Mistaken Identity

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In retrospect, I probably picked a bad place to sit down. I had been waiting for my roommate to finish her date and pick me up for the last forty-five minutes. I told her to meet me at the corner of 7th and Broadway at 10pm. Marley had already told me that the date would not be a long one; she’d been fixed up by a friend with a guy she had no interest in. She’d texted me at 9:30 to tell me she’d be there on time.

However, 10 had rolled past, and then so had 10:30. I didn’t have enough cash on me to pay for a cab home, so my plan was either to wait until Marley showed up or dawn arrived. At least with the new day, I could walk to class.

I sat down on the curb to wait for Marley. About five minutes later, I was approached by two guys from my college. They weren’t in my classes, but I’d seen them around at parties and school events. Both were attractive in their own ways, which was probably why I’d noticed them, but things had never passed the nod stage with us.

The guys had been drinking. Nothing too extreme, though one of them practically tripped over an uneven joint in the sidewalk. “Hey, I know you,” said the one. Even though they were both likely juniors in college, this one looked young. He had a boyish face with no stubble, blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He was just taller than me, maybe 5’9″ or so.

“Yeah,” I said more to have something to do other than be pissed at Marley for not showing. “You were at Ellen’s party last month.”

“That’s right,” the other said. He was tall and dark with wavy brown hair and an appearance of moodiness, though he seemed pretty happy at the moment. “You’re Marley’s roommate. I remember.”

The blond one looked at me. “So what are you doing here?”

The darker leaned in towards me. I could smell the scent of lager on his breath, but it wasn’t overwhelming. They’d probably just had enough to walk up to women they’d only nodded at before, and no more. “I mean, does Marley know you do this? Is it safe?”

“Yeah, she’s very aware of where I am, and this corner is as safe as anyplace.”

The blond one just nodded, but the dark haired guy continued. “How much?”

I furrowed my brows and looked at him. “How much for what?”

He leaned in closer. His lips were thick and red, close enough for me to kiss if I wanted. The warmth from his body made me want to pull in closer to him and get rid of the cold feeling I’d had from sitting on the sidewalk. “Oh right, you guys have price lists.”

I had a sudden inkling of what was going on. Girl on the street corner, suddenly friendly, asking about prices. I wanted to burst out laughing, but I wasn’t sure if they’d see the joke in this. Besides they were both cute, if a little socially awkward, and I’d always been curious about multiple partners. Two guys who I barely knew socially would be the best choice for this. Close enough to know they’re not a threat, but far enough away as not to run into them daily for the rest of my life.

“How much you got?” I asked, deciding to play along. If nothing else, this would pass the time until Marley showed.

“About three hundred,” he said seriously. “I know that two guys is more, but we didn’t know if it was double the price or there was some kind of group discount.”

Now I did laugh. These guys definitely were on the awkward side, but it made a sour evening that much better.

“No group discounts,” I said with a grin. “I’m not Walmart.”

The blond finally spoke again. “My apartment is just around the corner.”

I nodded. “Got coffee there?”

He paused a minute before telling me that he did.

We talked about classes and people we knew in common as we walked to the blond’s apartment. I guess since they were thinking that this was a business transaction, they didn’t bother with introductions.

We entered a fairly small apartment, but it had heat — and after a few minutes, I had coffee too. I finally told them my name. The dark haired one was Roland, and the antalya escort blond was Mike. I sat on the couch. Mike sat beside me, and Roland perched against the arm of the sofa, as if he was ready to start at any second.

I put down the cup and excused myself to the bathroom for a second. I splashed some water on my face in lieu of touching up my make-up and patted my face. I went back out and found that they’d moved to the bedroom. Mike was lighting a few candles in the room while Roland stood pensively by the window. I leaned against the doorframe and smiled at them.

Mike gave me that boyish grin and asked, “How does this get started?”

“Taking off our clothes would be a good start,” I suggested.

Mike started unbuttoning his shirt, but Roland strode across the room. When he was way up in my personal space, he leaned in for a kiss. His lips were still red and full, and I felt them against my mouth. He didn’t rush it, and we stood there for a minute just kissing. Simultaneously, he slid his tongue into my mouth, and his hands rested gently on my shoulders.

Now I could taste the beer on his tongue. He found my tongue and caressed it gently. His movements were soft, but I could feel the longing behind them. This was not going to be a gentle evening. I was guessing that it had been a while for Roland.

