Mom’s in Town Ch. 23

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“This is one of the main reasons you are here. Being part of the Advisory Group means dealing with this cock in all ways. Suck it, fuck it, in your mouth, in your pussy and in your ass. We want to make it exciting, titillating for the other members — the potential investors. Some will want to watch you, some will want to join you and some will want to fuck you. Some will want you to suck them off and some will want to fuck you in the ass while you suck someone else (man or woman). They each will have their own interests – everyone participates one way or another. We create a safe haven for people of similar interests that leads to business deals, investments and ultimately, to be hoped, making money for everyone. But in doing so, we all get to explore our sexuality to the fullest.” Rachael offers before continuing.

“Tonight you meet the major players. While the idea of leveraging Max and Ross’s adult business background was mine, without their previous success and their recent agreement to willing participate in this idea, the concept would never have happened. And, you would not be here looking at perhaps, one of the best cocks in the world.”

While listening to Rachael and nodding in understanding, Christine had unconsciously moved closer to Max and let her right hand tentatively reach out and touch the heavy wide shaft.

“OMG. This is surely the biggest cock that I have ever seen.” she admitted softly as she tried to wrap her hand around its thickness. She gripped and regripped the stallion sized cock but could not fully get her fingers around the club like member.

“Tell me what you like and what you don’t like Christine.” Max asked nonchalantly while he stood there letting her fondle and get to know his cock.

‘I don’t like scat. I don’t like blood. I don’t like too much pain. I don’t mind a golden shower but I have always found them very messy and usually not worth the time. I have peed on people and they have peed on me. I don’t drink it. Never have. I have had men, women, boys, girls and every type who make up the LGBT community. I have had one, two and up to 7 or 8. I have been spit roasted, double teamed, double penetrated and all manner in between. I have been the center of bukkake parties. I have had sex with my own daughter. I have stripped, been stripped both in private and public. I have done it all outside and inside. In cars, in vans, in trucker parking lots and in the woods. I think what I like best is showing off in public places and having photos taken of me during sex. I love all kinds of sex. I love cock, cunt and cum. I think I am the person you are looking for.” she rattled off as she pulled and stretched the monster hanging between his legs.

Max stood there stilly and silently as Christine explored his elongating cock. He watched as she moved to face him and put her second hand on it. “Perfect, that’s it. Get used to it. It is all yours tonight.”

“No fair.” came Sindie’s voice from the entry door. “You started without us. But don’t stop on our account. We’ll join you in a minute.

The four remaining guests had entered the suite and saw the original three partier’s on the balcony.

“Well Brice, it looks like you should get your pants off as well. We’ll make it a CFNM night until the real party begins. You too Ross, Get Naked!” Barbara directed. “In the meantime, girls let’s pour ourselves a glass of wine.”

Christine looked up at the voice and saw Brice move toward the closet as he took off his shirt. He continue undressing, facing away from the group, until he removed his boxers and revealed his tight masculine buns. Turning toward everybody, he slowly and casually stroked his thick cock. Max was both a shower and a grower, while Brice was more of grower. In fact quite a grower, as his average looking penis began to lengthen and swell well beyond normal into a huge cock. The two women looked at him and understood how he got his nick name Bull. A stocky fireplug of a man with growing erection, he was the epitome of an animal in heat. Ross on the other, stripped off with a big show because he knew he could not compete size wise with the two other naked men. His normal, average sized penis looked puny when compared with the two studs showing off their assets.

“Why don’t we get a group selfie!” Rachael said cheerfully but with purpose.

The soon to be very intimate individuals, moved out onto the patio area. Rachael had Christine stand with her back to the balcony railing and positioned the nude males on either side. They quickly put their arms around her and fondled her ass checks. Max had his hand under her very short skirt while Bull simply squeezed through the thin material. Sindie stood beside Bull and Barbara beside Max. Clothed girl, naked man, almost naked woman, naked man and clothed girl. It made for quite an interesting keepsake photo.

“Hurry up everyone. Squeeze in. Shrinkage could be factor.” Rachael chided, while the men pooh-poohed the idea.

