Mom’s Surprise Birthday Party Ch. 03

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I slipped out of my parents’ house and rushed back to my car and back to my home in LA; I couldn’t believe I’d almost ruined my parents anniversary because I lost control of myself and fucked my mom in the ass. Hell, forget their anniversary; that would have ruined their marriage and my relationship with both of my parents.. But I’d be lying if I said the feeling of Mom’s ass wrapped around my cock wasn’t the best thing I’d ever experienced.

Luckily when I arrived back to my apartment my roommate was already in bed; I rushed upstairs and hopped in the shower and began washing Mom’s ass from my cock. That night I laid in bed for hours, not being able to fall asleep. I searched deep within myself and tried to find a logical solution to my problems; the only conclusion I came to was, ignore my mother once again and let the thoughts I had about her go. Besides, I had plenty of options that were much more ideal as far as women go.

As the weeks went by, Mom began to reach out again via phone call, text, and e-mail; much like before I couldn’t find the courage to respond. I couldn’t possibly avoid my mother for the rest of my life but I was damn sure gonna try.

I came home from the gym, like I would any other day; my roommate was sitting on the couch in the living room playing videos games. I sat down beside him and kicked back when he finally took the time to acknowledge I was in the room.

“Oh, dude your Mom stopped by.” He said as he paused his video game.

“What? Are you serious?” I asked. My roommate had never met anyone from my family, much less my beautiful mother.

“Yeah dude, actually she’s upstairs in your room. She seemed PISSED!” He informed me, as he continued his game.

“Are you fucking kidding me?! You couldn’t have told me that as soon as I walked in?” I asked, defensively.

“I fuckin forgot man, Jesus. Calm down.” He said, as he took a hit from the massive bong on the coffee table.

I stormed off up the stairs to my room, half pissed at my roommate and half terrified of what awaited me in my bedroom. I approached my bedroom door which was half closed and took a deep breath; Mom must have been extremely angry with me, she’s never even been to my apartment. I pushed through the door and entered slowly, I couldn’t believe what I saw next; Mom was lying in my bed on her back with one leg crossed over the other wearing nothing but a pair of black high heels, black stockings, and a black thong. No top, no bra. My mouth dropped open wide and I quickly slammed the door behind me.

“Mom! What the fuck is this?” I said, whisper shouting as loudly and as quietly as I could so my roommate wouldn’t hear.

Mom didn’t answer but instead crawled onto her knees so that she was standing straight up on the bed looking me in the eyes. She smiled confidently and placed both hands upon her massive breasts, cupping them and shaking them. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I stumbled around the room; turning my back to her for a brief moment to process the situation. When I turned back around, Mom mouthed the words “come here” and instructed me with one finger.

I took a step back, “What? No. You must be crazy”

Mom motioned once again with her finger for me to come closer.

“Forget this, I’m leaving.” I said, as I turned my back to Mom once again.

Mom rushed off the bed and jumped in front of me, placing her back against the door. I took a few steps back unsure of her next move. Mom locked the door behind her and took a few steps forward, seductively staring at me; I kept stumbling my way backwards as Mom placed the tip of her finger in her mouth and bit down. It seems as if the roles had been reversed and Mom was not able to control herself, this time.

I reached the edge of my bed and couldn’t inch back any further; Mom placed her finger upon my lips and leaned in close to whisper, “Shhh.”

Her finger made its way from my lips and down my chest until Mom had her hand wrapped around my cock through my gym shorts; she softly squeezed it and I could feel the blood rush as it began to swell. Mom laughed and kissed my neck; she quietly whispered in my ear once more, “Good boy.”

I finally gained the courage to look Mom directly in the eyes and as soon as I did she shoved me back with all the strength she could gather, pushing me onto the bed.

“Right now? RIGHT NOW? Mom, my roommate is literally right downstairs!” I said, still trying to keep quiet.

“You’re going to do as I say or I’m going to let your father know about our little secret.” Mom said, sternly. We could hear the echo of the video game my roommate was playing throughout the apartment and through the walls; he was so stoned he’d probably forgotten Mom was even there.

Mom hopped on the bed beside me and sat on her knees; she went down to all fours resting her head on my thigh and grasping my cock through my shorts. Her eyes were glued.

“You know, I was so mad at you for almost ruining my anniversary gift for your father.” Mom began, softly stroking avcılar grup yapan escort my cock through the shorts. “My ass was so stretched out from you, by the time he slipped his tiny little cock inside of me I could barely feel it.. I realized something that night.”

