Mom’s Sexy Feet and More Ch. 03

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WARNING: This story contains strong language and incest/taboo content. So if you are offended by the above mentioned, please do not continue. If you are not offended, please enjoy! This is my third story. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Mom’s sexy feet, and more…part3

After the movie finished we waited till everyone left and then made our way, just in case there were any marks on our clothes. The lights came on and I could see that Mom’s nylons were damp on her right leg in patches, but she just looked at me smiling then walked out in front of me, grinding into my crotch as she scooted across.

I saw that I was fine, all except a little spot near my crotch area. But that’s no problem; I personally didn’t give a shit. I was superman!

As we walked down the steps I could hear a slight suction sound coming from mom, and it must be the excess sperm she didn’t clean on her feet against the shoes she’s wearing.

Man, I bet she felt dirty…I wonder what I could get away with doing now…

Mom reached the bottom and turned to me saying, “I’m just going to the ladies.” I nodded in acknowledgement. She walked off a little quicker, whilst I was strolling down the last few steps feeling like a millionaire. I noticed two dudes standing at the bottom near the entrance/exit who work there checking her out. I don’t blame you lads, look all you want. I had an accomplished smile on my face and walked out with a grin pushing both doors open.

I figured while Mom was in the ladies, I’d go sort myself out too.

After about 5 minutes, I walked out and Mom was waiting for me, sitting down cross legged on a seat opposite the rest rooms. She was showing off her bare legs and sexy feet; she must have taken off her nylons in the toilets.

“Come on Mister, let’s get going.”

“Yeah Mom.”

I smiled. Mom smiled back.

We made our way home.

Mom’s POV

That was intense, more intense than I expected. I was so tempted to finger myself whilst getting him off, good thing I didn’t otherwise I might have squirted and made a real big mess. Wow, that was exciting! I’m still wet! That was more exciting than the foot rub he gave me last night. I must say he is a talented young man the way he sucked on my toes and reached down to get my stocking off. His hands were soooo warm, they made me tingle. I would have never thought I could get so aroused by that, and he has such a hard penis…’I wonder how that would feel’…NO! Stop it, don’t go there. The odd few foot jobs and foot rubs that’s it! Nothing else…’But I want mooore!’ my subconscious probed me. Just look, he’s gawking straight at your bouncing tits as you drive. He has no shame now. Quick, give him a sharp look. Oh no, he just smiled at you, he doesn’t see you as his mother now, only a MILF or Cougar, whatever they call it these days, ‘who he wants to explore and learn from’….STOP THAT! I have to get my fixes from someone else, not him. Only take it as far as you did today, allowing him to view your love hole, tease him with your nipple tugging and saucy foot jobs no more you hear me?


I wonder what he’s going to ask?

“Yes baby?”

“That was wonderful. The way you did what you did blew me away. I mean, when I came, that was just…just…amazing.”

See! What did I tell you? First it’s this confidence in telling you how you made him come so great, then what? ‘He’ll want to feel the inside of your love tunnel’ STOP IT!

“Now listen to me, and listen closely.” I tried to be stern. “I also enjoyed what we shared, but it can’t escalate you hear me.”

“ESCALATE?! What do you mean?” he exclaimed.

Oh no, me and my big mouth, what have I put in his mind. “Well, let’s just leave it at foot rubs and…well…that.” I couldn’t help but smile when I said “that” looking at his dropped jaw and the sperm stain on his jeans.

“Don’t just sit there with your jaw open, close your mouth young man.” I helped close his mouth for him.

Now I started to wonder if he’s ever been with girls. I mean after all, he is my handsome young man.

“Of course you’ve been with girls haven’t you?” I asked.

He fixed himself back up and nodded reassuringly that he has and replied, “(uh hum) Yeah of course, of course I have…”

Oh my god! Poor Toby, he’s gone all red in the face. He hasn’t ever been with a female before me! I thought he had been…I’m sure he has been, he’s had girlfriends in the past hasn’t he.

“You’ve had girlfriends in the past haven’t you?”

“Mmm, nah not really.”

I couldn’t believe this, he was so confident with me that I thought he’d been with other girls before.

“What do you mean not really?” I probed.

“Well…just made out with a few at house parties and stuff.”

Aww, he’s only been to one house party, and that was the beginning of the summer holidays. He turned the radio on now; he clearly didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

We sat in silence all the way home. I think I’m going to need a power shower once I avcılar rus escort get home 😉

I pulled into the driveway and turned off the car, undid my seat belt, which was swallowed between my breasts then turned to Toby. “You know hun, you don’t have to be embarrassed about not getting with girls…”

“I’m…not embarrassed.”