Sindie, when she was a professional porn star, antalya escort had fucked and sucked Max often. But, since marrying his cousin and retiring from the business, she refrained from such intimate encounters so as not to incite any sibling rivalry or jealousy. When she and Ross enjoyed the lifestyle, it was always same room sex. No secrets either way. Both were happy with the arrangements.

Rachael posed Ross behind Christine, who soon found his erection pressing through the thin material of her dress into the cleft between the cheeks of her ass. In order to be seen, Ross leaned forward and put his arms around her and cupped a breast in each hand. He lightly pulled on the nubs of her nipples poking out the front her dress.

“More than a handful.” he said playfully as he squeezed and fondled her tits, while Rachael continued to take pictures.

“Take them out for us Ross. Let’s see them.” came a chorus of voices.

Ross slid his fingers under the stretchy fabric and with the back of his left hand pried the material away from the only shoulder being covered and worked the material down her arm. Christine shimmied a little to help the material slide and soon she was topless.

“They look real. Are they real?” Sindie asked in a rather catty tone.

“They feel real enough to me darling.” Ross replied as he continued to gently fondle and caress the large soft mammaries. Foreplay and oral were Ross’ specialty. He loved the chase and the build-up and he was very good at it. He knew he could never compete in size or stamina and felt that what he offered was preferred by most women. He showed Christine off to the group and played with her breasts in a way that the group could see her large pinky brown areolas through his active fingers. When he pulled and stretched her nipples out, he felt her relax into the sensation. Christine tilted her head, exposing the nape of her neck to Ross. He leaned in more, bent his head and lightly kissed then began to nibble on the exposed erogenous area. A small moan escaped from her lips as she pressed backward into Ross’ crotch. Simultaneously she began to squeeze the dangling tumescent cocks on either side of her.

“Why don’t you get her dress of her, while Bull and I check these puppies out?” Max suggested as he grabbed one of her exposed breasts in his masculine hand.

Bull decided to do the same and they both made like they were milking a cow – squeeze, release, squeeze and release. Ross began to work the tight dress down over Christine’s waist until her belly button was visible. The cool outside air caused goose-bumps to form and as the dress was pulled lower her bald pudenda was exposed and the patio lights modelled its bulge and soft contours of the camel toe. Her nipples also lengthened which enable Bull to pull on the teat closed to him.

Ross continued to pull the dress down to her ankles and motioned for her to step out of it. In doing so, Bull was steered away by Sindie who had opened her blouse to expose her huge store bought tits.

“Let’s go inside where it is warmer so you get your big cock between these two honey-dew melons.”

Ross who was now squatting behind Christine did not know whether to look at the fine ass in front of his nose or to look away to see the big cock of Bull about to tit fuck his wife. His cock was getting stiff with the thought of either action

“Ross, get that talented tongue of your over here. I have a pussy that needs attention.” Barbara demanded. “Let’s join them inside darling. I want to watch my husband slide his cock between your wife’s tits while you eat me out.”

That left Christine on the deck standing naked, except for her new Louboutin’s. She looked him straight in the eyes, reached for his cock and mouthed the words “Let me suck your cock.”

“Anytime. Inside or outside?”

“Let’s join the others. I like to be watched when I suck a magnificent cock, and yours is one the best, if not the best that I have ever had the chance to suck.” Christine offered to an almost blushing Max.

“You know you are not the first to say that it’s magnificent, but most are daunted by the size and secretly don’t want to give me a blow job in case they gag all over it.

Sindie was sitting on the edge of the king sized bed. Bull was between her legs and as she leaned forward she had wrapped her tits around his very stiff erection. She held her breasts in her hands and pressed them together as the smooth glistening head of stallion sized cock appeared just below her chin. Whenever it rose up, she bent her head and gave it a lick or a kiss. A promise of what is to come.

Next to Sindie, Barbara lay back and had her legs resting on Ross’ shoulders as he held the lips of her pink wet cunt open and tasted her nectar. She was silently tweaking her nipples as she luxuriated in the erotic stimulation that was spreading throughout her body.

“Sit on the bed between them Max. I want everyone to see me do a number on your cock.”

Max sat on kepez escort the bed, leaning back on his hands. He saw his sister-in-law on his right and his cousin on his left. Both of them relishing the obscene nature of the orgy beginning to develop. He looked down between his spread leg to see Christine, on her knees anxiously staring at his elephantine cock and balls hanging in front of her.