I had nothing to say; Mom had slid my shorts down over my cock and was now holding it in her hand.

“I realized, even though I love your Father… I fucking love your cock, son.” Mom said, with her left hand gripping my cock; her wedding ring staring me right in the face.

Mom ran her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock, never letting her grip go of the base; she made her way up to head and swirled her tongue around it. Pre-cum shot out and started dripping down; she made sure to catch every drop with her mouth before wrapping her lips around the head. Something occurred to me as Mom gently suckled the head of my member; Mom had been cheating on my father.. With ME.

Mom looked up at me and let a string of saliva drip from her mouth and onto my cock as she stroked it with both hands; her breasts were wrapped around the base resting upon my balls.

“What’s wrong sweetie? Isn’t this what you wanted?” Mom asked as she stroked my cock.

“Of course, Mom.. It’s just that..”

Mom released her hold on my cock, “It’s just what?” She asked.

“It’s just.. What about dad? You’re cheating on him.. With your son!” I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Oh, honey. Don’t worry about your Father. He’s plenty satisfied..” Mom winked and placed both of her hands behind her back. Without breaking eye contact Mom opened her mouth as wide as she could and took my cock down the back of her throat all the way to the bottom without gagging.

Yeah, if Mom was sucking his cock like this.. I’m sure he’s plenty satisfied. Mom continued to fuck her throat with my cock, gagging and spitting all over it; I couldn’t fight it. I had to give in and embrace the moment. Once again, I lost control. I sat up and wrapped my arms around Mom’s waist and threw her flat on her back on the bed; I placed both hands on her thong and ripped it clean off her body.

Much to her surprise, Mom gasped and her eyes went wide; she was smitten with lust. I threw one of her legs over my shoulder and wrapped my arm around it, allowing my hand to make it’s way up to her breast. Mom reached down with her left hand and pulled the hood of her clit back, exposing her vagina for my pleasure. I placed my tongue at the bottom of her slit and licked my way to the top, tasting every last drop of her sweet pussy juice; once I arrived at her clit, there it was once again staring me in the face. Her wedding ring.

I felt much less morally obliged this time and continued to furiously lick her cunt until neither of could take it any longer; with my face covered in the wetness of her vagina, I moved my way up to her face and leaned in to kiss her. I stuck my tongue out and she sucked it in with her lips, tasting all of the sweet juice I’d just gotten from her slit. We kissed passionately before I flipped her over onto her knees, doggy style and started to run the head of my cock over her asshole and down her wet slit until it reached her clit and back up again.

I pushed forward, slowly entering her vagina and made small thrusts in and out; teasing her hole. Mom reached back with one hand and pulled me forward by the thigh, attempting to get my cock all the way inside of her. I pulled back and continued to tease her; I grabbed her hand and placed it on her ass cheek.

“Spread it.” I instructed Mom.

She listened appropriately and spread her ass with one hand wide enough for me to get the perfect view of both of her holes and my cock slowly pushing it’s way deep inside her cunt. I pushed until I was balls deep in my mother’s vagina; her legs began to tremble and her hand shot back down to the mattress so she could keep her balance. I continued to slowly impale my mother; Mom looked back over her shoulder and slowly ran her hand back across her ass cheek; this time instead of spreading it she twirled a finger around her asshole and started to press forward.

Mom pushed her finger as deeply as she could into her asshole and I could feel it massaging my cock through her vaginal wall. A few slow and deep strokes of this sent me over the fucking edge and I pushed her hand away, grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back. My thrusts were no longer slow and deep; they were fast and hard. Mom could hardly muffle her screams and the pounding of her ass meeting my hips was as loud as a thunderstorm.

I released my grip on Mom’s hair and shoved her back down to the mattress, face first and continued pounding away at the wet hole I was birthed from. I could feel Mom’s body begin to tense up as she laid there; face down, ass up. I did not slow my strokes until she gasped out the words, “I’m cumming!”

As soon as I heard the words, I slowed my strokes way down and pushed as avcılar masöz escort deeply as I could; Mom’s wet slit tightened around my cock and I could feel it pulling my foreskin up from the base and around the head. Her pussy was literally jerking my cock off; I pushed deep, until my balls rested on her clit and I froze. Mom continued to shiver with ecstasy as I tried my hardest to keep myself from cumming deep inside of her.

