Moving Day

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I hadn’t seen him since high school.

His hair was a little shorter than I remembered, but still fell over his shoulders in light brown waves. A mutual friend had invited us for the weekend to help her move. I didn’t really consider the fact that other people may be there, especially someone that I once knew. Luckily, my personality had become much more social since my teenage years.

“Hey, Blake, long time no see.” I tapped him on the shoulder as he stood with his back to me in the back bedroom, surveying the amount of boxes left to be carried out. He turned & faced me, his look of confusion quickly turning to an excited smile.

“Scarlette! Wow!” He looked me up and down before leaning in for a hug. “I haven’t seen you in years, you’re right! How did you know it was me? You look great, by the way.”

I looked down at my feet as he released me from our hug, attempting to hide my blushing cheeks.

“You’re looking good yourself! Sara told me you were coming. I know you guys have been close for years, but her and I didn’t really start hanging out until after high school.” He piled a box on top of another one and bent down to pick them both up.

“Makes sense. Want to help me carry these to the car?” I nodded and reached for the top box as he turned away from me.

“Oh no, I’ve got these. Just grab any of the ones on the floor.” He walked out of the room, and I was left visibly impressed by his strength. Not that he was a weak looking guy, but he was tall and slender. I didn’t expect him to be able to lift such heavy looking boxes with such ease. I grabbed a box and followed him down the hall.

Sara was at the car, organizing the boxes in such a way that she’d kick anyone’s ass if it was a Tetris game.

“You’re not even gonna need a second trip.” I laughed as I set the box into her station wagon’s trunk.

“That’s the goal! I see you guys have reaquainted?” She slapped her hands together to brush off the dust and looked at us.

“Yeah! It’s nice to see each other again.” I said, smiling at Blake. He smiled back.

“Good. Now, there’s not going to be enough room in the car for anyone but me, & when I get to the house, I have to get dinner with Austin’s parents. Would you guys be cool just hanging out here until I get back?” I looked over at Blake, who shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m fine with that. I’m sure we can find stuff to do.” His voice hadn’t changed from a normal conversational tone when he said it, but I felt there was bad intent in his words. I glanced over at him and he smirked. Definitely bad intent.

Sara grabbed her purse and handed me thirty dollars.

“Thanks for coming for the weekend. Go order pizza or something. There’s some beer left in the fridge, but only a couple, might need to get more. There’s a liquor store on the corner about two blocks down. You saw that coming here, right Scar?”

I took the money and nodded.

“Cool. I’m gonna head out. I have to get to the in-laws before six and it’s almost five now. Are you guys sure it’s not awkward to leave you alone?” She looked nervously at both of us. I laughed.

“I know him enough. Besides, we both have our cars. If we really didn’t want to hang out, one of us could just leave.” She leaned in to hug me.

“True. Okay. Text me if you need anything, okay? The couch is still in the living room & my futon is still in my bedroom. We’ll get some of that big stuff tomorrow. I’ll be back later.” We waved goodbye as she drove away.

“Well. Dinner?” I held up the money and smiled like a kid who’s parents had just left her alone for the weekend.

“I’ll drive.” I giggled & followed him to the back of the house, illegal bahis where a beautiful motorcycle was sitting.

“Is…is that yours?” He grabbed a helmet off the seat and handed it to me, laughing with pride.

“Yes she is! Like it?” He mounted the bike and revved it up. “Get on.” He put his helmet on. He didn’t have to ask me twice. I quickly straddled the seat behind him, thankful for this chance to get close. I put my arms around him and he kicked the stand up.One foot still on the ground, he grabbed my hands and pulled them forward, tightening my grasp and pressing my chest against his back. The sun was still out and the seat was hot, as was I. I could tell the ride would be sweaty.

As we started driving, the breeze from the movement felt amazing. I leaned my head gently against his back and closed my eyes, relaxing into him. I could feel his arms flexing ashe moved them during turns. He was probably pretty muscular under his clothes, I could feel it.

We stopped at a local burger joint to get some cheap dinner & catch up from the last few years. To my surprise, he owned his own bar.

“How did you manage that at 25?!” I asked.

