More Than A Dream

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She was a grown woman with a grown family. She’d divorced her husband a short time before. The divorce was caused by the usual events that you hear about but hope to never experience yourself.

She’d recently relocated, found a new job that was exciting and she was enjoying her new life, except that she was alone nearly every night. She missed a man’s presence, and longed for the good man she’d found. The nights were especially long.

She worked long hours every day. Recently she’d found a site that published erotica. Her lonely evenings and nights prompted her to read a few stories and post a few photos of her own. Responders to her photos seemed to enjoy them.

A few nights ago she’d posted a few new photos posted to the site and read a few responses before coming across one that she enjoyed. As ladies do, she’d responded to the note stating her delight at his enjoyment and on a whim had included her email address. She had no idea who the writer was because the profile and bio were deliberately misleading.

Was it a man or a woman? The response had stated that it was from an author. She read a few of the author’s stories. Had the author actually experienced some of the items included in the stories? It was intriguing and maybe they’d acknowledge her note. A short time later she received a short response thanking her for her interest and asking more personal questions. Again she’d responded and asked several questions of her own.

The author was a man and appeared thoughtful. They’d exchanged a few short notes before she’d retired for the night. The next morning there was a note that he’d found more of her photos and responses on the site and read her latest. He definitely liked them and their erotic nature, and encouraged her to post more.

Anyway, the notes continued for a few nights and their relationship developed enough that she’d sent him a couple of private photos of herself. He’d replied that she was beautiful. It came as no great surprise because other responses to her thread frequently included replies from males stating that she was.

Tonight she had talked with him quite late before signing off and heading for bed. He’d asked her to think of him as she drifted off. She’d promised that she would. After signing off she’d done a bit of yoga before climbing into her large bed. She was a lady and always prepared for bed the way she’d always wanted to for a man. Tonight she wore only a simple transparent shorty pullover gown. She’d comforted herself trying to imagine what he must look like, and soon found her hands exploring the possibilities. She’d fallen asleep that way with one hand on her breast and the other nicely nestled in her private place. The comforter was warm as she’d pulled it up.

A few hours later something seemed to wake her. She reached to the nightstand and turned on the light. She looked around and saw only the room. She rubbed her eyes before getting up illegal bahis for a drink of water and to check the doors and windows. When she returned, her laptop computer was sitting on the desk where she’d left it. She remembered that he’d offered to send her links to some Instant Messenger programs and so she scribbled a note of thanks and a request for them. She sent the note off and closed the computer.

As she turned around she noticed the bed and stared at it. It looked like a man’s outline was under the comforter. Startled but curious she tiptoed to the side of the bed, threw back the comforter and stepped back. Whatever had caused it left a depression in the pillow and was under the top sheet. Again she stepped forward and threw back the sheet.

She stared at a depression in the bottom sheet also. It was as if someone was lying in bed, but the light was good and there was definitely no one there. Slowly she inched forward again and reached out to touch the deepest depression. Her hand stopped short against something and she jumped with her heart in her throat. It felt like someone was laying there. It was warm and felt like skin, but there was on one there. Was she dreaming?

Everything was so real, but it had to be a dream. She puzzled for several moments and the depression neither moved nor went away. Well, if this was a dream she’d thought, I’m going to experiment and enjoy it if it’s a man. Perhaps her evening’s exchange with the mysterious man on the Net had fostered this dream. It was so realistic.

She climbed onto the bed on her knees and reached out again. She ran her fingers across that warm imaginary body. She felt a strong chest, flat tummy, firm loins and … yes! It was there. She closed her hands around it and felt it surge to life. She stroked it and it felt strong and good. Her fingers explored further and she cupped him as she stroked.

Soon, her curiosity exceeded her wariness and she lowered herself to him and tasted him. He responded again and she felt his hips rise with each stroke of her hand. She moved toward the pillow with one hand still in place and reached out to find a face to go with everything else. She leaned forward and explored with her lips until she found his mouth and began a slow sensual kiss. The kiss was returned with passion and soon they were deeply involved in tongue play.

She felt arms encircle her and pull her toward this imaginary man. She was suddenly overwhelmed with his scent and his touch. Did dreams include the ability to smell? This one surely did. His hands traveled lightly over her body. The sweetness of his touch raised goose bumps on her warm body. His palms pressed firmly at her sides, her tummy, her back, her bottom, and her thighs. When she paused for breath and she felt him sit up and slowly move between her legs. He pushed the gown up to her neck and then she felt her legs being lifted and the moist warmth of a kiss as her legs were illegal bahis siteleri spread further. She reached down and her fingers tangled in a full head of hair as she felt the first hint of an orgasm. His hands spread her and his tongue caressed her openness.

