Momma Domme, Daddy Slave

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Ashley leant towards the mirror and gently teased the curls of her jet-black hair until they were perfectly arranged. She shook her head a little, letting them bounce about her forehead before returning to precisely the position she intended, her new haircut was great. She leant in even closer and pouted her lips, she took the ruby red lipstick which she kept beside the sink and twisted its base allowing the waxy stick to twist gently into view. With the precision of a girl in total control she painted the stick across her lips and smacked them loudly as she returned the tube to the counter. Now she really was ready.

Her curly black hair framed her delicate pale face and the dark eyeliner and bright red lipstick highlighted her features and gave her the look of a person who wasn’t to be messed around with, at once both a seductive queen of a woman and a terrifying enemy if you crossed her. She headed out of her en suite and into her bedroom, clutching a towel tightly across her pert young breasts. She allowed the towel to drop to the ground, leaving her naked body exposed.

Quickly she stepped towards her bed and reached for the outfit that she had left there earlier. She took the panties first, a cute black pair, and pulled them up her slender legs, shaking her butt a little as they molded themselves around her perfect contours. Next she went for the matching bra which she quickly placed over her head, careful not to mess up her hair. She leant forward and fastened the small clasp at the back before reaching down towards her bed and taking the next item. She pulled her skinniest pair of blue jeans up her slender thighs, jumping a little as she did to allow them to squeeze their way up her body.

She turned and looked at herself in the dress mirror, she smiled as she took in everything she saw; her bra-clad breasts looked perfect atop her flat, well toned stomach. Her jeans were perfect for her, so skinny that they showed off the perfection of her form whilst still leaving the parts which really mattered to the imagination of anyone who looked upon her. Stood, as she was, in just a bra and jeans gave her an odd sense of empowerment, this ensemble made her feel really sexy, she wasn’t sure what it was that made her feel this way but she usually dressed herself in this order just so she could admire herself in her bra and jeans.

Despite her satisfaction with her outfit so far she knew she had to put on a little more, she was no slut and liked to make her admirers work for what they desired, tonight would be no exception. She reached back down to the bed and picked up a white cotton singlet, she pulled it carefully over her head, eager once again not to ruin her immaculate hair.

She turned to the mirror once more, she looked great and she knew it. She reached over to her dresser and collected a leather belt which she threw around her waist and quickly tightened. Then she leant down towards the floor and picked up her newest pair of black leather heels, they were so minimalist that from a distance it would look as though she was barely wearing shoes at all, but from up close the eyes were treated to a visual feast as through the thin leather straps her red-polished toenails, matching her fingers and lips, were clearly visible, complimenting the rest of her ensemble perfectly. She looked at her appearance once more in the dress mirror, at twenty years old she may have been practically a girl but she carried herself like a woman, and it was as a woman, and not a girl, that she felt that night.

She headed downstairs into the living room of her family home, she would usually show off her new outfits to her mother before she went out anywhere, Ashley’s mother was as fashionable as her daughter and Ashley really appreciated the praise that she got from her.

She stepped through the living room door and walked out in front of the couch where her mother, Emma, sat with her husband, James. As she stepped towards the duo she felt a little like a catwalk model stepping out in front of an adoring crowd, in reality, of course, there was only two spectators but Ashley felt as though she was walking out in front of dozens.

“Very nice,” her mother cooed, inspecting her daughter’s attire, “who’s the lucky guy?” she added, with a wide smile on her face.

“Nobody in particular,” replied Ashley, acknowledging with a smile that she realized her mother was trying to force a reaction from her.

“You look very nice sweetie,” said James, ever supportive of everything his daughter did.


“Are those the new heels?” asked Emma, her vision drawn towards her daughter’s feet.

“Yep,” she placed her foot on the couch between her mother and father. “Good aren’t they?”

“I may have to borrow those,” said Emma, a distinct note of jealousy in her voice.

“Well maybe,” said Ashley “If you’re good I’ll let you.” She remembered how her mother had always rewarded her own good behavior in similar fashion when she was younger.

The three laughed.