“Hah, I started working there right out of high school. The owner always thought of me like the son he never had. His health problems were getting worse and he wanted to retire. The bar was too much stress for him, and he left it to me.” I nodded, proud of his luck.

“That’s awesome. I just do boring receptionist work…” He laughed.

“Well, I guess you just need to have some fun this weekend, then.”

“Guess so.” I did my best to give him bedroom eyes. I’d never been great at that, but hopefully he’d see my meaning.

“Shall we get more to drink & head back? It’ll be dark soon.” I looked at the horizon to see the sun beginning to set. We got back on the bike & stopped at the corner liquor store Sara had mentioned.

“What do you like?” Blake asked as we perused the shelves of liquor.

“I’ll drink really anything. How about you?” He stopped in front of the section of rum.

“I’m a big Captain fan. I guess I’ve just been drinking it for so long. But Sara has some Coke in her fridge, so we can use that as a mixer.” I stared at the bottles for a moment. Every kind of liquor has it’s effect on me. Rum was the one that typical made me…handsy. No matter the mood I’m in before drinking rum, you can bet I’ll be flirty & happy as hell afterwards.

“Is that okay with you? Or we can get something else?” He started to put the bottle back.

“Oh! No, that’s totally fine with me. I love rum.” I reached for his wrist to stop him from setting it down.

“Well, someone likes her liquor.” Suddenly, my face burned in shyness and I released my hand from his wrist.

“I just didn’t want you to think I didn’t want it.” I bit my lip, realizing he could definitely take what I had just said in a very different way.

“Don’t worry, I know you do.” He winked and turned towards the register. I followed him. Did he mean the alcohol or something else? I felt a fluttering nervousness in my stomach and hoped it was the latter.

The drive back was just as relaxing & cooling as the drive out. The sun was almost down when we reached Sara’s house. Her house was almost completely empty, and it felt strange. I hadn’t often been there, since she had moved to be closer to her boyfriend. But after proposing, they decided to move in together. I looked around the room and smiled. She had really gotten lucky meeting Austin. The place was nice, but Austin’s was much better. It would be a good starter house for someone else. Blake interrupted my thoughts by handing me a glass and sitting illegal bahis siteleri next to me on the couch.

“How is it?” I took a sip and nodded.

“I can taste the rum, but it’s not ridiculously strong.” I took another drink.

“Good.” He took a drink from his, and I realized he was sitting much closer than necessary to me. One glass may end up being all I ever need in situations like that one–my inhibitions lowered with every drink. A couple hours passed, and we told each other funny stories and reminisced about high school. I finished my second glass and since I had spaced my drinks out, I was feeling pretty tipsy, but not drunk. I was happy for not getting carried away, and rewarded myself by accepting Blake’s offer to make me another one. While he was in the kitchen making our drinks, I walked into Sara’s room. There were a few boxes on the floor yet, and her futon against the wall. Her bedroom was the smallest room in the house, but it was cozy. I opened the first box I saw & began looking through her books. To my delight, I found our junior yearbook. I flipped through the pages and found myself. I laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Blake had come up over my shoulder, so close I could feel his breath on my neck. I jumped in surprise.

“Oh my goodness, I didn’t hear you walk in.” He put his arm around the front of my chest to hand me a drink.

“That’s because you were laughing. Is that a yearbook?!” His chin was almost resting on my shoulder now. I felt my breathing become heavier as I felt more turned on, a mixture of him standing so close and the alcohol.

“Yeah, that’s me.” I pointed myself out.

“Wow.” It was all he said, and then he was quiet. I turned around and slapped his arm playfully.

“What does that mean?!” I laughed.

“I just mean, wow, you look different. Good different, though. You really grew up.” His eyes were dark now, and he was studying my body. In my picture, I had very dark, short hair, as I dyed it a lot. After graduation, I let it grow out naturally to its natural lighter brown, down past my chest. Though I was always slim, my face had lost its baby weight since then, and I knew how to dress and apply makeup a lot better than I did at seventeen.

“I would hope so, it’s been like, almost ten years. You look pretty different, too!” I paged through the book to find his picture. I looked at it and then at him. In high school, his hair was a little scruffy, yet short. He had braces and wore a lot of skateboarding shirts. Now, his hair was damn near longer than mine, which he kept in a tidy ponytail, he had lost the braces, and his body was that of a man’s. He was no longer the tall, lanky kid he was back then.

