More Adventures of Panty Boy

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The next morning after the card party, Cheryl and I were laying in bed and she started to get frisky. Cheryl started rubbing my hardening cock through my panties and telling me how much she loved watching the cock sucking action last night.

I told her that she sure seemed to be getting off on the guy-guy thing and I reminded her that I love pussy.

“That might be true” she said “but there is no denying that you enjoyed Bob’s cock a week ago and you sure seemed to love cum when you sucked it out of my cunt.”

“OK, I’m bi, but don’t forget that bi means girls too. You also seem to be taking a bit more charge, what’s that about.”

I wasn’t actually sure how I felt about Cheryl taking charge. Our relationship had always been pretty equal but I did like pleasing her. On the other hand, it was kind of exciting to be ordered around sexually and to perform for Cheryl.

“I know you like girls too” Cheryl said “and you will always have this pussy. If you’re a good panty boy, maybe you’ll get to try Cindy’s pussy again or even Nicole’s. I’ll bet you’d like tasting that pussy. Maybe I’ll ask Bob to fill it up with some fresh cream first.”

There she went again pushing me toward the gay side. I didn’t complain because I couldn’t deny that I loved the taste of cum. So far I had tasted mine mixed with Cheryl’s pussy juice and I had had Bob’s straight from the tap. They were both good but quite different. Bob’s had a much stronger taste but maybe that was because it was shooting straight out of his cock. Eating it out of Nicole’s pussy would answer that question.

“You wouldn’t mind me doing things with Cindy and Nicole?”

“I wouldn’t mind if I set it up” said Cheryl. “Just do what I say and you will be kept very happy sexually.”

“I told you that you were starting to take charge.”

“Yes,” said Cheryl, “and I like it. From now on you are my submissive Panty Boy. I hope that is real clear. If I tell you to eat Nicole’s pussy, not only will I not mind, I will expect you to do it. But that also goes for cock. I loved watching you suck Bob’s cock and I expect I will see it again. What I am saying is that you will get some pussy but you will also do whatever I say with cock. That could turn out to be more than sucking.”

“What if I don’t agree?”

“You will because you love it. I saw the look in your eyes when I told you to suck Bob’s cock. You loved it and you will do it and you will love it again when I tell you to. My plan is that you are going to be getting a lot of cock from both Bob and Pete and Us girls are going to love the show.”

I asked how she was going to pull that off. After all, Bob might have enjoyed the blow job but he sure seemed pretty straight to me.

“Oh, you leave that up to me and Cindy and Nicole. They loved seeing the cock show too. You have to accept that all three of you are horny dogs and the three of us have the pussies so we can call the shots.”

All the while Cheryl had been stroking my cock and the combination of that and the thought of her bossing me around had me rock hard. She reached both hands into my panties and started to slowly jack my cock with her right hand while her left snaked its way to my ass. I felt her index finger probing my asshole and I spread my legs a bit to make it easier. With that, she pushed her index finger all the way into my ass. It was a bit uncomfortable at first but then when she started pumping it in and out I started really getting into it. It felt so good as she pumped in and out. I felt each knuckle pass my tight sphincter on the way in and it felt incredible as she back almost all the way out. She was jacking my cock hard now and I was not going to last long. I was panting like a dog now and starting to get light headed as she was pumping both hands fast. I cried out “Yes, I’m cumming” and unloaded a big amount of fresh cream right into my panties.

As I laid there recovering, Cheryl carefully pulled my panties down and said “what a bad Panty Boy you’ve been. You’ve made a big mess and now you need to clean it up.” She turned the panties inside out and I could see a large mess of cum. She said “OK Panty Boy, lick them clean” and started moving towards my face.

“What” I said “from your pussy was good but you want me to suck my panties clean?”

“Now you’re getting the idea. You’ll get the hang of doing what I said and you will enjoy it.”

I just looked as the cum mess came closer and closer to my mouth and as it was almost there I just opened up without thinking. Cheryl pushed the messy panties in and I started sucking. It was a big load and I started swallowing. At that point I just kind of snapped and really got into it and started sucking and moaning and making it clear that I loved cum.

“That’s a good Panty Boy. Just always do what I say and you will love it. I know you’re a cum lover and I am going to make sure you get your fill.

