Moms Just Want to Help Out

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My sexual relationship did not begin with my mother until the birth of my first child when I was 28 years old. I never seriously thought that the incestuous activities that we are enjoying now were even a possibility when I was a boy. Sure, I might have had normal brief erotic thoughts about my mother during my daily masturbation sessions during my youth, but never dreamed that it would actually happen, and to the degrading extent that it has evolved to years later. That’s what makes this such a remarkable story worth telling.

I grew up in a small city in Florida (Fort Lauderdale) and went to college in Gainesville. My father died unexpectedly in bed one night when he was 64 years old. I never moved back home again. I met a girl from Gainesville, fell in love, got married, got a job, and settled nearby in Miami.

My mother’s name was Bea, like Aunt Bea on the Andy Griffith Show, and she looked like her too! Mom dressed very old fashioned – like someone’s grandmother, or great grandmother, and usually could be found wearing a dress and full lace trimmed apron. Her hair was long and turning grey, and wrapped around her head and held up with hairpins. Her hips were wide, her breast were ample with large protruding nipples, when erect, extending out at least 1 ½” from her breasts. To me, her nipples were her most desirable physical feature. I guess nursing three children did have some benefits!

My wife’s name is Liz and she is very beautiful and I love her very much. We have a very active and mutually fulfilling, loving sex life. Matter of fact, I loved her so much, and filled her so full of baby gravy that she became pregnant. Needless to say my mother Bea, and Liz’s mother Lillian, both were extremely excited to become grandmothers! The next nine months were filled with baby showers, shopping, and planning for junior.

Liz’s and my active sex life continued for 8 months into the pregnancy, and even increased for a while. To me, pregnant women are very sexy. I loved how Liz’s tits enlarged in size almost every day! Even her nipples got larger and more sensitive. She became more horny than before she was pregnant, and we both enjoyed that time of our lives together. Things were great in the bedroom, and in the kitchen, and in the living room until Liz’s 9th month of pregnancy when things turned cold. Enlarged Liz was so big and uncomfortable that she didn’t want sex anymore. I couldn’t say that I really blamed her, but I did get her to blow me for another week, but after that even a blowjob was too uncomfortable for Liz to perform. She said that her sex drive was gone and she didn’t even want to think about sex! For the next three weeks I tried not to even think about sex either, even with rosey palm, also know as my hand!

One Monday morning I got up to go to work as usual, and Liz got up with me, which was unusual since she was now off work resting, staying in bed a lot, and getting ready for our trip to the hospital. I asked Liz what she was doing up and she said she wanted to get some housecleaning done before the baby came. I told her it sounded like a good idea to me if she didn’t over do it, and off to work I went.

I called Liz at lunchtime to see how she was doing, and her answer floored me! She said she had cleaned the entire house, done the laundry, and went to the grocery store all before lunch. I asked why she had done all that, and she said that she just felt good, and had a burst of energy and just did it! Kidding, I asked what she was going to get done after lunch? She answered me that she still needed to pack her suitcase and she wanted to paint the baby’s room!

I got home that evening and everything looked perfect. The whole house was clean, lots of groceries on hand, all the laundry had been done, folded, and put away. Liz had painted the baby’s room and she was finishing cleaning the paint brushes, and had dinner on the stove.

“Would you like to give each other a massage after dinner” I asked hoping to relieve the perpetual hardon in the process that I have had for the past two weeks!

Knowing my motive Liz replied; “Oh honey, I sorry I’m just bayan arkadaş not in the mood tonight.” Like she had said every night for the past month. “I still need to pack my suitcase.”

I helped clean up after dinner, read the newspaper, watched a little TV, and headed to bed for the evening. Liz was still packing. I had just dozed off when I was awaken at 11 PM by Liz calling my name. “John-ny, John-ny, Oh John-ny.”

As I quickly walked toward Liz’s voice, I was telling her that I was on the way. I found Liz sitting in the center of the bathroom floor in a small puddle and she said. “Johnny, get some towels. My water just broke! We’re going to the hospital to have a baby. Don’t forget my suitcase!”

Our baby was born at 5:32 AM the next morning. We both were whipped after being up all night especially in such a stressful event. Newly named Shrek, our 6 lb. 10 oz. baby boy was healthy and being cleaned and checked by the hospital staff. By 6 AM or so I was ready to start calling relatives and my work, and giving them the good news. My first two calls were to Bea and Lillian. Both were very excited and fit to be tied, and they each wanted to know what they could do for us. I didn’t have a clue what to tell them.