“Huh? I’m confused. Why did you look embarrassed when I asked if you’ve been with girls before?”

He took his seat belt off, turned to me and spoke, “I don’t get attracted to girls my age Mom. All my friends have or had girlfriends in our year. I feel like I’m in the minority of those who only like mature women…all I ever think about is older chicks. But we’re too young to get into anywhere they may be, like bars. Mainly ‘coz of the door guys…they always ask for I.D.” With that being said he got out of the car.

WOW, this is a shocker to me. So my son has a thing for older women hey. Well, obviously it makes sense after last night that he is, but still kind of shocking for a mother to hear. ‘Yeah a mother who enjoys teasing and giving her son foot fetish thrills’ Oh shut up you.

I got out of the car and locked it, then headed into the house with Toby.

I was walking upstairs while Toby locked the door from inside; you can never be too careful these days. While I was walking upstairs I asked him to check the messages.

I reached the top and heard there was one message, “Hi Mrs H. Hey what’s up TOBEEEEEEEY!!! The trip got cut short man, a few of the lads weren’t feeling the length of stay as we all hoped, so we’re back! I wondered if I could come over or you could come here and chill tonight if it’s cool? Holla back!…To delete this message press 1, to save this message pres…”

I knew what was coming, an invite for his friend, Anthony (a.k.a Tone or Tony) or he’s going to ask if he can go over to his tomorrow. Anthony is a bit of a trouble maker, a cheeky chap to say the least.

“I’ll call him and maybe we can hang out tomorrow…”

Toby sounded as though he wanted to continue.

“Actually…did you have any plans for tomorrow?”

He’s trying to figure out if something is going to happen tomorrow between us the cheeky so and so. Well, I figured I’d play with his horny teenage mind and replied, “Maybe…now don’t stay up too late, and don’t make any noise please, Goodnight hun.” I blew him a kiss

“Goodnight Mom.” He said looking up at me with lustful eyes.

The Next Day: Mom’s POV

I had had a wonderful orgasm last night whilst showering. That power shower really does the trick. I slept in the nude once I showered feeling quite sexy with myself. I had a lovely sleep and as I was waking I noticed my nipples were erect from shifting under the sheets. I sat up and got out of bed to find my clothes had been moved from where I placed them. I wonder…had my son looked through them during the night whilst I was sleeping? And was I out so hard that I didn’t notice? ‘Yes he was in here, fondling your clothes they way you want him to fondle your…’ Not you again!! My conscience is already at me. I sat upright and looked around to the clock that was on my bedside table.

It was 08:46 and I was fully rested.

Lewd thoughts ran through my mind from last nights antics and I started to get flustered from the thought of provoking my son’s hard penis into ejaculation. It was quite thrilling to know a woman of my age can get a young man nearing his prime to lust for her. I was beginning to get wet from these lewd thoughts and started to play with myself. Not a moment later I heard a clunk and clang coming from downstairs. My morning masturbation will have to wait I guess. I got out of bed to investigate, so I put on my bathrobe and flip flops then walked downstairs. I noticed Toby’s door was open and there was light coming from the room, at this hour? I thought that was strange. I had a peek in his room and saw he wasn’t there. The curtains were drawn back and the bed was made. That’s a change and a good one at that.

So I quickly walked downstairs and caught a whiff of my own scent. ‘Mmmm, tasty isn’t it’ Shhh! I walked into the kitchen and saw all the ingredients needed for a full continental breakfast and my son standing there in his shorts and T-shirt making an omelette. He turned to look at me and said, “Oh sorry Mom, I wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed.”

I walked over to him and kissed his cheek pressing my breasts into his right arm. “What a sweet heart.”

I saw his face go slightly pink. “Yeah…well I wanted to do something nice for you on your day off.” He looked at me and I smiled. I moved back and leaned against the counter nit picking at some of the ingredients.

“Why don’t you take a seat and I’ll bring you breakfast at the table now that you’re here.”

“Oh…don’t you want me in bed?” I flirted.

His jaw dropped as he looked at me.

I giggled a response saying, “Never mind…your loss.”

“No…” he responded.

I looked at him avcılar türbanlı escort with questioning eyes.

“…I mean, if you want breakfast in bed I can give it to you there?”

‘Is he flirting back with you?’ I’m not sure.