“So bahçelievler escort where is it you’re going tonight?” asked Hannah.

“Just the eclipse lounge then maybe somewhere else, I’m not really sure.”

“Oh, just the eclipse lounge eh?” said Emma, emphasizing the word just. “Quite the little socialite I’ve bred here,” she added, nodding toward Hannah.

“Take no notice, honey,” said James. “You have a good time.”

“Don’t be back too late,” said Emma as her daughter headed towards the door, “there’s something I need to talk to you about,” she looked gravely towards her husband who bowed his head a little in shame.

This was all missed by Ashley though who simple replied, “Sure thing Mom, bye,” before heading out the door and into the night.

James waited until he was sure that Ashley had left before he said anything. “Are you sure we have to tell her?” he said, his concern evident, “what if she doesn’t take it well?”

“She’s my daughter,” replied Emma, angrily, “I can’t lie to her, and lately I’ve noticed a change in her demeanor, I’m sure she’s ready and I’m sure she will accept it.”

“So long as you’re sure,” said James, his head still bowed.

“You’re damn right I’m sure,” barked Emma, “How dare you even question me.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, not making eye contact.

“Don’t forget yourself, I’ve let you pretend we’re equals around our daughter in the past but that’s going to have to change soon, frankly I think that sometimes you forget who you are, you forget what you are.”

“Please, I’m sorry,” mewed James, pathetically.

“Just don’t let it happen again,” returned Emma, calming herself down. “I don’t mean to get angry but sometimes you force me to it.”

The two sat in silence for a moment whilst Emma reigned in her temper and James reminded himself of his position in their relationship.

When both seemed to have readjusted James stood up and broke the silence, “would you like some wine?” he asked courteously.

“Yes please, James,” came the reply, “Feel free to bring a glass for yourself as well.”

“Thank you Miss,” he said; he bowed slightly and headed towards the kitchen where he found a bottle of pinot noir already breathing on the counter. He collected a couple of wine glasses from the cupboard and returned to the living room. he placed the glasses on the small table that sat beside the couch and filled them both, making sure to fill Emma’s first. The drinks poured he took the second glass and returned to the other side of the couch, placing his glass on the small table that stood beside it.

“Don’t sit down just yet,” said Emma, knowing full well that James had already made herself comfortable. “Go and fetch the stool,” she added indicating the small footstool that sat before an armchair off to the side of the room.

“Yes Miss,” said James obediently before heading off to carry out her orders. He dragged the stool across the floor placing it about a leg’s length away from Emma.

“Please… sit,” said Emma, indicating with a gentle not that she intended he sat on the footstool.

He wasted no time in carrying out his order and was soon seated on the stool. “Now,” said Emma, taking advantage of her elevated position. “There’s going to be some new rules around here soon and want to be totally sure that you understand what they are. So Listen up.”

“Yes Miss…” he replied, but was cut off.

“Don’t interrupt me you little worm. I’m glad this charade that we’ve been putting on for a daughter is coming to an end soon because lately you’ve been growing more and more insolent.” She managed not to get angry this time but there was a note of agitation in her voice. “As I may have mentioned earlier I’ve started to notice that our daughter is showing all of the signs that she’s growing up to be like me, which is a relief frankly because I couldn’t bear it if I’d bred a pathetic little worm like you. I intend to allow her dominant side to grow and so I’ve decided that she will take a superior role in this household. I’m going to stop pretending that you’re my equal and tell her that you’re my slave; furthermore I’m going to tell her that from tonight you will be her slave too. Is this clear?”

“Yes Mistress,” said James, still a little uncertain.

“When she’s had a few weeks practice with you I’m going to let her have a bit of fun with that sister of yours. Funny that you both turned out so submissive, it really must be down to parenting. In a few weeks I’m going to invite to come and live with us, and I know she’ll come rushing just for another chance to serve me again, what she won’t know, of course is that I intend that you’re sister will be Ashley’s twenty first birthday present, to use as she see fits. Are we still clear?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good. Now, I just want to make myself perfectly clear that if you disobey our daughter you will be punished as badly as if it was me you’d disobeyed. Unless she gives you an order bahçeşehir escort that contradicts one of mine then you’ve got to hop right to it, no questions asked.” She paused for a moment, she was sure her husband understood, she didn’t need to ask him again. He had been reluctant to go along with the idea from the very beginning but Emma knew her daughter and knew that it would be fine; she just had to remind her husband of his subservient position and make sure that he didn’t forget himself.