By 8:30 AM our son, Shrek had been returned to us with a clean bill of health and we had just breast fed him his first meal. The nurse told us that Liz needed to get some rest and I should go home a get some too. I couldn’t disagree. So I hugged and kissed the wife and headed for home.

At 9:30 AM, I was at home trying to get some sleep in my own bed. But I couldn’t sleep very well due to my large erection that has become my constant companion. At about 10:30 AM, I decided to take care of the pup tent problem myself manually, so I started stroking my manhandle. Then I heard the back door open, and heard someone walking into the kitchen with what sounded like grocery bags.

“Johnny! Are you here?” I heard my mother Bea’s voice and remembering that she does have a key to our house.

“Yes, Mother I’m in the bedroom” I called back.

Sticking her head in the already open door she asked; “Is everything alright?”

Trying to quickly disguise the pup tent between my legs with the blanket I answered; “Yes everything is fine. Liz is fine, Shrek is fine, and I’m fine, but we are all tired. The nurse told me to come home and get some sleep.”

“Well I want to help you for the next few days or so, as long as you need me. What do you need me to do? I got some groceries for you that I need to put away. Be right back. You think about it.”

She’s here to help for a few days? That news to me. What can she do to help? I thought to myself. Liz and the baby aren’t going to be home for a couple days, the house looks perfect, clean house, clean laundry and I honestly don’t know what to tell her. Everything is already done!

I was holding my hard cock under the blankets when my mother come back into my bedroom. “I see that meals have already been prepared and labeled for you in the refrigerator. You must be hungry. Would you like me to heat one up for you?

“No thank you Mother I am hungry, but I’m not as hungry as I am sleepy, and I would much rather sleep than eat right now. You know Liz & I were up all night last night and I just got home about an hour ago and I haven’t been able to sleep comfortably.”

“Oh my poor dear. Why can’t you sleep? I bet you are exhausted after not getting any sleep last night. What can I do to help you get some rest?” My mother asked desperately wanting to help me with something.

For the life of me, I don’t know why I said it, and I had never considered my obscene proposal until I heard the words come out of my own mouth. Maybe it was stress, maybe lack of sleep, or maybe my hard cock in my hand doing my thinking for me, but I said to my mother; “Would you like to help me with this?”

I don’t know if my mother had noticed the pup tent in my bed or not. There have been many things over my lifetime that my mother has overlooked and not brought attention to, in order to spare someone bayan partner the embarrassment of the situation, whatever it might have been. I stopped pushing down on my erection and quit trying to hide my manhood. I let it fully rise to the occasion.

Still looking into my eyes, my mother replied; “Help you with what Johnny?”

I pointed to the tent in my sheet with one hand, and under the sheet holding and wagging my cock in the other hand. Her eyes followed my hand gestures to my crotch and showing no emotion she asked questioningly; “What is that?”

“It’s a hard cock Mother.” I was mildly annoyed that she was making me spell this all out for her. “And it’s been hard for the past two weeks because my wife has been unable to help me with it. Would you like to help me with my hard cock?”

“What do you want me to do about it?”

“Well since you have been so willing to help out around here, I was hoping you would want to help me make my erection go away.”

With her eyes switching back and forth from my crotch to my eyes she said; “Well, let me see it.”

I slowly peeled back the sheet to expose my massive erection with it drooling pre-cum. With my mother now sitting on my bedside, she calmly viewed me and said; “You look like your father Johnny, and it looks like you may be getting Blue Balls. Men must have a release, and if they don’t get that release, they can get Blue Balls.”

“I know what Blue Balls are Mother!”

“No wonder you haven’t been able to sleep. At least you haven’t been rolling out of bed with that kick stand engaged!” My mother started to laugh at her joke and I joined her.

“How long has it been since you and Liz had sex?”

“Well, we stopped having sex about a month ago, and she stopped blowing me about three weeks ago’. I replied.

“And you haven’t had release since then? My mother astonishingly asked.

“No, not since then. I’ve been trying not to. Since Liz was doing without, I was going to try to do without too.”

“Johnny, you have to realize that men and women are not built the same way. Liz was pregnant and uncomfortable, and probably did not have any sex drive whatsoever, and she won’t for quite some time, and that’s only natural. Men on the other hand, do not lose their sex drive because their wives are pregnant. Men have needs Johnny, men must have their release or bad things can happen, like Blue Balls or infidelity. Your father needed release several times a week, and you probably should have release that often too.”

In complete agreement with my mother’s great attitude, and not completely believing my good fortune so far, I added; “Mother I can see now that you are completely right. Mother would you like to help me get the release that I need?”