“Yes! I will give it to you in bed.” He cut me off sternly. I’m surprised with his stern voice, I never heard that before. It kind of made me tingle down below. “Now go straight upstairs and I’m not taking no for an answer young lady.”

He gave me a cheeky grin and winked at me. ‘You should return the favour with your eye’ Shhh you! ‘Well…how can you say no to that?’ Hmm, I can’t really can I. So I responded with, “Yes sir!” turned around and walked straight upstairs.

“I’ll be 5 minutes!” He shouted.

My nipples were sensitive to the touch of my robe and I could feel the moistness of my clam burger which turned me on greatly. I walked into my room and the heat was sweltering. I put the fan on, took off my robe and placed it on the back of the chair at my desk. I kicked off the flip flops which were slightly sticky from a little sweat that gathered then walked into the bathroom and washed my face. I didn’t have much time to decide what to wear so I opened my draw and saw a white V neck T-shirt, I pulled that over my head and it was a tight fit. Now for the bottom half…

“Ready or not here I come…”


I rushed to my bed, jumped on it and pulled the sheets over me to cover my nakedness.

“Were you doing gymnastics on your bed Mom?”

I felt embarrassed thinking he might have caught a glimpse. ‘I don’t see why you’re embarrassed, you blatantly showed him your womanhood last night in the cinema, or did you forget to put on panties that time too’ Shut up you! …and no…I didn’t forget. My subconscious increased the moistness down below and I have no panties on to soak it up.

“No you cheeky boy.”

I anxiously moved up the bed to rest my back against the head board. The sheets covered my lower body up to my knees. Toby just stood there looking at me. He looked confident. And I felt silly.

“You okay Mom?”

“Yeah I’m good, you just caught me off guard that’s all.”

“Why? What were you doing?” He asked cheekily.


I had to be logical here. ‘What you have to be is a tease!’ Stop it you! ‘You have no panties on and your son is here…you want him to…’

“…just wasn’t prepared that’s all.”

“Oh…o k a y …” He said in a mesmerized tone.

He was checking out my legs and feet. ‘He is putty in your hands you know’ No, it’s not that easy…is it? ‘It’s easier than you think…’

“Soooo, are you going to let me eat that or…”

“Oh yeah, sorry Mom.”

He looked at me and turned slightly pink, knowing that I had snapped him out of leering at my legs and feet. I’m feeling more confident as he stumbled over to hand me the tray. I had to close my legs together for the tray legs to sit either side of me. As I closed my legs I felt some of the sheet concave inward and that heightened my senses to the wet residue on my vagina. The whole time he walked over to me I saw him fix his gaze to my breasts. My nipples must be looking straight back because I could definitely feel them turned on.

“Could you do me a favour?”

He changed his gaze and stood up straight whilst covering his front area.

“Yeah sure Mom.”

“Put the fan on a higher setting for me please, my feet are a bit hot and sweaty.” I asked in an innocent manner.

He stared at my feet and smiled saying, “Sure thing Ma.”

I ate some breakfast as I watched him try to cover the boner he grew for me. I thought I would give him time to adjust himself by eating some of the food. I couldn’t look away for long though, ‘You’re an evil cow!’ just a little, hee hee.


“You okay hun?” I asked, playing with the fork in my mouth.

“(uh-hmm) Yeah I’m cool.”

The poor boy was far from cool. He lunged onto the bed with his right leg (so that his hard on was concealed I guess) and I saw him move his hand into his shorts for a split second. Then he stood up and there wasn’t a tent in sight. Smooth work I thought. I adjusted myself and as I did, some of the covers rose further up my legs. The sheets were now half way up my thighs.

“Err, Mom.”

“Yes hun?”

“It’s already on the highest setting.”

“Oh really?”


‘Now or never! You know what you want you slut!’

My conscience played on my mind and she was right, I did. I wanted it!

“Well…” I said in a sexy tone. “…I guess you are going to have to fan them down for me.”

He smiled his cheeky smile and got down from the bed. As he plonked his feet on the ground his boner loosened from the stronghold he placed it in and a tent appeared! I felt a tingle below and my cheeks get hot. My vagina is so wet I must have soaked the sheets by now. He knew what was about to happen. But I still like to tease and be the one in control in all of this, avcılar ucuz escort so that’s just what I did. He kneeled at the foot of the bed, licked his lips, took a deep breath and was about to touch my sexy feet. Just then I said, “No!”

He stared at me blankly.