“OMG! That is an even better picture. Those of you facing the camera, give me a smile. The rest of you, look this way.” Rachael called out.

Bull’s big cock lay atop Sindie’s tits, Christine gripped Max’s huge cock with both hands pulling the foreskin taut displaying his golf ball sized glanz while Ross looked up from the leaking saturated wide open cunt of Barbara.

The brilliant camera flash filled the room but did not dampen the mood. The three couples immediately returned to what they had been doing. Sindie had grabbed Bull by the cheeks of his ass to pull his cock tighter into her cleavage. Ross had his face buried in the wet vulva of Barbara while Christine contemplated how to handle the futa like sex organ in front of her. She lifted the heavy member up, gave it a kiss and laid it back so it hung down toward the floor. She leaned in, dragging her diamond hard nipples along his masculine thighs before placing small kisses on this stomach. This long thick cock was trapped. The kisses turned to nibbles as she worked her way down Max’s slight middle aged paunch toward the root. Rubbing her face over the still springy shaft she took pleasure in its twitches and spasms as she felt him grow in response to her ministrations. The trapped monster pushed against her body as it strove to find an opening to arc upward. Christine allowed herself the erotic sensations of knowing that she would soon have it in her mouth. Her mouth continued to follow the shaft downward as her fingernails dragged themselves suggestively down his strong hairless legs. Her face was soon close to the floor so she went on all fours and rolled over onto her back. Laying on the plush carpet she looked up to see the bell end of the horse like cock release a thick droplet of pre-cum that stretched downward toward her. Only inches away from her face she watched the viscous lubricant slowly descend. She only had to move her face a little to let the pearlescent liquid puddle on her lips. The hot fluid ran to the corners of the mouth, over her cheeks and down her neck. She arched up an inch or two to turn and twist her head allowing the cockhead to smear it over her face.

Max slid forward on the bed an inch or two to let his cock rest on her face. He saw that all she had to do was tilt her head back and when she opened her mouth she was able to take his cockhead into her mouth. Her lips, glossy with saliva and pre-cum, willingly accepted his leaking gift but she was quickly disappointed as she felt her prize being pulled from her lips. Christine released the dripping head and looked up to see Max turning his hips back and forth dragging his immense cock over her face. Across her forehead, down her nose, dipping into each eye socket before slapping it more forcefully across her cheeks. The oozing pre-cum left a shiny trail that was smeared evenly by the fat spongy head of his massive cock. She rolled her head back and forth to more fully enjoy the debasement of the obscene act while she let her hands slide down her own body to cup and caress her aching nipples.

“Ross, now is your chance. Put a pillow under ass and eat her out.” Barbara directed as she watched the wonton slut’s hips undulating on the floor beside her.

Ross reacted quickly taking cushion off the closest chair and placing it between Christine’s legs. “Lift your ass up darling. We have an idea.”

With the cushion in place, Ross began to aggressively finger the wet pussy in front of him.

“She is so wet. What a juicy slut she is.” he told everyone as he buried three fingers knuckle deep. Just getting her ready for you Max. You’ll need it. She’s a tight one.”

“Go on Ross. Eat her out. Fluff her for me. Barbara. Why don’t you come over here and give her some help with my cock.”

Ross’s erection was urging him to do more than finger fuck. He was hoping to fuck the fresh pink juicy hole that was there for the taking. Barbara in the meantime stroked Max’s smooth dangling balls, gave them a gentle squeeze then pulled them down, stretching the skin taut. She pushed the shaft down toward Christine with her left hand as she too stared at the massive cock. She took a deep breath to inhale more deeply the intoxicating musky scent of Max’s pre-cum spread all over the new slut’s face. She leaned forward and put her glossy lipstick coated lips at the root. She kissed, nibbled as she slid her mouth over the still stiffening penis. The cock was soon coated in lipstick and saliva as she made her way down to the crown pressing against Christine’s lips. The two woman’s lips met, their tongues played each other’s and then caressed manavgat escort the cockhead.

