Mother’s Xmas Gift to her Twin Sons

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Tim finally experiences what Tom’s been getting from his mother all along.

“When Timmy leaves for band practice,” said Tom’s mother, Theresa, while giving him a sexy look that only a wicked mother would give her incestuous son. “I have a special, early Christmas gift for you that I need to wrap first,” she said with a smile that promised him a sexy surprise. “Give me five minute and then come to my room.”

While his brother, Tim, was at his college band practice and attending the chess club after that, and with Burl Ives singing Frosty the Snowman in the background, Tom impatiently waited five minutes before opening the door to his mother’s bedroom to receive his early Christmas gift. The fourth time going through this, he was leaving for war again and his mother was upset again, so upset that she wouldn’t deny her son anything, even incestuous sex. Just as she did when he was deployed to Iraq the first two times and now with his second deployment to Afghanistan, she was willing to do anything and everything to give her son an early Christmas gift to remember. With her there waiting for him posed on her bed in the dark, when he snapped on the light, obviously, in the way that he was staring at her, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Having gone way beyond flashing him up skirts and down blouses and having gone way beyond accidentally on purpose flashing her his cock, they were well past kissing beneath the mistletoe and desperately groping one another’s bodies while drunk on New Year’s Eve. With both of them being so very naughty and incestuously bad instead of being nice and good as any mother and son should, they’ve been having incestuous sex for four exciting years, since he turned 18-years-old and when she was 37-years-old. Now with him 22-years-old and her 41-years-old, the flames of a mother’s love for her son and a son’s lust for his mother have intensified instead of extinguished. Besides his nosey brother Tim, the only thing getting in the way of Tom continuing this incestuous, sexual relationship with his mother was him being deployed to Afghanistan again. It wasn’t right and it wasn’t fair but, not having any choice in the matter, it was his duty as a soldier to obey orders and go wherever they sent him.

No doubt expecting something special when his mother told him to come to her room for his early Christmas gift, assuredly, even he never expected this. When Burl Ives finished singing Frosty the Snowman and started singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, now and for the rest of his life, every time he heard those two songs, he’d think of this magical Christmas alone with his mother without his twin brother interfering to ruin their sexy fun. As bright red as Rudolph’s nose, there she was his mother, Theresa, in the middle of her bed wearing nothing but a smile and a big, red bow with a wide red ribbon that read Merry Christmas. The sash sloped down from her shoulder and rested between her shapely breasts to make her appear as if she was a Miss Nude America contestant. Even though they’ve been having sex for four years, this was his first time seeing his mother totally naked in the light.

“Mother, you look so beautiful,” he said staring from her face to her full breasts and down to her dark brown, trimmed pussy, before looking her all over again as if she was just what he wanted for Christmas. “This is the best Christmas gift you could have given me.”

“Take off your clothes son,” she said with a big sexy smile before putting her finger to her lip to sexily whisper her lust to him, “because my son is all that I want for Christmas.”

As if it was their first time together, instead of it being more than a dozen times together, Tom stripped naked and fell beside his mother on the bed. Perhaps seeing his mother in the bright light of her bedroom made him want her even more but he took his time touching her, feeling her, caressing her, groping her, and fondling her while kissing her. If his hands weren’t feeling her breasts then they were squeezing her ass or were positioned between her legs fingering her wet pussy. With Christmas carols playing and Nat King Cole singing in the background, they were unaware that Tim had installed a tiny camera in his mother’s bedroom and would soon be downloading and watching their incestuous, sexual escapades on his laptop computer in the privacy of his bedroom while masturbating. Even though he was gone from the house and purposely left them alone for them to feel that they had enough privacy to have sex, suspecting that they were incestuously intimate but needing proof of their sexual relationship, now he’d be able to watch this incestuous exchange later on his computer.

French kissing his mother as if he had never French kissed his mother before and acting as if he was on his Honeymoon, perhaps because this would be the last time he’d be making love to his mother for a long time, Theresa returned the lust of her son with her own. While he felt her breasts and fingered her nipples, she fondled his cock, cupped his testicles, beylikdüzü otele gelen escort and squeezed his naked ass. Rolling around the bed making out, as if all that happened to her in her troubled past had stunted her maturity, Theresa still acted as if she was 19-years-old and her son, Tom, was her long gone ex-boyfriend, Vinnie.

