Mommy and Daddy Took Turns

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I was your typical teenage girl growing up. I loved cheerleading and boys. I was my parents little angel, or at least I tried to be in front of them. I was 5’3″, 100lbs, with long blonde hair and a rockin’ body. I rarely got into any trouble because my parents were old school. They believed in bare bottom spankings. The last time I got one, I was 15. I talked back to my mom, and she spanked me and grounded me, then when my dad got home, he spanked me again. From that point, I learned to watch my tongue, and “behave” in front of them.

I was now 18 and a senior in high school. I remember thinking since I was, technically, grown, I could come and go as I pleased. It was Friday night and I went out with my friends. My curfew was 1:00 on the weekends. However, since I was “grown”, I decided I could come home when I was ready. I remember my mom calling me at 1:10 asking where I was. I told her I’d be home later and hung up the phone.

I got home around 3. My parents were waiting up for me. They began fussing at me and told me I was in big trouble. I just laughed and told them.

I told them, “I am 18! You two need to stop treating me like a child.”

My mom shocked me and told me, “If you are grown, then pack your bags and leave.”

I asked her where was I supposed to go. She told me she didn’t care. She said since I was grown, I could figure it out. I began to apologize and told them I wouldn’t disrespect them anymore. My mom told me to go to my room and undress. I knew that meant I was going to get a spanking. No, two spankings. One from each of them.

When my mom entered my room, I was standing there naked. My mom paused for a minute. She just stared at my naked body. I felt a little uncomfortable. She pulled out a chair that was in the corner of ankara escort my room and sat in it. She told me to lie across her lap. My mom wasn’t a big woman, but because I was so petite, I fit across her lap easily. Her spankings always came with lectures. If the lecture was long, so was the spanking. My plan was to simply agree with whatever she said, so I could get it over quickly.

She began to spank me and talk about respect. I had forgotten how heavy my mom’s hand was until she hit my bottom. I told her I was sorry, and she whacked me again. I jumped every time she hit me. She told me to stay still. My pussy must have been more visible than I thought because she hit me again and her hand hit it. Instead of hurting, it tingled a little.

She hit me again and part of her hand grazed my pussy again. I felt myself getting a little wet. All of a sudden my mom stopped. She began to rub my sore ass. She told me she didn’t like punishing me but I had to understand. As she talked to me, I felt her caressing my ass and her pinky stroking my pussy. I began to moan. Then I felt it! She had put a finger in my pussy.

She kept telling me if I continued to misbehave, she would have to do this more often. As she fingered me, I lifted my ass more, so she could push her finger in deeper. It felt so good. My pussy juices started to run down my leg as she put another finger in my pussy. All of a sudden my dad came in the room ready to spank me, as well.

He saw my mom’s fingers in my pussy and asked what she was doing. She tried to cover.

She said “Our daughter is a little slut! She said I started getting wet when I spanked her.”

She said I was so wet, that her fingers slipped into my pussy. She told him she could tell I wasn’t a virgin. Daddy pulled me escort ankara up and make me to lie on the bed. Daddy took mommy’s fingers and smelled them. I thought he was about to put them in his mouth when he turned and looked at me. He asked me if I was a virgin. I lied and told him yes, even though I had lost my virginity when I was 16.

He opened my legs and put his face between my legs. He stuck a finger in my wet pussy and started to stroke it. His eyes were closed and he was biting his bottom lip.

Mom told him “See! I told you she wasn’t a virgin.”

My dad looked at me and told me he was very disappointed in me, all the while fingering my pussy. He told me I needed to be punished for that as well.

He then told me “Girls who gave it up easily would be treated like sluts.”

“Do you know what that feels like?” he asked.

“No daddy”, trying to sound innocent.

He said he thought it was his and mommy’s responsibility to show me. Then they looked at each other and smiled. My dad began to finger me hard. I started moaning. He said what he was doing was what guys would do to me because I gave it up. My mom then straddled my face and told me to eat her pussy. She said whores did this.

I told her I didn’t want to, but she sat on my face and told me to suck her clit. I began to suck on her clit and she started moaning. She then told me to tongue fuck her pussy. I put my tongue in her pussy. It was so wet. She was humping my face. I began to rub her clit while I tongue fucked her. Her pussy tasted so good.

Then I felt my daddy’s tongue in my pussy. It felt incredible. He was licking my pussy and shoving his tongue deep inside me. I began to grind on his face and he called me a little whore. He then said little whores get fucked ankara escort bayan hard.

The next thing I felt was daddy’s cock pressed at my opening.

I heard mommy telling him to “fuck the little whore!”

With that, he rammed his hard cock in my wet pussy. I cried out. My mom told me to keep licking her pussy because she was about to cum. She stared grinding my face hard, and then I felt a wave hit my face. She came so much. I grabbed her thighs, pulled her down and sucked harder. My mom began to buck wildly on my face. Finally, she stopped and got up.

My face was covered in her pussy juices. She kissed me. Then she went and kissed daddy. Then daddy leaned over me while he was fucking me and licked my mommy’s cum off my face. This seemed to turn him on more, as he sat back up and fucked me harder. As he did, mommy started stroking my clit. It was too much for me. I felt myself getting wetter. I moaned as I was about to cum.

My daddy and I were moving in sync. My thrusts met his. He was fucking me so hard that you could hear our bodies when they connected. All of a sudden, I started to buck with exhilaration. My daddy followed. It felt so good. He kept pounding my pussy and cumming in me.

Then he pulled out and grabbed my mommy’s head and shoved his wet cock in her mouth.

“Clean it.”

My mom eagerly sucked my pussy juices and his cum off his cock.

My daddy got up and leaned over me. He rammed three fingers in my wet pussy and told me he hadn’t forgotten that he owed me a spanking. As he stroked my pussy, he said he would be back to punish my ass.

My mom followed by taking my hands and putting two fingers in her pussy. She shoved them deep in her pussy then pulled them out.

“Now lick your fingers. Get used to the taste because you will be tasting that while your daddy punishes you.”

With that they both walked out and closed the door behind them. I just lay there rubbing my wet pussy eagerly for daddy to come and punish my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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