not entirely convinced about the idea of watching some other girl, even one of her closest friends, touching her guy. We would have to keep an eye on her to make sure this didn’t spoil the evening.

John was cool with whatever happened. Typical guy. Yes he was hot for Bec but the idea of being touched by some other girl like this, or being ‘allowed’ to touch one of Bec’s hot friends, had been spinning through his mind ever since she invited him along and explained what was going to happen. Just so that he was reminded of who he belonged to they had stopped on the way here, at Bec’s suggestion, and fucked in the back of his car. For John that actually made him more pumped and excited about what might happen through the evening.

Everyone grabbed a drink and settled into the couches in the lounge. John complimented me on the spinners I had made up. I had thought about using a digital form, with buttons and a screen, but then there might have some accusation of rigging. It has been easy to use my home workshop to make up the wooden ‘cards’ with a spinning arrow which was balanced to try to make sure it spun evenly.

About fifteen minutes later the doorbell rang again and we were surprised when it was just Lizzie and Angela at the door. Once inside they explained that one of the guys who they had invited had backed out and the other one had been called into a shift at the fast food place where he worked. He was pissed off to have to miss out and we all knew that his boss would probably have sacked him if he had refused the extra shift.

At least that was what the girls said. I had my suspicions that the girls might have rigged it this way. Now we were only six. Four girls and two guys. That increased the number of times anyone would be massaged and maybe it would also allow for some different ‘action’ that the girls had wanted to happen. We would see.

Lizzie and Angela got their first drinks and the rest of us were already onto our second. We just chatted for a little while but everyone’s eyes kept being drawn to the spinners lying in the centre of the bed between the couches. I should add that I had also prepared both a pile of towels and a couple of large pump top bottles of massage oil.

Rachel took the lead. “Ok illegal bahis siteleri everyone. Shall we play?” No objections. We all felt the tension and anticipation rise. That wasn’t the only thing rising. I could already feel myself getting aroused! Rachel explained the game again and all of the rules that we had set.

Lizzie had a question we had not anticipated. “When we massage the other person are we only allowed to use our hands or can we use any other part of our body.”

I shrugged as I wasn’t sure what to say but Rachel chipped in quickly, “How about this? The first round of massages just hands can be used. From the second round you can use any other part of your body if you want to. The no full sex rule still applies though. Can we all agree on that?” Everyone except Bec agreed enthusiastically and in the end even she nodded her agreement.

We had thoughts about having a bag with numbers to draw to allocate the players but we thought it was best this first time around to let our guests go first. Rachel and I both stood with our hands behind our backs, each hand with a number. This was a bit easier now there were only four others. Bec chose Rachel’s right hand and got number 1. John ended up as number 3. Lizzie was 2 and Angela number 4. Rachel and I had decided that I would be last so she became number 5.

Rachel handed Bec the first spinner card and her smile beamed when she spun up number 3. She would get to start with John, and even though she knew she could not affect to outcome she hoped that when he had his turn he would spin up her number. I was right. She was feeling a bit uncertain about this game.

Bec seemed a little disappointed though when she got 50% on the second spinner. That meant that John was going to be the first one to be totally naked and that she could only massage his back. John stripped quickly and I noticed the other girls all admiring his semi-stiff cock as he lay down quickly on a towel in the centre of the bed. Once he was there I started the timer and said to Bec “Go for it.”

She gave him a reasonable massage. I thought her touch was a bit light, though when she was sliding her hands across the back of his thighs John did start squirming. The ten minute buzzer sounded surprisingly quickly. Maybe this was too quick, though it certainly allowed for a quick change over so that others could get a turn. Bec used a towel to rub off most of the oil she had put onto John’s back. We had wondered about covering the couches with something but I decided they were old and needed recovering anyway and so after tonight I would get that done. That meant that any ‘stains’ would not matter, for tonight at least.

Lizzie took the spinner and gave it a flick. Surprisingly it landed on number 3 again. I had checked the device and it was not unbalanced or in any way favouring any particular number. Bec frowned but was more comfortable when the second spinner landed on 10%. Just a head massage. The head on John’s shoulders that was.

What Bec soon realised though was that the way the space was arranged meant that the only practical way for Lizzie to give John a head massage was for him to sit on the edge of the bed, naked, his stiffening cock on display. Lizzie stood in front of John, her breasts at his eye level. And every time she looked down she could see his cock pointing up at her. Everyone else then noticed what I had seen immediately when the girls arrived. Lizzie was wearing a pretty, thin, white top but nothing underneath. As the game had started I had noticed that her nipples had begun to be more prominent and now they were pointing out clearly through the fabric, only a short distance in front of John’s face.

Lizzie was only a couple of minutes into the massage when Angela said “Hey, wasn’t it part of the rules that if you spun up 10% or 25% then the person giving the massage had to get naked?”

