Movie Star Mom Ch. 03

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All characters in this work of fiction are over the age of 18.

In case you missed it, I encourage you to read chapters 1 and 2.


The hot water from the shower just began to loft steam over the glass door keeping the water from hitting the marble floor. Jenna pulled off her Prive open toe pumps and stockings, shedding what were left of her clothes. She needed a shower to wash off the remnants of the young man she’d just finished fucking.

Jenna opened the shower door to check the water, which was more than hot enough. Climbing in, she ran her head under the steady stream of water to wash the semen out of her hair. The other actress shooting the scene got cum in her eyes as the two waited with open mouths in front of the well hung black teen. Jenna laughed to herself when she thought about getting cum in her eyes. It may look great for the audience, but boy, it stings like a son of a bitch.

Jenna closed her eyes as she let the water cascade across her naked body. She thought back to earlier and the threesome with Elizabeth and Ronald. It had been almost three weeks since her last shoot and she’d done four scenes in as many days. The cast and crew had just finished a week of shooting in the Laguna Hills home the production company had rented.

As Jenna stood under the hot water, she felt a pair of hands cup her breasts. It was probably Elizabeth looking to wash the cum from her face and hair. The mystery guest in the shower continued to pinch Jenna’s nipples as he or she placed gentle kisses on the back of her neck. She turned around but did not open her eyes. Warm lips met hers and she pulled the naked body against her own. The firm mounds of flesh told Jenna that it was a woman. As she kissed the woman, her hands roamed across the woman’s breast and to her stomach. It was Elizabeth; Jenna could feel her belly ring and knew the feel of her implants.

“Hey baby, that was a great shoot. My pussy is still twitching from the tongue lashing you gave me.”

Elizabeth was a few years younger than Jenna, placing her in MILF genre of porn. Like Jenna, the woman liked big thick cocks. Elizabeth was openly and actively bisexual which was not unheard of in the adult movie world. Her current love interest is a cute young redhead with decent sized tits and ass to die for. Jenna met her earlier in the week when she dropped off some clothes that Elizabeth had left at home.

“You weren’t half bad yourself. I think you almost got me to orgasm.” Jenna smiled at Elizabeth, pinching her nipples.

“You dirty little whore. I thought you were going to drown me when you sat on my face and orgasmed in my mouth.”

Jenna laughed and then kissed the porn star on the lips, sliding her tongue deep into her mouth. Elizabeth returned the kiss, pulling Jenna’s body closer and mashing their breasts together. After a minute they separated, and each finished cleaning up.

“Jenna, are you driving back to Las Vegas this evening? My girlfriend and I are throwing a party and thought you might like to join. It’s an all-girl party, so just about anything goes. You are welcome to stay with us.”

“Tempting offer, but I’m afraid that I’m going to have to pass.”

Jenna stepped out of the shower after turning off the water. She grabbed a towel and started drying off.

“I’m going down to San Diego to meet someone.”

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow at Jenna. “Guy or girl?”

“A guy”

“How big is his cock?”

“I’m not really sure how big it is.”

“Really, the famous ‘Size Queen’ is going to meet a man in San Diego and she doesn’t know how big his cock is. Come on tell the truth, how big is his dick and how young is he?”

Jenna smiled at her friend.

“It’s not like that.”

“Bullshit. Does your husband know about him?”

“He is 23 and yes, my husband knows about him. I honestly have no idea how big his dick is. The last time I saw it I think he was about six years old”

Elizabeth gave Jenna a ‘what the fuck’ look.

“I’m going to see my oldest son Robert. He is a college senior in San Diego studying oceanography.”

“Oh Shit…I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

Jenna could tell that the woman was embarrassed. She assured Elizabeth that it was quite alright, and she didn’t need to apologize a third time. Jenna and Elizabeth talked about Robert as both finished getting dressed and then doing their hair and makeup.

Jenna opted for a black skirt and matching top that showed the top of her cleavage, but nothing too slutty because Elizabeth knew that she was going to see her son. She opted for flats, at least for the drive to San Diego since heels are not easy to drive in for long distances.

“Have an enjoyable time visiting your son. If you change your mind, we will be at this address all weekend. I’m sure there will be more pussy and strapons than you can handle.”