I really was not sure what transformation was taking place in this relationship and, furthermore, I was not sure what I thought about it. On one hand it was sexually exciting and, on the other, I was antalya escort entering new and dangerous territory. I got up to shower for work and when I came out of the bathroom, Cheryl had laid out a very feminine pair of bikini panties with a flower pattern and plenty of lace. I slipped them on and enjoyed the feeling for a moment before finishing dressing.

When I got home, Cheryl greeted me at the door saying “how was your day Panty Boy? I’ve got a nice dinner planned but first go upstairs and take a shower.”

When I asked why she said “do what I say, remember? There are instructions waiting for you in the bathroom.”

I went upstairs and there was a hand written note with some shaving tools. There was one of those whole body shavers Norelco makes along with a brand new razor some shaving cream and a can of hair remover.

The instructions said “shave everything off with the body razor from the neck down and to not miss any place. Do a good job shaving your face and neck with the razor and then get into the shower and put the hair remover on your entire body. Again, don’t miss any place. I will be inspecting. Let the hair remover do its work for 10 minutes and then take a good thorough shower. Get EVERY place clean.”

I went to the top of the stairs and called down asking if this was serious.

Cheryl called back up saying “you are not quite getting this yet. Do what I say and all I can do is promise that you will enjoy it.”

I was becoming whipped I guess. I turned around and went in the bathroom and followed the instructions. The body shaver did a pretty good job. I was a bit nervous around my balls but it did not cut or nick me once. The hair remover stunk and it stung a bit but not too bad. After washing up, I got out of the shower and started drying off. I was amazed how smooth my skin was. Certainly not as nice as Cheryl’s but pretty damn nice. I went into the bedroom to get a pair of panties and get dressed and I noticed a Victoria Secret bag on the bed. I was like a kid at Christmas when Cheryl went panty shopping so I reached in and pulled out a pair. It was a very light solid pink bikini with lace around the waist. I held them up and was intrigued at how see through they were. Very nice I thought so I reached in the bag to see if Cheryl bought a matching bikini or thong for herself. There were two identical bikinis in the bag. I checked the tags and all of them were size 7. Cheryl is a size 5 while I wear size 7. I was a bit confused why I would need three of the same style while she had none but I put them back in the bag and slipped an older pair from my panty drawer on instead. I knew we were obviously going to have some fun after dinner so I just put a robe and slippers on and went downstairs.

Cheryl had a nice light dinner just coming out of the oven and she had a bottle of wine out.

“How did the shower go? Did you follow my instructions carefully?”

“Yes” I replied. “I did exactly what you said and you really have my curiosity up.”

“Well, we will see how well you did after dinner when I inspect your work. In the meantime, pour us some wine.”

While eating I asked about the Victoria Secret bag. “Why are there three pairs of the same thing for me and none for you?” I inquired.

Cheryl replied “who said all three were for you? One pair is yours and I have plans for the other two. You are just going to have to wait and see and follow my lead.”

After cleaning up from dinner, Cheryl said, “OK, go upstairs and strip, including your panties and lay down on the bed for inspection.”

I headed up and followed instructions. I laid there a little while and Cheryl showed up and with me laying on my back, started to run her hands all over my body from top to bottom. While running her hands up my legs she said “oh nice and smooth, but we will have to use some lotion to keep them that way.” Upon reaching my balls and cock, she inspected very closely, pulling my cock this way and that and running her hands all over my smooth balls.

“Oh, that’s nice, I am going to love suck on those smooth balls, sucking the cum out of that smooth cock and then feeding it to you.” Said Cheryl. “Now roll over and let’s inspect the back side.”

Cheryl then proceeded to run her hands from top to bottom and back up my legs. When she got to my ass she told me to reach back with both hands and spread my cheeks wide. She then proceeded to inspect every inch with her fingers and said “this just won’t do. I told you to get all the hair and there is hair around that nice tight asshole of yours. You wait right here while I get something to take care of that.”

Cheryl was moving around in the bathroom getting things for a few minutes and then came out with a bowl of soapy water, a washcloth, scissors and a razor. First she soaped up my ass and it felt absolutely fantastic. She then carefully snipped every hair she could see and rinsed my ass with the washcloth to inspect. I was really getting a hard on now. She soaped up my ass some more and shaved it very closely so that there was not one little hair left. Cheryl lara escort rinsed one more time and then soaped up again and started slipping her finger in my ass. I moaned out load and Cheryl said “oh, my Panty Boy loves something up his nice smooth asshole. Well I think we can go somewhere with this.”