“I used to have such a crush on you in high school.” I covered my mouth, surprised that I would say such a thing, even with alcohol coursing through my veins.

“Oh really?” He set his glass down on the floor and reached for the book. “I am pretty different now than I was back then. I look like a different person. So, if you liked this kid, you must not like my look now.”

“I think I look better now than I did in high school.” I took another sip.

“You do.” He responded, almost before I finished speaking.

“So do you.” He looked up and flashed me that devilish smirk he was always so good at. He reached for my glass & set it next to his. He walked towards me and took my face in both of his hands, pressing his lips against mine. My eyes were still open in shock for several moments, before I finally closed them & went along with it. He pushed my lips apart with his tongue, swirling it around mine. I took my chance & reached my fingers into his beautiful hair. canlı bahis siteleri I pulled it out of it’s neat ponytail and let it fall over his shoulders. It was more full and soft than mine! I almost couldn’t bring myself to touch anything else. But then he reached for my shirt & pulled it over my head, and then took his off. He definitely wasn’t the same young skinny kid he used to be. He wasn’t ripped, but his body was great to look at. He stayed in shape, for sure, just like I thought. I grabbed both of his hip bones with my hands and massaged them. He grabbed me by my neck & the small of my back & began to kiss me again. His hands were big, and they were everywhere. He unclasped my bra and let it fall between us. He grabbed one of my boobs in his hand and used the other to unbutton my shorts. He really knew how to multi-task.

I stepped out of my shorts & unbuttoned his jeans. As I did, he pushed me back by my shoulders and just stared at my body.

“Damn. You really grew up.” He stood in front of me in just boxers, and judging from what I could see from the outside, I didn’t want him to be wearing them anymore.I leaned forward and pulled his boxers down, causing his penis to spring up out of them.

“So did you.” I smiled, grabbing a handful of him. He kissed me again, pushing me backwards until the futon caused me to stop. He grabbed me by my hips and turned me around so that my back was to him. He pushed me onto the futon, and I kneeled on it, holding the back of the frame to keep myself upright. He pushed the top of my back down to get me at a better angle, and literally ripped my thong off.

“Sorry about that.” I turned my head to face him.

“You don’t sound sorry.” He guided himself to where he needed to be.

“I’m not.” He said as he slammed into me. I dropped my head down and squeezed the frame as he pulled out of me and slammed back in, again and again. The roughness felt great in my slightly-intoxicated state. I moaned in pleasure. He was a perfect size, if not a little big for me, causing a slight bit of pain. But the pain wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

“Are you okay?” He asked after a particularly loud moan from me.

“Yes.” I sighed, out of breath. “Yes. I’m…great.” I smiled back at him.

“Good.” He pulled out a little and began pumping into me with just half of his length. It was a bit of a tease, but it felt amazing. After a few seconds of it, though, I wanted to feel all of him inside of me again. I cried out his name and he placed his hand on my upper inner thigh.

“God, you’re wet.” He got his fingers nice & wet with my fluids, & then began fingering my clit.

“Holy shit.” I yelled out. The pleasure was so much, I didn’t think I could handle it. “If you keep doing that, I’m going to come.” Right as I said it, his circular motions became harder and faster and his other hand grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my head back to him and shoving himself all the way into me. That was all I needed to be taken over the edge.

“Fuck!” I yelled in ecstasy as I came, feeling myself tighten around him.

“Ohhh, yeah.” I could feel him growing harder with every spasm of my orgasm, and could tell he was close.

“I’m gonna come, Scar.” His left hand moved from my clit to scratch my sweaty back down to my hip. He squeezed my hip and continued to pull my head back. He was thrusting harder than before, and harder than I thought he could. He made a sound & I felt his cock spout into me. He groaned loudly, feeling my ass with both of his clammy hands. His thrusting slowed & I layed my head against the mattress in exhaustion. He slapped my ass and let his now-soft dick fall out of me. I fell to the side so that I was sitting on the futon, and he sat next to me, resting his head on mine.

“I’ve wondered how that would be for ten years.” I laughed. He rubbed my hair.

“Now you know. But we do still have all weekend…”

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