Mothers’ Day Weekend Ch. 02

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Chase pulled up his shorts and went below to retrieve the bong and his herb. He checked his phone for messages, confirming three new emails from pennycollins. Then he tapped up Frederico’s and ordered three 18″ “Total Carnivore”s for delivery; tonite seemed like an eat-in sort of nite and he figured he would find better things for Penny to do than make dinner.

When he returned to the living room, she had released her hold on her sons and they had backed off of her, leaning back into either end of the sofa, shorts still around their ankles. She was staring down at her phone; she raised her face to him as he set the bong on the end of the coffee table nearest the recliner and took a seat.

Chase could feel the others struggling to make sense of what had just happened; it was obvious that they were unsure what to do. That only made his job steering the coming attractions easier; the confused tend to defer to the confident in crisis situations, and it was obvious all three of them were experiencing some moral crisis right now. For Chase, crisis was simply opportunity.

He let the silence linger while he purposefully stuffed the bowl and took a huge rip on the bong, held it for several moments, and exhaled a tight stream of smoke toward Penny. She inhaled deeply.

“Thank you for returning my phone, Chase. Why did you take those videos of me?”

“Well Mrs C, you are amazingly hot and, to be honest, you started it first didn’t you? It seemed like a good idea so i just ran with it. Sometimes it’s nice to have a momento from special experiences isn’t it?”

“Yes Chase, sometimes it is. And sometimes it’s better not to hold on to the past; I’m not sure these are memories I want anywhere but in our minds.”

“Really Penny? I saw the pics you sent to Mr C earlier and I guess I thought you might want to share your special sexy times with him since he missed out on the party. Isn’t that why you started it?”

“He could be home any moment now,” Penny tapped her phone for the time (5:58) curious why Marshall hadn’t been in touch for hours and when he might get home; she needed to wrap this up for now and figure out how to deal with him before then. “I think it’s time for you to leave, Chase, and let us clean up here.” She opened her text app.

[getting a motel room]

[should be back by noon]

[bet your upset 🙁 please reply xox]

[its ok, i’m busy here]

[be safe, see you tomorrow]

She scrolled up and read the rest of his previous message. She felt a wave of relief roll over her to receive this temporary reprieve, then she realized other implications.

“Chase, did you answer this message from Marshall?”

“Yes I did, was I wrong Mrs C?” he pulled a contrite expression then smirked.

“Why did you do that, Chase?”

“Well I noticed you hadn’t responded to him for quite a while, guess you were busy with other priorities. I figured it would be nice to make sure he wasn’t unnecessarily worrying.”

The twins had leaned in to read the message displayed on the screen.

“Looks like we have the whole evening to ourselves now, and I think we have some pertinent matters to discuss here,” Chase leaned back in the recliner.

“Pass me the bong,” Penny replied.


After a couple tokes she was feeling a bit better, tho her recently emptied stomach was gnawing at itself. She remembered the pizza thawing in the oven and she stood, wrapping the towel around herself and strolling into the kitchen.

“I was planning on eating alone.” She set the oven (BAKE, 350, 30′). “Pizza will be ready in half an hour, but it’s not much. Don’t you guys all eat out together on Fridays? And why were you home so early?”

“Coach cancelled practice cause his mom broke her hip.” Ray replied.

“We expected to have the place to ourselves for a while,” Jay offered. “Why were you home so early?”

“Power went out at work. That’s too bad about your coach’s mom,” she said; ‘and if she hadn’t fallen off her walker, I wouldn’t be off my rocker now!’ she mused.

“Coach told us to go do something nice for our moms,” Chase implied, “Was what we just did nice for you, Mrs C?”

Penny returned to the sofa with some crackers and dip.

“Ok Chase, let’s cut the bullshit shall we? You all surprised me in the middle of masturbating and I passed out and I puked; not so nice. Ray and Jay came to my rescue; nice. You watched me have multiple orgasms; nice. You filmed them without my consent; not so nice. It’s been a mixed bag, Chase, a big fucking crazy mixed bag of emotions that I’m…we…are all still processing.”

“What about when I let you suck my cock and swallow my cum?”

“What?!?” the twins exclaimed in unison.

“That was nice Chase. And this weed is really nice. But even with those you are barely breaking even. Do you want to really do something nice for me Chase? Or are you just here to take what you can get? Cause I could really use something nice right now.”

“Penny, what could be nicer than helping make your wildest fantasies come true?”

The doorbell rang.