With that, Cheryl managed to push two fingers into my ass. At first it was uncomfortable but my cock stayed hard as a rock. She started pumping in and out and I was loving it and moaning like crazy when Cheryl pulled out and left me wanting more.

“Don’t worry Panty Boy. I’m just going to get your new toy.” After a minute Cheryl reappeared with a rubber Doc Johnson butt plug.

I said “that thing looks big. You can’t put that in my ass without splitting me.”

Cheryl said “oh this thing. It is only the one and a half inch beginner size. I plan on having bigger things than this in that pretty ass. Maybe, if you’re a good Panty Boy, I’ll even arrange something nice and warm to go in there.”

I had a feeling that Cheryl was prepping me to get fucked in the ass and I was equally scared and excited by the prospect. After lubing up the plug, Cheryl gently worked it into my ass. It was incredible and I was going to shoot my wad any time at this rate. Cheryl then rolled me over and attacked my cock. She sucked it in and then started licking my balls. I was not going to hold off much longer and I told her so.

Cheryl backed off and climbed on top pushing my raging hard on into her very wet pussy. She proceeded to bounce up and down on my cock and every time she came down hard, the butt plus pushed deeper into my ass hole.

“I am going to cum and soon” I said.

“Give me that cum” Cheryl replied. “Fill up my wet fuck hole.”

“Uhhh” I groaned and came hard. I pumped pope after rope into her wet pussy.

After I squirted about six streams of cum into Cheryl’s cunt, she immediately swing around and planted herself right on my face saying “clean it up Panty Boy.”

I went at it with a vengeance, lapping and sucking for all I was worth. While I was enjoying Cheryl’s cunt juice, I was mostly determined to get at the fresh cum. I don’t know what came over me but I was obsessed with sucking out every drop of my cum. Cheryl came about two or three times over the next 15 minutes while I continued to eat her out and, only after she couldn’t stand it any longer she fell down beside me and we both fell right asleep. Me with the butt plug still lodged in my ass.

Over the next few nights we had some repeat performances and Cheryl worked me up in butt plug size each time. I was now comfortably taking a two inch plug and loving it.

I still was not sure what Cheryl had planned for the weekend and when I arrived home Thursday after work Cheryl was on the phone and I overheard one side of the conversation.

“Come on Nicole, you can do it. Cindy is on board and says Pete will be wearing them. You need to get Bob to do the same. It will be so hot laying around the pool with three buff hunks in pink panties waiting on us.”

After a pause while Cheryl listened she continued, “well if you can make it happen we are going to get some mind blowing entertainment. I have Joe in full training mode ready to accept whatever the boys can give him.”

I went about my business, in a pretty excited state of mind and when Cheryl was off the phone I approached her and said “do I understand correctly that the extra panties were for Pete and Bob? You might get Pete to go along but I can’t see Bob agreeing to that.”

“Well” Cheryl said, “as a matter of fact, Pete is already on board and we will get Bob there. You underestimate the horniness level of Bob and the power of pussy to make him do what we say.”

Saturday came and Cheryl had me running around doing all kinds of work around the pool getting it ready for the party. She said the hell with cards and that in this kind of weather we were going to lay around the pool and eat outside. After lunch she had me go upstairs and showing and remove any hair stumble that had grown back blow the neck line. After I was out of the shower and dried off Cheryl appeared and told me to lay down on the bed. She then pulled out a new two inch butt plus that was pink in color. I didn’t even know they made them that color. She lubed it up generously and worked it into my ass. When she was done with that I was ready and willing to have some hot action and she said no.

“Put you nice new pink panties on and then slip this lounge robe on” she ordered.

I did as I was told and went downstairs to wait for the party just dying to see what she had planned.

Pete and Cindy arrived first and when Cheryl asked Cindy if everything was in order, Cindy replied “Oh it took a little convincing but my Pete is ready to show off his stuff in his little pink panties.”

Pete just grinned and didn’t say anything. We all went out to the pool area and the girls dropped their shorts and pull their shirt off to reveal some nice bikini clad bodies. They laid down on the chaise lounge chairs side escort and then Cheryl said “OK panty boys, lose those cloths and bring us both a drink. You are waiting on us today while we enjoy the show.”