She decided that the best thing to do would be to remind him what it was she could do to him if she so desired. She barely looked at him as she ordered, “Take off your clothes.”

He wasted no time in doing so, stripping off each and every one of his garments and throwing them onto the vacant armchair. With a minute he was stood before his mistress, stark naked.

“Turn around,” ordered Emma, indicating that her husband turn his back to her. He did so immediately. “Now lean over the stool,” she added, again he complied without question, exposing his naked ass to his wife.

She stood up and left the room, James knew better than to move, he was pretty sure he knew what was coming so he just controlled his breathing so that he’d be able to block some of the pain and waited for the inevitable.

Barely two minutes had passed by the time Emma arrived. The living room door was only a little out of his field of vision but James knew better that to try and look at his mistress as she entered the room.

She walked to his side and placed the cane that she had just fetched on the exposed flesh of his bare ass. Even down the length of the cane she could feel his body shudder in anticipation. She decided not to strike just yet and instead let him suffer for a little longer. She walked around to the other side of his body, allowing the cane to trail over his soft flesh. She lifted it momentarily from his body and saw his buttock clench in anticipation, she didn’t strike. Instead she tapped the cane gently over his exposed asshole, adding more force with each consecutive hit until finally he gasped audibly with the pain.

She withdrew the cane and paused again, not wanting her strikes to be predictable. She watched his ass twitching and tensing as it anticipated the hot sting of the cane, but it didn’t come. She waited until he had tensed his buttocks once more and then, as soon as he relaxed them again, she unleashed a fierce lash across both cheeks. The crack of the cane reverberated through the room and her husband grunted with the shock of the hit. She observed her handiwork, looking down at his bare white ass, now highlighted by a thin line of red.

He was breathing heavily, she could see that clearly, and she knew full well that it was a technique he used to block out some of the pain. She waited again, allowing the anticipation to build up once more before finally throwing down another blow with the cane, an inch or so below the last strike which had left a sizeable welt on his ass. Knowing that he’d expect her to wait longer she decided to strike twice more, each time slightly lower than the last strike, she waited for her ministrations to show. Before long she could clearly see four red striped that had formed across the length of his tender behind.

She continued in this manner for about ten minutes, biding her time before the time was right to strike, in all she struck him a dozen times, each with enough force to illicit a loud yelp and to leave a stripe across his backside.

By the time she had reached her twelfth strike James knew that for now it was over, she always worked in dozens and rarely inflicted more than one dozen without preparing him for it before hand. She placed the cane down on the coffee table and knelt down at her husband’s side.

She placed her hand on his tender ass and rubbed it softly with the palm of her hand, savoring the heat that his punished buttocks were emitting and reveling in the feel of the small welts beneath her fingertips. “Just remember,” said Emma, “that if you let me down and disobey our daughter then I’ll give you so much more than that, that was a small punishment for your insubordination earlier, from now on I’m not going to be holding back. Do I make myself perfectly clear?”


She slapped her hand viciously against his tender behind, “Yes what?”

“Yes mistress,” he groaned.

Still knelt behind her beaten slave she placed her hand back onto his ass and slid it down towards his exposed genitals. He shivered as her hand made a brief contact with her balls, she enjoyed seeing the effect she was having on him and took his balls in her hand and tugged them briefly towards the ground, forcing him to let out a short, airless moan. She released him immediately, intent upon his cock, she could see that it was as hard as ever it was, there seemed to be nothing that aroused him more than a strong punishment session.