His hands still rested gently on my shoulders, but my hands had found his waist. I started pulling his shirt out of the waistband of his jeans. He moaned into my mouth as the last of the shirt came free. I fumbled with the buttons, trying to hurry my way through them. Roland didn’t move or try to help me with my task, and I finally pushed the shirt back over his shoulders.

The shirt stopped there. I gave it a tug, and he dropped his arms behind him to release them from the shirt. The motion wasn’t smooth, and his arms were trapped behind him. I had an idea.

With his arms still trapped behind him, I pushed him back to the bed. His knees buckled slightly as the backs of his legs bumped against the mattress. He understood what I wanted and fell back on the bed. With the shirt over his shoulders, I could see his exposed chest, which was solid and muscled. He had a trail of hair up from the waistband of his jeans that spread into trimmed chest hair. I started at his navel and began to lick upwards. I followed the trail of hair and licked him. He moaned again. The noise went directly to my crotch, warming me. My tongue continued up his torso until I found a nipple. I bit on it, and he moaned louder. I could feel my panties stick to me, telling me that I was as turned on as either guy. I moved so that I straddled Roland.

Mike was now behind me. I shifted so that I could feel Roland’s hardness under me. Mike moved closer, and I could feel his hands on my blouse, unbuttoning it. I leaned back against him. He’d taken off his own shirt, and I rested against his defined smooth chest. With the blouse unbuttoned, Mike went for my bra. For being socially awkward, he managed to get it unhooked and off me in no time. I was impressed.

Roland’s hands reached up to touch my breasts, but Mike shoved them away. Mike’s hands cupped my breasts, holding them gently in his palms. His left hand slid upwards and caught my nipple between his fingers. He rubbed his fingers across the flesh until I felt it harden and grow rock hard. He repeated the processed with the right one, tweaking it until I bit my lip, holding back the moan. I could feel my own juices running down my leg now. I pressed against Roland’s hardness again and he whimpered, wanting more and wanting it now.

I turned my head to look at Mike, and he kissed me. His was a needier kiss, wet and hungry, and telling me that he wanted this now. I responded in kind. I hadn’t realized how much I needed a release.

I steadied myself with one hand on Roland’s leg. The other arm went behind me. I fumbled around and found Mike’s pants. My hand brushed across his hard dick. He lara escort whispered into my ear, “That’s right. Touch me.”

I moved my hand up until I found the waistband to his jeans. I popped the jeans open, and tugged down on the zipper. It came down quickly. Mike shifted his hips and the jeans fell to the floor. My hand was now in contact with his legs. They were furry and muscled. I moved my arm up and found his boxer briefs. I ran my forefinger down the length of his shaft before dropping my hand. I wanted him to want this as bad as I did.

With both hands free, I tugged open Roland’s jeans and unzipped them. I lifted myself off of him and pulled the pants down to his knees. Now both his arms and legs were bound by the fabric.

Roland was wearing boxers that hid nothing. His erection was plain beneath the cotton, and a small wet spot had formed near the waistband. He was bucking his hips up towards me, trying to start a grind against me.

I was still on my knees with Mike behind me. He must have been watching Roland try to move to the next level, because I heard the snap of Mike’s dick against his abs as he removed his underwear. I turned my head and saw Mike smiling at me. He was thick and hairless. He’d shaved for tonight’s outing.

Mike didn’t try to remove my panties. He wet two fingers in his mouth and pushed aside the fabric so the fingers could enter me. I gasped at the motion. He’d entered from behind, which suggested positions that Mike wanted to try. He moved his fingers slowly inside of me, pulling them almost all the way out and then thrusting them in up to the knuckles.

I whimpered with desire. Mike’s mouth was near my ear, and he whispered, “I want to make you moan. I want to hear you beg me.”

He slid the fingers inside of me again, pushing in deep. I moaned. Roland was still under me. Seeing Mike inside of me, Roland twisted to get out of the clothes that held him in place. He kicked off his pants and then unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt and pulled his arms free. Roland rested on his knees in front of me. He inched closer until he was nearly pressed to me. He tilted his head and kissed me hard. His tongue stole into my mouth, and our tongues began to wrestle. His hands were all over me now, one running down my spine while the other ran up and down my leg.

He shifted so that his member was between my legs. I could feel his dick pressed against the fabric of my panties. Roland’s move hadn’t stopped Mike who seemed oblivious to the moves made by the other man. He continued to press inside of me. On one stroke, he found my pleasure spot, and I gasped into Roland’s mouth.

