Mom Caught Me in the Act Ch. 1

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I was 18, and still lived at home, saving for that new car. I was on the computer chatting with an older woman. I love older women so much. She was 45, and was on a web cam. She was sucking her nipples, and I was so hard. It was late, and mom was asleep. I was in the living room where we keep the computer. I figured “What the Hell” and I took off my boxers. I was sitting there with my stiff 8 inch cock in my hand, stroking it while watching this older woman. I was so horny. I lubed up my young cock, and began stroking it slowly, watching her.

She was now playing with her pussy, and I was really stroking my cock for all it was worth. I was so close to cumming. I didn’t hear Mom enter the room, and by the time I realized she was there, she had caught me. She looked at me sitting there, stroking my cock, and she stood there with a funny look on her face. I don’t know if she had been with a man for a while (Dad left 3 yrs earlier). She was wearing a housecoat, and I couldn’t really tell what she had on beneath it.

I let go of my cock, and started to put my boxers back on, but Mom stopped me. “Well, you may as well finish” she said. I had closed out the chat room on the computer, and the screen was now blank. “Oh, you don’t have anything to look at, do you?” she asked. She then totally shocked me. Mom opened her housecoat, and revealed her milky white breasts. I gasped as I looked at her puffy red nipples. Mom squeezed her breasts together…..pinching her nipples. “Go ahead, and stroke your cock” she told me. I nervously grabbed my throbbing cock, and began stroking again, while watching Mom play with her tits.

“Mmmmm you like watching Mom play with her tits?” she asked. “oh yeah mom” I moaned. Mom let her housecoat fall to the floor, and I saw her extremely hairy bush for the first time. I was so horny now, and she walked towards me. I almost came when her breasts brushed against my face. I took one of her puffy nipples into my mouth, and began hungrily sucking it. Mom moaned, as I began nibbling on her nipples. “Stroke your cock illegal bahis for Mom” she moaned. I continued jacking off while sucking mom’s tits.

I reached out and touched the furry patch between her legs, and it was so hot and wet. Mom moaned and thrust against my hand. “Oh baby, you’re so naughty” she said. I continued jacking off, while rubbing Mom’s wet pussy. “Stand up” she ordered me, and I quickly obeyed. We stood facing each other, and she reached out, and took my cock into her soft hand. “Oh baby boy” she moaned, stroking my cock. I played with her pussy, as she stroked my cock. Our lips met, and we passionately kissed, as we played with each other’s excited sex parts.

“Oh yeah baby” she moaned, her body shaking, as she climaxed. I could feel her juices running down her thighs. “oh god, mom” I moaned, as she furiously jacked me off. I moaned and my hot cum spurted all over mom’s belly. She rubbed my pulsating cockhead all over her belly, moaning as jet after jet of my cum spewed from it onto her soft skin. We were now thrusting our tongues against each others, still playing with each other. She stroked me until I came again. I played with her pussy making her cum over and over. “Oh baby, this is so naughty” she said, milking the last drops from my young cock. “I know, Mom, I know” I said, moving my mouth to her tits. I sucked Mom’s tits for a few minutes, and then she quickly jumped up. “I’m tired” she said. We were both exhausted, and we went to our separate rooms to go to sleep. I wondered what would happen tonight when I got back on the computer…

I didn’t give a description of mom, did I? She is in her late 40’s. She has sandy blonde hair, and is slim. She has quite large breasts for her size, and they are unbelievably firm for her age. She has a habit of not wearing a bra, and her nipples always seem to be hard. She has nice, I mean really nice, long legs, and she keeps herself in really good shape.

Anyway, after our initial masturbation encounter, we had both gone to our separate beds, and I tossed and turned illegal bahis siteleri most of the night. What little I did sleep, I dreamed about Mom, and wondered how she tasted, and how her pussy would feel wrapped around my eager young cock. I wondered if Mom felt the same way, and if she was thinking the same wicked thoughts I was. I figured the day would go by slowly, and hopefully she would catch me again on the computer, and maybe it would lead to more. Little did I know, my luck would be much, much better than that.

Mom woke me up for breakfast, still wearing her housecoat. I was in my boxers, and I sleepily wandered towards the kitchen. She had made a wonderful breakfast, and we both quickly ate. “So baby, what are your plans today?” she asked. “Uh, I don’t know” I told her. “Well, I kind of thought we might have a fun day together” she said, smiling widely.

I didn’t really know what she had in mind, but I wasn’t really planning on doing anything special anyway, so I was game. “Why don’t you go ahead and take your shower” Mom said to me. I figured we were going out somewhere, so I quickly ran and jumped in the shower. I scrubbed and rinsed quickly, and then hopped out of the shower, and began drying. I could hear Mom’s shower running now. I wrapped my towel around my waist, and began putting on my deodorant and doing my normal routine.

“Baby, would you come here?” I heard Mom yell. I quickly scurried towards her bathroom. “Would you hand Mommie a bar of soap?” she asked. I reached my hand into the shower, and handed her the bar of soap. I don’t know why, but I was too nervous to look. “Why so shy?” she asked. “I figured after yesterday, you would want a really good look” she added. “Yeah, I do” I said. “Well, go ahead, and look baby” she said. I stood there with my towel around me, and pulled back the shower curtain. I studied every wonderful inch of Mom’s hot body, concentrating on the way the water ran off her wonderful breasts.

My eyes followed the trail of water as it ran down her body, to the patch canlı bahis siteleri of pubic fur between her legs. My cock was now standing at attention, and my towel fell off. I reached down with my free hand and began stroking myself as I watched Mom standing in the shower. “Mmmm, climb on in baby” she said. I almost fell as I jumped into the shower. I now stood behind Mom in the shower, my raging hardon pressing against the soft cheeks of her pretty ass. “Mmmm, someone likes what they see, huh?” she asked. “Oh yeah” I moaned, rubbing the head of my cock up and down her wet ass.

Mom then bent over, and spread her ass cheeks apart. I looked down into the wet pink hole that I had come into the world from 18 yrs ago, and it was a wonderful sight. I pressed the head of my aching cock against her wet sweet hole, and she quickly thrust backwards, taking my cock into her pussy. I almost came immediately as Mom’s tight pussy clamped around my cock. I couldn’t move or I would come, I knew that, but Mom’s muscles were working my cock. I moaned softly, telling her to slow down, but she wouldn’t listen. “Mmmm, go ahead and get the first one out of the way, baby” she said. “Fuck Mommie really hard, baby” she moaned.

I thrust fiercely, pulverizing her pussy as I fucked the living shit out of Mom’s pussy. I reached around and grabbed her soapy breasts, squeezing her erect nipples. Her pussy was excellent, even better than I had fantasized. “Oh yeah, baby!” she moaned. I moaned as her pussy spasmed around my cock as she came. It was the most incredible feeling. “Yeah baby, fill Mommie with your load” she grunted. I thrust repeatedly as my cum shot into her hot hole. I almost collapsed from my incredible orgasm. Mom grunted each time my spunk shot inside of her. “Mmmm, yeah” she moaned. My cock remained erect, even after I shot my load into her.

Mom’s pussy tightly held me inside of her, as I shot the last of my semen into her. “Oh baby” she moaned. I remained inside of her for a few minutes, and then removed my cock from her pussy. She quickly spun around, and held me tight. Our mouths met, and we passionately kissed like two long lost lovers. “Now, is my baby boy ready for a fun day?” she asked. I only moaned as she grabbed my cock and began jerking me again.

To Be Continued…

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