“That esenyurt otele gelen escort should be dinner,” Chase offered “I ordered us pizza so you wouldn’t have to cook.”

“Nice. You wanna go get that?” He was the only one decently dressed.

“Well Mrs C, I spent all my cash on this herb you like so much, so I was hoping maybe you could cover it?”

“Not so nice, Chase.”


The four sat around the dining room table, each with a personal pie. The guys were making short work of theirs; ‘What appetites these young men have!’ Penny mused as she worked more conservatively on her own.

“So guys, I think now that we’ve eaten and recovered a bit, it’s time we talk about what just happened and how we are going to deal with it. I don’t regret what we did; as I see it no one was harmed or forced to do anything against their will. But I do want this to remain confidential to ensure that it stays that way.”

“What about Dad?” Jay asked. “You’re not going to tell him?” He didn’t feel any more comfortable with hiding it from his father than with the thought of him finding out.

“That’s something I’m considering very carefully, sweetie. I love and respect your dad and I don’t want to hurt him, but I think that being honest with him might feel like less of a betrayal than hiding it would if he ever found out. I think he might be able to understand things getting out of hand as we were all impaired and it happened impulsively, but keeping it secret is a premeditated decision. I just want us to all be on the same page when the time comes, so it’s important that we are honest with ourselves and each other first.”

“What if he wants a divorce?” Ray blurted.

“Well, we’ve been together a long time, and we’ve each made mistakes, tho nothing like this yet, so far as I know. But we have had a lot of opportunities to learn that forgiveness works better than blame and bitterness. I know he loves me too and I think we both want to keep that love going. I’m not saying it won’t be hard, but I think he might be able to handle this, as it didn’t really go too far.”

“Yeah, I imagine it could get really ‘hard for him to handle’,” Chase laughed, gesturing to indicate jerking off; “I bet he’d get turned on by it even if he did feel jealous.”

“What makes you say that?” Ray asked defensively, bristling.

“Haven’t you guys ever noticed how he gloats when any of us guys are over and we scope and flirt with your mom? He’s got closet cuck written all over him. I bet he’s the one who turned you on to MILF porn huh Penny?”

“Yes Chase, actually he did.” That word “cuck” rolled around in her mind like a shiny smooth pebble, and she wondered if Chase was onto something.

“Uhmmm…you guys watch that together?” Ray asked in disbelief.

“Yes we have, sometimes.”

“Come on guys, get a fucking clue. You’ve told me yourselves about how supersexed your folks are. You get turned on by MILF porn, why wouldn’t Marshall? He’s banging at least one MILF on the regular so we know likes em. For all we know he might be fapping to some right now in his motel room. Or screwing one.”

“Dude, shut the fuck up” Ray jumped up, incensed.

“Calm down Ray.” Penny soothed. He sat down.

“Yeah Ray calm the fuck down and grow the fuck up. In case you fucking missed it, we are all adults here. It’s time you get over your juvenile denial and accept the reality of the situation; adults do adult shit with each other. You guys just jerked off all over your mom for christsake; is it so hard to accept that your horny old man might go after a piece when he’s stuck out of town away from his hotwife?”

The twins gazed at their hands on the table, remembering where they’d been.

“He’s right boys, we have no idea what your father is doing when he’s away (‘tho I like to imagine he wouldn’t hide it from me if he did give in to temptation’) and I for one had no idea we would be doing what we did or having this conversation. Sometimes people make decisions in passion that they may regret later.”

“But you said you didn’t regret it,” Jay countered.

“That’s true Jay, but I’m not sure how I’ll feel about it if your dad does get hurt by it; I’m just being honest about how I feel right now. And that is a bit anxious and conflicted but without regret.”

“I feel the same way,” Jay responded.

“I feel kinda guilty,” said Ray, “not exactly because of what we did, but because we did it behind Dad’s back. We all kinda cheated on him.”

“Well I don’t regret a goddam thing about it,” Chase offered, “and I’d have no problem telling him all about it. Hell I’d even share the videos with him if he wanted to see them.”

“Well I’m grateful that decision isn’t yours to make, Chase.”

“What makes you think that, Penny?” Chase grinned.

She paused, her hand resting on her phone. “Because you gave me my phone back, Chase…” she ventured. He grinned.

“Chase, please tell me there are no other copies of these videos.”

“Well Penny, I could tell you esenyurt rus escort that, but maybe we should stick with honesty here.”

“What the fuck Chase?!?!?” Penny exploded onto her feet, the twins quickly following suit.