We readily complied and while serving drinks the girls rubbed our panty clad cocks and giggled while we stood there and got rock hard. After a bit of this Bob and Nicole arrived and let themselves in and came out to the pool. Nicole was obviously thrilled at the site and dropped her shorts and shirt in the pile and took her seat on a lounge chair. I hurried over with a drink and Nicole rubbed my cock while she took her first sip.

“What are you waiting for Bob/” Cheryl said. “We are all waiting to see that monster cock of yours in pink.”

“I don’t think so” he replied. “Don’t get me wrong, I love the sex and I don’t mind in the least if Joe and Pete are into it but I don’t think I want to be a panty boy.”

“Oh come on, it will be so much fun.” Cheryl said. “I promise you will be well rewarded if you give us a fun show.”

“I don’t know” Bob said. “You would have to be pretty convincing”

“OK, we really want to see this and it won’t be the same without you involved. Especially since you have the biggest cock of the three. Here’s the deal. If you go along, you will be on the receiving end only and don’t even try to tell us that you didn’t love it when Joe sucked your cock. You don’t need to suck cock or get a cock in your ass or anything like that. That job is already taken”

Bob was still on the fence with that so Cheryl added “Bob, look at it this way. Next week the party moves back to your house and you call all the shots.”

“Yeah so, what are you getting at?” Bob asked.

Cheryl looked over at Nicole and Nicole gave a quick little nod.

“Well” Cheryl continued, “You have wanted to fuck me for years now haven’t you?”

“That’s not a fair question” Bob said. “Any man with his heart still beating would want to fuck you.”

“Why thank you, but as I said, you call the shots next weekend and if that means sticking your big cock in my pussy, that is your choice.”

With an offer like that on the table Bob caved and quickly changed into the pink panties Nicole had brought with her and served all three ladies a drink. After a bit of eating and a lot more rounds of drinks Cheryl announced it was time for the entertainment to begin.

I asked what she had in mind and Cheryl said “Well Panty Boy, you take this lounge cushion and put it down on the patio so you don’t wear your knees out and start showing Bob how much you love his big cock.”

I was so worked up at this point that she didn’t have to ask twice. I assumed the position and Bob moved in front of me wearing nothing but his pink panties and a big shit eating grin. Meanwhile Pete was over between Nicole and Cindy and Cindy was rubbing his ass while Nicole rubbed his very hard cock.

“Oh Pete” Nicole said, “why don’t you get behind Joe there and put this hard cock somewhere where it will feel real good.”

I couldn’t believe it. Here I was starting to such Bob’s wonderful cock while Pete kneeled down behind me and started pulling my panties down off my ass.

“What have we got here?” he said as he pulled gently on my butt plug. I just groaned and Pete pulled it out and pushed it back in a few times.

Cheryl threw Pete a tube of lube and told him to get to work. Pete lubed up his already very hard cock and pulled the butt plug out. Here I was going to town on Bob’s cock, bobbing up and down and I felt Pete’s cock head pushing against me asshole. I was so loosened up from the butt plug that as soon as Pete pushed forward, he slipped right in. He was bigger than the plug but it felt wonderful. When the head passed my tight ring I could feel the ridge and it was just incredible. Pete kept pushing and he was in as far as the plug had reached but he kept feeding me more cock. I could feel every ripple of his cock as it continued to slide in. In one way it was harder than the butt plug but, in another, it was soft like skin on skin.

At this point Bob was getting into it and had grabbed my head and was literally fucking my face. I felt his big cock hitting the back of my throat. Pete was starting to gently slide his cock in and out of my ass and was slowly building up his rhythm. The feeling was like nothing I’ve experienced and I was going crazy. I started sucking on Bob’s big cock with all my effort. I was simply dying to get a load of his delicious cum. Pete’s cock was now really picking up pace and he started holding onto my hips and bottoming out in my ass.

Pete’s was pounding me now and every time he hit bottom, his balls were slapping right against mine. I think the fact that I didn’t have a hair on my body increased my sensitivity and that is obviously how my beautiful wife had planned it. Bob and Pete were now ravishing my body so hard that it was actually hurting a bit but it also felt wonderful. This went on for about another five minutes and I could tell Bob was getting close. If it was possible, his cock was now even harder than before and he was starting to visibly shake. My creamy treat was going to be delivered soon. Pete was working so hard slamming into my ass that he was sweating like crazy. I know that because I could feel him dripping on my ass cheeks as he was cursing like mad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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