Elizabeth handed Jenna a piece of paper with an address and phone number scribbled on it.

“I’ll consider it. You never know if my son might have some fish emergency eve gelen escort or get trapped in his apartment by a blonde college bimbo.”

Jenna kissed Elizabeth goodbye and grabbed her three bags. Four days of porn shoots require more clothes than one would think. She said goodbye to the production crew and director before walking out to her car. Jenna threw the bags in the backseat, placing her heels and purse on the front passenger seat. In less than ten minutes she was merging onto Interstate 5 heading south for the 90-minute drive.

It was a beautiful sunny Friday and the traffic was relatively light as she passed through Dana Point and then San Clemente. As she drove she wondered how to seduce her oldest son. She’d given it a little thought in between filming sessions, and a little more each evening. She hadn’t been able to find Robert’s blog about her, but Will had been a little more forthcoming about how his brother introduced him to his mother’s cinematic career. It sounded like the older boys still talked every now and then about their mom’s movies, but she couldn’t get any more details than that.

As the urban sprawl gave way to the coast and the nuclear reactors of San Onofre, Jenna stepped on the gas pushing her sports car up to 85mph. The traffic was light through the military base and Jenna made good time down to Oceanside where she let up on the gas as the traffic got a little heavier. As she continued to make her way down to Del Mar she gave up trying to devise a plan for Robert. She didn’t have a plan with either of her other sons, so making it up as she went was the plan.

“Shit, I’m a porn star. I should be able to seduce a young man.”

Jenna wondered why she blurted that statement out loud since she was the only one in the car. She laughed at her habit of talking to herself. The rest of the drive went smoothly as traffic was surprisingly light for a Friday afternoon. In less than 30 minutes she was pulling into the valet parking of her hotel overlooking the water in San Diego.

She grabbed her shoes and got out of the car, bending down to put on her heels and giving the valet a magnificent view of her tits. She didn’t have to see that he was staring; she’s seen men enough times to know that he was looking at her tits. She smirked a little, thinking that all men are the same.

She tipped the valet and whispered in his ear after handing him folded up ten-dollar bill. “Your tip is the magnificent view of my tits you got a few moments ago. Here is a little something extra.”

Jenna felt so naughty as she walked to the front desk to check in. She’d never been in the hotel and decided that she made a good decision staying here. Jenna gave the young woman working the front desk her credit card and ID. As Jenna waited for the woman to finish checking her in, Jenna looked around the front lobby and found a nice little spot for a drink. She was early, and it would be another three hours before her son would show up. Keys in hand, Jenna pulled out another ten-dollar bill from her wallet.

“Would you do me a favor please and take my bags up to my room for me. I’ve been on the road all day and really need a drink. I’ll be over there when you’re done.”

Jenna handed the bellhop her room key and the folded-up money.

“Yes, Madam I will be back shortly with your key.”

Jenna made her way over to the lobby bar and took a seat. She discretely undid another button on her blouse as she sat down. No one here knew who she was, and those that did probably would not approach her. It was only a few minutes before the waitress arrived to take her order and a few more before she had a glass of wine in her hands. Jenna was on her third sip when the bellhop returned.

“Here you go Madam and I hope you enjoy your stay at the hotel.”

It was obvious that he’d noticed that an additional button was undone on her blouse.

“Thank you.”

Jenna took the key from the man.

“Please let me know if you need anything else during your stay”

It was an obvious attempt to flirt. Jenna thought to herself that he was kind of cute. On most normal days, she would call down to the front desk and ask the bellhop to come back up to her room to address a problem with her luggage. She would flirt, but nothing more. This weekend however was a different story and she had her sights set on someone else.

“Miss, can I get you another class of wine.”

Jenna said yes, suddenly realizing that she finished her first glass watching people move through the lobby. The bar overlooked the main pathway from the elevators to the front door. She gawked at tourists and business people as they shuffled through the lobby.

“Thank you.”

Jenna took the glass offered by the waitress and smiled at her. She was cute, and Jenna wondered if she was into women. Probably not, since most service people were just friendly since it helps with the tips. It’s not to say that Jenna had never picked up a waiter or waitress before, but when it did happen it was because fatih escort that they’d recognized her from her movies and they liked the idea of fucking a porn star.