She was right and we had forgotten because John was already naked. I paused the timer while Lizzie stripped. As well as not wearing a bra she hadn’t been wearing any panties either. Keeping to the rules of the massage in the first round being only with the hands Lizzie was very careful not to lean in too far and let her breasts actually connect with John’s face. Not only did that increase his arousal, especially now that Lizzie was naked facing him and he had an unobstructed view of her close up, but it also meant that Lizzie still had a clear view downwards, between her breasts, into John’s lap. We could all see the effect of this on John and when he stood up after the ten minutes had ended he put his hands down to try to cover his thick shaft which was standing straight out from his body. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Rachel lick her lips.

Now was John’s turn to spin and Bec leaned forward quickly to see what would come up, apart from John already being ‘up’ that was. If he spun up his own number again then there was obviously something wrong with the spinner. It would canlı bahis siteleri also mean that John would then have to masturbate in front of the group, which, considering his present state, perhaps he would feel he needed!

When the arrow stopped at a different number I was both relieved that the spinner was working properly and a little concerned, though I had considered this possibility. The arrow stopped on 6. My number. John looked across at me, equally concerned, as he picked up the second spinner. If this was the first time that 100% was spun it would probably be awkward for everyone, but there was no space in our rules of the game for ‘forfeiting’.

John flicked the arrow hard and when it finally stopped we were both a little relieved that it said only 25%. We would both be ok with a head and shoulders massage we thought. John was already naked and so the tally of nakedness remained at two. I sat where John had been sitting and quickly realised that this was going to be more challenging than I had thought.

John was a lot taller than me, and I am not short. That was part of why Lizzie’s breasts had ended up almost directly in front of his face. When John stood in front of me to begin to massage my head and shoulders I was looking directly at his belly button. I kept my eyes there but when he began he was so hard that the tip of his cock kept bouncing up into my field of vision. I didn’t was to wuss out by closing my eyes so I Just kept staring straight ahead. Thankfully massaging me was a bit of a turn off for John and as his cock sagged it appeared less obviously in front of my face.

The ten minutes for the first two had seemed to pass very quickly. For me it felt like a couple of hours and I was extremely relieved when Rachel announced that the time was up. Now it was Angela’s turn. She seemed at first surprised then not too fazed when she spun up her own number.

Quickly she removed all her clothes. She had chosen a darker, thicker top and so it had not been as obvious that she had also arrived braless. Like Lizzie she had also gone commando – no panties. Not that that mattered at all any more as they were both completely naked now.

Angela squirted some of the massage oil onto both of her hands, lay back, spread her legs wide and began to stroke her pussy. All of us had our eyes fixed between her legs, even Bec who had grasped John’s hand as soon as he sat down again and now seemed to be gripping it almost too tightly.

We were mesmerised. I am not sure if the other girls had seen another woman touching herself. I had seen this watching porn on the internet but this was something completely different, happening right here in front of me. When I glanced around to see how others were responding I noticed that John’s cock, which had sagged as he massaged my head and shoulders, was not approaching full attention again. Beside him Bec released her tight grip on his hand and dropped on hand into his lap, where she began slowly stroking up and down John’s cock. Whether or not it was deliberate Bec’s strokes seemed to match the way that Angela was stroking herself. Lots of long slow strokes up and down between her pussy lips. With her second hand Angela rubbed her clitoris side to side then let her two fingers between her pussy lips slide inside her and began to thrust them into her pussy.

Sadly for Angela she had mistimed speeding up the action because it was soon after when the buzzer went off and she had to stop. “Really??!” she said. I nodded and so Angela, her face flushed, her breathing rough and one hand firmly cupping her quivering pussy reluctantly got up from the bed and returned to her seat on the couch.

Rachel was next. She spun the first spinner and it landed on number 1. Bec. This would be interesting. It meant that Bec would need to let go of John’s cock for a while, I thought, smiling to myself. The second spinner was a little disappointing in a way. I think we had all been hoping for one of the more complete massages. But 50% did mean that Bec got naked and Rachel had ten minutes to give her back a thorough treatment.

I knew Rachels’ massages and so I was not surprised that she began with what was clearly a very effective and firm massage on Bec’s shoulders but quickly moved down her back, going directly to Bec’s ankles but then moving up from there. When Rachel was massaging the backs of Bec’s thighs we all heard Bec moan and I realised that Rachel’s fingers had slipped a little down between Bec’s legs and were caressing the soft skin there. Bec did move her legs a little apart but she would have to wait for another number to get touched any deeper. Rachel was swirling her hands sexily on the orbs of Bec’s bum when the buzzer announced an end to this session.

When Bec got up we could all see the wet spot beneath where she had been lying. Clearly this massage had been enjoyed! Finally my turn. It was a bit strange that up to now all our guests had ended up naked while Rachel and I were both still fully clothed. Lizzie smiled when I spun her number and even wider when 98% appeared on the next card. My clothes remained on but now I would be running my hands almost completely across this very sexy naked young woman.

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