“You’re so beautiful Mom. I love your sexy body. I can’t get enough of you,” he said feeling and touching her everywhere. “I can’t wait to lick your Mom,” he said whispering the lust he had for her in her ear. “I can’t wait to eat you. I love licking your pussy. Merry Christmas Mom,” he said sliding down her body and stopping between her spread legs when she opened them wider. She stared down at him while he fingered her and licked her as she ran her fingers through his dark, brown, curly hair.

“Lick me Tommy. Lick Mommy. Make Mommy cum,” she said sexually cooing her sexual wishes to her son while pulling him by the hair to mash his face in her wet cunt. “Mommy needs to cum in her son’s mouth.”

“I love it when you talk dirty to me Mom,” said Tom coming up for a breath of air while reaching up to fondle his mother’s breasts and finger her erect nipples.

“I’ll talk dirty as much as you want,” she said looking at her son with wickedness. “So long as I can call you Vinnie.”

Vinnie was the twins’ biological father. Never heard from again and dead for all she knows, he left her to join the military when Theresa told him that she was pregnant with his twin babies. Sadly, perhaps because her sons looked so very much like their father, she received some modicum of peace pretending that she’s having sex with her absconded boyfriend instead of with her son. In the way of Charles Dickens when he wrote his Great Expectations about old Miss Havisham wanting to forever stop the clocks, after her jilted love affair when her finance abandoned her at the altar by still wearing her wedding dress, Theresa was lost in time by pretending that her son, Tom, was her lost lover, Vinnie.

“You can call me anything Mom, so long as you have sex with me and talk dirty to me,” said Tom with a dirty laugh.

“Finger my pussy Vinnie while rubbing my clit and while reaching up to squeeze my breasts and finger my nipples. I love having my nipples fingered. Lick my cunt Vinnie. Lick Mommy. Mommy needs to cum. Make mommy cum.”

“I love calling you Mommy while my face is buried in your sweet pussy Mom,” he said licking her and fingering her while looking up at her and only stopping to speak.

“Oh yes Vinnie, yes. That’s it. Don’t stop. You give Mommy such pleasure with your fingers and tongue. Lick me. Lick me. Eat my pussy Vinnie,” she said pulling him closer by his hair again. “I love you Vinnie!”

Tom licked his mother and continued licking his mother while fingering her pussy. With her on her back naked, her legs spread wide, and her big breasts jiggling, she unknowingly gave her son, Tim, a wild, wicked sex show as he recorded their every intimate moment of their incestuous affair together. As if they were alone instead of being invaded by a hidden video camera hidden in the ceiling light, she squirmed and moaned all over the bed. As soon as Tom gave her an orgasm with his fingers, mouth, and tongue, he mounted his mother to give her an orgasm with his cock.

“I love you mother,” said Tom while kissing her as Theresa reached her hand down to guide her son’s cock inside of her warm, wet pussy and as he slowly humped her for his cock to move deeper inside of his mother.

“I love you Vinnie,” she said returning her son’s humps.

Once inside his mother, they made love as if they were husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend instead of mother and son. Fucking and fucking her, it didn’t take Theresa long to have a second orgasm. Not wanting to cum in his mother just yet, Tom wanted his mother to suck him first and cum inside of her later when he was fucking her again.

Whenever Tim disappeared from the house and whenever they had enough alone time to have sex, they had sex for hours. Being that she was his Christmas gift and being that they wouldn’t be having sex for a long time, today was a special holiday occasion and just as she planned on having sex with her son for hours, he had plans on having sex with his mother for hours too. No doubt enjoying the sight of seeing his mother with his hard, hairy cock buried in her small, pretty mouth, after making love to her and after fucking her hard and fucking her long, he couldn’t wait to see the look on his mother’s face while she was sucking him. There was nothing as magically exciting when she looked up at him with her big, brown eyes while his thick, hard cock was buried in her small, beautiful mouth.

“Oh, Vinnie, you’ve made Mommy so very happy. Now it’s my turn to make you happy,” she said with a sexy smile.