“Fan them down; don’t touch them, that’ll make them even more sweaty, silly.”

“How do you suppose I do that?” He said with a cross face.

“Use your imagination.”

We both smiled at each other.

“Okay Mom. Enjoy your breakfast…while I enjoy this.”

He started by blowing soft circles over the soles of my feet and toes which sent bolts of excitement to my love tunnel. I maintained eye contact with Toby while grabbing hold of the banana he supplied alongside my breakfast. I peeled it seductively.

Toby’s POV

“Mmmmmm” Mom teased, looking at me with those lustful eyes nibbling on that banana. I wish that was my cock in her mouth! Oh I want to do so many things to her! I’m going to take whatever opportunities I can today. Her scent was strong as I walked into the room…and those tits …those massive juggs! Big pointy nipples! I need to jerk this raging boner right now!

“Is this cooling you down Mom?” I said blowing while pulling my cock out on the sly.

“Hmm hee hee. It’s kind of making me hot.”

I grasped my cock and started stroking when she said that and tested my luck by saying, “If I lick them, then blow, it might make them cooler.”

“Why don’t you try that?” Mom said maintaining eye contact and licked the side of the banana all the way to the top.

I did as she said.

I stuck my tongue out and licked her luscious toes in descending order.

“Mmmmmm.” Mom purred whilst deep throating the banana!

I changed feet and did the exact same thing. As I continued, let’s call it tasting, her sexy feet she ate the rest of the banana and put the peel on the tray then watched me with those sexy eyes. I thought she must have notice me jerking my cock by now.

“That’s good honey, but in between the arches is where I get really hot…”

Did that have a double meaning?

“…don’t forget in between my toes too…”

I stuck out my tongue and licked in between her toes and arches. She purred like a kitten! I proceeded to blow on her sexy toes one by one then started to slowly lick and blow her arches until she said, “(mmngh) Hun, come here and take this tray away.”

“Okay hang on.” I said trying to sort myself out.

“Now please.” She cut me off.

I thought fuck it then and stood up with a tent in my shorts. I walked over with my cock getting harder, throbbing as it tries to fuck through the fabric each step I take. She couldn’t take her eyes off it as I walked over to her. When I got really close to her I could smell that heavenly scent of a woman. I stood by the tray and couldn’t take my eyes off her huge juggs! Cleavage! Big nipples poking through that V neck T! I leaned over to take the tray off her lap and my cock flexed, as it did Mom licked her lips, swallowed and bit her bottom lip. I took the tray off her and saw Mom lay down into the mattress. As she pushed her ass into the mattress she revealed more of her sexy legs; as the sheets rose up her body. Noticing my eyes fix a gaze to her legs she pulled some of the sheets down. If she hadn’t, I would have seen her crotch area…

…My cock flexed again…

Mom stretched and wriggled slowly in bed, whilst gawking at my tent. Her tits mashed together and I saw a whole lot more cleavage! 34FF tits!

“Place that on the dresser then carry on fanning me down as you were…” she exhaled.

I walked over to the dresser and placed the tray down on the table. I looked down and saw some pre-come residue at the tip of the tent. I looked back to see what Mom was doing and she was placing pillows behind her. While she did that I saw a few wet patches on the sheets near her crotch…doesn’t she have any panties on?! Or is she that damn horny and turned on she soaked through her panties!?!!

I turned and walked back to the bed.



“Your sheets are kind of wet…”

She immediately looked down at the sheets then looked back at me in shock and replied, “Well…”

She paused.

I saw her look at my tent, “…seems to me like you kind of have wet shorts…”

I went red with embarrassment and then Mom said, “Aww, you don’t have to feel embarrassed hun. If it makes you feel any better…you can…take them off?”

My cock flexed hard! I might just take her offer, but not without testing my luck first.

“That’s a good idea. Aren’t the wet patches causing discomfort?”

“Mmm, not really…”

“Well…” I said walking to the foot of the bed. “…the wet patch on my shorts would annoy me if I kept them on. Sooo……”

I slowly withdrew them building the suspense to when my cock goes……’BOING’ My hard cock sprang out of my shorts as I took them off.

Mom gasped.

I kneeled on the bed with my right leg and rested my penis on her left shin. “I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable Mom, so allow me…”

I caressed her smooth silky legs taking in her marvellous scent and noticed it get stronger the closer I got. I reached up to the bottom of the sheets. My hands and throbbing penis caressed her as I slowly pulled the sheets down.

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