Morning After

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Wow what a night!! Craig and Susan were such a fun couple to hang out with and explore our fantasy of engaging in sex with another couple. Even though it was not what I would consider a full swap, it was pretty darn close. Kristie had taken Craig’s cock in her pussy as she sat on his lap in the cab and came on it. Looking at his cock it is easy to understand why she had a nice little orgasm in the cab on the ride home last night. The activities had lasted well into the morning so it is not surprise that no one really started moving until around mid to late morning.

As my eyes opened to the new day I kind of had forgotten that Craig and Susan were in bed with us. My cock was rock solid and with Kristie in perfect spooning position, I started pressing my hard cock between her ass cheeks from behind parting her pussy lips with the head and shaft of my hard cock. Her pussy was hotter than normal and incredibly wet. It was then than I realized there were soft groans coming from the other side of the bed. I looked over my shoulder to see Susan mounted high atop Craig’s beautiful cock.

“Oh my, God, oh, morning, oh fuck, Todd,” Susan stuttered as she road Craig’s cock with a nice steady rhythm.

“Well good morning to you lovely lady,” I said.

“Looks like you guys are up and at’em this morning,” I continued as I smiled at them and rolled over on my back exposing my hard cock.

“Looks like you are up for some action as well Todd,” Craig said staring at my hard cock and reaching over and grabbing it, much to my pleasure.

“Hey there Craig, that is mine to ride,” Kristie said, “you can play with it after I make him cum in my pussy.”

Susan agreed. “I think they should clean each other cocks off after they cum in our pussies and then Craig will clean your pussy and Todd will clean mine.”

Kristie was all in and jumped on top of my cock and started going to town. Kristie has big, no huge tits, and they are beautiful to watch and suck on when illegal bahis she is riding my cock. She loves it when her nipples get sucked and nibbled on as she rides a cock and it was evident that Susan remembered that from last night as she leaned over and started sucking on Kristie’s tits while Craig drilled his cock into her pussy from underneath her. Kristie wasn’t going to just be a receiver of this pleasure however, and she took her turns at sucking on Susan’s tits as well. The scene of the two girls sucking each other’s tits and making out while was incredible. Craig and I pounded our cocking into their pussies when they were not bouncing up and down on us. It was just too much for both of us to take. I turned my head toward Craig and said, “Dude, I am going to fucking explode, fuck!!”

“Fuck me to buddy,” Craig said.

Before another word could be spoken, I buried my cock in Kristie’s pussy and yelled, “I’m cumming!!” and released the first of three or four streams of cum up into her pussy. I was startled out of the moment of cumming in my baby’s pussy, as Craig and Susan screamed in ecstasy as Craig shot his load into Susan’s pussy.

Both women collapsed on our chests and we relaxed for just a moment, and then I heard Craig ask, “You going to clean my cock off while I clean Kristie’s pussy Todd, or are you going to clean Susan’s pussy while I clean your cock off.”

Wow, what a choice. I had fantasized about sucking Craig’s cock since I saw it in the bathroom last night, and I told Kristie that as we drove to meet them for drinks last. Kristie’s fantasy is to watch me suck a cock so I responded, “Let me clean your beautiful cock off first. I have been wanting to since we were in the bathroom last night, plus it’s Kristie’s fantasy. Plus, I want to see you clean Kristie’s pussy.”

Hearing our conversation Kristie quickly got on her back, spread her legs and waited patiently for Craig’s tongue. The sight was amazing. My cum was oozing out of her illegal bahis siteleri pussy and Craig’s cock was all shiny and gooey from his and Susan’s cum. I couldn’t wait. Craig bent down and started in on Kristie’s pussy and I positioned myself on the floor and took his cock in my mouth. My goodness it was an amazing feeling. It was so much better than the dildos I suck on after I fuck Kristie’s pussy. His cock was alive and I could feel the veins with my tongue as I moved my head back and forth taking it in as much as I could and letting it slide out until my lips were around his head. The feeling of him growing in my mouth was incredible. It was everything that I had dreamed it would be and more. I could hear Kristie getting close to cumming so I was pretty sure Craig was doing well at cleaning her pussy.

“Alright, enough already. There is someone who is being left out here,” Susan snapped jokingly. We knew she was half joking as we could hear her and Kristie making out while Craig and I were doing enjoying giving oral.

Now, it was my turn. I laid on my back on the bed hanging my head just over the edge of the bed. “Come over here and straddle my face Susan,” I demanded.

“Oh my yes. Love that position”, she responded. With that she was on top of my face. Even as intently as I was going after her pussy, I couldn’t help but know exactly when Craig took my cock in his mouth. He sucked my cock so expertly, you could tell it wasn’t his first cock that he sucked. He was also playing with my balls as he sucked my cock.

I heard Kristie say, “Yeah Craig, play with his balls. That drives Todd nuts.” As I heard her say that I also made out the buzzing that pedro (one of our sex toys). I turned my head and saw my beautiful bride over in the corner chair madly fucking her pussy as she watched all the action on the bed. I had gotten all of Craig’s cum out of Susan’s pussy and have to say the taste of two of them mixed together was incredible. I was now focussing canlı bahis siteleri on her clit and sucking the little nub in my mouth following it up with flicking the tip of my tongue of it.

“Todd! Fuck, I am cumming!! Yes keep… Oh shit!!” was all I could hear Susan say before her body quivered and I got one last rush of cum into my mouth.

As Susan stepped away from my tongue and mouth, I felt Craig’s mouth being replaced with a hand. I looked up to see it was his hand and he was laying down beside me. “Grab my cock Todd. Let’s jerk each other off”, he said.

I didn’t need any further encouragement, and I grabbed his cock and started to madly jerk it off. We were both encouraged vehemently by Kristie who was still fucking her pussy with pedro.

I looked at Craig and told him I was about ready to cum again. Kristie heard me and said, “Fuck yes do it boys, cum all over those stomachs!!”

It wasn’t 60 seconds after she said that, we both blew our second loads of the morning all over our stomachs.

“Clean yourselves up boys,” Susan voice softly said, “scoop it up and eat your cum.”

We did as we were directed. As we did, Kristie finally went over the edge watching us clean our cum off our bellies.

Craig and Susan took a shower together while I made some coffee. Kristie played with my cock as I did so. I could tell she was still way worked up and might be needing some attention after our guest left.

Susan and Craig came out of the bedroom, her wearing his button down shirt half buttoned, and her thong. Him wearing only the pants, zipper down cock poking out, and his flip flops.

“We were talking while you two were in the shower, and we would really like to keep this relationship going if you two are game?” I said.

“Yes we really liked how we meshed,” Kristie said, “I hope we can do it again?”

“Well I don’t see that being a problem,” Craig said, “you two are incredible.”

“Yes, we felt so comfortable with you two,” Susan said, “hey, we are camping next week at the lake why don’t you guys come out for a bbq on Friday night.”

“Sounds like a plan, it’s a date,” Kristie said with a wink to Susan.

What was that all about…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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