Mountain Retreat Ch. 02

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I kinda dozed for a long minute. I was thirsty and needed to go to the bathroom. I looked at Clark; he was just lying there, looking back at me his eyes deep. He smiled when I got up. After opening and guzzling a beer, I gave it to Clark who sat up and took a big swig too. My cock was swinging, tapping my thighs as I walked to the bathroom. As I sat down on the toilet, I caught my reflection in the mirror: I was sweaty, flushed, my hair gone curly and had come all over my neck and in my hair. I chuckled; I was never this messy with any gal I’d been with; I felt a sense of accomplishment. I finished and flushed the toilet. Clark was in the kitchen and brought another beer. He flopped on the bed. I stretched, well tried to stretch my back as I drank from the bottle. Me heartbeat had finally evened out and I was feeling a bit cool as the sweat and come dried on me. Clark pulled me down onto the bed.

We were still for a while. I was restless. When I asked myself what was up, the answer I got from the voices in my head was that I was still horny. I eyed my cock. Just admitting that I was still horny brought a thump, thump to my shaft. Clark was very quiet. I couldn’t lay still. He finally rose up on an elbow, “What’s up, dude?”

“I, I think I need to come again. I’m still horny…”

He squeezed so hard, I had to laugh and pushed him back. “Good! I could go again and again….I never get to be this uninhibited, this strong…with any gal…” He cupped my pec and pulled my nipple. I arched and squirmed at the pull. His kiss was sloppy right away. He hoovered my dick head into his mouth, swirling his tongue in time with the suction. I threw my arms up to grip the head board. My legs flew open and I just fucked up into his teasing mouth. I was hard and breathless in minutes.

He stood suddenly and reached into his backpack. I shivered when he thrust his hard cock into a rubber. He dropped on top me. My body seemed to have a mind of its own, my legs wrapped around his thighs. He grunted and I felt his fingers push my ass open. I felt squishy in my ass. He bit my neck and then said in my ear, “You’re wet, my friend, your ass wants this….”

My jaw dropped and he, in one slow slide buried himself balls deep. I lifted us both off the bed in my arching pleasure. We fucked, hard and fierce.

My best friend yanked back and my ass held him inside. He turned me onto my knees, ass in the air. The slap of his pube hitting my ass was sharp and loud. I slammed back a couple of times. Clark growled, “Fuck my cock, Nino, ride my fuck…”

His growl brought out the growler in me…we were on the line between fighting and fucking….I was pouring every ounce of muscle into fucking….my cock slapped up to my abs with every thrust we made together. Clark pulled my off my elbows to hang on his cock, my knees sometimes off the mattress. He dropped us onto our sides; my ass was wider than ever in this position. He used my cock as a handle and deepened his fuck of my ass. I could only hang on and try to breathe. We were dripping with sweat. It was the best fuck, one of the best workouts I’ve ever had. He pushed and I was flat on my stomach. His hands came to my shoulders which made my back arch my ass into antalya escort his thrusts. I felt my ass fluttering like never before. I was coming in my ass…my cock was steely and hurt…I wanted to spew, but my ass was coming….I started yelling, “fuck me, fuck my ass…I’m coming for you…”

Clark flipped me over and drove to his deepest yet. I was coming yet I wasn’t. Nothing had come out of my cock, but my ass was alive, pulsing open and closed around his cock. I held on to his shoulders, “I want to come…make me shoot…please…use your cock to make me shoot, please, Clark!” I was begging for release, for cock. He sped up…then with a yelp, he jumped away from my ass. Kneeling over my face, the condom went flying…he lowered the head of his cock onto my lips. I’d never sucked cock before. I was hungry for it. When he hit the back of my throat….I came….My cock jumped alive and the first shot was hot and heavy on my chin. He jammed two fingers into my ass and I flopped and moaned and came and sucked….he held my face for a moment and he came…flooding my face with his hot wet splats….I kept flopping and gasping….

Clark collapsed on top of me….my heart contracted and raced….he kept me coming and writhing with his fingers on my ass button. Finally I begged him to stop.

I woke up sometime later. Weak kneed and head spinning I got to the bathroom. After sitting for a long, long dump, I stumbled into the shower….Clark joined me. He was tender and kissed my eyes as he washed me. I was shaking for some reason. It hit me….I’d begged for cock, I’d come from the feel of his cock in my mouth….I was struggling to re-adjust my image of myself.

“Nino, buddy, my first time wasn’t like this….but since then I’ve found myself as a lover…with the men and women I’ve been with….I’ve come from having a hot buddy’s cock in my mouth too….” He held me as the images of the hot fuck became part of who I was….

Back in bed, I wanted to be held. Clark obliged. The sun through the sky light woke me. Clark and I lay back to back….naked in the morning sun. He groaned and rolled over me, sneaking a tongue in my ear as he got up. He pissed and then as I watched his ass he made coffee. I was getting hard. The memory, the feeling, the sensation memory of how strong we were together made my dick fill. When he turned toward me, his cock was leading the way…

“The guys will expect us down for breakfast…” he knelt over my thighs, “So I say…we shower, tease, torment each other…then go down and hang out until they all go out hunting….”

I looked at him…at his growing hard on, as it laid next to mine….I pulled him by the hips and took him into my mouth. I held his eye as he rode my face….I was oozing and my thighs shook. He was getting sweaty, rhythmic, holding my ears as he fucked my face. The coffee pot beeped three times. Once again, Clark was in command, he pulled away swearing. I swallowed trying to catch my breath; my jaw ached as did my balls.

