Mister Jack Miller Ch. 04

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By way of introduction, let me say that if you haven’t read the first chapters of this story, then much of the next few pages will mean very little to you. So I suggest you go back and read “Mister Jack Miller: Chapters 1, 2 and 3” to get the background on this tale…That having been said, please…read on…


Knock Knock. “Room Service.”

I rolled over in bed, squinted when the morning sun coming through the open window blinded me, and propped myself halfway up on my elbows.

Knock knock again. “Beg your pardon, Room Service.”

Suddenly I came to my senses and realized that though I had been dreaming about Donna, I was still in the hotel room, and that someone was knocking on the door.

I felt, then looked next to me on the bed and realized that Alex was gone, but she had left a note on the pillow along with my shirt.

“Um, Just a minute,” I shouted, “Be right there,” as I picked up the note and stood up, looking around to find the pajama pants that Alex had thrown across the room.

As I walked to the door, I read the brief note, which was handwritten on hotel stationery:







I was forced to hark back to that passionate moment when she had whipped off my pajama bottoms, and I had ripped the shirt, buttons and all, off of her last night. I smiled as I pulled the flannel pants, which I’d found right next to the door, up over my morning stiffy, and opened the door a crack. It was the same thin African girl from last night, looking a little tired but nonetheless smiled brightly when I opened the door.

“Room service, Sir, breakfast is served.”

“Um,” I said as I opened the door all the way and motioned for her to come into the room, “I didn’t order any breakfast.”

“Perhaps not sir, but this one is either complimentary or someone else paid for it, but It’s definitely for you. You ARE Jack Miller, are you not? Perhaps this will explain it.” She pointed out a sealed envelope that had been slipped under the plate of eggs and bacon. I peeked quickly at it. There was a rose in the corner of the envelope, and written on the front was the word “Jack” in handwriting I didn’t recognize.” The serving girl gave a coquettish little smile at the thought that some approving woman had probably sent the breakfast to me that morning. But, rather than open it in front of her, I simply laid the plate back on top of it, and said, “Thank you. You can set it right over…”

I looked around for a place that wasn’t cluttered with something, but I couldn’t find any. I quickly pulled the comforter over the bottom half of the bed, and smoothed it a little, making a more-or-less flat surface for her to set the tray on. “Here, just put it here.” I stood back up off the bed just as she reached to set the tray down, and my bulge brushed against the side of her arm. I thought I heard a sigh from her at that point, but I tried not to put myself in a position that would be uncomfortable for her, so I moved away quickly and started to search for my pants, as I was sure I had a few singles in the pocket with which I could tip her. “Hang on a second, wouldja?”

I caught her, out of the corner of my eye, checking out the scene in the room. Thankfully, Alex and I were both in the habit, being frequent travellers, of not really using the drawers much, but instead, “living out of our suitcases,” as it were, and she had pretty much stowed every feminine article that might have been viewed by anyone entering the room back into her bag. She sat, rather gracefully, I thought, on the edge of the bed, waiting patiently for whatever I was intending to give her. After a few minutes, however, I had found the pants, but having rifled through them, found only a twenty dollar bill, I held it in my hands and debated whether or not I should give her such a large tip. She noticed my dilemma, and stood up, smoothing her skirt down over her thighs and said, “Really, sir, it’s not necessary. The breakfast has been paid for, AND tipped.”

Nevertheless I walked back over to her, my woody still proudly tenting my pajamas, and held the twenty out to her. She held her head down and said, “It’s too much, sir, I couldn’t take it.”

I knew at this point I was not going to let this girl leave without giving her the twenty, so I tried a different tack. Glancing quickly at her nametag, I said, “Look, Janelle, I tell you what. I don’t know what crazy shifts you work that has you bringing both dinner AND breakfast to the rooms here, but I like your manner, and anyone who can carry a tray of a large pizza and six open bottles of beer up ten floors and get them to my room without spilling a drop deserves something special.”

As she replied, “Well, that was just chance. I normally work nights, but I took a double shift today to cover for a friend of mine, ” I took the rose from the vase that was on the breakfast tray, wrapped the twenty around a part of the stem that had three thorns, and held it out to her.