“Chill y’all; remember, no drama.” He chuckled. “I gave you something you wanted and I got something I wanted. You can delete those videos if you don’t want them, I left that for you to decide, but you can’t make what happened disappear, and I for one sure don’t ever want to lose those memories.”

“What do you plan to do with them Chase?

“I’m sure they will ‘come in handy’ (the jerking gesture again) if you get my drift. I’m expecting there will be plenty times once I’m in the Corps that I don’t have a sexy MILF on hand; think of it as a morale booster.”

“Chase, I’m asking you now to delete all those videos; I do not feel good about having them loose in the world.”

“Well Mrs C, I’m feeling pretty attached to them and I promise I’ll take extra special care of them. If you really want to make sure they don’t get accidentally leaked, maybe you could make me an offer.”

“Dude, this is not cool!” Ray challenged him.

“Dude, you are the one losing his cool. I’m just laying it out as it is.”

“This sounds like blackmail, Chase,” Jay coolly observed. “That’s a felony. That could kill your chance of getting in the Marines.”

“Did I threaten anyone? I said I’ll keep them safe and offered Penny a chance to…buy some insurance. But I’m not trying to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to. I’m just enjoying some adult fun with some friends. Come on, if you guys had those videos what would you do?”

Crickets…”Honestly, I’d probably keep copies,” Jay admitted; Ray nodded agreement.

Penny flushed. “So what do you want Chase? What does your insurance cost.”

“Like I said, make me an offer, whatever feels good to you. I’m sure you have some idea by now what would feel good to me.”

“Pass me the bong,” Penny replied.


[k mom, c u tomoro, 4:20+ ;)]

‘Well look what happens when a girl makes a wish.’ She was pretty high at the moment and it seemed Mel would be arriving tomoro afternoon to make sure it continued for a while; Penny thought it might be helpful for dealing with Marshall when he returned. Regardless how it all played out, it was clear to her that her life had somehow shifted irrevocably since this afternoon.

The guys (she could no longer refer to them as boys, that had shifted) were out in the jacuzzi; Chase had suggested she take some time to figure out what she really wanted, as none of them could help her with that decision, so they went out to soak their aches away (and no doubt share counsel), leaving her alone to work at the mental knots left in the wake of this unravelling.

She had managed to untangle the mess into 3 distinct problems:

1) past: her illicit behavior with the guys and how to deal with Marshall about it;

2) present: the evidence and how to mitigate its further spread out of her control;

3) future: the aftermath, as in ‘where do I want to go from here?’

The first two were more straightforward. She didn’t feel guilty about it and admitted that honest accountability and atonement were the best strategy; now it was just a matter of tactics, the when/where/how to minimize the damage, a whole subset of undecided questions and Marshall’s response an unknown variable. Chase had an apparently invincible bargaining position but for now at least was not actively leveraging it against her; placating him to stay in his good graces (not entirely sure that was a position she would enjoy) seemed the only option. That left the big fat can of worms that had really been opened here.

Penny had to take solid stock of her own desires, some of which she’d been previously unaware of, or at least only so marginally aware that there was room for comfortable denial. Now she had been thrust face to face with some lurking shadows that she was doing her best to own. The desire to be sexually (erotically at least) satisfied beyond the realms of her marital relation. The undeniable lust kindled by thoughts of exploration with young, strong, virile studs who might offer experiences her dear husband could not match no matter how he tried. The thrill of having an accessible pool of such creatures at her fingertips thanks to her grown children. The questionable fantasy of cuckoldry; was it actually something Marshall might crave and enjoy as much as she thought she would? If he didn’t, would she be willing to take the risk to experience her potential?

But these all paled in comparison to the central entanglement that she struggled with: the undeniable sexual attraction she had felt for her sons. Just thinking of their touch sparked a noticeable reaction in her sexual center, and she had yet to allow herself the freedom to actively explore where those thoughts might lead her, in her head, in her heart, and in her actions. This was a game changer, a life changer. Her inner world had suddenly esenyurt türbanlı escort unfolded into an alien and unfathomable dimension.


“Dude, what the fuck do you think you are doing with our mom?” Ray blurted once they were seated in the jacuzzi. The water was still heating up from the lower temp Penny had it set at, but even now it was soothing the teens’ aching muscles and joints; it had been a rigorous week of practice as they prepared for the first matches of the season.