Soon his hand was inside her and his tongue was circling her. His mouth was on her spot and she felt her firmness drawn in between imaginary lips. The sensation continued as she arched her back and pulled his face down hard. She rotated her hips and thrust forward demanding more of his tongue and his attention.

He did everything for her. He stroked and rubbed, licked, tongued, sucked and stroked. It was everything she’d wanted forever it seemed. She’d climaxed and just as she was coming back down, she was raised again and climaxed repeatedly. This was the best dream she’d ever had. It was a dream more powerful than any she’d ever heard of and still it went on. She felt herself soaking the bed and felt his breath warm in her wetness.

Slowly he eased her back down and she regained her breath. But, her dream wasn’t over and she intended more. This time she went down on him and felt that firmness as it entered her mouth. She stroked him with her hand as she stroked him with her mouth. She took him deep again and again. It was like the stories she’d read from the man on the Net. Do kindred spirits exist? Can they be intimate?

He was thrusting too, and wrapped her hair around his fist as he pulled her to him. He was losing control and she was in command and relishing her power. She paused for a moment to catch her breath and for the first time heard what sounded like a moan from him. She dove back determined to hear him moan again. It was only a moment and his hand had pulled her hard as she took him deep. She heard him distinctly announce that he was about to cum and she felt good about it.

He did cum and he filled her small mouth. It was so good and so real. She felt him release his hold on her hair and reach over to stroke her cheek. She was pleased in this imaginary world. She moved back and lay beside him before finding his lips again with her own. Now she could not only smell his scent, but her own as well and she tasted both their juices with her tongue. The taste was sweet.

She could hear him breathing as if he was real and as his breathing subsided she reached down again. She found him and held him. She breathed a question asking who he was and there was no answer. She continued her efforts and in a few minutes knew that he was ready again. She climbed atop and slowly lowered herself onto him. She felt her lips parting and felt him entering and sliding gently within.

He was large and long and it took her a few moments to appreciate his size. She felt him bottom out and smiled inwardly. This was going to be the best imaginary fuck of her life. This time, instead of raising her hips and thrusting, she slid sideways canlı bahis siteleri and felt his cock being bent and rubbing her firmly within. before he was out, she slid back and past to the other side. She’d never done this before, but it came as instinct and she felt him returning the pleasure as he rolled slightly opposite her direction to more quickly reach the limit and return.

The sensation of this rolling was exotic and she felt herself climax as he grabbed her waist and began moving her side to side with more pressure and speed. Her body was in constant contact with his and she didn’t raise it once or separate for even a moment. Now he changed direction and was pushing her away and then pulling her forward again with her body, her pussy, tightly against him all the way.

This new motion left his cock dragging along her clit and rubbing hard against her g-spot as he pushed her back and she felt him filling her as he pulled her forward. Now it was her turn to moan and soon her voice was crying out for more. They climaxed hard and together. She felt her juices along her leg and then slowly he softened again.

They lay still and her tired body caused her to doze off. A few minutes must have passed when she felt his kiss on her lips again. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him to her breasts. She moved sideways and pressed her hard nipples against him and used them to massage his chest.

He pulled back, gave her nipples a firm pinch and fondled each breast before she heard him say thank you. She sat up as he got up from the bed. She heard him ask if he could come back again and she whispered yes. She heard the front door open and shut. She’d started to ask this imaginary man not to leave, but now he was gone.

She looked over at the bedside lamp and got out of bed. She was exhausted and happy. The cold floor raised a question again about her dream as she walked to the kitchen. The floor was cold. She pinched herself and it hurt. What kind of dream was this?

She was a little frightened as she walked to the door and checked the lock again. No one had come in and she must still be asleep. She turned out the kitchen light and turned back to the bedroom. As she approached the door she noticed something on the floor. She bent forward and retrieved a man’s sock. She smelled it and it was his. Even more puzzled, she placed it on the desk and returned to the bed. There was a large wet spot on the sheet and she went to the bathroom and returned with a towel to cover it. As she started to spread the towel, she noticed that all of the fluid was not her own.

She reached out and touched it and returned to smell and taste it. It was his, she was certain of it. Puzzled she turned out the light and crawled into bed. She felt the stickiness between her thighs and used the towel to dry it. She had just started to doze when the alarm went off. She sat up, tired but happy and turned on the light.

She took her shower and returned to the bedroom to get ready for work. Something caught her attention at the corner of an eye and she turned. The sock was still there. She picked it up and held it to her cheek as she thought about tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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