Jenna sipped her wine as she watched people. The young couple with the toddlers looked frazzled. She remembered the days of trying to haul Robert around when he was three. He was a handful she recalled. She saw a bunch of people with name tags and realized there must be a convention in town. She was always amazed at all the out of shape people that show up at conventions, particularly the adult movie industry one in Vegas.

Jenna had just set her glass down when she saw him. He had dark hair and muscles bulging underneath his shirt. He was holding hands with a woman almost twice his age. They stopped in the middle of the lobby as he pulled the older woman into his arms and kissed her. It was obvious they were lovers and the older woman melted into the young man’s arms.

It was only when the woman raised her hand to caress her lovers face did Jenna notice the very large diamond ring on her left hand. Her eyes then traveled down her long legs and saw the heavy gold anklet and a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. Hotwife… that’s what Jenna immediately thought. This well-dressed cougar was obviously using her young lover for some midday fun. Jenna wondered if the woman’s husband knew about her sexual conquests. Jenna always told her husband about her sexual conquests.

She continued to watch the couple as they kissed. The older woman said something to the young man and then kissed him again. She remembers early in her porn career meeting young men in hotels just like this one. Jenna picked up her cell phone and tapped a few buttons and placed it to her ear. It took a few rings but eventually it made a connection.

“Hi Rob, it’s Mom.”

“Umm… hi, Mom.”

“What are you doing?”

“Umm… talking to someone.”

“I can see that. When you are done kissing your friend goodbye, I’m waiting for you in the lobby bar.”

Jenna hung the phone up and watched her son quickly glance over at his mother. Jenna smiled at her son, formulating a plan as each second passed. She watched as Rob whispered in the ear of the cougar who looked over at Jenna. The couple said their final words but did not kiss. Jenna watched as her son walked the older woman back to the elevator, waiting for it to come down and take the woman back up to her room. Jenna was impressed at her son’s manners. It may have been chivalry or possibly the polite actions of a young man who’d probably spent part of the afternoon fucking the woman.

Jenna stood to hug her son and kissed him on the side of the face. His hug was distant, and she wondered if her phone call interrupted planning for their next date. The scent of the woman filled her nose with hints of expensive perfume and the musky scent of sweaty bodies. She assumed that her son was heading home to shower before coming back to the hotel to meet her.

“Good to see you sweetheart. Would you like something to drink?”

“Good to see you Mom. You got here early. I thought you said that you were going to be here at six.”

“Sorry about that, I got done early with my meeting and traffic was really light. I hope that I didn’t interrupt anything.”

Jenna smiled at her son and raised her hand slightly when waitress looked over at the two of them.

“No, you didn’t interrupt anything.”

“Miss, do you need another drink from the bar?”

“I’m fine, but I think he needs a beer. Corona… right?”

“Yeah that’s fine.”

The waitress looked at Rob and asked him for his ID. After checking his age, she handed it back to him and smiled.

“I think I did interrupt something and I’m sorry if I did. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“It’s fine mom. You didn’t interrupt anything.”

Jenna took her glass, sipping more of the chardonnay. The waitress returned with Rob’s beer and he took a big gulp of it.

“She’s very pretty Robert. What’s her name?”

“Her name is Lindsey, and it’s not how it looks.”

“Humm… not how it looks. Why don’t you tell me how it looks Rob? I see a 40 something year old woman kissing my son in a hotel lobby while she’s wearing a giant wedding ring. Did you get married and not tell your parents?”

Jenna took another sip of her wine and then set it down on the table in front of her.

“We’re just friends Mom.

Jenna smiled at her son who was obviously uncomfortable. Jenna was not going to push too much harder if he really resisted. She wanted to get him to admit he liked older women.

“Please compliment your friend next time on her choice of perfumes. I can still smell it on you.” Jenna held up her fingers in air quotes as she said the word friend.

Rob looked at his mom and her back at him. Another gulp of beer and he smiled.

“Mom, how were your business meetings this week? Did you discuss anything interesting?”

“Not really, it was a bunch of boring meetings with people that I work halkalı anal yapan escort with quite often and some less often. It’s the same consulting work I do all the time; it would really bore the shit out of you.”