“I love you mother,” he said kissing her.

“I want to give you something to remember beylikdüzü rus escort me and a reason for you to come home when you’re off fighting a war for our freedom,” she said sliding down the bed to take her son’s cock in her hand before taking him in her mouth. “Tell me what you want Mommy to do Vinnie. I like it when you tell me what to do to your naked body.”

“Blow me Mom. I want you to suck my cock mother. I want to watch you sucking me. I want to watch you stroke me while staring at my cock before looking up at me with your big, beautiful, brown eyes and as I hold your breast in my hand. I want to watch you lick my cock and my balls, while looking up at me. Then I want you take me in your mouth to suck me Mom, really blow me while staring up at me.”

As if this night together was a religious experience, Amy Grant sang Silent Night in the background as this mother was ready to suck her son.

“I can do that,” she said stroking him before taking him in her mouth and only removing his hard, hairy cock to speak. “I know how fond you are of cumming in my mouth, would you like to cum in Mommy’s mouth again?”

“Yes Mom, I would and I’d like for you to swallow me too.”

“It wouldn’t be much of a blowjob unless I swallowed your cum Vinnie,” she said with a sexy laugh.

Oblivious to the camera lens watching and recording them, when Tim got him to watch his brother with his mother from above he’d have all the evidence he’d need while watching Tom staring down while watching his mother licking him, stroking him, and sucking him.

“Blow me Mom,” he said taking her head between his big hands to hump her mouth and fuck her face. Suck my cock Mommy. A memory to give me happy nights while alone in my bunk, now every time I hear Silent Night, I’ll be thinking of you stroking me, licking me, and blowing me. I love you Mommy.”

“I’m glad that I could give you a Christmas to remember,” said Theresa. “And I love you Vinnie.”

* * * * *

Tim is an identical twin. His 22-year-old brother, Tom, having already served in Iraq twice, was leaving for his second deployment in Afghanistan two weeks before Christmas. An emotional time for this family, especially for their mother, Theresa, the upcoming Christmas holiday was the only thing that kept everyone’s spirits positive enough to remove the always present thoughts of danger and of thinking that Tom may return in a body bag.

Sparing no expense, only two weeks after Thanksgiving, Theresa decided to celebrate Christmas early. For the benefit of maintaining her emotional spirits high and for the sake of her son, she kept herself occupied and energized with Christmas decorations and Christmas music. Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones instead of dwelling on what may happen to her beloved son in combat, she set up their artificial Christmas tree and decorated the entire inside and outside of the house with lights. Except for stripping off all of her clothes, tying her naked body in a big, red bow, and giving herself to her son as his early Christmas gift, which she thought of doing and actually did do later, she did everything she could do to give Tom a Christmas to remember.

Fortunately for Tom but unfortunately for Tim, Tom is his 41-year-old mother’s favored son. Weird that she’d have a favorite son when they’re her identical twin sons, but for their personalities, they’re genetically the same. Yet, for the sake of his mother and brother, Tim joined in the spirit of the early holiday celebration. Tim has always been jealous of his brother because of his athletic prowess. No matter, inseparable, that is, until the Army separated them, his brother is still his blood, his best friend, and his identical, twin brother. Born only 2 minutes apart, everyone perceived Tom as Tim’s big brother which didn’t help Tim’s self-confidence of always being in Tom’s shadow.

Nonetheless their sibling rivalry and silly squabbles, to say that these brothers are close is a gross understatement and a huge misrepresentation of the bond that they have as twin brothers. Thinking so very much alike, they have the same thoughts and finish one another’s sentences. A bond that goes beyond being brothers, being born identical twin brothers is a weird and special relationship that they enjoy, that is, except when it comes to the protection and the self-preservation of their mother.

When thinking of his brother and/or mother lying to him and deceiving him, even more hurtful when his brother lies and deceives him, Tim sees red as if seeing Tom dressed as Santa Claus in a bright red, velvet suit. Wishing it was him when thinking of his twin brother having his wicked way with his mother and his mother sucking her son’s cock, Tim is as jealous as he is angry. Tom is so secretively protective when it comes to talking about mother Theresa. Always freely discussing everything, perhaps because of the embarrassment, the shame, and the guilt associated with having a forbidden beylikdüzü türbanlı escort incestuous relationship with his mother, Tom never mentioned the extent of the sexual relationship he enjoyed with his mother. Even though Tim suspected that they were doing something incestuously forbidden, having a better chance of finding out what his brother bought him for Christmas than what he was doing with his mother, Tom would never admit that there’s something going on between them.