He poured coffee for us his cock dribbling my spit and his pre-cum. I was bowlegged horny. I stood at the counter and tried to clear my head. I lost the battle when Clark lifted me onto a stool and antalya rus escort teased my balls and shaft with his tongue. He paid attention to, worshipped my boner until I was panting. The longest kiss yet kept me from exploding. He pulled me into the shower. We cooled down. Gulping coffee, sweat pants exposing our asses and pubes we went down to the main room. I’ve had a few moments in my life when fully clothed, I felt naked; when talking about something else, I’m reliving, pre-planning sex. I knew Clark was feeling the same. The guys were clueless. To them, I think, we were just two young studs, aping around. After about an hour they all piled into two trucks and left for the day. I didn’t mind cleaning up or planning to cook dinner.

Clark had disappeared while I was wiping up the counters. The barn door to the spa room was open. Clark was naked, rock hard, cock lubed and red from stroking as I found him on the edge of the hot tub. I fell onto his cock, mouth first. I had one thought: make him come. I got my sweats off and was already working towards getting sweaty myself in a few minutes. He sat spread legged arms bracing himself to meet my mouth. I was almost whimpering. I wanted him to come. I wanted it. He tried to pull me off, I kept at it.

Only when the first hard squeeze in his balls told me he was about to shoot did I take my mouth off of him…I held his eye as he covered my face and dripping mouth with his load. He shook and grunted. I almost came too. I gripped the head of my dick to keep from shooting. Clark kissed and licked my face, getting as much of his load as he could. I was almost winded.

“Fuck yeaah! That was amazing, Nino!” He lifted and I was smashed on his torso in another of his crushing hugs. My cock was pulsing between us. “Let’s go upstairs….I need that cock in me…”

That was thrill to hear. Laughing, playing grab ass, stopping to kiss and grope we made it up the stairs. On the bed he landed on his back. I began humping his belly and thighs. I was all over him. I felt assured he could take my fuck, with my last girl, I was always aware of needing to be so gentle. The fucks we’d had last night were athletic and satisfying in their strength and power. He groped for a condom, pulled it on to me with a snap and taking lube, lifted his leg and prepped his ass. He was nearly feral looking as I leaned into his assring. He’s tall, long-legged; my cock still looked huge against the lean curve of his butt cheek. His grin pulled tighter as he adjusted his back for my entry.

He blossomed his ass around the head of his cock and pushed me off him with his hands when I got almost in…then he pushed back onto my cock. He let the head in and he swore…”Daaaamn!” He held me still then relaxed his grip on my hips. I put my hands on his pecs, my knees pressed into the bed. In a mighty shift, on the up arch of his tailbone, I slid home, balls deep. Earthquakes in his belly and thighs, gasps in his throat were timed with him creasing my back with his raking fingers. He puffed his cheeks out in a couple of deep exhales. With a nod he curved his tailbone down, I started to slide out, I kept pulling until he gasped again and the earth antalya ucuz escort quaking muscles told me he was at the limit of my out stroke. I didn’t pause; I went back into the in stroke. His eyes went wide and he called my name in a hissed breath, “Nnniiinnnooo!”

After no more than a couple dozen long slow slides, Clark went straight legged, squeezing my waist in his thighs. Only moving his tailbone up and down a little, he orgasmed. He didn’t breath, barely moved, his ass gripped down hard and he shot string after string of ropy white come onto his abs and pecs…. He curled tight and flopped flat, curled and flopped. My back would be raked with finger nails, I had that random thought. My balls were aching.

He put his hand on the base of my cock and slowly, with several clenches, got me out of his ass. Dammit, I thought, I wanted to come fucking him…

He leaned up and kissed me drawing my spit and tongue out. He held me still on top of him as he came down…my cock deflated a bit and I tugged off the condom.

“Duude….I don’t think I can take that cock for while….” He rubbed my pecs and shoulders from where he lay, “Can you hold off?…I’ll blow ya, whatever….”

I shook my head and swallowed…I folded down next to him…we were a fucking mess….I laughed….”Naw…it’ll just be better next time.”

We cuddled for a while….he got up to go to the bathroom and I heard the shower. As we cleaned off I had the ache in my balls and ass that kept me more than half hard….Clark shook his head when I rubbed a finger on his ass…he got out of the shower I just stood and let the water cool me down.

Drying my hair I sat next to him on the bed. It was midmorning. He was looking at his laptop, smiling like a fool. “What’s so funny?”

He turned the screen towards me….an email from that climbing guide, Greg, inviting us to spend his day off with him. He said we could go climbing, hit the hot springs or come into town to workout at his studio.

Clark looked sly at me, “What do you want to do?”

“I could do any or all of those three….but….”

“But….I wonder which gives us the best options to fuck around with him?” He grin was bright and sexy.

“Let’s ask him what he wants to do…”

Clark sent him an email…a chat window popped up…Greg was in his studio, doing paperwork. He said the hotsprings were on top of his list; then come back in town for a workout/hang out. As we had to pass thru town to get to the hotsprings, we agree to pick him up. The hotsprings he was suggesting were off the beaten path, hard to get to, but usually empty on weekdays. Clark and I snagged our sweats, bottled water and jumped into the SUV. The drive down I couldn’t sit still….I finally gave in and yanked my cock out and began teasing myself. “I dunno man…I might need to let one fly….”

Clark leaned over and pulled my hands off my cock….his kiss gave me shivers, “C’mon man….hold off… instincts tell me we’re in for an epic fuck…”

I rolled and squirmed in my seat….he laughed, “Dead kittens…nuns….think of dead kittens….” I laughed with him.

The ride into town took forever…but I stayed off my cock. Clark distracted me by talking about next term at school.

Greg came running down the buildings’ side stairs…in sweats and T-shirt….his basket bouncing. Clark and I swiped palms in a subtle high-five. Greg jumped into the back seat and smacked us both on the shoulders, “Let’s roll, studs….”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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