Ross, crawling closer and closer, was watching the knob polishing that was going on. He saw Barbara reach out and pull Christine’s nipple. Christine had stopped playing with her own breasts once Ross began to slide his fingers deep into her. She had decided to help him by holding her vaginal lips apart. The soft delicate pink inner lips were separated and spread apart. Her most intimate canal was being offered to his fingers and she could feel his aching cock was laying along her throbbing vulva.

“Ross! Don’t you dare fuck her before me. You know the rules. You fuck me before you fuck anybody else.” Sindie yelled. “That’s our agreement. If you want to fuck, get your cock over here and do me now.”

Ross was startled by the demand but knew she was right. It was an agreement when they married that they could have sex with others only with each other present and if they did it themselves first. He knew that his best was his first and she deserved that. If he could cum again, and usually he could, it was never as intense. That way their best sex was with each other and they would less likely stray. He pulled out of Christine’s slit, a long string of pre-cum stretched from her waiting and available cunt to his cock. It broke and landed as puddle on Christine’s gaping hole as he moved toward his wife.

“Sorry Bull, my wife my wife wants me to fuck her. Why don’t you crawl up on the bed and let her suck you while I get between her legs.” Ross offered as both he and Bull stared at the former porn star’s offering.

Sindie flipped over and crawled further onto the bed. Kneeling with her legs apart — she displayed her ass and recently improved pussy. Ross had spent over ten grand on getting her vaginoplasty done and it was spectacular. The surgeon, with a nip and tuck here and there, had corrected years, when she was a porn star, of being stretched by big cocks.

“She’s gorgeous Ross. She has always been prime pussy, but the way it looks now was worth every penny if you ask me.” Bull offered as his hard cock stood erect as a Texas flagpole.

“Cost me a couple of grand extra to have the doctor add stitch or two to tighten her up. All those years of fucking studs like you and Max, had stretched her out and my little thing was getting lost. Plus, I paid an extra eight grand to have those tits hang like those on a Holstein. Yes, she is absolutely fucking spectacular.”

“Come on baby. Quit talking about my quim as if I am not here and stick it in me.”

Ross winked at Ross, obliged his wife by stepping closer, dipping his hips and ramming his demanding cock home. One solid shove and his five inch cock was balls deep.

“Get up here Bull and let me suck that monster cock of yours while my husband is fucking me.”

Barbara and Christine heard the banter, smiled at each other and continued to use their two mouths to worship Max’s cockhead. Little butterfly licks from the two tongues began to work their magic on Max’s libido and his massive shaft. The two women felt it begin to surge, filling with blood, extending in length and diameter. The noise of Ross fucking his wife drowned out their moans as they took turns engulfing the head.

“Get up on the bed more Max.” Barbara ordered. I want to straddle you and deep throat that fucker. “

Max pushed himself further up the bed so that his arse was now atop the mattress. “Put that pillow under his ass Christine. I need his hips tilted so I can get him down my throat.”

Christine, rolled over to kneeling, took the pillow that was under her and shoved it under Max. In the meantime, Barbara had climbed over Max, straddled his face and was leaning down toward his cock. She nipped at it and using one hand guided it into her mouth. Bobbing her head a little lower each time she took him deeper and deeper. She regularly pulled back and took a deep breath before taking more of him. Simultaneously she spread her knees apart and lowered her very wet pussy down on his face. She wiggled it around encouraging him to feast on her stiff little clit. They settled into a rhythm as she took him deep, then almost gagging, released him and pushed her cunt down on his face. Christine sucked on one, then the other of his balls. She could feel they were filling with semen and pushed his legs up as far as possible and began to work her tongue into the crack of his ass, trying desperately to rim him while Barbara’s tonsils massaged his cock.

A loud groan escaped from Ross as his jizz spewed out of his cock into the warm waiting vagina of his wife. He pulled her hips tight to his crotch and buried himself as deep as possible. ‘FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU” he cried as his legs quivered with the long sought release.

“Get off me. Get the new girl over here to eat your fresh creampie” Sindie demanded.

Christine heard the request and, leaving Barbara to continue sucking Max, she crawled over to face the freshly fucked hole. It is gorgeous, she thought, and now so red, wet, and smelly. It was intoxicating.

“Let me have the camera Rachael. After all, I was the director of the porn movies that made all this possible. I need time to recuperate anyway and you need to join in the action.”

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