Figuring he’d always have his twin brother around to do things with and to experience college life together, it was upsetting when Tom, at only 18-years-old, suddenly joined the Army right after his high school graduation four years ago instead of going off to college with his brother Tim. Being that there was a war going on and that Tom would surely be sent to the Middle East again and be in harm’s way again, just as she did the first time, their mother cried for weeks before that fateful day of Tom boarding his plane to leave again. Writing to him nearly every day, just in the way that his father did before him abandoning her to join the military at only 19-years-old, she finally accepted that her son needed to live his life to do his duty to God and to his country for the protection of his family and for the continuation of democracy.

“God bless America!”

Only, other than to separate them, God and America has little with this story. This story is about a mother’s incestuous love for her son and a son’s incestuous lust for his mother. Wading in treacherous waters in the dreaded triangle of emotions as deep as those feelings of being born a twin, love and incest when separated are totally and diametrically opposing, disturbingly conflicting facts of life. Yet when all three ingredients are combined, twins, love, and incest, the formula is an explosive combination for disaster. Navigating such a fine emotionally charged land mine line, one must be a high wire demolitions expert for such an incestuous relationship to work and not to explode in their faces.

Normally or abnormally, as the case may be, most incestuous feelings are usually one-sided, typically with a son lusting over his mother and a mother not returning her son’s incestuous lust. It’s unusual when a mother lusts over her son in the way that mother Theresa lusted over Tom and even more unusual when both mother and son lust over one another in the way of a man lusting over an unrelated woman. Yet, even though this story has been continuing between Tom and his mother for four, long years, the real story started when Tom left for Afghanistan for the second time and when Tim was left alone with his mother again, this time during the Christmas holiday.

“God help him because poor Tim has no idea the incestuous sex kitten that his mother is.”

Berating himself for having inappropriate sexual thoughts about his mother, Tim thought that he was the incestuous pervert for even having such perverse thoughts about his brother fucking his mother and his mother sucking his brother. Feeling guilty that he could think such incestuous sexual thoughts about his brother being with his mother, he admonished himself for thinking that his mother would be party to such a twisted, fobidden relationship. As shocking and as troubling for Tim to think that there was an incestuous, sexual relationship happening between his twin brother and his beloved mother, if nothing else and even if there wasn’t, it was sexually exciting for him to imagine that there was. In the way that she conspicuously dressed to see her son off at the airport, more dressed as a prostitute than a mother, with her big breasts practically hanging out of her top and her short skirt revealing her sexy legs all the way up to her inner thighs, he suddenly envisioned his mother provocatively dressed as a Santa’s helper and asking his brother what he wanted for Christmas. Imagining her wearing a green velvet outfit that exposed as much of her breasts and legs that were exposed now, he couldn’t blame his brother for incestuously lusting of his mother because he was incestuously lusting over her too.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!”

It didn’t seem fair that with his brother being bad, his mother being naughty, and with him always being so good, that is, before he installed a camera in his mother’s bedroom, that his brother should receive his Christmas wish of having incestuous sex with his mother when he had the same Christmas wish too. Instead of having sex with his mother in the way that his brother obviously was, Tim spent many days stroking his cock while imagining his mother undressing for his brother. Stroking himself faster, he imagined his brother kissing his mother while touching her, feeling her, fondling her, and caressing his mother’s shapely body. If it was, indeed, true that they were having sex, he couldn’t believe that his lucky brother was doing all the things that he only imagined doing to his mother. Being that they were twins, identical twins at that, being that obviously they had the same sexual desires for their mother, and being that they looked so much alike, why one and not the other? Why would his mother have sex with his brother and not have sex with him? Wishing he could write Santa Claus to make his wish, only taking care in what he wished for, incest was a big step and one that could have tragic repercussions and lifelong consequences.

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