I pulled out slowly, trying not to make any sudden movements or tense up; just to be sure I didn’t accidentally cum too soon. I took a step back from the edge of the bed and Mom flipped around to her back with her head lying off the bed. Upside down, she pulled me in closer by the thighs and took the head of my cock into her loving lips. She guided me back and forth with my hips, with one hand her pussy; gently rubbing her clit.

I placed both hands on Mom’s tits and started to fuck her throat while she played with herself; I was amazed at how easily she swallowed my entire cock in this position. Mom slipped my cock out of her mouth and pulled me forward a bit more, she began to suck on my balls as my cock rested between her massive breasts; I slowly pumped my cock between her tits. I was right on the edge, I couldn’t last much longer.

Mom didn’t stop at the balls, she kept pulling me over top of her as I felt her wandering mouth and tongue kiss and lick over the bottom of my ball sack further and further until her mouth reached my asshole. My legs stiffened and I could hear Mom let out a slight giggle as her tongue penetrated my ass; she grabbed my cock and started stroking it as fast as she could.

“Oh, fuck!” I yelled, as she tongue fucked my asshole. “I’m gonna.. CUM!”

With almost no warning at all, my cock erupted and cum started squirting all over Mom’s tits and her stomach. She never slowed her strokes and kept her tongue buried deeply inside of me until I was done cumming.

Mom sat up with a huge smile on her face and sat on the edge of the bed; she grabbed my cock once more and gave it a nice soft kiss on the tip. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she tasted the very last drip of my cum.

“Fuck.. That’s exactly what Mommy neede—” Mom was interrupted by the bedroom door flying open.

“What the fuck!!” My roommate yelled.

I jumped back away from Mom, startled.

“Dude what are you doing! My fucking door was locked!!” I yelled back at him.

“No it wasn’t.. I thought I heard someone fucking up here. Dude, you’re fucking your Mom?!” He asked.

Mom sat in silence with her jaw on the floor; her face began to blush bright red and she just put her hands in the air. We had been caught; she clenched her teeth and shrugged.

“Get the fuck out of here!” I yelled, shoving my roommate back through the doorway; I slammed it shut and made sure it locked behind me this time.

“Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed.” Mom began.

“YOU’RE EMBARRASSED? My roommate just caught me fucking my own Mother! I thought you locked the door!” I was irate.

“I.. I.. I thought I did! I’m sorry, honey. I just..” Mom scrambled to find the right thing to say.

“Enough. That’s enough. Just stop.” I said, while getting dressed. “Get dressed. I’m going to go talk to him. You need to leave right now.”

I told my roommate I would explain later; I just needed him to go to his room until Mom had left.

“Look, please just don’t be mad at me.” Mom continued as I walked her to the door. “I really hope we can do this again sometime.”

I had no words for her. I kissed her on the cheek and sent her on her way. My roommate poked his head out of his room.

“You wanna tell me what that was all about now?” He asked.

“No. I’m gonna shower and go to bed. I can’t talk about this right now.” I said.

“Dude, like I get it. Your mom is really hot.” He said, laughing.

“Shut the fuck up, Chris.” I yelled as I slammed the bathroom door behind me.

Little did I know, Chris had a plan of his own.

“C’mon, c’mon! Where the fuck is it.. Ah yes!” Chris said to himself. He’d snuck into my room whilst I was in the shower and was searching around for my cell phone.

“Mom! Got it.” Chris copied Mom’s number down into his phone and quickly left my room. When I got out of the shower, his bedroom door was closed and the lights were off; I went to bed that night afraid to face him the next day.

The next day, Mom received the following text:

“This is Matt’s roommate, I have pictures from last night. If you don’t want your husband to see them, give me your address.”

Mom was hesitant to answer; she didn’t believe Chris could possibly have pictures of us.

“Excuse me? I don’t believe you. Besides why would I give you my address? I’m calling Matthew.” Mom responded.

In a matter of seconds, Chris had sent a picture of Mom kissing my cock, both of us in plain sight. Apparently he had crept in before bursting in to catch us avcılar otele gelen escort and snapped a few photos.

“Alright. Fine. What do you want from me?” Mom asked.

“You know exactly what I want. Send me your address, get ready, and leave the door unlocked.” Chris replied.

“1326 Fairview Ave. Palmdale, CA” Mom reluctantly gave Chris what he wanted.