“Yes Johnny, of course I’ll help you. I am here to help as long as you need me. But we must keep this to ourselves. It must be our Mother and Son secret Johnny. I’m sure Liz would appreciate the thoughtfulness too, the poor dear.”

With having said that, my mother moved both of her soft hands to my engorged member and started stroking. I could tell that stroking a cock was not new to my mother, but I never had seen her do it before which made it very special for me, but not as special as knowing it was my cock that she was doing the stroking on. I was in a state of nirvana.

My mother’s soft hands on my hard cock felt like smooth silk. She worked my cock up and down in a piston motion taking full strokes from my nuts, up over the puffy mushroom head tip, and back down again. I really could not believe that I had actually talked my mother into stroking my cock for me! I was getting exactly what I was hoping for but little did I know that I was soon to get much more than I expected.

“Does this feel good to you Johnny?”

“Oh Mother, it feels wonderful. Thank you so much for doing this for me.”

“You are very welcome Son. I’m glad that I could do something nice for you.”

“I’m so glad that you stopped by.”

“Me too. Would you like me to use my mouth?” She asked with concern.

The grandeur bdsm escort of my mothers question completely caught me off guard. I was extremely happy to have mother stroking my hard cock with her hand, and now she was offering her mouth? Wow! I thought to myself, this is so much better than I ever imagined! I tried to remain calm and try not be too excited about answering the question and said; “Yes, that would be nice.”

Without missing a beat, my mother lowered her head to my cock and swallowed my cock to the root! Keeping the constant rhythm now with her mouth, she took my cock from the tip, down to my balls, over and over again. I could tell that my mother was no stranger to sucking cock either. She was an expert! She was deep-throating my cock on every stroke. I remember the sound of my nuts slapping against her chin. I could not believe my mother had all this hidden talent that I never knew about until this moment in time.

Then stopping momentarily mother asked; “How do you like that? Does that feel good?”

“Oh Mother, you are so wonderful, it feels great. You are so good to me.”

“That’s nice of you to say. I’d like to try something that your Father used to love. Is that alright?”

I said “Sure” and hoped she would hurry and put my cock back in her mouth again. I then watched her reach to her mouth and take out her false teeth! First the top plate and then the bottom, and she put them in the pocket of the fringed apron that she was wearing. Then I watched her move her mouth again to my hot, pulsating cock and started the oral treat like before. Her hand started massaging my nut sack while she was plunging deep in her throat. I put my hands on the back of her head and pulled her toward me helping to fuck her throat. I was fucking my mother’s throat!

My cock is of average length (6 inches) and I do not believe that what my mother did next would have been possible with a larger cock. I watched my mother stop the relentless head pumping and grasp one of my nuts, and gently pushed it into one side of her mouth. With her mouth open as wide as physically possible, she then shifted my entire package to the other side of her mouth and then stretched her cheek out with her finger and gently pushed my other nut into the other side of her mouth. Her throat and mouth was holding my complete manhood. Her cheeks were pushed out with a full mouthful of cock and nuts!

I had never heard of such a thing before let alone experience it. She then started the pumping action again, but with much shorter strokes. Longer strokes would have made my nuts come out of her mouth. The shorter strokes worked for me while my mother’s tongue swirling around my nuts giving me such a incredible erotic feeling that I had never felt before. I felt the cum starting to boil in my nuts when my mothers tongue left her mouth and started licking my taint, the area between my nuts and asshole. Once she did that, it sent me over the edge, and I erupted with rope after rope of hot cum which went directly down her throat. It felt like the head of my cock had just blown off. I had just had the longest and most intense orgasm of my life!

After my immense orgasm was complete, Mother gently pulled herself off my cock and balls which came out with a “pop” sound. She licked-up and ate every drop of cum off my cock and balls and had a very satisfied smile on her face.

“Wellh howb wasth that Johnnyth? I mean, how was that Johnny?” after she put her dentures back in her mouth.

“It was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life Mother. I definitely got a major release. I love you Mother. Thank you so much.”

“You are welcome Johnny. I feel responsibility for your care and wellbeing while Liz is in the hospital. You know, you reminded me a lot of your Father. He used to love for me to suck his cock and give him a ball wash too. I’m glad I could do that for you.”

“What can I do for you Mom?”

“No, no, Johnny, I already got my reward in hot cum! And I am quite pleased to get a healthy taste of some of that freshly churned cum again. I had forgotten how good it tastes. But I have to get going. Should I come back later tonight and fix you dinner?”

“No thanks Mother. I have to get some sleep and then get back to the hospital.”

“Are you going to need another release tonight?”

“I, I, I think so-, maybe I should call you.”

End of part 1.

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