“No Mom, tell me about your day. I really want to hear about it. You never talk about your work.”

Jenna watched as her son smiled at her, grasping the neck of the beer bottle. He was obviously trying to change the topic away from his fuck buddy.

“I know what you are doing Robert. You are trying to change the subject away from the older woman you spent the afternoon with and you still didn’t answer my question. Did you get married and not tell your parents?”

Jenna smiled back at her son, having called out his attempt to change the subject.

“No Mom, I’m more than happy to tell you about Lindsey, I just wanted to hear how your business trip went.”

Jenna looked at her oldest son and thought for a moment. He had inadvertently left an opening for Jenna.

“My business trip was fine. I had four days of meetings. I would tell you about them, but I think it might be better if you watch the videos. It normally takes about six weeks for them to hit the web.”

Jenna smiled at her son and took another sip of wine.

“What?” Rob gave his mother a confused look after a few seconds.

“No need to play dumb Rob. You know exactly what you are doing. You are trying the change the subject, hoping that your questions will make me uncomfortable talking about my work and get me to change the subject away from Lindsey.

“That’s not it Mom, I just want to know about your day.”

Jenna looked at her oldest son and smiled.

“Okay mister, if you want to know about my meetings. You are going to hear about them, but first there is a back story and it involves your baby brother. Tony left his computer on one day when he went to school. I bumped his desk picking up his dirty laundry and the computer turned on. Do you know what I saw on the screen?”

It looked like all the blood was draining out of her son’s face.

“Care to take a guess?”

Her son waited a second. “I don’t know… pictures of unicorns and puppies?

“No smartass, want to guess again?”

“Pictures of the Oakland Raiders. You know how he likes football”


“Porn maybe.”

“Yes, it was porn. Care to guess what type of porn?”

Her son started to laugh uncontrollably.

“Gay porn! Tony seems like the kind of guy that would like gay porn.”

Jenna listened as her son laughed almost to the point of choking. A couple at the other end of the bar looked over at the pair, faces twisted with disapproval of Jenna and Rob’s behavior.

“No, your brother was not looking at gay porn. He was looking at older women. I think guys your age call them MILFs.”

She let the last few words hang in the air for a moment.

“Do you care to venture a guess which porn star he was watching?”

The gulp from her son was loud enough that she could hear it.

“I don’t know Mom, who was it?”

Robert was trying to regain control of the conversation, but Jenna was not going to allow it.

“Don’t play dumb with me mister, your brother already threw you in front of the bus when I confronted him about it.”


The waitress and the bartender looked over at the couple. Rob waved his apologizes at them and took another swig of his beer.

“So, you know which porn star he was watching, do you care to tell me who it is?”

Jenna looked at her son as he stared back silently. The uncomfortable silence would eventually get to one of them.

“Fine Mom, it was you. I bet Tony was watching one of your movies.”

Her son grabbed his beer and drank that last of it in one gulp. He raised his hand for the bartender to send another one over. Jenna took a sip of her wine and waited until her son had his second beer before continuing the conversation.

“That wasn’t so hard, now was it?”

“Harder than you can believe Mom.”

The double-entendre was not lost on Jenna. She’d assumed that her son had stroked his cock numerous times to her movies. It might explain the older woman that her son was fucking. She couldn’t fault Rob or Lindsey, since she’d done the same thing more times than she could immediately remember.

“I hope that’s what Lindsey said.”

Rob laughed at his Mom’s joke. Both felt the tension melt away.

“How long have you known about my movies if you don’t mind me asking?”

“About six years now. I came across one by accident while doing a research paper for Mr. Jacobs’ biology class.”

“Really, you just typed in ‘DNA’ and a video of your mom popped up. I must be getting really good search results. It’s okay to admit that you were surfing porn. What I want to know is if you were searching for big boobs or MILFs?”

“Fine, I was searching for porn instead of doing my homework. If you didn’t notice, I happen to like older woman and big boobs.”

Jenna raised two fingers at the waitress when she looked over. In another minute or so Jenna had another glass of wine in her hand.

“I noticed, and she’s very beautiful. We’ll get to that in a moment, but I have a few more questions for you. If you don’t mind me asking, how many of my movies have you watched.”

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