She grabbed his cock in her hand; it was as warm bakırköy anal yapan escort as his freshly pounded ass. Slowly she began to pump his engorged member taking advantage of the position she had over him, he was, almost literally, bent over a barrel. She shuffled around him a little bit allowing her hand better access to pump his cock; she took her spare hand and pointed her index finger before shoving it roughly into his puckered asshole. It gripped itself tightly around the finger as she pushed it back and forth attempting to bring him closer to orgasm. In her other hand she could feel that his cock was getting warmer and saw his balls twitching as though he was about to explode. She continued her ministrations before finally withdrawing her hand from his cock and moving her finger from his asshole and denying him the orgasm that he so desperately needed.

She stood up abruptly and sat back down on the couch. Her husband remained motionless, knowing that it was his place to stay completely still, bent over the stool, until he was ordered to move. Emma took a sip of wine from the glass and made herself comfortable, enjoying the knowledge that the welts on her husband’s ass would be there all night. She enjoyed the feeling that she got just from sitting back and watching his motionless body, knowing that he would stay completely still until she ordered him to move.

She turned on the TV and began to flick idly through the channels, she wanted to test his endurance and leave him in that position for a while before seeking any further service from him. For the next hour or so she watched the TV sometimes her gaze was focused intently upon the screen and at other times upon her husband’s ass. Eventually, however, she decided that she wanted a little fun and she reached for the phone that stood on the table beside the couch.

She picked the phone off its cradle and thumbed through the menu, looking for her daughter’s cell phone number. Her name being Ashley it was near the top of the list and it was only a few seconds before Emma had found it and pressed the dial button. She pressed the speakerphone button and placed the handset on the arm of the couch.

Before Long the phone was picked up. “Hello,” said Ashley at the other end of the line.

“Hi sweetie, it’s Mom.”

“Oh hi Mom,” came Ashley’s reply, “is everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine honey, I was just checking that you were having a good time; you father and I are really enjoying ourselves at home.”

“O-Kay…” replied her daughter cautiously, “Have you been drinking?”

“Just a little bit sweetie, I was just wondering when you were coming home.”

“Probably soon there’s not much going on here, I’ll be home in about an hour.”

“Alright, I’ll wait up for you, there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Okay,” said Ashley, “I’ll see you soon.”


The line went dead and Emma placed the phone back in the cradle. “Looks like we’ve only got one more hour.” She said quietly, as though pondering something. “I’m going to leave the room now, I want you to stay put, I’ll be turning out the light as well so do try and stay awake. I’m going to want to take a little time to explain things to my daughter before I reveal her father’s true nature so I won’t be back for at least an hour, maybe two, it all depends on how reluctant she is to see you. Remember; you are to obey her from now on as well as me, and there will be no mercy for you if you fail to obey her.”

She left the room as she had explained she would and closed the door behind her. She walked upstairs to the bedroom to get a few things ready for her daughter’s return. Having been wearing the same clothes all day the first thing that she felt she needed to do was to change into more suitable eveningwear. She quickly shed her clothes and walked, naked, into the bathroom allowing herself the briefest of showers before quickly toweling herself dry and returning to the bedroom.

She opened her chest of drawers and decided that her best lingerie would be perfect. She slipped on her sexiest black lace bra and panty combination, the latter part being more of a thong than an actual panty. Obviously she couldn’t greet her daughter dressed so suggestively so she threw on a matching black negligee over the top, covering the curves of her body slightly better without taking away from the undeniable beauty that she so obviously displayed.

Next she went into the wardrobe and removed a small wooden box from inside. The box itself was slightly larger than a shoebox and was used to store her favorite dildos and vibrators. She lifted the box and walked back down the stairs with it, placing it just outside the door to the living room, the room that her husband was obediently waiting in. Having set the box down she returned to the bedroom and sprayed herself with a gentle mist of her favorite perfume and allowed herself a little time to rearrange her hair and touch up her makeup.

By the time she had finished preparing herself almost an hour had passed and she walked slowly down the stairs before waiting on one of the lower steps for her daughter to return. She waited for perhaps ten minutes, going over the impending conversation in her head, she knew her daughter would understand but she knew that she would have to be careful choosing her words.

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