Mike moved both hands so that his thumbs both slid inside of my panties. He pulled them down in a single motion, and suddenly his dick was pressing against my opening while Mike continued his two fingered invasion of me.

Mike must have realized that his status was being threatened. He pressed against my back so that I would move forward. Roland leaned back to far and landed on the mattress on his back. I was bent forward so that I straddled Roland.

Mike was behind me with his torso leaning against my back. “Are you ready?” he asked softly. He pulled out his fingers. He put three fingers into his mouth. I wonder what my juices tasted like. He took the fingers from his mouth, and I felt them enter me. The stretching felt so good, and I knew that I was ready. My own juices were running down my legs. Some of it was landing on Roland. I went down onto my elbows and licked my own juices off of Roland. He moaned. I moved my mouth to the right and took him in my mouth.

Mike saw the maneuver, and the fingers were replaced by his thick member. I moaned as I sucked Roland. I could feel that the noise made his muscles tense.

Mike slid himself fully inside of me. He paused there for a minute and then pulled out slowly. He repeated the motion, and then did it again. The slow pace was driving me wild. side escort I could feel the increasing desire inside of me. I began to sweat across my forehead. Mike moved in and out of me more quickly now. The pace quickened, and Mike began to press himself against my own pleasure spots with each thrust. I knew that this wouldn’t last. I had to stop licking Roland. I couldn’t concentrate enough to focus on his body.

I gasped and then shuddered as my orgasm washed over me. Heat filled my body, and I forgot all about the cold from earlier that evening. Mike didn’t seem to notice. He continued to thrust and pull out. He moaned loudly and I felt his own release inside of me.

He pulled out and tossed the condom in a trashcan. He fell on the bed next to Roland and I fell on the other side of the dark haired man. Roland put his arm around me, and I just rested there, enjoying the feeling of well-being I had.

Roland allowed me some time to recover before he rolled onto his side and moved so that he could kiss me again. His kisses now were wet and hungry, and I was surprised how quickly I wanted him. Roland moved so that he was on top of me. Mike had shifted so that he could watch our performance.

Without a word, Roland slid between my legs. I could feel the hair from his abs rub against my own stomach. The sensation made me burn with desire. I was surprised at how much I wanted this man inside of me. He was thinner than his friend though about the same length, but I knew that I would probably leave here after another orgasm.

Roland wasted no time. I was already wet with my juices and didn’t need much in the way of preparation after his friend. Roland slid inside of me, all the way. He slid his hands around me and cupped my ass.

I was surprised by what happened next. He leaned back and then stood up with my legs wrapped around him. He shifted, and I could feel that he was entirely inside of me. He turned so that I was pressed against the wall, and he began thrusting into me from that position. The moves were rough and fast, but I didn’t care. I’d never tried this position before, and while I figured that it was taxing on him, Roland was rubbing against my clit. The pressure against it was more than what Mike’s girth had done for me. It was constant and relentless.

My second orgasm always takes longer than the first, and Roland’s legs must have grown tired. He turned me around again and we tumbled back on to the bed, still connected as one.

I was on top of him now. I set the rhythm for our sex, starting with slow thrusts and then speeding up. Mike was right next to us, his thick dick tightly gripped in his fist. Roland began to thrust upward to meet me with each move. We slapped together in silence and then nearly pulled apart. My fingers traced the hair running up from his navel. He shuddered as I did this. I could tell that he was getting close.

I slowed the speed and moved very methodically up and down. Roland moaned, a loud guttural sound that seemed at odds with his personality. He thrust upwards so hard that his balls hit me. I felt his release inside of me. He pushed as deep as he could into me, once, twice, three times. With each thrust, he moaned as if I’d punched him.

I turned to see that Mike was close again as well. He had strings of pre-cum across his fist as he stroked quickly. I watched him as he came, the thick ropy orgasm shooting from him. I knew that I’d made this happen, and the thought filled me with heat. I could feel drops of sweat run down my temples. Roland didn’t let up with his thrusts, each one pressing deeper inside of me until I too let go. My body’s reaction was swift and unexpected. My breath caught before I could fill my lungs with air. The heat that ran across me was even more concentrated than before and I could barely continue to sit straddled across Roland. I moved so that Roland came out of me, and I rode through the orgasm, feeling it seep out into my body. I fisted a handful of the comforter as it wiped my brain clean.

I must have dozed off a few minutes, because when I awoke, the room was dark and the two men slept on either side of me. I curled up and went back to sleep, knowing that I only had a short walk to my classes in the morning.

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