“Dude, first off stop fucking calling me ‘dude’ before I dickslap you across the face like I did to your mom.” Chase stared Ray down evenly, then let his face soften into a grin; “Who knows you might enjoy it as much as she did.”

“Fuck you Chase!”

“Fuck your mom, Ray (‘at least he stoped calling me dude’); that’s what I think I’ll be doing with her, to answer your stupid fucking question. I just got her hooked on my cock, now I’m reeling in that big tuna salad. Ain’t no different than you would do to my mom if you got the chance, or to your own mom if you had the guts.”

“Your mom’s just a shriveled up Jesus freak who hasn’t had cock since she got knocked up by your daddy’s dicksauce; I’d just be doing her the biggest favor of her life!” Ray fired back, conspicuously ignoring Chase’s last barb.

“Yeah, you got me there Ray,” Chase laughed. “Lucky for me your mom is Grade A MILF and obviously DTF; that’s why I’m on to her instead of my own. And I am in the middle of doing her the biggest favor of her life. So seriously, you’re welcome to come over any time and work your magic on my old lady; fair is fair.”

“Shit, you handed him that one bro,” Jay ribbed his surly sibling. “You gotta admit he’s right tho. I’d fuck his mom if I got a shot, she ain’t bad to look at, just uptight and ornery.”

“Damn straight, she got the good genes,” Chase offered, “just got twisted into a self-righteous bitch from all that bible thumping she clings to.”

“Why do you hate her so much Chase?” Ray probed.

“Well genius, you got it wrong; I don’t hate her, I just don’t have any illusions about what she is, the way you still have about Penny. I don’t idolize her, I accept her as a miserable bitch who reinforces her own suffering. If I thought I could turn her into a slut like your mom, I’d have done it years ago.”

“You’re a certified pervert, my friend,” Jay pronounced.

“So be it, I got no shame in my game; pussy is pussy. Only difference between us is I’m comfortable with who I am and you two are still repressed with some moral judgements that society laid on you. Don’t forget what I just watched happen in there; if Penny had begged for cock in her you two woulda been sword fighting to see who could get in there first.”

“Fuck you, Chase.”

“Fuck your mom, Ray.”

“Fuck bro, I would and you know you would too,” Jay confessed. “You know we’ve both been perving on her since our balls dropped, her and Mel too. Maybe Chase is right, maybe it’s better to just be honest than keep trying to hide it.”

“Fuck you too, Jay.”

“I don’t swing that way bro; if I did you’d probably know by now.”

“Fuckin A, Jay, at least one of you can fess up. Maybe Ray’ll come out of the closet someday.”

“Fuck you both!”

“Fuck yourself, like you been doing all along. Us grown men will keep your mom happy til you grow a pair.”

Ray stewed in his funk.

“You really think she’d be down for that?” Jay asked. “I mean, honestly even with what just happened I can’t really imagine my mom spreading her legs wide for us…ok, I can imagine it but I can’t believe it.”

“If I hadda told you this morning that you’d both be sucking her tits and jizzing on her bush before dark would you have believed me?”

“Not a chance,” Jay admitted.

“That’s because you’re busy thinking of her as ‘Mommy’ instead of realizing she’s a ‘mom in heat’. Wasn’t nobody twisting her arm to go jill off to MILF porn in the hottub first chance she had; how many times you think she done that before, or wanted to but didn’t because she worried how you guys would judge her? Well now that’s outta the bag.”

“You gotta understand that women hit their sexual prime in middle age; one day they’re all PTA and Prayer Club, then they get hit with a fuckload of hormones that make em horny as teenage boys. It’s the old biological clock going off, telling em it’s last call for baby making. They lose their minds and go crazy for dick, total cumsluts.”

Something clicked into place for Ray. “So it’s like, outside of morality and love, just pure biology at work?”

“Yeah, it’s a driving hunger for em, just like it is for us; that’s why we make such a good match for em, can’t either of us think of anything more worthwhile than bumpin fuzzies whenever possible.”

“Ok, so what about incest? Inbreeding, mutant babies?” Jay asked. “If it’s just a mating urge it still doesn’t make sense that Mom would want to fuck her own kids.”

“Remember when we did 4H back in junior high?” Ray chimed in. “I read about line breeding, where females are mated with their sires to bring out desired qualities in a bloodline. The royalty from Europe back to Egypt used to ‘keep it in the family’ so their blood wasn’t ‘tainted’ by commoners. Some negative traits might come out after several generations, because it’s meant to be the exception not the rule. But in the short run it can give some exceptional results.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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