As soon as Chris got the address he rushed to Mom’s house; as instructed the door was unlocked. Mom was still in the shower so Chris let himself in; he wandered around the house until finding my parents’ bedroom, again he let himself in. Quietly.

He watched from behind the door, as he had the night before while Mom and I made love; Mom had her back to the door and didn’t hear him come in. He watched as the water and soap ran down her curvaceous body before moving in for a closer look. He stripped all of his clothes off and slid the sliding glass door to the side and stepped in behind Mom; with one hand on his hard cock he tapped Mom on the shoulder.

“AHH! What the fuck!!” Mom screamed she was nearly scared to death; she quickly backed herself against the wall and covered her breasts and vagina with her hands.

Chris didn’t say a word; rather he just stood there looking at Mom from head to toe while slowly stroking his cock.

“You couldn’t fucking wait for me to get out of the shower first? You little fucking prick!” Mom yelled.

Chris was not fazed by Mom’s harsh words; instead he just moved closer towards her. He was as hypnotized by her body as I was. Mom turned her back as much as she could to him, wary of his touch; Chris pulled Mom by the arm and brought her closer to him. Her ass was now pressed up against his rock hard cock and she gasped.

“I can’t believe this, I can’t fucking believe this.” She said.

Chris continued to explore her body and wrapped both arms around her, taking both of her breasts in his hand with a firm grip; he thrust his cock between her ass cheeks up and down before pinching her nipples. Mom let her guard down a bit and tried to relax; Chris started kissing her neck.

“You uhh.. You like what you see?” Mom asked.

Chris spun Mom around to face him; he pushed her down to her knees. Mom looked up at him, half afraid of what she’d gotten herself into. Chris inched forward; Mom was still very reluctant.

“Give me your tits.” He instructed.

Mom obliged, almost unwillingly; she took his cock between her tits and pushed them together tightly with her hands.

“Oh, FUCK yeah.” Chris couldn’t help himself.

Mom stroked his cock up and down between her tits; Chris’ outburst of joy was exciting for her. She couldn’t hold back her smile as she looked up at the young man she was satisfying.

“You like that huh?” She said, sensually sliding her wet soapy tits along his thick rod. “You like those big titties?” Mom said, the smile faded from her face and she released his cock.

Mom stuck her tongue all the way out; Chris could feel her breath on the tip of his cock which rested directly in front of her face. Mom ran her hand up his thigh until she was cupping his ball in her hand; she massaged them a bit before taking a firm hold at the base of his cock.

“You want me to suck your cock?” Mom asked.

Chris was speechless; Mom held his cock tightly trapping all the blood flow allowing his cock to become fully engorged. She stuck her tongue out once again and just barely licked the tip. She pulled back and opened her mouth as wide as she could and looked up at Chris and laughed. Before she knew it, he grabbed her by the back of the head and was pushing her down on his cock; Mom threw her hands to the side and slid his cock all the way down her throat. When she made it to the base of his cock, she stuck her tongue out and started licking his balls.

Mom sat on her knees with her hands behind her back, looking up at Chris; with her mouth wide open. He grabbed his cock and slid it side to side across her tongue and face before slowly pushing it down her throat and back out again. Mom had completely submitted to him and was caught up in the moment; until the phone rang.

Mom hopped out of the shower and grabbed her towel.

“Oh no! It’s probably my husband.” She said. “Shit! SHIT! It’s Matthew. Be fucking quiet!” She yelled as she answered the phone.”

“Hey, honey.”

“Hey Mom, is this a good time to talk?” I asked.

“Umm.. Not really baby. I just got in from work and I’m just finishing up in the shower. Can I give you a call back in a bit?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, I guess.” I answered.

Mom sighed, “What am I doing?”

“Come on, lets go to the bed.” Chris chimed in as he pushed her out the door.

“What the fuck is this?” Mom yelled, turning back to Chris.

Much to her surprise, there was another guy in the room sitting on her bed; his cock was already hard and he was stroking it softly.

“Oh, no. No. No! This is not happening. I didn’t agree to this.” Mom told Chris pushing him back up against the wall.

“That’s too bad.. Because now we’ve got pics of YOU in YOUR shower with ME!” Chris responded.

“You fucking asshole.” Mom said.

The guy on the bed tossed his phone over to Chris and he showed Mom the evidence.

“Now, get your sexy ass over there and let him eat your pussy.” Chris demanded.

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