“Well, bahis firmaları the way I see it, you’re the most efficient staff person I’ve met here so far this week. Certainly better than those event planners, that’s for sure. For goodness sake, they ended up putting my sister and myself in the same room just because my sister goes by what most people consider to be a guy’s name.” She smiled demurely, registering positively the information that it was my sister and not my lover (!!) who was in the room with me the previous night, took the rose from me, smelled the bud, and, without lifting her head, turned her eyes, up to me and said, “Thanks, Jack….I mean, Mr. Miller. I hope I get a chance to bring you at least one more meal before you check out. Which is…?”

“Jack is fine, and I’m staying here two more nights. When are you working the next three days?”

“Um,” she looked up at the ceiling as if visualizing her schedule in her mind, “I’ve got tonight off, but I’m workin’ three to eleven tomorrow night…and next night I’m on flex, so I just wait for them to call me and tell me when to come in.”

“Well, my dear, you can definitely plan on getting at least one more order from me before I leave town. Oh, and, that reminds me, what are you doing tonight? The reunion has a dinner-dance planned, and you could be my guest if you like.”

“Sorry, sir, I mean Jack, but we’re not allowed to attend private party events here. That’s the rules. But, I could look and see if they need any more servers for the party. There’s always someone who cancels or calls in sick at the last minute. I’ll put myself on the call list for that. And since the Reunion people are paying the bills, the hotel wouldn’t have to pay me overtime. I’ll see what I can do…” She actually looked pretty hopeful about it.

“Well, if it were up to me, Janelle, you’d be running this hotel, but I’ll settle for a chance or two to be served by you again.”

“Why, thank you kindly, s–Mister M–Jack,” she said, smiling broadly and giving me a little cartoon curtsey. “I’ll be looking forward to it.”

She started to move toward the door, sniffing the rose, and turned around just as I was adjusting my hard-on (why do I always have that kind of timing with girls?). Her gaze shot down to my crotch and then back up again to my eyes, and with a half-embarrassed smile but with a vague sense of purpose in her voice, she said, “and if there’s ANYthing you need between now and three-thirty this afternoon, just press the ‘Room Service’ button on your phone.”

“You got it,” I said as if that helped to lodge it into my memory forever. I walked toward the door, and opened it for her. You would have thought we were already lovers or something considering how long this dismissal of this “employee” was taking, but I was loving every last second of it, and I’m pretty sure she was too.

“You take care now, sir, I mean Jack. See you later.”

I watched her walk back down the hall toward the elevator. I’m not sure if the sway in her ass that I witnessed was natural, or was solely for my benefit, but I nevertheless was glad I could be on the receiving end of such a performance. Just before I slipped back into the room, I noticed her looking back in my direction and giving me another smile, this time accompanied by a finger-wave as she stepped into the service elevator.

“Hmm,” I thought out loud, “I’m having a pretty good week so far. To think what a disaster I had been preparing myself for…”

I walked back to the bed, clutching my boner through my pajama pants. I dug into my luggage and brought out a pair of boxer-briefs, a pair of docker shorts, a white polo shirt and reached under the bed for my Brikenstocks, then decided to have a shower before getting dressed. Then I sat down next to the tray. I poured myself a cup of hot coffee and took a sip as I slipped the note out from under the plate. Just as I broke the seal, the room phone rang. It was Debbie.

“You haven’t forgotten about our lunch date today, have you Jack? I found a nice little burger place around the corner…and they have a FIFTY ounce soft drink. I sense a chugging contest coming on, Jackie-boy!”

“You’re on, Debs. but I’m warning you. I think I’m finally gonna take you down this time.” I pinched my gut. “Lots of room in this belly these days.”

“Well, if you’re trying to say you’re getting fat, stop lying to yourself. When I told you yesterday you were getting to be a hottie, I wasn’t kidding. Anyhow, pick me up in my room at 11:30 and we’ll walk over there together.”

“Sounds great. Can’t wait. See you then…”

I hung up the phone, and in a split second it rang again. It was my automatic wake up call. In my flirtatious efforts with Janelle, I had forgotten to cancel it. Oh, well, no harm no foul.

I hung up the phone yet again, and took a bite of the eggs and started to chaw on one of the pieces of bacon as I pulled the note out of the envelope. But, true to form, before I could open it, my cell phone rang. I looked at the number, but it was one I didn’t recognize.

“Well, Good Morning, Jack. Did you sleep well?” kaçak iddaa It was Donna.

“Donna! Man oh man, that was SOME message you left me last night. What’s the big idea buyin’ all that stuff and decorating and cleaning my apartment? Where in the heck did you get the time to do it? I thought you were busy at work all day. And where are you calling from?”

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. I had all the utilities turned on for you. This is your new home phone number. And, Jack, to tell you the truth, the thing with this apartment actually started about an hour and a half after you left town. I got a sorority sister friend who’s an interior decorator. I told her what I wanted to do for you, and she was all over it. She ordered all the furniture, except the bedroom stuff, I picked that out myself, and she arranged for the movers and the cleaning crew and everything. All I had to do was open the door, use your shower to make sure your hot water was running properly, and change into that cute little outfit you saw me wearing and start that tape rolling. You like?”

“…Donna…” I started to say something, but realized that it was pointless to argue with her and say she didn’t need to do all that. Just as Janelle had finally realized it was useless to refuse the twenty a few moments ago. So I changed what I was going to say to, “You are amazing. Remind me to tell you that when I see you in person.”

“Trust me, Jack Miller. You’ll have plenty of time to show your gratitude when you get back. I’ll make sure of it. But you have GOT to feel these sheets. I feel like I’m tucked right back in the womb. I slept like a baby last night. There was only one thing that could have made it better, you know.”

“I THINK I know what you are referring to, dearest Donna. And let me tell YOU something. The first thing I’m going to do when I arrive back in town is find out where you are and take you out on the town. It’s the least I can do…”

“But, Jack, this is a gift. I don’t expect anything in return, you know that. But if you like, I’d be happy to let you cook me dinner here when you get back. Don’t know if you noticed on the tape, but both the refrigerator AND the wine rack are fully stocked.”

I hadn’t but took her word. “By the way, Don, heard anything from Wendy?”

She got quiet for a minute, but then spoke up. “She called me yesterday. Apparently there were a few things she’d left in her office that she didn’t want Chalmers or anyone to find if they searched, and she wanted me to throw them away. She was very conspiratorial about it, but I could tell in a heartbeat that she didn’t suspect me one bit in all of this. And I actually felt the need to put on rubber gloves when I found some of the stuff she was talking about. Didn’t want to catch any STD’s, if you know what I mean…”

“Damn. Damn….But that’s really good to know that she doesn’t suspect. That’s really good to know. I would hate myself if that vindictive little…”

“Now, now, Jack. Let’s not stoop to that level, okay? Why don’t we think about the future? Like when you come home and join me in this big empty bed…”

“So are you still…I mean…”

“Naked? Of course I am. the last thing anyone would need is clothes when they’re between these sheets. And can I let you in on a little secret? When I slide the fabric over my breasts, it makes my whole body tingle all over. I’ve never felt anything like it in all my life….Oh, Jack, baby…please come home soon.”

“I will, Donna, I promise. Now you go on and get to work. Aren’t you like, hours late by now?”

“Naw, I took the day off today. Chalmers completely understood. Figured I’d do some shopping for a more ‘Vice-Presidential’ wardrobe.” Damn, I thought. I’d had the roses delivered to her office. No wonder she hadn’t mentioned them yet. Oh, well, at least she’ll see ’em tomorrow.

“Sounds like fun. Wish I could join you…”

“You liar, Jack. No man would spend six hours in a mall with me if he could help it.”

“Well, I dunno. I guess it would depend if there were a ‘Victoria’s Secret’ in that mall…”

“Well, as a matter of fact there is. I’ll make it my first stop. but, you know, that means I have to get dressed now. Oh well, it’ll just make me hunger that much more to get back here again.”

“So, you ever plan on sleeping in your own place again?”

“Aw, come on, Jack? Can’t a girl have a LITTLE fun? See you in a couple of days, Tiger. I’ll call you if anything new comes up.”

“Thanks, Don. Can’t wait to see you again. Have a good time at the mall. Bye.”

And then I hung up, but I couldn’t be sure if the sound I had heard just before hanging up was the sound of Donna kissing the phone or not. And yet, despite my renewed desire for Donna, the drama being played out in my life right at that moment right here in THIS town was enough to fill a hundred video tapes, and then some.

The breakfast had gotten a little tepid by now, so I wolfed it down as quickly as I could, and finally had a moment without being interrupted by the telephone, so as I ate, I opened the note. As I had suspected, it was from Shari:







She had dotted her “I” with a heart, but it looked clumsy enough that I got the feeling she didn’t do that very often. it made me feel special. This time, I picked up the phone, and was going to call Shari, but I knew if she was there, I’d want to talk to her for a long time, and looking at the clock, I realized I had about a half hour to get cleaned up and dressed for my morning meeting with Nana, so I downed the remainder of the coffee, and took the glass of orange juice into the bathroom with me as I turned on the water, and stepped into the shower, savoring the heat, the steam, the relaxation…


Needless to say, I made it to Nana’s suite just in time to see Alex leaving. She was wearing a light white sun dress with blue flowers on it, and white high-heeled sandals. It looked like she had a blue bikini on underneath. She had the biggest smile on her face I’d ever seen, and her eyes were wet with tears. She was carrying a large parchment envelope under her arm. “Hey, there, brother,” she took my hands in hers and kissed me on the cheek softly. I noticed Nana watching us rather intently. “Sleep well? I did. Anyhow, gonna go hit the pool for awhile. If you’re not busy later, come on down and we’ll have a soak.”

“Just might do that, Al, though I got a lunch date with Debbie. See ya later,” I said and watched her walk out, closing the door behind her.

There was an awkward silence as I slowly turned round. “Well, Jacob. I think it’s time you and I had a little…talk.” The look on her face was not overly serious, but neither was it happy. Just very matter-of-fact…

“Sure, Nana. I was hoping we could get some time alone. Things have really been crazy in my life lately. By the way, Happy birthday.”

I reached over the table and handed her a wrapped package that contained a brooch I had found in an antique shop a few months ago, and knew would be perfect for Nana’s birthday present. She smiled and placed the package aside without looking at it again.

“Thank you, Jackie. You always remember. And I’ve heard about the craziness–well, some of it anyway. Apparently, your Wendy has been calling some of the family, trying to get them to believe some pretty terrible things about you.”

“Not MY Wendy anymore, Nana. Oh, Nana, I should have listened to you from the very beginning. When you said you had a bad feeling about her, I wouldn’t–I COULDN’T listen. I was blinded by my own selfishness. But you were right, Nana, you were so very right.”

“Well, then, boy, tell me about it. I want to hear everything.”

So, just like I had with Karen the previous night, I opened up. I knew I would. All it took was that look in Nana’s eyes, that look that said she already knew everything, and I knew it was okay to spill my guts. Not that she really knew too many of the facts, and she definitely didn’t know the details, but she knew the important things, like what I was feeling deep down inside, and how much I had been hurting, and, most especially, how ready I was to move on.

And then, even though it hadn’t been in my original plan, something about the way she led me along the trail with her questions and her looks and the atmosphere of comfort she knew I had when I was with her, I told her about Shari, too. Not everything, mind you, but the important stuff. I didn’t dare mention what had gone on with Alex, but somehow, either because Alex had already told her (she had the same persuasive bent with Alex), or that all she had to do was look at us as we greeted in the doorway, and she knew.

She talked then, and told me about how wonderful she felt these days, even though her body was telling her it was almost time to give up the game. How she was so frustrated with most of the family, who had been posturing for most of the previous twenty years to get a piece of her admittedly enormous fortune. How none of them knew or suspected that each one of them, from the oldest living child to the youngest great-great-grandchild had had a trust fund created for them on the day of their birth, which said trust fund being automatically deposited into every single month of their lives–in short, every one of her greedy, undeserving relatives would find themselves stinking rich when she died.

But her main assets, the stocks, the properties, the savings, she had decided to give away now, this week. Before they became an issue at the reading of her will. And that was why she had arranged for the reunion, and that was also why she had called me in this morning. She opened a letter-box next to her on the table at which we sat. In it there were about seven or eight large parchment envelopes, each like the one I had seen Alex leave the room with a few minutes earlier. She took one out with my name written in very fancy script on the front, and slid it across the table to me. “I’ve been slowly transferring all of it into your name over the last several years. I didn’t want you to have to mess with any annoying inheritance taxes.”

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